Friday, 30 January 2009

I don't want to be an accessory
a belt some shoes
a powder puff
a macaroon
old slippers
If I can't exist
in some normal yet exciting
let's part as friends
but here's a lesson
a recipe for happy
if you can't treat all the 
people in your life in equal
except for hidden leisure
I am not a person
for this life
let me free
I don't want to feel a necessity
for this discretion
or indiscretion

Thursday, 29 January 2009




Heather Kerzner

SALLY GREENE Chief Executive, of the OLD VIC THEATRE

Sally Greene a brilliant hostess and  woman behind the Old Vic  Theatre,  gave us the most interesting evening tonight, Kevin Spacey spoke passionately about the education of children and how important theatre was  for them, Richard Dreyfuss too,  THE CAST OF COMPLICIT,is on now in the THEATRE with Elizabeth Mcgovern and David Suchet, directed by Kevin Spacey, Written by Joe Sutton, I am hopefully able to see it next week between the Whitechapel Chapel Gallery and the Tate.


Have been reading this book,  recommended by a great friend... Virginie starts off so well, that a dictionary is not an irritant, and you can't help but like her,  and you want to continue to do so .. Her wit is unsurpassed especially in the opening.   She does something amazing for women,this certain type of angry, beautiful Ice Queen, but I  personally don't really  want to be this type of woman or this angry. Instead they are females I admire at a distance.  You feel close to her with this distance. You can almost touch her, but she might bite... Virginie is a very clever woman with discreet elegance, however she would be irritated by me as I am far too joyful.  Whatever happens you should read the first eight pages...I managed to read the whole thing although I speak little or no French.


My lovely Yoga Teacher Kate turns up every Tuesday and Thursday to give me a spiritual lift... Of course I don't listen to her, breaking every rule, by chatting and avoiding any form of movement, I can.. I bring up a myriad of conversations, so that the Pigeon pose can be avoided at all costs... As for Feather of  the Peacock Pose don't get me started... However, I look and feel better for having seen her.   Ring her and try to get an appointment, as she is a very busy girl.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

a black day

There is not a day
that goes by that I
don't think about you
and every time I walk
down a street
I look for you
Even though you are
in another world
It is painful and alluring
I am not getting out of
bed until my sheets are
black.  I look for you
but you can't be here
but just so you know 
I will wait on some street
corner and one day you
will be there.



Sophy Robson brightens up every occasion with her funky yet elegant nails... Who wants to have scuffed shoes or torn, bitten six week old nails.  I want neither.. She brings the latest colours, and says I have to use them, she wants me to bite the bait.  With the BAFTA's coming up we need to start looking as attractive as possible, with little investment on a new dresses, so it is better, that I do my nails, rather than shop like a crazy creature, down Sloane Street.  Two hours in anycase,  is an investment, so that I look just about okay.... You can find Sophy at Fortnums and Masons, or if you are lucky enough, and rich enough with a big enough personality she may come home....

My favourite ART PIECE, given to me by Tracey Emin, Matt Collishaw, Polly Morgan and Paul Fryer, for staying with me in St Tropez.2007, Maison du Cap.

  • The Fabulous Mat Collishaw, artist supreme, charimatic, chearful, and incredibly sexy. A drink of toxic elixier....He is doing a show in ROME with ANGELS and ultra violet light,
  • 4th February for further details

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Davos, for four days, becomes the home for Political and Economic meetings.  Now,  obviously with less Business People, as  some have got sacked.  It has become a wonderful place to shmooze with World Leaders, Politicians, Economic Specialists, and Greenies.  As they perform in relaxed informal surroundings of this conference town, you see them in a different and more impressive light.  If it wasn't for the interesting people, the town has little to recommend it... Hotels are uncomfortable,  and the food inedible.... however I do secretly miss going, it used to make me feel worthy, for a second, all that talk about pollution and the Third World. 
Like a cat I put
cream on my skin
I imagine cutting
it and pulling
out strings of orchids
Out one by one
for happy words said
to me
under bare light bulbs
I remember the happy
times I had before I 
found the green leaves
growing over me
in pink gardens
of apple blossom
I imagine
smelling you
and sewing sweet nothings
into my skin so I don't
forget the few moments
I had with you....
I was reminded today of a 
my Mother made,
why would any man give up
anything for you....
She has since died but the memory
of her words haunt me everyday
as I saw a car in your drive
saw letters in your drawer
a credit card, words...
usually a picture goes up or
down but why would any man
give up these things for me....
I shall be careful coming into your house
again it is booby trapped......

Saturday, 24 January 2009


The photograph was sent from my Snowden, of Ivor Braka, the  great art dealer, Jerry Hall, stunning model, Piggy in the Middle and Nancy Dell'Olio, My hairdresser makes me look more and more like Mozart every day... the love of my life Snowden Hill.

Now in Marrakech, dreaming of a villa here, where it only rains 16 days a year, and I can imagine living in 500 BC.  Returning to the land of fantasy, water sellers in red with time etched on their faces, men in medieval hoodies, cloaks to the floor, the food stalls, the carpets, the hash, acrobats, musicians, singing five notes, mint tea brewed, the story tellers, the goats, monkeys, horse and carts. There is so much to see that I  am dizzy. Last night had a hammam at the luxurious Amanjena, a gated palace, which offers you Walt Disney Morocco, just as I like it, white fluffy towels, minute swimming pools at the end of your garden, circular rooms with fireplaces, birds that talk and eat with you at breakfast.  It is one of my favourite havens in the world, and I have come to sleep...I can't stay in the souk too long, get exhausted.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Danny Boyle should definitely be kissed to death for his brilliant film.. Had to see it twice, and being a huge fan of India, Bombay in particular, understood and appreciated his view of it.  I am not sure it is a happy film, and as I am of a nervous disposition,  thought I was in a washing machine, guessing what dreadful thing was going to happen next, and usually, sadly, I was right. Having been to India many times, staying with my good friends Minal and Lalit Modi, this film made me wish I was there again, giving ten dollars through cracks in the windows of a car, to pretty dirty little things.   Like everyone  I always wish for less poverty, less cruelty, but there is an  addictive element in this film, and it is compelling viewing from start to finish even though I had my eyes covered.  I am now fascinated too with cricket, who is the best, and who are the three musketeers?. A love story set against mastermind doesn't normally  do it for me.  Who however could resist these adorable children, and who better to win Oscars...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Tierney Gearon and Marc Quinn Last Week and The Bombay Brasserie

 Tierney Gearon is showing her work at the bright white space of Phillips de Pury in Howick Place, London. Her photographs of double exposures are fun and although deliberate have a feeling of chance, a bear with a nude, some bright balloons, a photograph with her mother with an old man, an elephant with a nude, a tied up horse with a nude and so on until you are dizzy.. Tierney is an intelligent woman with a childlike character and she skips as she talks.  Full of enthusiasm and encouragement she says you can like Digital photography too.  If you have a few minutes free go and see it or if in Los Angeles she is doing a show on the 18th February 2009 at Ace Gallery.  See this Pixie Tearney fabulous in her floral dress and jaunty cap.  After visiting her I went to Marc Quinn's Studio, full of huge orchids in glorious colours, reds and purples and I shall dream of owning a skeletan that he has done sitting holding Orchids.. You can always ring up White Cube and beg them for a piece if you are feeling rich. He and his wife gave a great dinner for Tierney which I went to.  In between I was lucky to be invited to Geordie Greig, Tatler, for a delicious New Years Dinner at The Bombay Brasserie in Earls Court.. All newly done and with the latest society girls all looked fun and dandy in the middle of January.
Every time somebody says something
I think the opposite
When they say green I say red
I will not put myself into situations
that I don't like again, I have to be
free, to run with rain,
in my hair, to slip my hands in
glass, to cut my fingers, and bleeding
Past pain, 
never again will I do as they want
as I am different just as whim
As he left the other day he said
Now I go back to my reality
but what you are doing is what you 
are doing..
I am lucky as I put my hands in
glass and the skin rips...
it rips for me it is my choice.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Interview at the BFI in London, 18th January 2009

As all love stories die, David Fincher thought a 74 year old and a baby would be a beautiful way to end a love story. It would also be technically astonishing.
Brad Pitt was offered the part of Benjamin  and wanted to play all aspects of his life, he was not keen to split the part, and so by using makeup, which can only do so much, and using stunt techniques (they do this by using different actors and replacing their heads) ... Video Game techniques were put to use...
David was born in Denver Colerado, naturally artistic. As a young boy, he watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, noticing and loving  the idea that films don't happen in real time; followed by American Graffitti and Star Wars; whilst his sister was doing voice overs on Sesame Street..
No film School, was of interest, he liked earning money on special effects and this was more alluring. He also felt that he didn't like to earn money on productions he didn't own.
However he grew up in a world where everyone took film classes and everyone made films of pop music, if they were bad, they just blamed the artist. It was fun.
After about 10 years Hollywood started to take notice, they pretend not to, as they don't want to enable those who are not dedicated to their cause. He was naive, he didn't understand that  financiers were people who did not want to make movies of a good standard.
He learnt to be a tricky creature, but also in creating white noise tantrums, nobody listened.
David hates Alien 111 however he said there is no better place to fail upwards, afterwards he knew he would be given the opportunity to do one more film, his agent suggested Seven.  He was asked by New Line to keep to what the studio wanted, and afterwards he could do what he liked with it. He agreed, he shot in the dark....
David is witty with lively hand movements and a jaunty v shaped beard, spouting ' You don't need to see everything to unlock the Pandora's box of imagination'.  Now you see so much graphic stuff, too much, do you really need to see a head in a box?
Luckily in Hollywood you usually get more than one chance, as regularly people get fired, so..
Sound is amazing in films. He feels with access to incredible composers it is responsible to use the opportunity well. Benjamin was kicking around for a long time, a difficult but compelling story by Scott Fitzgerald. David wanted to create Benjamin's world by using all aspects, from actors until the forget who and where they are. 
Loving digital for it's ability to be quick, cheap and needing a small crew, he is able to check as everybody else can on the set, for any mistakes, an eyelash missing, bad makeup, and quickly change it. Of course the colour isn't as good.
Every time he does a film, he feels he has to promise something new, in this case it was Time, time on peoples faces, is a fascinating process, so David spent the production  money to support the story.
He will now be sleeping for three months he is tired.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Can I judge the 
best day of my life
I often wonder if I will 
know that
it is today and today I did
A breakfast of sun 
with bacon
and eggs
Some close friends
a meaningful look
the softness of skin
a conversation that
I am the only person
able to understand
the shared success
the sharp breath
heat and the curled
blonde hair loosely
tied behind my ears
make me the happiest
girl alive today

Monday, 5 January 2009

Truth truth lies truth

I want to feel real things
and also fake
the truth within us,  however
crazy, is the only way to
dreams are dreams
I live by
truth, my truth, and that
I never want to feel the
emptiness of another persons
to be normal or be
the same
the realization that we
are special and yet we are not
to compete is shallow activity
and yet it is not
we must live within its boundaries
and if we say it enough it
becomes our truth
The Little Black Gallery 
London SW10
Public Relations

Eileen Koch in Los Angeles

Lara Shriftman

Tilla Rudel in Paris

Sophie at Cooke and Brand p.r. - in UK
Giulia Constantini

Sunday, 4 January 2009

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poem on the 4th January 2009

Lonely cold the water
desireth me not
the outside closed
to adventure
the fear of snakes
and drugs and loaded
fast women
with tattoos
Windy and wet
I stay at home watching
TCM from the 
comfort of my bed
dreaming of the day we

Had a fantastic Holiday with the boys, a family time, laughing, Charlie singing and Jack playing tennis and working hard... so different, I have always been with so many people during this period, and now I relied on new friends.....

House Los Angeles, with a bit of Kirstan Glass's painting