Thursday, 6 June 2019


President Trump arrived in Great Britain and managed to turn around his lousy press and image.  At last, The President was impressive. He and his attractive looking family added panache to the whole Presidential visit while we remembered those that gave their lives in the two World Wars. It was not a beauty contest, but it was.  I, with John Mappin, predicted he would get into power and now I predict he will become a hero. You may hate him, you may not approve of him, but you will miss bullying him. He will, in fact, become exemplary, and one day, you will be ashamed of yourselves.  Brilliant Piers Morgan's interview with him was humorous and gracious and made the balloon of Donald in a nappy with the hecklers look dated, unimaginative and unforgiving. Have the haters not learned that it is "Funny the first time and not the second?" Who cares what the hecklers think anyway.
I follow success, the beauty of the Flotus and Ivanka, the ravishing dresses and I really realise that the opposition should pull themselves together before they pick holes in others. Clothes give the right impression, and the girls got it right.
The joker can always win,  and The Donald has. We all love and admire pomp and ceremony. America can stand proud.

As for Melania few have dressed better, her tall and elegant disposition, made all of us want to go and buy a white coat and suit, she looked chic in Burberry as she landed. A dress from Dior with a Phillip Treacy hat is tricky to beat. Ivanka looked better than any Hollywood star and had a Presidential air about her too.
The Donald had humour and confidence and was so well behaved that the pickers looked mealy-mouthed.  If Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Kahn think they won, they did not. Not only did they make fools of themselves, but they also seemed impervious to the State Visit, and what it commemorated.

Her Majesty, the Queen,  showed us how to behave. Congratulations. Good manners always win.