Tuesday, 13 February 2018


As the Oscars draw closer and closer my favourite subject crops up about film music and who will win the coveted prize that enhances every composer's life?
With the sad news that Johan Johansson died at the early age of 48, it has clouded my thoughts.
I loved the Music for Theory of Everything by Johan Johansson 2014 but sadly it was a copy of Alexandre Desplat's music and I wrote at the time that I preferred the 'real thing'. It is a tragedy of course that Johan Johannson died a week ago but his music has now taken on mythological proportions considering there were direct links between the two composers.  What is the matter with composers is that Elgar should be up for an award for the writing in Dunkirk, not  Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch should be congratulated and not Hans Zimmer for Blade Runner. Debussy, Ravel and Ellington should have been up for awards for Radiohead's brilliant guitarist Joey Greenwood's score for Phantom Thread.  Heavens does anybody write anything new and creative and why are the composers credited for work written by others? Is the viewer's musical knowledge so appalling that they do not know and they prefer the recognised sound? I can go bar to bar to prove my point. With this in mind, I would award the prize to Alexandre Desplat, Shape of Water,  as his sound is his own. Often copied he retains a dignified distance from the fray. This is why I am also a fan of Michael Nyman who also has individuality. I shall therefore,  sit on the edge of my seat at the BAFTAs.


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Bring back REAL THINGS

Don't think a Hollywood starlet is any more special than I am or you are. At least I only steam broccoli and not my Vagina like Gwyneth Paltrow. The world has gone bonkers. We throw away our Grand Mother's knowledge, forget how plants are grown and cooked, and I say before its too late bring it all back, the values, the interests, the help of one and other. There was a food chain of real things, bring it back before it is too late. A barter system worked, one person gave piano lessons in the village, another gave eggs to pay for it, another gave flowers, another gave their homegrown vegetables. Learn to cook from the older generations and make it fun. The older generation of over 70's have a wealth of untapped knowledge, however, remember these were the very gals who were hippies in the 1970's and so were much wilder than we ever were. Before Aids, they fought for our sexual and working freedom, value their thoughts. Value your freedom before it is gone forever cosmetically.
Women had old wives tales. We should stop emasculating the man, they should be appreciated a whole lot more. A marriage is not a tin of Ajax.Do you know how to lay a fire? Bring back the grandmother back to look after the children. Search and embrace your personality. No good
just following some people you will never meet on Instagram and Facebook. Instead, go and get a broom and start sweeping up.