Friday, 28 August 2015


Women went the wrong way about getting equality. They thought sleeping around was equality and removing the ladies waiting room at the railway station. The permissive society did not think. In 1968 England was a very different place with few members of the United Nations living here, it is no wonder that the English cannot understand what has happened to their country.
Dressing up as a man has removed the elegance that once women had.  Woman have never ever been so powerful as they are now, however as we became emancipated the men have become confused.  A new sex came onto the scene that had nothing to do with the men of yesterday.  All women's values have flown out the window, the way to hold cutlery, the proper glass for champagne, what is the problem with gender specific items?
I do not want my husband carrying a man bag or for me to wear lesbian walking shoes.

I am not gently cushioned from the reality of what England is,  a jewel heritage nation, I am totally aware. It has become a simmering cosmopolitan androgynous bowl of  political meat free soup. Is this good? Is this the vision everybody had hoped for? Are they living off our welfare or are they working day and night to create a better European city?
This is Great Britain. Every street after a Cheyne Walk and Chester Square is benefit street it seems?. It will be Dior on the Dole and Balenciaga on Benefits? Fed on a diet of Kim Kardashian and grey market handbags we look like we are entering the final stages of what London used to be. Poor old London all the English knew what part they belonged in. The East End man was happy and proud and I was told I was a Chelsea girl.  People liked to know who and where they belonged. The class system worked, and everybody knew their place and took pride in displaying it. Proper Londoners.
This all came flooding back to me when I saw Peter Medak's  brilliant and disturbing 1990's film at the BFI on the Kray's,  performed by  Gary and Martin Kemp who both gave a realistic portrayal. With a new version out shortly the past is stirred up and these murderous bastards are remembered once again as kings of their underworld. Tom Hardy plays both brothers and we shall see the result shortly. What is this fascination with mafia?

Sadly too many people I think watched the film Poor Cow in the 1960's,Up the Junction and A woman in a Dressing Gown, and thought it was an instruction manual. Don't think anything is equal it is not, and although it is hidden people still think the same way. Sixty years ago,with five years of ration books and nightly bombing raids even the Queen Mother had a black line round the bath so she did not go over the water level. There was glamour,  but England does not like a success story they like "Oliver" and foreign imports like "Les Miserables" They like stories of struggle and depression and most of all survival like Scarlett o'hara announcing with a few straggly looking raw turnips that "She will never go hungry again".  This is why we help immigrants, but we would admire them more if they fought  for their troubles in their own countries and then came here. Here is not what they think in any case. It is no longer "freebies" for everybody, just freebies for the foreigners working the system, but not for long. We are humanitarian but not foolish. Babies on the beaches is a no no, but lets cut the crap the immigrants will be placed in cities like Doncaster on an unliveable wage, most British would turn down. Is it a conspiracy or just appalling organisation.

What I need is to go out with the right villain to get the centre table in some clip joint in my off the shoulder dress in a full suite of matching jewellery to cheer myself up.  Tonight, I would like to wear emeralds and a dress by Dior carefully hand sewn in taffeta with heavily beaded ends on a stole. My hair coiffed to perfection by Raymond. Ah that was the beautiful time just before rock and roll and the 1965 fight for free love and peace.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


For a month I have lived diets and I feel I am going to go mad if I hear the word DIET again. I now truly understand that they do not work and that really you have to change the way you perceive food for the rest of your life. I also realised I had a bad relationship with food. I got a call from one of my best girlfriends a month ago saying she was desperate. She had put on so much weight that she did not know where to start. I told her to come and spend the Summer with me. She had told me when I was fourteen, spotty and feeling ugly, that I would be pretty when I was fifty and that was enough for me to embark on helping her. The three weeks have passed by in a flash.
Step 1, I had fun buying clothes for size 22, I went to Marks and Spencers to buy a swimsuit and a coat, New Look for trendy tops and easy bottoms, I went to Boo Hoo dot com and loved the array of wonderful pieces that were beautifully cut for the larger female. I was happy and my friend was happy. and that was step one. She spent the whole night trying them on, and I thought if nothing else this has boosted her morale.
Step two I realised that overeating, like alcoholism, is an horrendous illness.,when a person does this to themselves they are not well. Fourteen pounds with a life time of stories is understandable but I found it hard to relate and understand my beautiful friend doing this to herself. I had to work on myself too, have patience when I was bored talking about it, and help and cherish my friend during the process. She had to accept my help which could be overbearing if you are not in the right mood.

Step three I took her to the Mayr Clinic in Austria which was a huge success. In her new kit she swung into the action of swimming everyday and walking in the hills of Althausee. She realised the importance of allergies and what nourished her body. It is a good idea to have a test for this at the beginning of the stay so that the doctors can help you adjust correctly to their diet which includes chewing your food to help digestion. Starvation can be good for you and releases the youth hormone.
I got as excited over her weight loss, and she started to look happier. She also was taking many pills, e.g. HRT, Prozac and other pills given to her by the medical profession which did not help her state of mind.  She was brave and took positive actions to work out what was necessary and what was not.

Step Four  I took her to the diet doctor, Century City Weight Loss in Los Angeles, who was eager for her success saying that in a short while she would be back to Normal. I  found that now she had lost 13 pounds in just 21days from really eating healthily and at the right hours, 8am, 13pm and 18pm.
Of course I was by now exhausted and had to finish a house in Palm Springs.

Step Five I am sending fun messages for my friend to follow through with, e.g. what she would like to wear in five months time, the men she would like to kiss, thesports she would like to do, and the interests she would like to take up, let's hope it all works out.

Friday, 7 August 2015

A WRINGING WET NORMA by Cecilia Bartoli.

In the new Mayr Clinic at Althausee which has many bonuses, not only the dishy doctors, the views, the lake, the peace and solitude, I am here with one of my oldest friends. Losing weight is so pleasurable that I could never leave. It reminds me of Thomas Mann's book Magic Mountain, where people arrive year after year, to get better but are actually addicted to being watched medically and mentally.
As the deal on my house falls through I remain calm. Alan Russell from Russell Simpson was intelligent and helpful as always. Despite the buyer having four surveys, one which was an X-ray proving there was little wrong, he took up all our time this Summer. Property in Chelsea is cheaper that the rest of London which is surprising because it is the best place I have ever lived in London. People proclaim Mayfair to be good, I prefer the character of the houses there.  Thank goodness I am here amongst the pine and nothing hassles me. The man buying it thinks I am a fool, that I can be bullied.  I have news for him. I won't give in. As the agents ring and nag me, some persuading me to take less, I am reminded by financial experts I have only lost money if I sell. I love my beautiful house in Chelsea overlooking the river. It has wonderful neighbours and a sense of peace.


Last night I went to see the award winning Cecilia Bartoli in a wringing wet performance of Norma which is part of the Salzburg Festival this year. I read in the brochure before the performance, saying that it was difficult to make a balance between Romanticism and Classicism and that this performance was based in France whilst it was under  Nazis occupation, because Bellini had written it the year he was under occupation from Hungary. I have a problem with this because the story did not fit. I love this opera and it is one of my favourites. I just like the Aristocratic authentic version of Maria Callas's more. She was Noble, a Queen amongst her subjects. Cecilia's was touchingly ordinary, tearful and simply the woeful moanings of what looked like a washer woman, in this famous Austrian Theatre. Yet Cecilia had brilliance. She had passion, she did look downtrodden and believable as her husband takes another woman. Of course Maria Callas was darker and grander, with elegance she stands above the rest of the world, but boy Cecilia gave it her all. I personally did not like the set, as I like Grand Opera, and opera set in the places it was originally written for. However, I was moved by the realness and at moments cried along with Norma, as she wept like an hysterical woman for the loss of her husband and the distress of the betrayal of one of her subjects. I do not like the look of opera done on a budget, this had no visual appeal. However , this could be stupid of me as the performances all round, especially by Rebeca Alvera, were excellent.
If you can forget Maria Callas for one night, try to get a ticket for this. Beg for one, do anything for one, because there are moments which are totally exceptional and stunningly beautiful as long as you have no memory.
For me there is only one singer that could do this part given the chance and that is Sofia Dimitrova. However politics and lack of opportunity inhibit chances given to newer singers. If only I was married to a man who enjoyed  philanthropy, his millions would fly out the window on productions and new ideas.


Now on a World Wide trip I shall have to forget the tranquility of the Althausee, the place that Hitler once hid the stolen art collections of the Jews. I shall now enter other worlds.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

RETURN HOME AND FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN BELIEFS, the English do not condone freeloaders.

What rights do immigrants have that want to come to England, travelling like rats through the Tunnel?. Costing millions as they fight through fences, jumping on lorries. I hate to tell them that we have very little to give, yet they are receiving supposedly thirty five pounds a day. After all we live in huge ponzi scheme ourselves, so before the government think about helping these people they should look after our own first. Then of course you can enter the UK legally through the EU and receive a bonus for doing so?

Of course the government will do what is the right thing and feed their children, give them benefits social housing when really the immigrants should go back home and fight for the re building of their own countries.  These people are costing us millions and these people are not warriors, not responsible and proving to be moral cowards. Why not work hard to defend their country and stop trying to enter ours?  We have nothing to offer. We have a depleted National purse that can barely afford to look after its own. Why do these people expect shelter?. We have to build several new schools immediately to educate our own children. If we put all these people into England, in say Trafalgar Square, soon the 500 a day will fill up and there will be no places.  This is the nightmare. Why do they feel England is the place for them? The English, despite the lectures on political correctness, don't condone free loaders and people who run away from terror. If these people wish to live in a better country why not return to their Mother country and re build it? Our government really should think about the poor in our own country.  What do these people think they are going to eat in England?  Do they think they are arriving in America, stepping through their 50 inch television screens and living the dream with Jennifer Anniston and having tea with the Queen?

At the moment I have news for them, the elderly get six  thousand pounds a year as their pension and am sure as brave warriors from the World War 11, who fought for the Health service they will not appreciate the endless people from countries like Tunisia.  Perhaps there could be something more sinister and people will have to accept less pay as the immigrants seize the jobs of the people living in the UK forcing The British to accept less pay?

The Guardian reports that immigrants will be sent back without the right papers.