Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"The Gun, The Cake and The Butterfly" Screening Red Carpet Arrivals w/ A...


I have at last finished my film, well I think I have. You never know if Hector Abaunza gets bored and fills a few gaps with new exciting footage. As The gun the cake and the butterfly is a documentary drama it works I think updating the footage.

Britweek's support has been incredible. My film The gun the cake and the butterfly played to a full house and I had a wonderful audience. I had generous sponsors, my associates at, Mulberry Love a delicious drink that makes you skinny and healthy, Brits in LA, Britweek, Peroni and Genlux.  Sponsors and support from companies is wonderful.

The red carpet is so important here in Los Angeles, it is funny some people just come for it and some people hide away from it. Some people want to jump onto it even if they are not well known. It makes the event so exciting. It is a full-time job, I never realized before just how much work goes into it. Jane Owen is an expert at it.  Her assistants write names on boards for the press so they know who everybody is. It is fake nonfake.

I love Los Angeles and living in  Palm Springs idea came and went. Despite the incredible architecture, I am happy here. I arrived on a sunny day in February and have never wanted to leave. It has encouraged me with all my dreams, this is the attractive thing about Hollywood. If you have the enthusiasm and drive anything is possible.


NIGEL DALY, HEAD OF BAFTA AND AMANDA ELIASCH. Nigel said "I was as Andy Warhol as they come" Well you cannot get better than that?

Britweek is an incredible association. It encourages the growth of companies and communication between the United Kingdom and Los Angeles for two weeks.  Set up by Bob Peirce and Nigel Lythgoe, it is effective. With sponsors like Jaguar, Aston Martin, Boots, Digestive Biscuits, it is truly British.
Thank you for being part of their programme.


A wonderful place to store memories, to make a place to remember peoples work and achievements, for the family, to create whatever you want to be remembered for.


A delicious drink that is nutritious and slimming all at the same time.

Brits in LA

Communication on an every day level that is helpful and notifies you what is going on in this very busy city. It can help your move to this wonderful land of sunshine go  smoother.


The only  glossy upmarket magazine in Los Angeles.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

"A KISS IS JUST A KISS" or is it?

I swear that kissing makes me look prettier, I know it to be a fact, and younger too, it is Botox for the soul. I was kissing a few weeks ago, and I caught my reflection in a mirror afterwards and I could see the glow.  It makes you feel loved. For that real moment, for that second I felt  on top of the world. Physically I can see it massages the blood cells back into the skin and I feel incredibleI.  I remember that a good old snog makes me feel terrific.
I am  going to kiss  more. I am determined to, it is so much fun. With the popularity of the internet and flirting on line I am a  trifle lazy, but now I shall enjoy it all the time. I first kissed a boy when I was seven and I intend to kiss until I am seventy.
I  remember his name was David and  I pushed him up against a wall and said "kiss me" afterwards I got told off. At aged 8 I was kissed by a boy of 14. A village is a dangerous place to live.
I love the feeling of lips brushing against mine, the feeling of my face being kissed all over, my neck.
So why don't I do it more?
I believe it is more important than making love, more intimate, more touching.
You can feel how desperate the man is,  how passionate he is, or whether they like it or not, if they do not, then they are not for me.
The other day in Kundalini Yoga all I could think about was kissing, I found that it awakened a desire better than any hormone.
I am ambitious with my kissing, I cannot kiss anybody and  I would not kiss a tramp. Despite loving my gay friends I could not imagine kissing a girl, but have kissed several old men. The men I would like to have a kiss with are the following, I am hoping they will  say yes..

Benicio Del Torro
Xavier Berdam
Jesus Christ imagine the healing
Chris Hemsworth
TED the animated film, as in Mark Warlberg's film
Roberty Downey Junior
George Clooney
Jonathan Glazier
Sean Connery
Marlon Brando in Street Car Named Desire..


Best dressed Girls
10. Amanda Harlech rocks Edwardian glamour
9.   Mary Charteris rocks pop street
8.   Alice Naylor Leyland rocks daughter in law cupcake tea
7    Belinda Carlisle rocks Kundalini 
6.   Cameron Diaz rocks fresh clean 
5.   Cate Blanchett rocks chic 
4.   Marina Cicogna rocks stark austere sharp
3.   Trinny Woodall rocks highstreet
2.   Vanessa Hudgens  rocks hippy
1.   Poppy Delevingne rocks Coachella

Cara Delevingne
Best brows..

Friday, 25 April 2014


Mark Shand died having achieved so much. He was an incredible man. He was someone you could admire. Full of vitality wit and stories. He loved elephants, his love for them brought one into my home to save the endangered Asian elephant, a white elephant by artist Marc Quinn with an Orchid on its back. It was an incredible event which everybody loved throughout London a cheerful but serious reminder that animals need land to live and breed healthily.
Last year he did another gala with artists in Duchess of Cornwall's garden to save the lives of the helpless creatures in the wild. He achieved so much for wildlife and hopefully his strong character in death  will  continue preserving his favourite mammal.

BritWeek has started with a flourish with an enormous party given in the British Consul's house here in Los Angeles. A beautiful midsummer night's dream with fairies,elves and Titania. A stunning night decorated with butterflies.

Tonight proved wonderful with Shakespeare sonnets spoken by Jane Seymour, Malcolm Mcdowell, introduced by Ioan Grufford. With Sophie Winkleman, Michael York and the Millennium  Consort Singers. Surrounded by a wealth of English music from the time to now, it was a magnificent night.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die


Sometimes you have to make yourself do things that you would normally not do. It can shift your life and make it vibrant.
I decided to go to Coachella, really my idea of hell. Loud electronic music, crowds of people, late nights, all for a subject I do not care about.  I can have pre conceived ideas that are totally wrong, but I couldn't miss an adventure, so I decided to put my feet in deep water.  With this in mind I arranged to go with a good friend. She was much more enthusiastic than I was in the beginning.  I felt I was about to go up for a dog show and win best in breed. Coachella had a feeling of a dog show in England. Huge stands all separate from each other, with different types of music  which miraculously did not interfere with the next door neighbours noise.
I wore long. I thought it would go from being too hot to too cold. I was right. I took a pair of tights in my bag and wore them. Last week in New York I bought a long dress from Norma Kamali which I loved and along with a Rick Owens fur I was warm yet cool when I needed to be. I had my hair in tight  curls which lasted all week end, with my Robert Clergerie shoes I felt no pain.Flower power crossed with a witches hat was all the rage at Coachella combined with pixie boots, butterflies, frayed shorts and round glasses.. I was in for a surprise it was incredible fun.

I read through the pocket book and discovered I actually new a few people performing. This made it all the more exciting. Nicole Moudaber, The Petshop Boys, Bryan Ferry, and I learnt a whole lot of new names and listened to music from MGMT, Queens of the  Stone Age,  Mugwai who totally made my whole week end.  This is the point in life, I must always stretch myself, and  in turn it produced a truly exhilarating two days that I will always treasure. I loved listening to beat of the music, totally alien to me, to join in the fun.
I bounced into bed last night, happy to relax into a deep sleep.
P.S I now know who Outkast is.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Amanda Eliasch requests the pleasure of your company to celebrate her new artistic creation. Please join us as she pulls the skeletons out of her closet, dresses them in designer couture, and parades them down the catwalk of her glamorous and mesmerizing life.
WHAT: The award winning controversial film written and directed by Amanda Eliasch, The Gun, The Cake and The Butterfly, will screen exclusively as part of Brit Week’s annual series of events that highlights the creative relationship between the UK and US. Brit Week runs April 21st to May 4th in Los Angeles.
The worlds of opera, fashion, poetry and art intertwine in The Gun, The Cake and The Butterfly. Directed by writer, photographer and fashion editor Amanda Eliasch; this beautifully executed self- portrayal transports us into an unfiltered mind, heart and bed of hauntingly honest and vulnerable Amanda. Along the twisted, sensual path of her life, Amanda weaves through the loss of innocence and her tragic childhood, into the beguiling world of love and sex in a privileged circle of influential figures. Born in Beirut to an erudite family of film directors and literary minds, Amanda’s fascinating life journey includes forgiven husbands, forgotten lovers and the ever-thrilling excitement of meeting a riveting mind that might one day match hers.
WHO: Director Amanda Eliasch will be joined by cast, celebs and Brit Week VIP’s.
DETAILS: Monday, April 28th Arclight Cinemas Hollywood - 6360 West Sunset Blvd 6:00pm – Red Carpet Arrivals
7:30pm – Screening
9:00 pm – Cocktail Reception (for screening attendees only)

PUBLICITY: Linda Brown / Indie PR / (818.753.0700), Press inquiries only
 page1image15368 page1image15848 page1image16008
4370 Tujunga Ave., Suite #105 Studio City, CA 91604, 818.753.0700, 

Monday, 14 April 2014


With a full moon the world tends to go upside down, so with that in mind I got out my recipe for a sage spring clean. It was not the easiest of days, but all days cannot be as beautiful, or I would find it tricky to appreciate the truly truly beautiful. Slitting my wrists is not an option so I have to be brave if old dirt is picked up by  lazy  press yet again.  Luckily Zoe Moon warned us this week that there could be upheaval.
Why journalists, choose to make me interesting attached to someone else is unbelievable when the stories are ten years old. They of course cannot write that someone is actually happy, on the front cover of two magazine in Hollywood,  having won several film festivals. Of course their writing is just a reflection of their lives, not anybody else's. Truth is I am well, touch wood, clean and serene, as per usual. I could send a press release, but why bother?

I am very happy and people just cannot stand merry sunshine. I think when they see someone smiling, they feel it is time to remove it.
My film is doing well, I love where I live, and have new art projects on the go. The comments are written by people who get off on being especially unkind are not for me. I wish the journalists well and my family too.  That is who the press truly hurt, not me.
So what are the ten things you should do when feeling fragile.

1. Turn off your telephone, it is essential.
2. Take a Kundalini Yoga class with Normandie Keith and chant at Golden Bridge..
3. Go to the wonderful Canyon Grocery shop where  Mama Cass lived in the basement and Jim Morrison lived in Love Street, next door. The place is steeped in mystery and I want to know more. I am taken downstairs to check the street exit. This is a place to visit when you arrive in Los Angeles and want to do something truly authentic, and listen "She lives in Love Street".

4. Go to the church on Fairfax where Elizabeth Taylor married and pray.
5.  Discover the best art  in Los Angeles.
6.  Plan a week end at the Coachella Festival.
7.  Become friends with the ever smiling Derek Blasberg, and if needs be learn some manners from his Cat Video..
8.. Dare to go an knock on Werner Herzhog's door and beg for wisdom for the jungle.
9. If you really need a relook demand a shoot with Mert and Marcus.
10. Get a Samsung notebook 3 and start your instagram life in style.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

BRITISH FAB GIRLS ROCK "FLORALS" FOR COACHELLA,but not for a minute was I Cinderella, Britweek and Genlux Magazine rock.

I dislike the word "rock" but shall use it, as have to stay in tune with my younger generation of friends. They adore sayings like "no worries" "that rocks" "at the end of the day" "you know what I mean"
"like" and worst of all  "selfie". I shall hang onto punctuation like my son, Charles, hangs onto 18th Century opera.
Fashion this week end in Coachella "rocked" outside The Beverly Hills Hotel, Whole Foods and The Chateau Marmont, heaven knows what it looked like at the "end of the day" so "no worries" you had better take that "selfie" early on, as on line they will let you know whether "they" "like it" or not. Forgive punctuation as I don't think there is any, anymore, just dots and an emoji if they really like you. That is what to expect from somebody you really admire, two dots and a bracket, an alien or a sun with a smile on it.
I have visited Fred Segals on Melrose and Reformation for that rock/chic/casual style for next week end. I could not go to Coachella this week end. I have guests who are lots of fun and I do not feel I am Cinderella.

Amanda Rocking spanx in high heels with Rick Owens jacket and cat eyes at  Wholefoods.
Olivia Dehavilland, Alice Dawson, Mary Charteris and Poppy Delevingne.
Andy Wang glasses, Rick Owens jacket with Miss Alice in Her Palace, at the Chateau.

Alice Naylor Leyland, Mary Charteris, Olivia Buckingham, Amanda Eliasch in her black matt customised mustang.

Here I am trying to keep up. I suppose I should mention how I know them. I am the adopted God Mother to Alice Naylor Leyland, and I went to school with Poppy Delevingne's mother when I was seven years old. Pandora stopped a girl beating me up on a regular basis. She cannot remember this, but of course I do.
The girls looked so pretty in floral and white dresses. Alice changed at least three times, from a white dress, to the yellow, to a pair of floral shorts. Tired but pretty they left me in Hollywood with smiling faces, for their week end ahead at the Rock Festival. Poppy was dashing around auditioning and flying by helicopter, instead of driving for two hours,  to the popular musical festival after yet another hen night. The other girls were exhausted and took refuge at my house here.

It has been a good week. I made my second magazine cover in one year thanks to my friend Sean Borg who negotiated it. He now understands the meaning of coup de foudre which sadly my realtors have not experienced.  Genlux has beautifully produced this months magazine and included me on the cover for Britweek with six pages inside. I am lucky and know now how it could feel to be a model. Stunningly produced by Stephen Kamifugi I am thrilled with the results, Maxfields, my favourite shop leant me the clothes I love to wear, along with Gregory's. Check out their shoes at Fred Segals.
I also have spent a good deal of time in the kitchen and Whole Foods. My friend Catherine Vanazzi wrote about my healthy eating from Brazil. Not a goody goody naturally.

I am proud and happy to be included in Britweek's special issue. I am showing my film that I directed, The gun the cake and the butterfly on the 28th April for those that would like to see it at the Arclight.

I have been stirring the pot for my good friend  and creative genius Pablo Ganguli, the brilliant force behind Liberatum. He is  entertaining, and he has managed to create fascinating evenings, small versions of what he is really good at, putting intellectual creatives together to make music, putting people together that would not normally meet, to talk art, fashion and corruption, peppered with laughter, music and culture of the day. Brilliant photographers Mert and Marcus popped in last night, Mert played the piano beautifully.  Two nights ago, we had witty conversation with Brett Easton Ellis about the life and crimes of Hollywood.
Mert Playing on my pink piano.
Lara Stone looking wonderful with a red heart hat. Met and Marcus's stunning photographs.

It's seriously good to be here in Los Angeles with such a force of nature.

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Why is anyone surprised that a teenager could be violent today?  They are fed a diet of violent films, anti depressants, video games where they can kill whole towns.  The teens are unable to watch anything of value. There is so much stress for them to succeed, the talk of money and honey, the talk of lust, why is anyone surprised? Street drugs, alcohol, knives, guns are fully available, the value of the family is diminished.
There is little or no talk of religion, children have no ability to understand or endure difficult times. No morals, we should all go back to the basics. I saw a girl on the street the other day, a tramp, a beautiful girl, I gave here ten dollars. I asked her what had happened and she said "I had no plan B"

When you learn to live with nature, learn the names of trees, flowers, how to grow potatoes you can see the value and good things for a happy life.  Many of the children of today do not  know how to make bread let alone bake a cake, cook or even dress properly.

Exercise has slipped off the curriculum, as has the positive side of family gatherings.  We are all responsible for this but we have the power to change everything.
Let's start all taking responsibility for misfits in society who cannot cope and lash out in this way. It could after all be one of us.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


The loan shark is a terrible thing. "Do not borrow money" has always been my motto.  If I cannot afford it I will not buy it.  There is a lot of money to be made on peoples misery paying back debt. They are not called "Loan Dolphins" but "Loan Sharks". They devour you and gobble you up.  Nobody would use a "Loan Dolphin" after all.  What they threaten to do if you can't repay them make people commit suicide over these sort of things.  If nobody went to them they would go out of business.
Money doesn't come out of a box like cornflakes, they are not stars from heaven. It is Shylock  from the Merchant of Venice. He wanted to have his pound of flesh. The unpleasant attitude you get when you say "No" makes the smile disappears quickly. "You have wasted my time, I shall make you feel like the bad person"
Remember to understand "Put options" "Compound interest" Even if you think you are poor you need to understand the small print. It is no fun having no money but it is better than having minus money, and you have no money to go bankrupt.  That costs too. I have chosen not to be shafted.
Every other advert on television is about Amigo loans and Nice old ladies, old Auntie Edie lending you the money. Also if you cannot pay on the day you get compound interest it goes up and up and up. Beware puppets bearing gifts.
I saw a very pretty tramp the other day in Los Angeles, I gave her 10 dollars,  I asked "What had gone wrong?", and she said she did not have a plan B" You need in life plan B, C and D. Develop a thicker skin.

What mortgages, are really are professional thieves with fake teeth. It is the devil. It is appealing to peoples greed. I stopped doing credit cards, because of this.  If I don't have the money it doesn't come out. Yes you have a 25 year old debt round your neck. It never appealed to me. It is an illusion. I think the whole world needs to be a lot happier with a lot less.

Pay day loans are mostly taken by people on the dole.  People cannot ever get out of this terrible circle. You get beaten up if you don't pay up on time. The misery people go through for not even great shoes.
I do not care what people think, I will not do it.
If you go and steal the loan shark doesn't give a damn he just wants his cash on time. Some don't mind you defaulting as you go into compound interest.
I am not borrowing money to pay back another loan. There is no point in blaming the shylock character for lending you money, you don't need the latest plasma screen, you don't need the latest car or computer, you do need peace of mind and a giggle.
This Christmas I am buying everybody a piggy bank and telling them to start put a little in it every day, when you really want something smash it and see if you have enough.
We don't need to buy somebody's friendship, or outshine somebody else. You don't have to keep up with the "Jones's"
I am going fishing, but not for canned tuna, I am not swimming in shark infested waters, despite the white fakes smiles.  a coffee or two, or  fake oscar winning love,  I love myself enough not to get into debt to buy a shinier counterfeit version.

Monday, 7 April 2014


My top ten beauty products  which are delicious this month, believe it or not they have changed.
I have found some incredible things.

1.  Rodin by Recine, is an oil found at Barney. A tiny bit improves the quality of hair and makes it shine.
I love it.
2.  High Mountain Taiwanese calming oolong tea. Calming, which claims to make us skinny and keep us merry by Norma Kamali.
3.  Aqua di Colonia, Maria Novella, a scent called Mugetto is guaranteed to appeal for those that love the smell of flowers
4.  YSL Terre Saharienne bronzing powder I love. I try the rest but come back to this.
5.  Tom Ford eye and cheek compact called Unabashed. Wonderful in a white container.
6.  Revlon Colour Burst bright red really works. Number 240.
7.  Eyebrow pencils by the brown gal.
8.  Mac Lipstick Candy yum yum for those brave brave girls that like pink.
9.  Ice breakers for keeping your breath fresh as a daisy.
10. Elemis moisturising lip balm.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


I listen to my children and when my son Jack, bought me some mood altering vitamins I thought it was time to muck out my stable. I think we all need this sometimes.
I don't want to bang on about being some sort of do gooder, but two weeks on my own have felt great.  I  like to travel with an entourage, so it was an experience, being on my own, that I had always dreaded, feeling free from what felt like stones on my back.  I like to be an individual, but with so many things hanging off me, I feel like everybody else.
I have problems like everybody on the planet, they are mostly petty, but I am often told "If you can't be happy nobody can be."
I like the idea of swinging from being a clown to deep intellectual melancholia.
I love most people in my life, but sometimes I am tied to people for the wrong reasons. Everything must be balanced to be harmonious. Of course I am the first person to realise I love drama and masses of ups and downs, but my body can't take it anymore, it gives me spasms down my spine rather like stones in my kidneys.  So Jack my son was right when he tried to cure this.

I like to be in control, it is a relief to let go and do something I would not normally do. Hopefully it will not lead me up the garden path as it did last year when I met a conman off Honestly I think these sites need to come with guaranteed references?. I was looking for the love of my life, and they were looking for cash or something I was allowing myself to be warmed up for.

I have always believed in the wedding dress and living in a couple. I am a pigeon.  I still do, however the next person I have in my life has to be a balanced, a loving friendship, adult with no motive other than to care for another person that I love to be with.

I have been listening to the Arianna Huffington meditation everyday for a week and it is working. Also a wonderful book called Mindfulness which is supposed to make you happy in this frantic world.

Happiness is visiting the butterfly garden in the National History museum  in New York. Actually simple things that I have taken for granted. Beautiful delicate butterflies landing on a finger, brought a smile to my face. Gorgeous colours, green and blue, totally stunning.   A walk in Central Park and lunch at  Cipriani with someone I like. It was a lovely day. Such human experiences keep me happy, like meeting people on trains and planes. They are always are so much more interesting than at a party. You are thrown next to a person that you might not normally meet. I like this.

Clean escapades, with a little naughtiness.  I stress the word clean, because anything I do that brings unhappiness to someone else is not positive. Of course like everybody on the planet I can be guilty of that.

I am trying to sell my house before Easter, not lose my cool when I move to another one. This would normally have me sitting on the bottom step with palpitations. I have moving down to a fine art. I feel good about it. So with my new vitamins and healthy living, life should be one hell of a ball.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I have made myself get over one or two phobias, not rats or conmen, but driving, and living on my own. Anyway, what intelligent blonde would want someone in their bed who had to receive two thousand pounds to be there? Who would want a room full of rats running around the floor? Of course they are phobias too, but luckily not in my view at the moment.
I decided to get into my fabulous mustang and drive one and a half hours outside Los Angeles. Here I fell in love in Palm Springs, not with pension plans, but with the mountains. The air, and the mid century furniture were not bad either. I am on my journey to meet the love of my life, a dude on an Harley Davidson who is offering to take me for dinner and a whole lot more.

I found a fantastic house where I imagined entertaining Elvis. He had lived on the street. I am saying little about it.

This is the real Hollywood of old. Kirk Douglas, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Elizabeth Taylor, you could imagine her floating in a caftan down the very glamorous steps of the house I love, into a kidney shaped swimming pool. Leonardo dicaprio and more and more people are escaping Los Angeles into the desert and despite its peaceful appearance,  it is becoming the social hub of California at the week ends.
Coachella the rock festival, people who have a passion for fine mid century furniture,  mid century houses, Palm Dessert Tennis Tournament, and the Palm Springs Film Festival are all flocking there. Of course there are stunning golf courses, old peoples homes, a brilliant museum, delicious food and Saks. I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes which made me tall enough to compete with any top model.

I was meeting one or two friends there.  One an old friend Sean Borg once did my press for a photographic show in Central London, and got crowds of children peeping through the window at it, the show was a sell out. He has the ability to sell.

Wearing a Ghost long dress with Rick Owens fur with my Pomellato ring, and Andy Wang Glasses

I stayed at the Parker with a girl friend and was thankful that she was as enthusiastic. The Parker is a lively hotel for the rocking chic. Not a geriatric on the place. It was merry with children and mothers day posies. Even if there had been I love the old and young, the more people the better. I also liked the early morning feeling of this place, its serenity.
I arrived back in Los Angeles having driven the whole distance rather pleased with myself, and realising phobias are just that. I walked into my house and found flowers that truly finished off a wonderful week end. My sons are incredible. They had not forgotten Mothers Day, and I am truly blessed.
I once went to a spooky woman who said I was on the planet to help my sons spread their wings and be as interesting as they should be. I think they are on the planet to confirm my belief that men are wonderful as long as you don't have to pay for their Jimmy Choos.