Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Last night I went to the Louis Vuitton party and 17 New Bond Street. A magnificent structure of art and gold. The flamboyant opening was crammed full of the best of the world, Donna Summer, Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim Noble, Bryan Ferry, Andrea Delall, Jerry Hall, Isabel Capece, etc so you get the picture. Art meets glamour. Then off we went for a Magical Mystery Tour in The Old Post Office. I was seriously spooked by the time I arrived. I entered a room and had to take any door. Terrified, my heart beating, I stepped into the unknown, only to meet people coming from the opposite side. I crept into tents, trains, had my palms read, through forests, rooms with dancing clowns. I waited to be taken to hell by Tuk Tuk. I waited as people disappeared. My heart was speedy. I was disorientated. I got into the Tuk Tuk which landed me into the arms of a girl boy. Decadent, alluring,go go girls pulling me into two directions at once. You could hear nothing you could hear everything. I was frightened. When I entered the dining room I could see no escape route. I go into a room and like to see the exit. I quickly ate and watched smokers leave, I asked how to get and out and burst open the door out into the cold fresh air at last free. Nothing and everything to do with fashion and certainly I will never forget this Louis Vuitton opening.

Monday, 24 May 2010


It is funny to think I am the same age as Fairy Liquid. It is funny that I hadn't noticed that the bottle had changed. I just could not have cared less until Tim Noble and Sue Webster got an original bottle and drew on it for me. It made me sit up and think. As I look in the mirror I can only tell that there are a few changes, and only sometimes my hands and knees don't work. There are probably lots of things I won't do again, and I have a few more fears, but honestly I feel as good as I ever did and mostly a whole lot better.

Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine

Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine

Louise Bourgeois' art by Tracey Emin, Antony Gormley, Stella Vine and Al...

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cannes Film Festival 2010 - Countdown To Zero, Special Profile

Cannes Film Festival 2010 - Behind The Celebrity Scenes...

Nick Cave & PJ Harvey Henry Lee

Stella Vine chooses her favourite artwork for ArtAngel's The Big Pix pro...

Stella Vine paintings to the song Celebrity Skin by Hole

Stella Vine paintings to the song Celebrity Skin by Hole

Stella Vine paintings to the song Celebrity Skin by Hole

saatchi visits stuckism international

Babys Cute Babies Singing Sweety Baby Bebekler

Cannes Film Festival 2010 - the best & burlesque!

Trailer 2010 - TV Festival de Cannes

Friday, 21 May 2010

So you know
I don't want anybody
In my life fulltime
I like you
I can't go round
Making love to just
So please stop
Running whatever
I know your life
I am not stupid
I would prefer
Celibacy over
After you
I shall
Have no love
And it is my love
So don't ruin it

'The Ghost Writer' Trailer HD

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Eden Roc is a paradise next door to the hurly burly of this film festival, where only the brave wear the much needed brogue, the cool don't notice that their feet are killing them, cash poor and cool are sweating it out on the terrace of the Martinez, desperate to get their films made. It is quieter this year and in many ways thank goodness.

I met the lovely Michael White for lunch at the Hotel du Cap's Eden Roc, he likes the action and so I had to come out of hiding in the Cabana and eat on their terrace. I was in good company there was Jennifer Lopez cuddling her child, Harvey Weinstein doing deals and Amanda Eliasch eating a salad Nicoise. It was all so easy under the white shades of the hotel's terrace, watching the boats and talking about the theatre, all so pleasant, I was happy not to be pushed and shoved about in Cannes hot streets.


Darlings the clothes on the croisette and Eden Roc are nothing special, you can feel quite comfortable in a dress from Juan les Pins. The unimaginative pashmina is in again, the only place a pashmina should be is either wrapped round a dodgy old painting in the attic or wrapping your dogs up, let us re work this goddam granny garment. Recycle freaks get working.

Each season there are some delicious things that I truly want, and the only girl who I have seen wearing those beautiful ravishing Fendi shoes, made of cream chiffon, was an Ukranian Hooker aged 19. Dressed in a yellow Versace dress in the hairdresser at Eden Roc this nymphet spent her days getting ready, getting ready for what I wondered...

The only designers I have seen are on Vogue.com where the girls are models and actresses and are given clothes, and the only real Valentino dress was on my back. My girlfriend, Katy Barker still going strong, was wearing her three year old Dolce and Gabbana, thank god it still fitted and those boys are geniuses or she would have looked a right frump. I bet that frock has seen some action.

A few days ago I heard some bossy American girls with boney knees from some chic chic magazine, who will remain nameless, talking about celebrity line ups, it sort of makes you vomit, and actually the people they were talking about were pretty much on Hello's Z list. I hate lists roll on the day when the real women that count are being photographed for the cover of Vanity Fair because they are saving our planet.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

British Film Institute Dinner

Amanda Neville is doing such a great job making me love the British Film Institute that I think I would offer to assist in any capacity possible to raise funds to save film. I follow merrily this happy crew of diligent people who are interested in protecting our media heritage. I also enjoyed the show of Mat Collishaw's in February, truly one of the best installations I have seen in their cinema on the Thames as they try to merge the film world with the art world.. We had a cozy dinner in the back streets of Cannes and managed to park in a tiny space after renting a mini, definitely the only car worth driving round here. Bye bye black limo, it's reserved for the scrap heap as to have one is clearly so yesterday.

Cannes Film Festival

I am here in the Cabana in Eden Roc on the Cap d'Antibes, alone watching the waves smash against the rocks. It's mesmerising and certainly better than walking up and down the Croisette in Cannes running to some film or other. Yesterday my friend Rushka Bergman, best stylist in the world, turned up with her friends for lunch wearing her Balmain jacket covered with Swarovski crystal beads and her Balenciaga black dress with twelve inch puff sleeves. Her black hair straight to the waist and red lipstick. I asked her where she was going, and she replied" to sunbath darling". I asked her if she wanted to borrow a costume she said "No darling, I am wearing mine" So now its obvious we must dress up at all times.
Last night there was The Finch's party here at the hotel. I love Charles Finch and his adorable wife Sydney. They are great hosts and the world of media was there from Mick Jagger to the head of Google. Finch's Quarterly is a Vanity Publication that Charles loves to own, edited by Nick Foulkes. As yet I have had no time to read it but will sit in the shade later on. Louboutin turned up
with a girl wearing red shoes doing back bends and his dancing girls, Michael White was there and Johnny Pigozzi, Charles has a loyal following which he deserves, when asked what he does he said "I do as little as possible and only what I truly enjoy".
It's a weird type of loneliness being here on your own, I don't know quite what I am doing, but I definitely needed a rest after last week. I think if you are used to doing something, you are used to it, and sometimes I go on automatic and end up doing something which I have thought little about. I am not in the film world, but it hold a fascination to me, probably from my childhood.
Or perhaps like Charles I think I only want to do what I truly enjoy.

Friday, 14 May 2010


It has taken two days to open my incredible presents which included some Fairy Liquid as it is their 50th Birthday too: from Tim Noble and Sue Webster, a pair of Who doo dolls splitting images of Tim and Sue presented in a signed wooden box; a painting of Meredith Olstrom's behind made into a butterfly; a drawing from Tracey Emin; a shoe with some butterflies made into a lamp, a whip and a blindfold from Agent Provocateur, a stunning photograph of birds flying round a cage from Polly Morgan, an original print of Brigitte Bardot from Bert Stern given by Kay Saatchi, goodies from Hermes, a funky corset bag from the best dressed superstar, Nicky Haslam, pencils, a star in the night sky from Angela Kalinowski in Los Angeles, and some photographs by Tanya Crooks.. amongst many many others. I am a very lucky girl.. Was given a great quote today.. Flowers are everywhere, beautiful creations tied up in bundles..Opera tickets mmmm
Sue Webster told me this morning that she had thumped Tracey Emin for Britain
and that Tracey was truly gracious about it.. In fact I would say it is the new accessory. Tracey looked stunning as usual, and bravely faced the press.
God I love all my friends.. there is never a dull moment, and thank goodness the artists are still rock n roll, all the rock n rollers seem to be home by eleven, on statins and making barbecues at the weekend. Tracey in the video my friends made for me was throwing out the press, Tim Noble was having a bath and Trinny was looking Absolutely Fabulous.
So many people contributed to the evenings success. Thank you Holly Kirby, Dounia, Vicky Butterfly, Lilly Le Scala, John Lewis Flowers, Top Hat Catering, Natasha Leith Smith, Alex Shipp.

I love my thank you card from Richard Dennen, the magnificent creature from Tatler, and my hats from Phillip Treacy are incredible. He is the most amazing man ever his atelier a piece of heaven in this wayward world..

Thursday, 13 May 2010


There are a lot of wonderful people on the planet, a lot. Yesterday I gave my 50th Birthday Party which was not something I would normally think of doing. My girlfriend Rushka Bergman insists that I say I am 29 forever but as she arrived in my house with a 50th Birthday card she said "This is something I don't want to give, and yet it has to be celebrated. Indeed it was. I love butterflies and as a child was teased by my family that I was nothing but a superficial butterfly. and in some ways I am. I love people but cannot sit down easily, I sort of perch. Anyway I decided to ask 400 of my closest most loved ones and 250 roughly turned up, in any case the ones I love most did. Touchingly my assistant Alex Shipp arranged some of my friends to make a film of my life, Tim Noble, Sue Webster, Johan Eliasch, Trinny Woodall, Tim Willis, Nicky Haslam, Tracey Emin, Virginia Bell, Katy Barker, Polly Morgan and Fizzy Barclay. Made by Phil Scala. Parts of it made me want to cry it was so moving. The theme of butterflies flooded the room of St Mark's Church, little butterflies had been delicately place in tall black laced vases incased by red roses suspended on gold rose stems.
On the internet I found some interesting performers.
From the superficial mist 12 year old Dounia Pajoheshfar sang hanntingly, and Holly Kirkby a 19 year old from the Isle of Wight, who writes and performs her material also sang.
Portraits by Vince de Maar and Theo Platt were placed center stage. Vicky Butterfly and Lili La Scala.
I just about managed the tango, after all I had only been doing it for a week.
Hitting the press Tracey emerged with a black eye. She is so hip that only she would wear it out with no cover up or hat. Good on you Tracey, keep us young and fighting.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tom Jones - Sex bomb


Okay I will make an effort to vote, but why? I feel nothing, nothing what so ever.. They all leave me cold. I like conviction politicians, where is Wedgie Benn, Enoch Powell, Lenin, Trotsky anything but this eversogoodsweetiepopsdogooders who don't do anything except TAX.


I arrived home in England to find I have grown another head. What fun to see the world at all angles. Of course we do, I have also grown wings. I look as if I am seriously vane, as I entered the kitchen.l I am, I have a different view on vanity, I think it's a necessity. Why should anyone be sloppy and not make an effort? My Grandmother used to tell me everyday to brush my hair, pinch my cheeks and iron my clothes, I was nagged to death as a child. Some very kind person has sent a two headed Amanda from Europe. The artist doesn't know me, we met through this blog. Vincent de Maar. The one on the horse was painted by the Portrait Artist Theo Platt. I am clearly battling through life with my heads in the clouds.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Being a social creature in Los Angeles is not so different from England except you definitely need to drive. I am not brilliant so my artist pal Yassi Mazandi, fabulous potter and life enhancer, drove me one night last week, as I wanted to go to several shows. One of these was at ACME, a joint exhibition which included my great friend Lisa Borgnes, whose blog "A Bloomsbury Life" is a huge success. Lisa is a perky petite brunette with funky blonde streaks and she can do everything. With a huge literary knowledge that puts everybody to shame, she has now produced artwork that would add je ne sais quoi to any collection. It's based on life as we live it now - boob jobs, botox injections, is anything real, are we going to get old? I loved it and immediately bought a piece. While there, I saw Julie Anne Rhodes who the day before had given me a fantastic birthday party as an au-revoir-Los Angeles present. It was so much fun, with home made cup cakes, salmon and beautiful salads....
I do love the rhyme of Lisa's
Botox, sculptra,restylane
Swell the lips and freeze the brain
face lifts, boob jobs,lipo trimming
where are all the older women...
A little 50th birthday gift for me...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Terras da Amazonia sendo comprada por estrangeiros

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” Spencer Johnson

People talk a lot about HONESTY these days, in a dull sincere voice that has echoes being in Church on a Sunday or listening to the Leader of the Opposition. They bring up the conversation with no humour and that look that immediately makes me suspicious and want to be dishonest just for the hell of it.
I like everyone else hate being lied to and hate lying unless it's a magnificent lie, the sort, just to see if people believe it, e.g making up a long history about yourself that couldn't possibly be true... Facts are facts we lie all the time, we say we like books, films, food all the time which we hate. In this case I prefer people lying, we simply would find the truth too upsetting and sometimes it is.
I hardly ever believe anyone, I used to, but now I don't. That I think is quite sad as I want to believe everybody. Have you noticed that white lies are everywhere". If a man tells me they love me I immediately think they are up to no good.
Somebody is wearing a revolting piece of clothing and everybody says how good they look? Well I suppose that is kindness, but why say anything?, or at least say something truthful like "I love your front garden or your cat" The truth would hurt.

Honesty, honestly honestly...? Honesty is something I both love and hate, it is something that you want to peak at round the corner, and then are shocked at when you know the answer. I really do not need to know whether a boyfriend is up to no good, but of course I like to check, just to see, I am totally curious, and notice everything. Red flags go up the whole time. Sometimes men could lie a little more. I went into one boy friends bedroom where the photograph of his supposed ex girlfriend used to go up and down as I entered the room. It would have been tactful to put it away altogether. I hate promiscuity, at least give me a chance to say I don't like the situation.
I would much rather a girlfriend say to me Amanda that dress looks horrible and do something positive like choose one that looked better for me. Of course their honesty in this case is a matter of opinion, and they could be lying out of jealousy.
There is something about lying that can be utterly appealing and the media has made honesty into an unrealistic target.
When I am dying I don't expect the Doctor will be honest, but in this case it would be helpful, I need to make a will.