Saturday, 10 September 2022


Change is inevitable, we know that, but Her Majesty's death was something quick and terrifying in its timing.  One minute Her Majesty was saying goodbye to Boris Johnson and the next moment Liz Truss was taking the keys to Number 10, two days later she was sadly dying.  You can't grab back time. For most of your life you are young and vibrant and overnight you become shrivelled. The queen riding at 94 shows us that she determinedly got up, got dressed and rode her horse without a hat only a few months ago.  Her Majesty could be a hard act to follow.  Charles 111 now takes over the throne.  We are living in dangerous and extraordinary times.

Her Majesty The Queen represented us and she was appreciated around the world. No matter the trials and tribulations of our country you felt she was steadfast in protecting us. There is an outpouring of sentiment and love towards her. The flowers at Buckingham Palaces Gates, Windsor Castle. Are we going to live the moment or are we going to film the moment on our up-to-date iPhone?  Social Media is full of love for her. Imagine a woman who was 19 at the end of the Second World war, who twenty years later met the Beatles and the Kennedys? She went through the sexual revolution and later had to deal with the problems of Diana and Meghan, the Falklands crisis, covid 19, and the Great Reset. She loved Ascot, racing was her love along with The Earl of Carnavon her racing manager.  Her Majesty loved her husband Prince Phillip who was a cousin.  After her children came 7 grandchildren and something like 9 great-grandchildren.  She loved her Corgis, and colourful coats and throughout all of this she was stoic and reliable. 

There have been five Queens since the 1540s and all of them are pretty marvellous in modern times 3 pretty efficient Prime Ministers. Lucky Great Britain Elizabeth was undoubtedly great.

Saturday, 23 April 2022


 I have not been able to sleep for five days.  I stayed up listening to the Trial of Amber Heard V Johnny Depp's 'Defamation lawsuit' in Virginia. It is deeply disturbing. Whilst I find Amber careless, lacking empathy and Johnny charming in a shy introverted awkward way, it is difficult to know who these famous actors truly are. They are both professional and their behaviour feels deliberate.

Violence is not to be condoned in this Woke Cromwellian world,  abuse towards women is unacceptable. However, there is something very unattractive and arrogant about Amber as she crunches crisps/nuts during a deposition leaving the feeling she is sly. Amber looks sarcastic and nasty as she says 'No" to a question.  Although pretty and serene sitting in the courtroom I could never trust her.  I listened to her softly spoken passive-aggressive. voice and found it patronising. Personally, I could not stand being lectured and bullied,  I would react and explode as Johnny eventually did.  Amber can gaslight in a very professional way. I feel she is a dominatrix. In the courtrooms, she is manicured and dressed in austere clothes. Buttoned up and demure, perfectly coiffured and dressed to kill. Amber appears to copy Johnny's style.  Nobody is "one dimensional" and she oozes fake misery at the moment. Elon Musk and James Franco both fell for her professed intellectual abilities enjoying Ayn Rand. Depp loved her reading too. I probably read as much as Miss Heard. A book may be in the lap but not necessarily read. At the same time, Amber gabbles words without a script.

Johnny has some wonderful responses. "You cannot always be right, try being wrong sometimes, you might learn something!"


I was never a particular fan of Johnny Depp's, pirates don't do it for me. However, I do like quiet soulful men in the corner. I do not like alcoholics or drug addicts,  I never trust them. I love Elon Musk who should be ruling the World, and James Franco. (I once paid for an Art show party in Venice for James Franco).  They are all human and I am sure they are no saints. Amber prefers the company of women to men.  I suspect she always has.

Areas of dispute

1. Shitting deliberately on the bed and blaming the dogs

2. Amber had to undo Johnny's shoes when he got home and lost her temper when he did it.

3. Stubbing a cigarette out on his face

4. Hitting Johnny over minor misdemeanours

5. Nagging him

6. having him sleep at the same time as she wants

7. calling Johnny an old fat man

8.  Chopping off his finger

9.  James Franco in the lift with Amber as she was filing for divorce.

As we go into the next week. I am not sure there will be winners. Certainly Hollywood will be nervous to use Johnny Depp again unless he can prove wholeheartedly he was a 'battered husband"He will have to be squeaky clean from now onwards that is not the role of Jack Sparrow. Amber will also have a problem as nobody likes to be associated with scandal.  Her girlfriend Eve Barlow often arrived with her and was expelled from the court as she was texting, neither seem honourable. The lies don't do Amber any good, there are many pretty faces in the world.  Finally, why would anyone want their very dirty laundry shown to the world? At least there will be a new star for Fatal Attraction 2. Amber Heard will be spectacular. I keep waiting for them to run across the room, kiss and makeup

Elon Musk

Elon Musk 

More importantly what is this sordid tale hiding?

Friday, 4 March 2022


The minute the press start fear-mongering, I think, high alert something is up. As Putin went over the border to  Ukraine, COVID 19 ended in a day?  Having exhausted myself with my own company it was time to go out but I am now at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Guess what I find? I have always been told to be careful of short men.  Check everything out.  Putin and the comedian Zelensky are both 'petite'

I was listening to Jack Maxey about Hunter Biden's sordid tale in Kyiv, from the laptop from hell. It looks like the deals Hunter did for 'big man' compromised America with his involvement with a Ukrainian/Cypriot Oligarch called Ihor Kolomoisky.  A billionaire who was involved politically and financially with overlapping companies and countries. Ihor is from Cyprus. too, not my favourite country. It's of course grubby and about oil, money and maybe trafficking. It appears Putin caught Kolomoisky out over some dodgy deals selling oil and so Kolomoisky wants Putin destroyed.  Putin thinks you should never trap people in corners. Kolomoisky appears to have run off with Ukrainian people's cash from a bank too?. He is living in Israel. The puppet, Zelensky strangely visited this man at least 15 times before he was elected?     From the Epstein scandal, I am now interested in flight logs. Further information on Factual counterpoints on Instagram and Mainstream media. It's all out there.

At the same time, NATO started to occupy more landmass and Kolomoisky wanted to destroy the Oligarchs closest to Putin.  Compromised Biden talked the big talk but is sleepy and senile.  I say, just move the NATO missiles boys and let us all get on with life. Except, of course, The World Economic Forum is in the background stirring everything up to cover their misdemeanours and make the world a better place. 

Get prepping.

Saturday, 23 October 2021


 I have not written for some time because there is too much to say and everything appears to be 'anti human'.

Tied up in the same agenda The Green Deal, the dark deep state, AI, Farmland. Dig deep enough you come to the nefarious occupations of people like Epstein and how Bill Gates is wanting to reduce the population whilst buying huge amounts of farmland. 

Humans are just thought of as  "Eaters". With our support systems destroyed,  our families after the Women's Lib Movement are pretty much over and as for religion The Catholic Church has gone Communist and the Churches were closed at a time when we needed them the most. Our supply chain is crippled and we are masked up and injected, almost unrecognisable. I was also accused of being bonkers for commenting about the state of affairs.  Shame on the left-wing journalist who did this. He has since been proven to be uneducated and only listening to a diet of CNN and the BBC. 

Our Civic rights have been curtailed. Our Democracy needs to be fought for and is not absolute. It is not something the Governments should manipulate. The rule of law, freedom of speech is really important. Human rights are not respected. Our protests are violently repressed. Then there is the COVID passport. The discrimination against those who are unvaccinated is completely unacceptable.

The vaccine is not perfect many have unreported problems with it.  I am not a Scientist but the Pharmaceutical Companies are ruling our lives and their facts are not scientific but political and paid for in many cases. The billionaires are the fronts to running the world and their values are crafted on money and not for the benefit of the human being. Behind them, heaven knows what?

As for Artificial Intelligence, there are some areas luckily they cannot enter? I do not want dinner or to make love with a robot. A vibrator is not the same as flesh, lips and kissing, or could it be?

Enough is enough.


Thursday, 6 May 2021


I don't know why all the Davos billionaires want The Reset as all this surveillance works against them too.  Obviously, Mrs Gates clicked into the track and trace app and did not like what she found.  The rich have to deal with their crazy wives and their wives have to deal with their husband's piggish behaviour.  Bill Gates now asks for privacy which he has taken away from all of us. What does he wish to hide? It is very suspicious as Gates and Fauci have spent two years dividing us with masks and social distancing and the distortion of science. We are accused of being racist and of not taking the world of COVID seriously enough.  Let's remember Gates has financed GAVI, Imperial College and Oxford University amongst many other ideas. What about the Lab in Wuhan, oh that is a conspiracy theory?.  They divide to rule.  In the meantime Gates has become more and more powerful.  After 27 years Mr and Mrs Gates are no longer compatible. Please think about who makes money from the vaccinations and PCR tests?. Two Billionaires for sale Bezos a warehouse goods distributor and Gates who is far too interested in medicine for the safety of the world.  I hope they did not shag the Nanny, so declasse!.  Neither, have sexy occupations but hey they have tons of cash which we women are supposedly attracted to?. Then Bill has bought vast amounts of farmland?  The billionaires have made yet more money from tax breaks hidden within their Foundations. Surely enough is enough?

On another note how can it be acceptable that platforms like Twitter can censor those people they do not agree with? The less we think the more we can be controlled.

My trip has ended. I had no idea where I was going and who  I would meet.  I just had to leave England and all the hysteria that I was becoming obsessed with down the rabbit hole. I was determined big pharma wanted to poison us and as yet I am still not convinced that their ideas are not nefarious.  I had the most incredibly positive trip but nothing has changed in the UK.  Let's see what the Dominion Servers bring as Kahn bought them for the elections. All went well except I was threatened by a semi attractive Avocado grower in Mexico with a hair transplant he wanted to put a friend of mine into a body bag. Luckily I was well protected.  Oh well back to the tranquillity of Chelsea Bridge.

Time will reveal all that has gone on, I am pretty sure there will be people up for war crimes in the future as everything unfolds.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021


 "You're too young, my son and you cannot know that there was once a country where...

1) People were not allowed to freely meet with other people
2) Private Business was shut and huge fines were in place for those who dared open their shop 
3) Only the Public Sector was secure
4) People were not allowed to leave their country without the written permission of the Government
5) Public gatherings were prohibited, for fear of angry demonstration against Our Dear Leader. The Police were out looking for potential subversive elements to crack them down
6) Churches were shut, you could not pray or publicly practice your religious beliefs, as the Government didn't like that
7) Christmas and Easter were officially banned and considered as old-fashioned superstitions
8) There were huge queues to enter the shops, and often the shops were half-empty...."

"Yes, I know!  I studied that at school. Was it the Soviet Union in the 1930s, right?"
"No son, it was the UK in the 2020s."