Monday, 19 October 2020


To be honest I have not felt like writing these days, and with so many regulations, London has become a fascist nightmare that I am going to pretend I am not living in. The empty streets are becoming full and the endless hooting is out of control.  The lockdowns come and go, nobody truly understands the Government anymore. My life stays the same; Sunday lunch at The Wolsey, a gallery visit at The Royal Academy, a walk through the park, conversations with like-minded friends, and prayers at the local church. The weeks stay orderly.

I am lying in state waiting to see who will win the USA election. Does America know that they are not voting for Orange man or Sleepy Joe?  I am terrified that America does not really understand that they are about to be taken over by the far left, that the Electoral College and their constitution are at stake? Do they realise that their constitution has kept internal battles at bay, they have had no Communism or Fascism and have been protected? They did not lose over 6 million people in World War II? They have not suffered as Europe has. Joe Biden makes Crooked Hillary look honest. Joe has had kickbacks from China and through his son he has created his very dishonest family. Watch out for TikTok and other Apps follow you closely and as they are Chinese not on our side. This is a war of Artificial Intelligence.

It is why I like Donald J Trump. Not because of his brash gold aeroplanes, but for the hope he can break this cycle of "Trotsky” ideals entering the free world. I wonder if my friends in America truly want their beliefs turned upside down? They are on the path of hatred and not common sense.

Everybody thinks the next election is the most important, I believe this one is.  It is about civilisation against anarchy. It is not about Senile Biden against Tweeting Trump. With one weeks to go the polls appear inaccurate and mean nothing, people have generally made up their minds. No amount of nagging from The Obama and Clinton fold are likely to change much but Artificial Intelligence can.  All Media is fake as they are biased and not reflective of what is really going on. They are insignificant and only the Electoral College matters. The problem is this race is so close.  People, if they thought about it, want Trump to win, but they don't want to obviously vote for him, but they want him to win. It is a knife edge. I I believe these people are the silent majority. If Biden gets in the Electoral College will be broken, that is for sure within months. Either way there will be riots on the streets.

Trump is blamed for everything in the press, even the virus which has little to do with him, but everything to do with the meddling billionaires and AI  that are trying to rule the world e.g. Bill Gates, viruses and George Soros, riots.  On top of this the “woke" youth have been encouraged to become violent. The BLM/Antifa and George Floyd Marxism have gone wild. The press have taken over and are far too powerful. There is no empathy and these people have got out of control. This is a radical revolution and mirrors the French Revolution. It is break down of law and order and the demolishing of statues and breaking everything that people admire about the States. The rioters are not well educated but very arrogant with huge debt. They are angry. The problems lies with the education system which is far left and the media and the months of being locked up. In America, fear is mounting as New York City is emptying and people are going to new places, they just left. Donald Trump  is quite brilliant with everything against him he is still alive and in the running. Hated by China, AI, billionaires, The Liberal left.  he is awake and kicking. He tried to ban TIK TOK and fights social media daily whilst still using it. Voter fraud and crooked tactics all against him. Kamala Harris is a left wing Communist at heart and will do anything to win.  She is a one trick pony being used.

The number of COVID19 deaths are no greater in America than they are in Europe. There will be a huge recession which has been self-induced. There was nothing wrong with the economy.  It will come back and get better. Children need to be back at school and people need to get back to work if they can find it.

Luckily The Republicans are keeping Trump in check, they are more organised this time and it is the first election ever to take place on line in cyber space.  Trump is portrayed as a clown and a crazy person but he has good analytics and with this knowledge he will likely win despite the polls. He has a brilliance and he knows his people, he loves his people. Time will tell. I wonder as I look at my American friends if they are as apathetic as they look? They seem more worried about the superficial than their brilliant law, The Constitution that is slow and methodical but has kept America together. I say, keep America great and free. Vote for Trump.

Thursday, 10 September 2020


I was on television in a documentary called Inside Chelsea on BBC 2 with the lovely Mehreen Baig. I was originally told it would be about the history of Chelsea, but of course it ended up turning into a show bashing the rich, so I was a little annoyed.  Mehreen Baig said she  had a 'culture shock' when she visited Chelsea. Personally I simply don't believe her,  she was an English teacher with a love of Shakespeare. Mehreen was also too interested in Beyonce!.  At one point Mehreen said "she just wished we would open our eyes to how other people lived".  Isn't that a bit patronising to the "other people". Mehreen is a teacher who professes that because of her students’ background, not all of them will become successful regardless of effort. Yet she failed to see the irony, which was that all the people on the programme were poor as children. They did not inherit any wealth. Not even Alison. My friends are all hard working characters. 

As Mehreen sits in her flat in Tottenham she should feel used.  I actually wanted to do the more positive version and see if two worlds could mix. This is what our reality will be in the future.  You see I was born with nothing but charm and a cheeky grin. My Mother worked hard as a Music Teacher and an Opera singer when I was a child. My grandfather was The Film Director Sidney Gilliat, but gave her no money at all. She was a single parent mother. Like the women in the tower block Mehreen comes from. My mother's money was made of elastic. She sent me to pony club by selling whippets, she paid for my lessons by teaching and breeding Welsh ponies.  I went to Stonar a girl’s private school, then I went to a finishing school  at 16 called Winkfield Place so I had training to earn my own money. Mehreen had many more advantages than I did. Her father took her to school and helped pay the bills. My Father Anthony Cave Brown wrote books on spies and slept with a gun under his bed. I met him at 22, he left me nothing.  I just had optimism humour. and I just knew I would be okay.  Nicky Haslam went to Eton but he suffered from Polio as a child, we all have our trials and tribulations. George Blodwell lives on the edge in Hollywood but has been very successful as a stylist.  Alison Jackson photographer  was cut out of her inheritance due to being a girl. I did not go to drama school until I was 28 and had earned the money to do so. Mehreen went to UCL and was given many chances and now features on our Television Set.

I come from a wacky  breed of human who are happy to fight back with wit and a smile. Will Mehreen take me on? Will she show me Tottenham or shall I go with someone else?  I truly liked Mehreen. The problem in Great Britain is people like Dr Gopal, who we gave chances to, and was educated well and works at Cambridge University, tweets out that "White people don't matter'  is a race baiter from Cambridge University, this in turn creates havoc and holes in our society.

The only rich person on the programme was the dashing Russian, Yevgeny Chichvarkin, who had left Putin's Russia through the back door, and apparently with only a yellow plastic bag?   He promptly opened a shop in Mayfair selling bottles of wine worth thousands of pounds which most people would buy from Sothebys.  He plays polo with the Princes and my friend Eddie Horswell. I adore Eddie Horswell and he is one of the best polo players in the world.  He was best man at my first wedding.  Yevgeny's wife was very upset as she felt she would never be accepted and that there was so much crime in Chelsea. I have lived near the Kings Road for 32 years and everybody here is charming I am sure they will let her in and be friends with her and I am sure they will make her feel safer than Moscow.

I took Mehreen out to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Victoria Grant hats at  Masterpiece  an art fair and later a Fashion show at Harvey Nichols with my friend George Blodwell.  The Chelsea I introduced Mehreen to was inhabited with intellectuals; I had a lunch for her which included my friends,  the writer Nicky Haslam, Portrait Painter Howard Morgan, and one councillor/artist Alison Jackson, who took her to a council flat with the best view In London at Worlds End.  We met jeweller Stephen Webster, Anastasia Webster and we went to Harvey Nichols for a Fashion Show.  We finished by going to my friend Vicki Sarge's jewellery boutique on Elizabeth Street.

As the filming progressed I warmed to Mehreen.  I even asked if I could meet her parents.  I do not believe she felt insecure she only sounded political given the real subject. In my opinion it was a wasted opportunity it would be interesting to see if a girl from Tottenham could actually fit in in Chelsea, and vice versa.. Mehreen liked me she just felt  obliged to get her nails in. 

I love Pygmalion opportunities, a rags to riches story, we all do. I was one myself.  My Grandfather was was a film director and my Father, Anthony Cave Brown an award winning writer of spies neither looked after me financially or indeed took me to school. Of course being an English Girl from Wiltshire  I knew the ropes of all society in the United Kingdom and of course I was lucky to meet an equally young clever man when I was 25.

Thanks to  the tenacity of Label1 TV, Michelle Liebentrau, my brilliant agent and the BBC there were only a few dodgy moments for the TV channel that ultimately we all pay for, so I will leave it there.

Snowden Hill Hair

Adie Brooks  Hair and Makeup 

Wednesday, 9 September 2020


The biggest disappointment this year  besides COVID19 and its fakeness  was our Prime Minister cancelling Christmas. Boris is good at visiting fisheries and swinging between telegraph poles with a crash helmet but we all have to suffer because he is overweight and was ill with COVID19. We were locked up surrendering our freedom for months destroying our economy, He has proven he has more alliances with the Liberal left these days and Mr Bill Gates who believes in eugenics. The way he has dalliances with so many of the female population does not make him appropriate for running our great country. Enough is enough. We need somebody with gravitas urgently and good common sense not just charm. Where is Jeremy Hunt when you need him? 

The mask does not work and is a form of control. As Donald Trump who has been nominated a Nobel Prize, said the other day "nobody makes any sense mumbling". Masks make you incomprehensible under a nappy.

People in Parliament let BLM tear down our history without consequences and without proper due diligence. We had to continually celebrate the NHS which killed 40,000 people despite PROOF THAT Hydroxychloroquine works. Julia Hartley-Brewer agrees, thank God for sanity. The best news is that Donald Trump is a thoroughly 1980's boy, he clearly believes all you need is a tan and white teeth. I agree.

Everywhere in London there are unused Cycle lanes. It has has created so much traffic and hooting along the Embankment that Sadiq Kahn should step down and be put in jail for gross negligence.  

This virus is not so dangerous but we need to work at our fitness levels. Don't go out when you feel ill. Be considerate and protect the elderly. The world is just one big joke. If Gates and Co want to kill us just give us a little pill. Parliament appears to have wrecked our country quicker than Jeremy Corbyn with their draconian fascist ideals and huge expenditure. Toadying to Bill. Gates and George Soros only leaves us compromised. BLM destroyed our monuments, Extinction Rebellion destroyed businesses. How much longer do we put up with this?. Bonking Boris is not going to tell me how to live my life.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020


To divide to rule is the way Governments are targeting us at the moment. Humanity is manipulated between press and politicians.  We are turned into sheep, and in turn the sheep police us. The press promote anything that divides us eg race, culture, identity politics, woke and it is all wrong.  "They" are subdividing us and its is everywhere we look. An entire issue of British Vogue is black, which in my opinion  patronises the black race. There are 1.85 million black people in the UK which has a population of 66 million so my view the Editor,  Edward Enninful is far too didatic and so not "Vogue". He should in my opinion create beauty and  harmony.   This has nothing to do with Fashion, he is in the business of selling Gucci and Prada?  Instead this issue is self righteous and gloomy. Enninful should be working for The Guardian,  He has forgotten that most people in the UK are readers of The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Evening Standard in London. Edward is divisive and  trying to patronise.  He says we need educating?  I do think we need education for everybody in England  to a higher standard, but I am not sure that is what Edward means. What he has forgotten is that he is imposing with will of 2 million black people onto the population of 66 million in the UK.
I would have kept the sculpture of our past of the slaver Edward Colston and I would have kept the sculpture of Jen Reid for BLM by Marc Quinn. That is in my opinion real equality. Preserve the past and create the future mixing bad and good so we do not repeat our mistakes. I liked both sculptures and what they both stood for is interesting.    We should have just changed the sign attached to the sculptures.  I think unfortunately we are going backwards. 

The billionaires and globalists  have taken over the left, who were once right wing.  The Woke are fake left  backed by billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates. They are not the original working class who wanted to fight for equality and justice.  The social warriors want you to speak the language of Woke which are spokesman of Fascism and  related to  'You Tube'  'Google' and 'Facebook' without which they would not exist.   I have just been told "You cannot support Trump".. This is completely wrong and not democratic. The Woke  pick on Trump focusing on all his peccadilloes forgetting the good and emphasising the bad.  Whether or not I like Trump it is my right to do so and not their right to tell me what to do.  People are fed up with the Woke left and Trump may just get re-elected. Then there is luckily someone like Candace Owens

Photograph by Amanda Eliasch

COVID19 has allowed all this to happen. There is little conversation and little debate. We are ruled by 'Political correctness' and masks. Let's cover the peoples mouths so they cannot speak. 
The Labour Party and the Democrats have all been taken over. We live just an illusion of democracy and freedom of speech. We are ruled entirely by Big Pharma and billionaires. The people who govern us want one population one world. They want Marxism and centralised dictatorship. They don't want borders and people to be patriotic. They have become tyrannical and the Plandemic has moved the Chinese dictatorship to Europe and America. Complete control of work and economics. We have no freedom of thought. The morning stories of the BBC are embarrassing it is so influenced by Communism. The Woke thinks they are powerful but they are so weak that they do not allow freedom of thought. We need to remove the mask and talk back.

Monday, 27 July 2020

LOCKDOWN/LOCKUP ROMANCES , I know what love is I have had it sometimes...Amanda Eliasch

Many people were lonely in Lockdown.  I would see them walking alone in the park briskly. There would be the odd conversation 6 foot apart so of course there were socially distanced love stories. The Government said no lovers. I hate rules.  My stories may not make me likeable but winning is the best, however, the winner is rarely nice.

I was on my own, my favourite lover far away.  I had time to press right on Tinder and play with The people on it appear not to have changed. Last time I used I got a man who gave a fake name, a fake address, who wanted money all the time. He never kissed me and wore glasses and contact lenses on top of each other to hide his identity who watched porn on his computer whilst  staying with me. He lied all the time and would hide my telephone and gas light me, making me think I was going mad. 

The people on the dating apps are not my type, I sieve heavily. Remember people on them  use their best photographs which are not necessarily recent. I  pressed right and ended up with someone who said he was a neighbour.  He then left presents on my door step, which sounds romantic but I did not give him my address. I thought "Stalker" He trimmed my Wisteria at the front of my house and left a message  'I trimmed your bushes on your house, so you know how I like my pussy trimmed."  On another evening he played with a red vibrator, sucking it and then massaging himself in the anus,  I had only known him a few days. It was done under bright light instead of candles. I thought to myself, is he gay? He looked so happy. He said dodgy things like, "Guess what I have under my jeans, I have nothing on?" He did not have any pants at home because he had just moved out. For someone reasonably good-looking he had patchy coloured hair that he had dyed badly,  so clumsy and not alluring. He was supposedly educated to scholarship level at one of Britains best Universities, he had been head boy too.  I found he was bossy and limited. He was happy to break rules but not agreeable when others did the same. When people take off their clothes they behave in the most extraordinary way, there is a time to put up a white flag. 
With little talk of P.G Wodehouse or anything funny, “There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature.” 
― P.G. Wodehouse .   The man made my skin crawl with texts saying he wanted to penetrate me.  I did try to like him,  but truthfully I like intellects.   I like men who are interested in the art scene, who know who Tracey Emin is and the difference between Rembrandt and Velazquez.  That have the right vocabulary. "Couch and lounge"  are a no no, yes I am a snob.  I like men who work hard. He had retired and was trying to write a book without having read many and with a narrow vocabulary.
I also do not need a man who wants to be a bad housewife. who lies about the ages of his children adding on two years for each of them. I do not like men who boast they are hedonists and leave me with all the bills from our trips. I do not mind paying half but why should I pay for everything?  On top of that avoid meeting anyone getting divorced as they bore you to tears with the stories that are all the same. They may pretend you are their new love of their life,  that their wife was dreadful and did not love them. 
I am not into men that like Boujis, hot tubs, bubbles I do not drink.  I  do not like men who still live with their wife at home in a house smaller than mine.  I would want a mature man who acted their age instead of 22. Who looks after himself, who dressed well and did not have dirty finger nails, hairy ears and yellow teeth. I make an effort why can't they? I like very tall men and thin men, at least he did not lie about being the latter. You can be clean in mind body and spirit. I do not like men who build you up only to knock you down. I do not like bossy men who are control freaks. It's funny when I go off someone they diminish in height and now when I bump in him, he is now 5 inches shorter. He has certainly lost any glamour he once had, a beta male. 

After slamming the door in his face, three times, it was okay walking alone. It had to be. I walked with my 'walking partner' along the rivers near Chelsea laughing at my foibles.. Of course I thought about sex a lot, I had time and I am not dead. It is tricky when you do not meet people properly in the normal way, eg the supermarket, the train, introductions. 

When I again, after 6 months of cruel  lock up, I saw the love of my life I ran to him, it felt like home. Tinder is a trap I am simply not that desperate.
I know what love is, I have had it sometimes.


Tuesday, 14 July 2020


A mask, let's get everybody terrified. Close the High Street completely, go on line, give the money to Bezos/Amazon.  Close our Churches, Mosques and Synagogues. Wear gloves keep your distance and let's be very afraid. Masks just lower your immune system. It is all drama and big Pharma. We are going rapidly backwards. I wear a mask and carry one when I am in a crowded area. The Governments are trying to enforce lockdowns and vaccines, chips, 5G, bankruptcy's with scare tactics and little fact.

To inhale a steroid works to get rid of bugs,  or you can use hydroxychloroquine. The mad hysteria is falling into the traps created between Pharma and Media.

The governments of the world got us to lock ourselves up, we have become zombies, we listened we did not question the logic, it bankrupts the world. Boris in the meantime sold us off to Bill Gates, whilst Soros drummed up Racism and sexism too. 

How far  has the new Racism gone? 
What everybody wants is equal opportunity in the beginning, it is up to you what you do with it. 

Nobody cares about the real slaves today the Chinese, the Sudanese they are just over there, out of sight and out of mind.

England,  is of course different from the USA.  In the USA in 1964 the black man got the vote In America.
We in turn got the vote for women in 1916. We have been tolerant and inclusive for a very long time.
We are going rapidly backwards. 

Donations to black lives matter are not straightforward  and could end up in the pockets of the Democrats we are told.

There is so much more, however not much more that I can take.. 

Friday, 5 June 2020


Totally sick.. Yesterday I wanted to vomit. I have been pro Boris Johnson ever since I can remember, since he was Mayor of London at least.  At the beginning of the year I was so happy, yet I feel so betrayed as many other people must do too.

Yesterday Mr Johnson was celebrating us joining GAVI, the company for vaccines which directly leads us into bed with Mr Bill Gates. For 8 billion pounds he has sold us out? I understand we need to make money for all the drama that COVID19 caused but like this? To show the whole debacle, Camelot Castle interviews Dr Tenpenny.

We have gone from the European Union into the arms of the billionaires in America. Bill Gates and Dr Fauci may get away with their links to Wuhan and the Chinese, but we are not blind and we read. So supposedly Gates gave money to produce the virus and takes money for producing a vaccine. No smoke without fire.  This leads me to question Mr Gate's  love of eugenics that he has expressed often.
On top of that, COVID19 comes to the end and they start the riots which are often through Soros..with a bit of drama from Elon Musk with a rocket launch.  With an election in November you have to question motives and of course they try to make The Donald an evil bastard. Conspiracy theorists are told they are wrong and CNN and MSM are right. Everybody disagreeing with the MSM is a mad right supremicist? Come on wake up everybody. The goal is to get rid of Trump. What does Trump want? To clear the swamp and make America great again. So easy to create a riot from using the RACE card. Tired of the whole thing and peoples stupidity. . If someone is rich they are useful and supposedly good. Come on... Follow the money and you find out the dreadful truth. As I have said before, the billionaires are not evil just they are too involved in our politics and big Pharma. We have to fight this.
As our Universities and schools lie empty, we must think quickly and efficiently.  Our children are brain washed by The left wing and are not being properly educated.

As for 5G... well 5G radiates our brains like a microwave and has been used for warfare. Okay, the real problem is surveillance and its attachment to robots which will be more efficient that any human, which won't riot or strike. They are so quick they are even able to adapt to any situation.
So we are about to be sold out again.

Please dear people of colour do not fall into traps. Everything is a tragedy at the moment. Please be brave, everybody is behind you. The race card is used too often.  The deep state are using you to get what they want.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020


The elites released the bio weapon and now they are trying to make a vaccine for COVID19, which in turn made them 75 billion or more. Profiting from both. They locked the population of the world up and proceeded to fly around in private jets preaching about climate change, and bankrupting most countries at the same time. The Chinese, Bill Gates and Dr Fauci are at the forefront of this scandal. They are trying to chip us too. If fake news say it we believe it.
I am a Fashion Editor and climate change issues obviously do not agree with each other. There are huge numbers of people working within the industry in factories, shops, magazines, it gives work to thousands of  people.  The dark side is consumption and waste which has become intolerable, Fashion Houses suggest we buy at full price and not at discounts. What we should do is buy fewer clothes and better as Vivienne Westwood suggested.  The Fashion Industry is huge and pollutes the air and waters with dye and debris.  It has a problem with workers in poorly paid sweat shops all over the Far East, especially China where incidentally the virus came from.  There are too many seasons, shows and the magazines can no longer afford to send their editors to report on the shows anymore. In any case it is all on line and I have been working at Genlux for years like this.  I predict we will see only a very few slimline shows as most will be online.  Production has been cancelled for many brands. If you like something I suggest you order it now as in the future nobody knows what is going to happen.

Two fashionistas Pablo Ganguli and Lucas Vilas from Liberatum

As Lock up/Lock down ends helicopters fly endlessly above me. The loss of a man in the care of police in America is an unacceptable reality. We have to change our attitudes and empower people near us to become successes. If everybody helped one person we would be able to change the world. It should not matter where they come from but if you see talent encourage the person. Going dark on Instagram does not help anyone it just makes you look like sheep.

St Trinnians with Tara

America will be 'at political'  war between June and the elections in November with many  flamboyant stunts being used all at once by the 'Deep State'. Expect demonstrations endless memes, scandals, drama and aggression whilst the onlooker is kept on a precipice. Billionaires will just carry on flying. It is all very obvious what is going on. The protests are bringing an all grey zones together. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2020


"Amanda Eliasch, is a force of nature.

She helped to create and build the multi-Billion pound Eliasch Head Empire.

Her council and advice is sought by Heads of State and International Media Moguls alike.

A private conversation with Eliasch is among the most valued when trouble needs shooting for Eliasch is both a creator and a monitor of the pulse of Britain and the USA and Western Culture.

Through application of her laser like intellect and force of will the Eliasch Empire now straddles the world.

A sworn loyalist and patriot to the global sovereign impulse Eliasch draws on the spirit of Albion to uphold worldwide Freedoms.

Eliasch is extremely wise, and always unpredictable." Johan Mappin..

She writes.

"Why are we British allowing the following? Why are we walking about like zombies not concentrating?

"Lockdown" or what I like to call it "Lockup"  7 billion people happily locked themselves upnround the world for spurious reasons. The virus exists but our Government listened to Imperial College whose reputation has been clouded due to the financial gifts from Mr Gates.  We all know the saying 'where there is smoke there is fire'.

Eleven weeks have passed and Amazon is sending me parcels regularly. Amazon, why have the British not got their own Amazon?  The Royal Mail can't do the job? Why has Mr Bezos taken over the world?  Why are we relying on this American company, who we are told does not pay tax in the UK,  deliver our sugary drinks and dried products, camera equipment and batteries? The only people benefiting from the "lock-up" appears to be big Pharma and big Industry, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos organised by the Deep State. A handful of Democratic American billionaires who want obviously to rule the world are holding us ransom. Look at what they have made in Lock up.

Why has Bill Gates supported The BBC, Oxford University, Imperial College, The Guardian, with millions of pounds. Why is Mr Gates  'supposedly' involved with the production of the virus through Antony Fauci and the Wuhan Laboratory that he supported? If they want to cull the human population why are they not just giving us a quick pill and finito? Why has Bill Gates already spoken about Pandemics on countless occasions?

Why do we have to import NHS uniforms and lifesaving equipment from China when we could make them at home in the UK? Why are we not using Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc? There are many more un answered questions.

The Chinese effectively sent us deadly SARS2/COVID19 which could contain AIDS? Why are we not relying on our own manufacturing?  The Chinese infected the whole world with the supposed virus supported from Bill Gates who is keen to vaccinate us and chip us. If this is true the implications are hideous and must be investigated. Why is Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock so impressed by Gates, has their head been turned by these Democrats cash from America? They are so rude to Donald Trump yet these financial American wizards are trying to ruin our lives.

Why is 5G not properly tested? It breaks down our immune systems and surveys us?

Why are we not brave like Italy suing the people that caused this devastation?
I supported Boris Johnson and he must have the guts to stand up to them and not follow the destruction engineered. He must not follow Sir Mark Sidwell and the Deep State who supposedly ruined the career of Theresa May. Boris has to be brave. Since he has had the virus he is off colour, not the fighting spirit we are used to. He better get of his comfortable throne and stand up and fight for BREXIT and a whole lot more"

Monday, 4 May 2020


Where is our resolve and courage? Clearly we are not the British from the 1950's. We have become cowards. We need to move on. We need to keep jobs and industry alive or people will have nothing left. To vaccinate ourselves is not the way forward, especially as Corona Viruses change all the time. COVID19/20 will change too as they all do. They can be fatal too. There is no guarantee that they will work.

We need to be brave and wear masks and go out. We certainly do not want to be chipped. We need to question the advice from Imperial College who are tainted with Bill Gates cash as is The Guardian, The World Health Organisation and The BBC. Shame on all those that have accepted monies from this Billionaire.

We are losing our Freedom to think.

Please comment and share.

Saturday, 2 May 2020


We need some light relief let's talk about Grandmother's and their pearls of wisdom?
Mine said 
"Have a bath, clean your teeth, brush your hair, put on your makeup, put on your best dress, put a smile on it and try to put people in a good mood, don't leave them feeling terrible, and do everything in your life you wish to do., Walk, ride and play the piano. Don't be like your Mother. Your Mother has terrible hands!" she whispered naughtily. She said this shortly after I caught her walking in the garden with no clothes on aged 70 with three of her girlfriends, Isobel Salmon and Beryl Neame. You won't know them but they were huge characters.  I had to hide behind the honeysuckle bush. My Grandmother died 6 months later. Beryl Gilliat 1910-1981 Pianist known to me as Squirrel.

Friday, 1 May 2020


WEEK 7 approximately day 49

We are half way through lockdown and my son today says he likes it. My friends ring and most are cheerful except for a girlfriend who is missing having sexy rendezvous.  Me too but I have become very inventive with my round light and an app that makes me, with a bit of imagination, look twenty years younger.
The deep state seem to be up to their old tricks and between Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra and  they think the rest of the world is asleep. This Virus is still spreading and in lots of ways it is shocking that we accept 29,000 people dying in 7 weeks in the UK albeit mostly people were unwell and unfit.
I have walked every day and seen Greenwich to Tower Bridge, Regents Park to Chelsea , Fournier Street to London Bridge and now  Kew to Chelsea.
I have cooked, gardened and cleaned. My son teases me and says he loves seeing me slave. I have written poetry and taken photographs of empty streets.
I end up talking about my recipes instead of my sex life.
In the evenings I switch between listening to John Mappin, Netflix and chasing my love of conspiracy theories which are more often the truth than a lie. The CIA discredited anybody that doubted their actions. I love debating. There is plenty of time to do that.

As for Vaccines I do not want to be chipped and checked. I have had my test which was negative and that caused a lot of jealous enquiries on Facebook. How and why? Well I wanted to know. I don't like multi millionaires near anything, I have known a few and I certainly would not trust Bill and Melinda Gates or any billionaire. This is not personal it is just that with 90 billion there will be no real empathy. People of colour need to take plenty of Vitamin C, D, A and Zinc later on.

5G is causing a stir and I wish for an individual investigation before we strap ourselves up to the mast with a lifetime of adverts and surveillance not to forget the damage all this radiation does. I always think if plugs can stop bats and rats then imagine what 3G, 4G and 5G can do?

My view is they have the cure Hydroxychloroquine  and they have a test for COVID19.  Carry on and keep well. Oops wear a mask. Also what medicine did they give Boris Johnson?

Good news Boris is well again and he and Carry had a baby boy. Wonder what medicine the Doctors gave him that they did not give other patients?

Keep well and carry on!