Saturday, 27 November 2010

White Nights Baryshnikov (Vysotsky "Horses")

"Quatorze", composed by Philippe Bigar, choreographed by Kyra Green.

Alizee "La Isla Bonita"

La Isla Bonita ( Pan Pipes )


I am in New York and it is two o'clock and I have managed to walk at least  three miles so far today.  I am feeling dizzy from jet lag.  I don't know why, I have been a pampered creature at John Barrett's salon this morning who has guaranteed excellent hair stylists and is conveniently in Bergdorf Goodman's stunning store on fifth avenue, so should be feeling amazing.  Freezing cold and bright I am happy to see my son, who is studying music school here. My head is spinning though with memories.  I first came to New York in 1986 when I separated from my first husband Sebastian.  My father who I had only met on two occasions said I should come to New York and recover here, I trusted him, I should not have.  I was deranged and I remember crying to the tube each day in London, unable to see through a fringe full of tears. I lived in Eland Road in Battersea.  I loved this street, all my friends were there and it was  fun. I was the only one married though and seemed to spend most afternoons ironing shirts and cooking, in the morning I worked at Conrans.  Then one evening overnight my ex told some friends who came to dinner that he was divorcing me.  I was the last to know and  only realised he had left when my oldest girlfriend came into the kitchen and told me. I had no idea and had seen so few warning signs.  I was confused. I realised my husband had fallen in love with another woman.  I had not seen it coming. I swore I would never eat again.  Lie.  I swore I would never cook or iron again.  Lie.
I came to New York.  My father said stay at the Pierre Hotel and said" I will pay for you, as I have never been able to do anything for you before".   After three weeks I asked him if I could have my bill paid and he said he didn't have the money.  It was a hard terrible lesson to learn.  The bill was seven thousand pounds and I earned  ten thousand a year. (My father never paid the bill, my future husband did).
 I had one or two knights in shining armour that summer, the summer of Madonna, the summer of a yellow dress, the summer that changed my life forever.  One of the knights was my next husband and one was Phillippe Bigar.  They looked after me, seeing I recovered.  In any case I wasn't a model and so never went out with Phillippe but he ran a leather shop somewhere on the Upper East Side, it could be Madison Avenue, and I would go to East Hampton for the week ends. We were wrong about each other he once told me, "I can't go out with you as you won't age well".  Well I did although I say it myself. I had lucky genes and a good surgeon.. I thought he was Euro trash.  He was not.  Phillippe went on to study music and is now a composer.  So although the Summer was hell, it had a good ending. I married the other man and went on to live an incredible life and two beautiful boys. Phillippe is now writing  music. My life altered in ways I could never imagine, I was lucky and now I look back on it on this chilly winters day, in a place where it all happened.  The city of dare and chance.

the police sirens, the cold, the freezing breath, the magic, I was a lucky girl.

Dialogue bt Agamemnon and Artemis by Philippe Bigar

Piotr Anderszewski - Unquiet traveller / Le voyageur intranquille

Piotr Anderszewski - Bach Partitas

Kathleen Battle - Benedictus, qui venit in nomine Domini - J.S Bach

Kathleen Battle - Messiah - Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion

Kathleen Battle - Handel - Semele

Thursday, 25 November 2010


DIOR has opened a new store on New Bond Street and the rush was out tonight to celebrate it.  Afterwards there was delicious food at Claridges.  I was lucky enough to be asked and I am happy I went.  I am a huge fan of John Galliano, his shows and contribution to fashion.  I actually adore the household range too, and the mens collection.  I was so tired of filling bookshelves, I was excited seeing all my Grandfather's old books and music.  Still I needed to see the outside world.


Do you know how to pack a suitcase? Truly do you know?  Well you put the heaviest things at the bottom or preferably in another bag so as not to ruin your very expensive clothes.  Well even if they are cheap, please use tissue paper, it looks great and protects your clothes from everything, from changes of temperature to smells.  I love  using oodles of it.  My grandmother used to tell me to do this all the time.  Whether you are rich or poor it is a good idea to look after your clothes.  I never hang them in my cupboard without a plastic cover and some rosemary/lavender.  I love the smell of both.  Do not squash too much into a bag, in any case you never wear everything.   Think carefully.  Put clothes out on the bed and mix and match them before leaving on a journey. I tend to wear my favourite things all the time. At the moment it is a fake Chanel dress from Primark costing fifteen pounds, and taken up and in, mixed with a Chanel coat it looks fun. I love it.  Try to be imaginative and not idle.  It is too easy to throw things on.  Always go to the mirror before leaving and take one thing off. P.S clean and mend your shoes.. do not automatically throw them away if they need their heels done. Never leave the house without a little make up, when you look your worst is when you bump into the very person you don't want to.. Remember your hair or wear a hat. A berry is extremely useful and hides a multitude of sins.





It is Christmas again, and I am immediately put into a position of hell, what do I give people, that will be personal to them and that they would like?.  I look to myself first and the presents I have loved first for inspiration.  I received a tea set covered with butterflies in delicate china which I love more than anything else, it was sent so romantically, anonymous with no name attached, and only I know who it is from.  I have also received a wonderful mug from Grayson Perry the artist, which was given to me by Tim Willis my great pal.  In fact he is a great present giver, intelligent and imaginative spring to mind.  For my birthday he gave me an engraved jewellery box with Beautiful inscribed in it. BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE TEMPTING TORRID EXOTIC RAVISHING FABULOUS LOVEABLE YOU.. Now how could I resist that?  Then there is the incredible portrait of me with two heads painted by Vincenzo de Maar who painted a portrait of me for my birthday and he is just another good friend whose work I admire.    So boys you have a lot to live up to.  I don't think presents need to be expensive, but they do require creativity and generosity of spirit.
I was listening to my Aunt yesterday who wants a string of pearls that she can wrap easily round her neck. I remember reading that Coco Chanel loved pearls because they have the ability to lighten the face and make you look younger.  Well we all want that.  So I shall take up the challenge.
Think about who you are giving to, what they love, and if you don't like it yourself don't buy it.  There is so much wastage at this time of year.  I also love to wrap up presents enjoying every minute of the arduous chore...which is more pleasure than chore.


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dream a little dream of me...

You Do Something To Me - Doris Day

Nobel Banquet speech, V.S. Naipaul 2001

Jabberwocky (Terry Gilliam) 1 of 11


The house is very nearly finished and my temper is slowly getting back to normal, not quite as hysterical and dramatic, but of course it is difficult to change.  Although the house looks masculine and stark I am trying to make it more glamorous and exciting.  I am not sure I like the white boxes that have become so fashionable and favoured by contemporary architects.  Adoring rather rococo splendour and drama.  I am amused by restoration comedy, a favourite is Congreve's play "The way of the world" .
Last night felt like a 17th century coffee house, full of writers and leaders from various fields of film, music, fashion and art, created by Pablo Ganguli and the organisation Liberatum in order to help merge people from these fields from all over the world for global understanding.   Most people would put two or three people together for a small dinner party but he has the energy and charm to mix 100.  Through a naive exuberance, he is fast becoming a central focus in the arts scene, a la Peggy Guggenheim but including every medium.  If you are lucky enough always say yes to his invitations.  I learn something incredible every time.  The party was generously hosted by Pablo and the beautiful socialite, Ella Krasner for the Nobel Laureate and Sir V.S and Lady Naipaul, at the Langham Hotel whose food was totally delicious.  The guests included the editor of Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani; film directors Stephen Frears and Terry Gilliam; artists Grayson Perry; Mat Collishaw and Polly  Morgan; writer and director Danny Moynihan; Polly Sampson, David Gilmour,and The Evening Standard Editor Geordie and his wife Kathryn Greig; the literary agent  Ed and and his wife Carol Victor; and so on filling the room with intellects, wits and raconteurs. 

I rushed there from Lady Helen Taylor's party for designer Allegra Hicks who has just done a book called "Eye of design"and  Cartier's party for Lady Woolton's book on Fashion for Jewels.  It's hectic in London, not a dull moment.

Monday, 22 November 2010


My heart
stopped in 
when I
years old
it stopped
I could not  
I failed to understand
all I know is it stopped
I used to sit on my own
on my own
play baby Bach on
my own
but never
knew why I
felt sad
so lonely
My heart
was frozen
as if in pain
it died one
day yet carried
How do you explain
the loss
the feeling of pain
away the smiles
I asked my
and she said
when she left
my father I never 
my heart was
frozen in a grimace lost in thought
happy and 
squashed together
in agony leaving
no stone
and never
feeling secure 
warm again 
gone were happy days 
in the snow
long gone


Anna Dello Russo


Anna Dello Russo is extraordinary.  she is the belle laide Italian fashion enthusiast  who wears clothes that most people would not dare have in their wardrobes.  A collector for twenty years of couture she probably makes my huge wardrobe and eccentricity look positively under nourished, definitely an Italian individual.  The lucky Japanese Vogue have her as their editor at large and creative director.  For many years she worked at Italian Vogue and L'uomo Vogue, and is, as Helmut Newton said "a fashion maniac", she admits to owning over 4,000 pairs of shoes and has a some weird and wonderful for hats.  I see her at all the fashion shows where she is followed by truck loads of photographers snapping at her every angle.  Anna never wears anything twice so she definitely beats me on extravaganza. Whether you like what she wears or not, she has guts and humour in this area where others can be so boringly intellectual.

Pergolesi Magnificat in C Major

Christina Aguilera - Burlesque (Spotlight) / New Song

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

3| Pan's People & Diana Ross - Theme from 'Mahogany' (TOTP 15-04-1976)


Simon Cowell is the cleverest man in England.  He has the whole nation watching.  It's like when my son watches Match of the Day and his beloved Chelsea loses.  It's heart wrenching.  I want all these talented people to be successes.  Yesterday I voted for Katie, I just didn't want to see her go, her little brown bob, so cute and so clever took away the blonde brassiness and suddenly she was the nations favourite.
This week end television is becoming so exciting. Poor  Nigel Havers in Get me out of Here who said that "Every day is like a year" he said "I am in a mental asylum" I don't blame him I hate rats, creepy crawlies and nasties, and I also hate the inane conversation, "I don't do Kangaroo courts" Bravo Mr Havers.  I would leave within the first hour.  I wondered what an intelligent man like him was doing there.
I want to throw the television out of the window, it is so incredibly addictive.  I need to read a book and go to the theatre, anything to get me out of here..actually I understand why its nearly the end.. but one good thing  congratulations to The Royal couple, I hope that they will be very happy.


I have nearly 
up as
the winter
have just
and autumn 
has gone
only a few 
are hanging
on by worn out
from my bath
I watch my skin
in time to 
the leaves
I look at my
and my fine
lines are 
the cleverness
of a doctors
I wonder without
hair dye how
old I would
really look
but am not ready to
give up just
I fight like
the leaves
in November
the tightrope
of time
I will not
plunge to my
death just
and hang
on brushing my
teeth and
painting my lips
with red hot

Diet Like A Philosopher (Macrobiotic Diet)


It's a gloomy day on the Thames but I have decided to do Spring cleaning early.  We are in November and boats are silent in brown water.  I am happy cleaning and finishing my house trying to rid the most romantic house in Chelsea of any signs of builders and mice. It's a hard job, yesterday more gas pipes were messing up the hall but I am doing my best.  It's domestic bliss without a man round here.  I am putting myself again on in the hope that a knight in shining armour is just a street away, and will put a cheerful smile on my loneliness. After all it is my decision.  I can no longer support the idle and depressed.  I have too much to do, and it's too easy to go down that path however painful life is.
Instead I had a girlie day with Behsat Ahmet the best pilates teacher in the world, he has actually repaired my  back with a series of calculated exercises.  I often wonder if I will ride a horse again and feel the wind through my hair. I  had the most delicious eggs benedict with my friend Amanda Neville from the British Film Institute at the Wolsey, who gave us the best table in the house.  We had fun together in Dolce and Gabbana, I tried on every dress in the house and she had patience.  I ended up with a see through lace number calculated to show off my new skinny frame.  Yes I am a whole lot thinner than I was a week ago, let's hope it stays off and I find a man who only enjoys macrobiotic food.

Little Drummer Boy - Celtic Woman

Carol of the Bells - Celtic Woman

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Life in Fashion

A Life in Fashion


My heart craves
the opening of your
pierce it just
a little for me
to see into
don't be idle
come show me
just a crack
show a human 
I feel loved
I know I am
I know you do
so be brave and 
let me sew myself
into a corner
of your
you laugh when
I say you are good
and when I say I love you
but you are
and just believe
because I know

The Painted Veil Trailer

"Lust, Caution" Trailer

Onegin - Pushkin Prokofiev Ralph Fiennes, Liv Tylor

"Epilogue" by Robert Lowell (poetry reading)

"Man and Wife" by Robert Lowell (poetry reading)


I saw my wonderful friend last night David Collins who wanted to steal my Marc Jacob bag for his sister, and yes it is divine, navy blue sparkles.  I love it.  I found him at Ivana Lowell's book launch, who is part of the Guinness dynasty.  I saw loads of old friends who I haven't seen for twenty years. Ivana's life is dramatic to say the least and makes fascinating reading.  Her mother Caroline Blackwood, was a beautiful writer, damaged and a high profile bohemian who had affairs with Lucien Freud and the talented composer Israel Cirkowitz.  Finally she married the poet Robert Lowell. Her mother suffered from addiction problems and so does Ivana. The Guinness family life was not easy, it seems tragic and sad.  Ivana however is often funny and lightens the misery with amusing anecdotes.  "Why not say what happened" Ivana Lowell  makes her life good reading. It was held at Wheelers in St James, and afterwards I went to Hakkasan in Bruton Street, eating delicious food, truly delicious.  Heather Kerzner hosted a dinner  in aid of removing Malaria from Africa.  Lots of interesting conversations from the art and film worlds.

Jeremy Kyle - Jeremy's Most Vile Guest? - Part 2

Jeremy Kyle


The world of Amanda feels like it is getting back to normal.  I even watched daytime television for the first time ever yesterday and wanted to take all benefits away from the lazy lot on Jeremy Kyle.  How can we educate these indolent cretans to get off their fat bottoms to do a days work.  The boys were skinny and were quite capable of replacing the Polish on my building site now, so why aren't they?.  Yuc, England has become disgusting, stealing, bad fathers etc all on benefits.  I know I won't be popular but enough is enough, the people could only have been 20 but they looked 58 ready for death.  These people are voting, quite frightening really.  Why should we pay tax for this lot.  They would soon learn what real life is like.  I jumped into a taxi furious and told the taxi driver how loathsome the people on this show were and he said "Don't watch it is damaging".  Why on earth would they think any of us want to pay for them. I say get back to work, or we will take everything away from you.  I don't care if I am unpopular. If we stopped paying for idiots perhaps we would be happy to pay for further education?.
Let's get back to glamour. The life I made, because it wasn't like this when I was young. I was Tamara Drewe without the sex life, so if I can do it so can they.
Thank goodness for the end of the world in 2012.

Monday, 15 November 2010


I had a new experience tonight, I went to a screening of an advert with Helena Christenson directed by Edoardo Ponti, for The W Hotel group.  It was a short film about love, what risks we take to catch that moment when two people meet.  It was at the Electric Cinema.  I arrived early and chatted to the photographers, the cinema was empty but the seats are very luxurious, big leather numbers. I liked the film, there was then an in depth interview.
I sat with Selena Blow who looked stylish in some big camp glasses and her legs wrapped in what looked like aligator, we talked and had a lovely time. We were given delicious drinks and food, The Producer Katrina Pavlos was totally delightful.  Oh for making films, such an exciting world.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

St. Petersburg Times

St. Petersburg Times

NO PRIDE BUT PLENTY OF EGO, our welfare system.

A national debt of four trillion is "serious handbag", as my girlfriend Julia Laverne says. I say we should bring back to England its old industrious nature and team effort. This debt is  25 percent more than the value of every house and flat in Britain. In the circumstances, I say everybody should pay tax if they can walk down the road, and are well. 
If a woman thinks it is an achievement to have four babies by the time she is in her early twenties, it is not. The welfare that she believes she is entitled to has to be paid back. There are other ways of earning money on your back. We have become a fat indolent nation.  Playing computer games all day is not a way forward. People who believe that renting out their council house is a right are morally sick. They need encouragement to learn to work again. 
Think of all the skills we have lost: growing potatoes, cooking a full lunch, making a cake without a book, making a boat, sewing sails…Our seamstresses who were so talented, but where are they now? Why have we all become so lazy, living off disgusting processed food? Everyone should be a Nigella or Jamie in the kitchen.
Of course there must be a safety net in our society for the disabled, the ill, the old and frail. There should be free education and hospital treatment. But it still has to be paid back. Why does anyone who is healthy and able assume that they don't need to be part of society and contribute appropriately, 50 percent taxation won't work as the clever leave, we need to provide incentives for people to think of new jobs? The poor and – just as importantly – the well off like me should all do our bit, and if the Government was not greedy people would stay in this country and we would be able to help reduce the national debt, we therefore should reward the clever like  Sir Phillip Green, and make life attractive for them to stay in England and help us sort out this hellish mess. WE SHOULD ALL BE REALISTIC There is nothing free on this planet, and why should there be.
(Although I am fortunate enough to get all my needs fulfilled, I am not Bill Gates, and my money would not buy enough burgers for Macdonalds to feed the whole of London in one day, so you know I made my money by co producing my ex husband's empire, when I met him he was 24  now he is a multi millionaire)

History of Freemasonry Part 1

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Catherine D'lish with the World's Largest Feather Fans - NOBF

Open Letter to Celine Fitoussi

Open Letter to Celine Fitoussi


It seems there can never be too many books on Isabella Blow nowadays. I spent a lot of time with her in her last four years of life,  visiting her often in hospital, taking her  once a Balenciaga dress she wanted, and another time sending a friend to do her hair and make up, and to do her nails.  Isabella came round to my house in Chester Square  for coffee, lunch and dinner, she was always welcome. For three years in a row Issie stayed with me in the South of France at my house, Maison du Cap in St Tropez, once the home of the record producer Eddie Barclay..  She was inspiring, she nagged me to change my look and suggested that I copied Marilyn, shooting me for Tatler Magazine. She persuaded Tim Noble and Sue Webster to do a fashion shoot and I remember being shocked by the huge phallic symbols that they drew on a wall, putting them into the pictures they took of me.  Yes she liked the outrageous but she was so much more than this.  She also liked intellectual pursuits, she read a lot and was interested in Art. Isabella was funny not a tragedy and Lauren Goldstein Crowe shows this in her book "A life in Fashion, Isabella Blow" It is beautifully presented and well put together, if you are a fan, go get it. This week her friends met up to celebrate yet again her life, a small group at Claridges, her sisters Julia and Baby, Phillip Treacy and Lucy Ferry/Birley, her best friends.


I found a red poppy on the floor of a taxi in London.  I was asked by my dietician, Catherine Vanazzi, what it meant.I was silent, in a way it means so much to all of us. Remembrance of those who died for us in the army.  The first image that comes to mind is the Chelsea Pensioners.  If I follow my thought pattern, it  goes like this, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, the Holocaust, Churchill, the jews, the army, the trenches, Siegfried Sasson, Wilfred Owen, the great war poets and so on.  I was born fifteen years after the end of World Ward Two, but it had its effect on me.  I have read nearly every book on the suffering of the Jews, the Russians, The Romanovs and so on until I can stand it no more.
On a lighter note I had the good fortune to go to the premiere of Harry Potter book Deathly Hallow this week.  I have never read the books nor seen the films and I thought I should make the effort and see what its all about. Glamorous and excited  I loved the way the  film looked, and yes there is something delightful about J.K Rowling who I was lucky and honoured to meet.  Clever woman with a warm smile and a hand of luck.  Good for her. There were beautiful moments, stunning landscapes with huge grandiose music by the number one French composer Alexandre Desplat who seems to do everything these days.
I  went with my gorgeous friend Nicky Haslam  who actually invited me to the Masonic Lodge in Covent Garden, The Freemasons' Hall.  I was in awe of the honour of standing in the inner temple.  Built in art deco style in the 1930's it is hallowed ground and perfect for the first night party of Harry Potter.

Is the 41-year-old teenager psychic?

Friday, 12 November 2010

SORRY it's BT's fault

My goodness moving has been a strain, I  only unpacked about a quarter of what I had the rest fitted a previous life and one picture has ended up in my ex's house, between finding my Father's ashes and seeing my great grandfather it has been a bit of an emotional roller coster.. The internet broke down and four days later it is of course barely working. What has happened to this country it has become a nightmare?.  You would think that everything would be much simpler, but no it is hell. After about twenty hours on the telephone to BT I have eventually a weak signal.
So sorry I have been unable to write.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Chaminade "Mignonne" - Jaroussky

Chaminade "Mignonne" - Jaroussky

G. F. Händel, Un pensiero nemico di pace

Mozart: Requiem mass in D minor, Lux aeterna


I have been spoilt rotten by my adorable friend Nicky Haslam who has started his own blog too.  He knows just about everybody, has excellent taste in every direction and of course knows what is common.  He is also a wit and leader of fashion.  I went to his dream cottage owned by The National Trust, in entangled woods covered with moss and ivy somewhere near London.  It is the sort of Cottage we all dream of owning in the country.  Loads if hidden rooms tiny and enchanting with little surprises wherever you look. He just knows how to entertain. He kindly did a birthday party for my son Jack with a delicious coffee cake.  Nicky has started his own blog too...

"DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE" - from "Funny Girl"'

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Barbra Streisand - As If We Never Said Goodbye (live)

Barbra Streisand - The Way We Were (1975)

"Footprints in the sand" By Dounia 13

"Have you ever been in love" By Dounia 13.

The Power Of The Dream By Dounia 12


I feel I am dressing up to go nowhere this week.  I am so busy nagging that I can barely get out and if I leave the house you never know what will happen.  Everything is nearly done  except for several thousand little things to keep the builders busy.  The energy here is good, and I am loathe to say anything other than I am totally happy.  I think it may be the first time in at least 3 years that I feel at peace.  The internet is of course a disaster and I seem to have to wait six weeks for telephones from BT.  By the way what has happened to this company?.  I am totally fed up with being put from one department to another and living with a very poor signal.  My mood is good though as I watch fireworks from my bed. I think it is the first Saturday I have had in for about 4 years.
I am dieting again with Catherine Vanazzi from Brazil.  Her menu is totally delicious nowadays, I had vegetable sushi today which was beautiful to look at and I wanted more.  I will jump on my scales happily as the pounds fly away.
I had one really fun moment today with my friend Dounia, who is thirteen and has the voice of Barbara Streisand, she needs all my support and luckily today my lovely friend Bhesat was on true form and instead of pilates he spent his time helping her sing.
Both are brilliant singers, there is so much talent out there.

Jaroussky & Lemieux: Nisi Dominus & Stabat Mater (Vivaldi)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Breaking of the Glass Explained


Between watching The Donatella Flick Conductors prize last night at the Barbican, and moving some art into place, fighting for perfection in my house, and going to Hix's tonight, altogether I have been a very busy bee. In my new house I  have beaten loneliness and now like being on my own. I understand if you like being by yourself you are are a master of your universe. I once had a boyfriend who used to be mad about reading rabbi books and depending on who he read I would sometimes have a good time.  Anyway one author said we should like being on our own.  I sort of do. I do like the cleverness of another rabbi who I met who looked at my hand and said "Any man who comes near you will have success".  Now that energy pleases me, and it has not been far from the truth. I think I shall charge any man who comes near my grubby little paw.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Leon Russell / A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Bach Menuet from French Suite #3 on Harpsichord


The sound of drills the smell of paint and loads of men working in my house is  exactly the way I like to live life. I woke up happily lying between crisp white sheets in my new house that feels like home and it is only the first day and there are still so many little jobs to be done.  I am happy watching the boats from my bed and hearing the noise of people outside.  It sounds so different from Chester Square.  I lived there for twenty years and I adored everything about it, but this house feels like home, my home.  I look outside at the garden and imagine growing vegetables, it does not have a lot of light, but I am sure that I can grow one or two things there. I think I shall at last adore domestic bliss . This house feels strangely bohemian, although now it is thoroughly modern and I keep pinching myself that it is actually mine.  I fell in love with it two years ago, I so loved the boats  and evan the cars look attractive. Unpacking my removal boxes has become a meditation.  I cannot believe I am here.. I also adored its decoration, it had a 1970's appeal to it, fighting for it, immediately bewitched by its magical properties.

Monday, 1 November 2010



I learn things everyday, thank goodness, and yesterday I learnt how to grow a Pineapple, in any case this beautiful fruit takes two years to grow and has magical properties to improve your health. I am beginning to appreciate nature more and more. Last night I sat clearing and throwing out old things . You know rubbish I had accumulated over many years.  Many tiny objects that I have not a clue where they have come from.    However I will not throw any billet doux, they are rare treasures that can stay. I have old roses given to me twenty years ago that are as precious to me now as they were then. I love flowers from a man, it is so rare to find a real man with strong arms that they should be appreciated and remembered.
I am moving today from the Connaught Hotel, which is  the most comfortable London Hotel you can find. I can't wait to be in my shell bed watching the boats go up and down the River Thames, I am excited and despite the delays I shall be happy to sleep between the sheets in my own bed again. It has been a spin dryer of a year, and I would like to be calm.
Yesterday as I walked round London I noticed it had taken on a ghostly charm for Halloween.