Wednesday, 30 January 2019

BLEXIT MEETS BREXIT, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Ann Coulter


I wanted only to have only fun with him,
as the fire burns and the smell of wood in his drawing room,
the dimmed light,
hid our ageing skin.
His pink socks strangely excited me,
his shirt difficult to undo in the moments before lust overtook us,
and the sofa became a place of pleasure.
My head buried between his thighs
It was hurried, I wondered if I would ever see him again?
I would like to sleep with him sometimes.
Jetlagged and tired.
I was as nervous as Cinderella, and my pumpkin was arriving to take me away into the cold night air. I would like him to find my shoe one day.
I wanted to take him flowers today,
I won't, but I would like to.
It is not what he would desire to see me in the light,
he keeps everything in small isolated boxes, so instead, I have memories of full of plump bottoms for him when he is home and is feeling well again.
I love him sometimes,
know I need my space, but he does too.
I can't live the conversations between couples who share a sexless bed.
Before the endless sleep as life draws to its last chapter imagine me ina mini nurses outfit feeling his pulse. 

Monday, 28 January 2019


After a fascinating time with celebrity stylist  George Blodwell, we had fun.  However,  the end is near when your greatest girlfriend says to you "With tattoos like that you will not get married again".  Then we discussed at length any man available over sixty that we could possibly go to bed with. I am happy with some beautiful secret admirers. I will enjoy my tattoos and wear them with pride, she hates them. Lucky I do not have to sleep with her.  I had them drawn on my arm at Kat Von D's incredible salon, all perfect for The Globes, where tattoos are politically correct. Sleeping with girls are too, but I am unlikely to sample anything so daring.  I am secure being the rock n roll Grand Duchess.

A few days later I went to BLEXIT,  part of Turning Point, USA  in Los Angeles. , I witnessed seeing the thousands of Blacks and Latinos appearing to leave the beleaguered Democratic Party in Los Angeles.  The Globe Theatre was well attended under the brilliant guidance of Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, who were their leading stars. There was so much poverty on the streets, yet less than ten minutes away houses are costing anything from five hundred thousand dollars to a hundred million. What is going wrong, I wonder?  It is shameful that so many people are unemployed on the streets. What do you do to encourage unenthusiastic, depressed people back to work? I know, they should listen to the charismatic speakers surrounding BLEXIT and become hopeful once more. With diversity like this it is tricky to change anything.

In London nobody is in Isolation or a racist. I am bored of this Communist rhetoric that we are all crazy, thick and Neolithic. The English just don't want to be blackmailed by the European Union, merely that.  We love Europe just not the costly way they run it. A cucumber needs to grow like a cucumber.  As for not enough ports? 
Incidentally, there was a democratic vote, and over 30 million people got out of bed to decide after endless discussions. We have 650 useless politicians, few have ever earnt anything in their lives, yet they can't make use of a brave future or indeed believe the winning side understood everything?. It's pathetic. Thank goodness we voted to leave because just look at the attitudes of Merkel, Macron and Junker. We will be and are a World Economy, and if people don't like it, there is an open door to the very trendy Berlin. Much more exciting and positive let's move forward. If you are in need of heat, there is Ibiza or Australia if you make the grade. 

I never thought Great Britain was afraid of trying something new? We were always ready for a fight and most of the time to help the future of France and Germany. Perhaps they, in turn, can become enlighted or maybe we have taken on a lot of people who are lily-livered into our country. An election is an election and the result cannot be tampered with,

Thursday, 3 January 2019


The weekend draws near we have begun the New Year. I ponder on what it will bring.  The @Metoo gang will walk the Globe's worn red carpet in Los Angeles this weekend.  The women will have their juicy red lips smeared with glossy lipstick and wear next to nothing.  They are frightened and angry at almost anything a man does yet they are happy to take parts. Do we really care who wins?
There is also an underlying fear in the world for England. In the next 100 days as we run towards Brexit, all  "Remainers" forget that Europe is practically bankrupt with the amount of money owed by various countries from Spain, Greece and Italy running into trillions.  We are not allowed to be patriotic as that is racist. There is a desire in the world to become borderless and genderless, and the young generation is kept in their "safe spaces"  We are at the edge of a cliff like Lemmings. What is happening to our souls as we take marijuana and antidepressants, drink and watch second-rate television?  Conspiracy theories seem to be the real news while fake news has been taken over by mainstream media and Satan more relevant than we would like or recognise.

Over the Christmas holidays, I studied Jesus Christ and was not surprised that there was no real evidence on his life except the mythological, badly translated,  Bible which was written many years after his death, with nobody alive who knew him.  There are roughly 16 Jesus Christ's including Krishna with the same story. Religions are business, the Vatican and Bankers have been "close" for years. Bankers all got away with the financial catastrophe that they created in 2007.  We all know in our souls that we have been set up for a very long time. Donald Trump is meant to be our hero and according to Time Outs new cover showing pandas, elephants, Leonardo De Vinci look-alike wearing goggles from Coachella, A swan carrying a baby,  a British bulldog,  it makes me think. We should never forget our family and friends. They are essential.  People, who treat us as puppets, can be overthrown and nobody can take away our individuality. Let's fight for freedom. They can try to control us with the alteration of our DNA, food, air, weather, and we do not need to be quiet and pacified. Beware computers and their abilities in the future which are practically attached to us.  Look what the mobile does, They know where we are, what we like to buy and what our interests are. We are easy to find.  Death is widespread and makes money. Designer babies the norm, we no longer pride ourselves over our handwriting. Without realising it manual skills are being lost and we are fast becoming brainwashed and those that do not agree with the norm punished.  With no free speech no civil liberties.  It goes well with our obsession with ourselves, The Selfie and narcissism encouraged so we do not interact with anyone else. We look at ourselves and marvel that between the selfie and Instagram we can be anything. Man and woman remain teenagers. We do not grow up between botox and hormones. We need to nourish our souls this year and gain a spirituality. Remember to touch some skin occasionally, although the orgasm from porn hub can be excellent it is not reliable. Personally, I do not think the emoji has emotion and prefer the man in my life to be real, but I appear to be the exception.