Thursday, 14 February 2019


Rushka Bergman

My best-dressed list.

1.   Cara Delevigne
2.   Rihanna
3.   Duchess of Sussex
4.   Poppy Delevigne
5.   Pam Hogg
6.   Naomi Cambell
7.   The Duchess of Cambridge
8.   Eva Herzigova
9.   Kat Von D
10. Rushka Bergman

You either have style, or you do not. It is tricky to buy. This year I have helped several people who had no natural ability and it was only successful when they followed through. Everybody has potentially a different look which can be enhanced if they are realistic about their goals. Glamour, you cannot get at Selfridges it is like painting, either you can create it or you cannot. Most women change with age but you can still accentuate the good bits and I believe it starts with underwear exercise, inner happiness, teeth, face, and hair. Never give up.  I recently did my teeth and everybody thinks I have had a facelift. In a way, I have because the teeth have lightened my face. I have always loved clothes, been enthusiastic.  Girls forget about their hair too. a blow-dry can make you feel like a Queen.
The following women are inspirational for our time, who not only do a lot for the Fashion World but for many charities too. I believe them
to be the best dressed at the moment.
I love the quirkiness, gothic wickedness of tattoo artist/make-up artist, style icon Kat Von D, the cheekiness of Cara Delevigne, the simple elegance of The Duchess of Cambridge and the styling and glamour of model and actress, Eva Herzigova in The Tatler shoot recently. Just because I always wear black, make sure it suits you, generally, I am not keen brunettes wearing it. The Duchess of Sussex has brought a more relaxed elegance, open shirts, rolled up sleeves, her hair falling down in a sweet pretty way. Rihanna is a leader to watch as is Kylie Jenner's style. Pam Hogg is the instigator of naughtiness, a little nudity, flamboyant hair, innovative fabrics and curious creations.
A little too much leopard can ruin your look, too many sequins, too much colour, too many jewels, too much tan, too much rouge can make you look terrible. Simple always works. To look like a young whore is okay, to look like an old whore is unacceptable. Too much of anything can make look like you have never had enough. I like a body com dress only on a woman that does not need it. If you need to look the part and learn style watch, Rushka Bergman. Simple, stark, glamour that lasts. Naomi is a Royal amongst the models and she looks terrific in Azadine Aliai, she looks the perfect creature.
Pam Hogg


Kat Von D
Duchess of Sussex

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova
Kat Von D
Chloe Delevigne


Naomi Campbell