Sunday 31 October 2010

Tunnel 228 - The Old Vic Tunnels

I miss you

Amanda Eliasch talks about YSL on

Rachmaninoff Prelude in g minor op. 23 #5 HQ

(In HD) Beethoven Sonata Op 57 "Appassionata" Mov3

Rostropovich plays the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1

Audrey Hepburn La Vie En Rose

Grace Jones performs on Celebrity Cabaret 1977

Jerry Hall on Letterman, 11/21/85

JERRY HALL ( vintage)

Dame Edna & Jerry Hall - Stand By Your Man


This morning I woke up with the idea I am in love with Terence Koh's chandelier and his ideas on not speaking that he liked the idea of creativity that speech did not allow, eg poetry and new thought..
I also woke very early and started to read Jerry Hall's  " My Life in Pictures" I got as far page 57 to realise how interesting her life has been.  These two people have nothing to do with each other but you know how the mind flitters, black chandelier, Antonio Lopez drawings, red lipstick Jerry Hall, I am four years younger than Jerry but we are the same generation, yet we are not.  She was always sophisticated but she came  from an original Cinderella story.  You wonder how Jerry developed sophistication, but there was clearly elegance amongst the poverty. I noticed her mother in faded photographs had a great pair of legs and was very pretty. Her father was very handsome, but he was a bit of a no good who got damaged by war, eventually losing the family house in a poker game.  There is so much that you can learn from this book and I realised I had been living on a different planet. It is lucky to be born beautiful when  doors fling themselves open. Her life from Texas to Paris, to finding a job in a day in the South of France, working with Helmet Newton and befriending a brilliant illustrator Antonio Lopez, and putting on cabarets with Grace Jones. This has all happened before page 57....Imagine what happens by the end?  I can't wait to read.

Thursday 28 October 2010

MOVING BUT GROOVING, I spent alot of money on hair, makeup and clothes, the rest I wasted

Considering I am moving, or trying to, I am in a good mood.  I am surprised at this.  It has been a week of exhausting and very trying moments and yet most of the time I feel miraculously happy.  My new house is slowly coming together, and although it seems fit for a 28 year old American banker, thanks to the architects, Mark Guard. My good friend and true loyal helper, Nicky Haslam  and his assistant Ethan continue to fight for its character.  Nicky announced this week that it was the most romantic house in Chelsea.  I hope so.  Also I have to thank a few other true pals, Mark Brazier Jones who today brought all the standard lights he could find so that I would have some light in my bedroom.  The Cadogan Estate do not like down lighters and the architects left so few plugs for anything useful that I have no idea how we should light the room, but Mark and his girlfriend Julia clubbed together and  were fabulous, and even customised some lamps especially for me. The problem is men just don't understand me, the only thing I wish to spend money on is my hair, makeup, and clothes, everything else is a waste.
Other pals are my two friends Russell and Alistair from the building company Stone and Silk, who stopped me from going into a looney bin this week as I discovered that I would not be seeing my beautiful flesh in anything other than daylight....Probably a good thing, but nevertheless it is always good to check and keep things are up to scratch, and I do have to weigh myself every few minutes.
Then my brain is swimming from all the films I have seen and it goes like this
Kings Speech]Joint number one
Hannah Rothschild's documentary on Peter Mandelson 2
I can't do a number three because that would be rude.
Anyway am off to the final night of the London Film Festival for Danny Boyles film 127.


Noel Promo DVD (c) 2010 by Noel

Wednesday 27 October 2010


I felt so at home watching this movie. Everything was familiar, Hollywood, the roads,  Chateau Marmont, the hookers, the pole dancing, the man falling asleep whilst the girls try to seduce.  Stephen Dorff's  performance hit a note with me.  His emptiness, his loneliness, his lack of direction, yet he had the strength to get out of bed for ridiculous press conferences where they asked nothing, his far too adult relationship with his eleven year daughter, played by Elle Fanning, and his ferrari breaking down, the silence.  I have seen so many people in Los Angeles waiting for something, needing something and finding nothing.  I hasten to add that I expect nothing there except I love the sun and architecture don't misunderstand, wonderful things have happened to me there too and this man is a star, and this may be Stephen Dorff's best film. When he needed a friend, nobody was there for him, as he sobbed down the telephone I also sobbed.
Sofia Coppola, writer and director,  has "it", she truly understands the human being.  The virgin suicides about young girls comiting suicide, the old man looking for a woman in Lost in Tranlation, the young girl looking for entertainment in her portrayal of Marie-Antoinette, and now her lonely star in Somewhere. I believe when you have learnt to deal with your loneliness you have got over everything.
I think that technology has split everybody apart and isolated human beings, we telephone instead of visiting, texting instead of talking.
The good thing for women is we have a comradeship that helps us,  and the most important thing is that I feel I do.
This film for me is a winner on many levels. Venice Film Festival thought so too.
This was meant to be a premiere, I don't know why but for this film nobody turned up to our festival!.

Somewhere (trailer HD)


Although I could hardly get out of bed, I threw some pearls round my neck and put on my highest heels to support some friends.  It was worth it.  If I had not I would have felt bad. I am a fan of Bryan Ferry who was playing at Phillips de Pury. He was showing some photographs that he had styled of Kate Moss looking ravishing, so I bought one of her smoking.  It will be the nearest I get to taking a puff and the thing about the cigarette is that you look so stunning do it, but with my lungs I can forget it.

I then went to the Ivy to see Jerry Hall who was doing a book signing "My life in pictures" .  It is lots of fun to see her rock and roll life with the clothes to match.  Tim Noble and Sue Webster were there, Tim hiding behind a chair trying to trip me up.  The Ivy was full of her adoring fans.

Then off to the secret party of Lucy Yeoman's who was celebrating her time at Harpers Bazaar.  She was applauded for her good works.

Back off for a whisky sour before bed, trying to keep flu at bay is a nightmare.  I hate alcohol but this has been a saviour.

Sunday 24 October 2010

2012: the end of the world, according to Mayans and New Agers | News & Politics | News & Comment | The First Post

2012: the end of the world, according to Mayans and New Agers | News & Politics | News & Comment | The First Post


I was so excited to be invited to the BFI London Film Festival premiere of  Darren Aronofsky's film Black Swan starring the beautiful Natalie Portman. It is a terrifying and sometimes supposedly brilliant story of a ballet dancer in Swan Lake. It has been a huge success with critics, and in Venice everybody raved about it.  Sometimes I am living on another planet. I was very disappointed.  I don't like negativity in any shape or form but there is a huge "but" and question mark.  Perhaps I am mad, as I left my assistant Alex called, sounding high with excitement, "wasn't it a brilliant film" she sang down the telephone.
So on a positive note, Natalie Portman was correctly cast as a talented dancer who fights to protect her ambition to be the best dancer, the only problem being is her inability to be the black swan, without giving the whole story away, does she succeed?  The unpredictable, and the films saving grace was Vincent Cassel, an  extremely sexy french actor, in that Parisian bolshy way that I find so exciting. With the twists and turns of the saga you feel that you are flying between eroticism and violence. Mila Kunis adds the sexuality  needed to keep us in our seats, or does she? Well it is for you to judge.
I never drink, but at The Vue cinema, the delicious Jameson whisky cocktail was offered, mixing Whisky with Ginger Ale and thank goodness I was a little tipsy, otherwise I would have died of heart failure.
Talking about hearts, my great pal Tim Willis, author of Nigel Dempster 's book,  looked well after his bypass, I was surprised to see him walking around and sitting up looking pink.  May be I take back what I feel about modern medicine. It was a labour of love visiting him though as it took one and half hours through parts of ugly London to check on my friend. Cheam is hideous, but the nurses of St Anthony's hospital looked kindly upon my eccentric friend's humour.

BLACK SWAN - Official HD trailer

Video: Exhibits in London show "Anticipation" CCTV News - CNTV English

Video: Exhibits in London show "Anticipation" CCTV News - CNTV English

Harper’s Bazaar’s dinner for Victoria Beckham at The Connaught

Harper’s Bazaar’s dinner for Victoria Beckham at The Connaught

Friday 22 October 2010

euronews le mag - 'Anticipation' exhibition for young artists

Sharing from

Sharing from

THE KINGS SPEECH a huge success for film making in England

Went to The Kings Speech premiere last night sponsored by American Express. Thank goodness it was a happy tale of royalty, love, bravery, and laughter topped off with a stunning score by the award winning prolific composer Alexandre Desplat  he has done so many scores that he has little time I should think for anything else.  In his own words "In the last two years, I've been called by more directors I’ve dreamed of working with — Stephen Frears, Roman Polanski, Terrence Malick, Wes Anderson, David Fincher. All these gentlemen are amazing artists. So what do you do?…Chris Weitz called me back after (our collaboration on) ‘Golden Compass,’ and said he’s got this ‘New Moon’ in the ‘Twilight’ series. I just want to say yes to all of these people. I work twice as much as I used to, but maybe I also work more quickly. I’ve improved". Then there were brilliant and realistic performances by Colin Firth as George V1 and Helena Bonham Carter  as the Queen Mother. Guy Pearce, Geoffrey Rush as Lionel the speech therapist, with a strong cast like this, it is definitely a BAFTA and hopefully Oscar winner.  The BFI London Film Festival, is a success again.  It was good to hear people speaking properly again.  Oh for that pure upper class accent, I am fed up with everything ending with 'init, guvnor' and a grunt or not understanding them at all.
I have been going for three years and it is more enjoyable every year. This time supported by American Express.  I would love a black card.  I am begging everyone to give me one.  They look so chic.  I hate any other colour as you know if you follow my postings, much classier than gold. Afterwards we went for drinks with Amanda Neville head cheese at the BFI 12 St James's, so groovy.

Wednesday 20 October 2010


My darling old friend Hannah Rothschild that I have known since we were eight years old, put on a private showing of her documentary on Peter Mandelson tonight at the Soho Hotel, Covent Garden, and from being a conservative/closet socialist my head was definitely swung to the left.  What an odious lot of characters, so odious that Peter Mandelson, looked a shining star.  The man I believed bankrupted England was someone I wanted to meet and vote for.  The sandwiches alone would make anyone look awful. What struck me was the terrible diet of our politicians, no wonder they look so puffy and tired. I was not alone in appreciating this insite into their lives, Lynn Barber commented too.  This is an excellent  example of my pals work.  She made a fabulous documentary on Nicholas Haslam and several others. Nicky made me laugh, as the film finished I said to him "Look at those terrible sandwiches" and he turned to me poker faced and said " That is exactly what I would like to eat right now"
It has to be time that Hannah is noticed for her outstanding ability. A pity it wasn't out in time for the election it would have given David Cameron a run for his money.
I then went to the most delicious dinner of Eugeny Lebedev at Sake No Hana, (whose father owns The Evening Standard), the talents of  Charles Finch and Vogue brought us together.  I sat with Gosford Park actress Camilla Rutherford. Her beautiful face ready to be filmed again. The party was packed with the famous and I bumped in Peter Mandelson. Apparently there was Harvey Weinstein but I did not see him.

SexySassySmartTV's JoAnna Levenglick Interviews Camilla Ruth


My best male  friend in the whole wide world is having a heart operation tomorrow.  He is braver than me. The only time I am having a knife near me is in the mortuary.  I hate hospitals, I hate doctors and feel they are mostly working as killing machines. Of course if I had appendicitis I would have to have it removed, so this is a little extreme.  I think like this, if I am to pay for a private health policy which all my friends do, why would the private health insurers keep us alive, especially as the payments are less than the operation.  Then on the National Health, you could die of almost any bug going.  Okay most doctors have good intentions, but I think they really think oh let's put them out of their misery, here are some more drugs.. blah blah.  I have therefore gone for alternative measures and try my luck at that, eg eating vegetables.  It is a long time since I have eaten meat, I definitely NLP'd myself to not eat it, and now see animals walking across my plate.
My lovely friend Dan Levine died a few days ago.  He was incredible.  A lovely character who truly lived life. He died young too young at  64.  I went to his Shiver. (Jewish prayers when somebody dies).
I met him with Charles Saatchi, 18 years ago, vital good looking and with a lovely wife, Ros.  He was creative and clever, well dressed and suave.  They felt like the 'clever people gang' and I tried to be a part of it. The gang could do everything, backgammon, go kart racing, tennis. Heaven knows what he did.  I remember he had a company that could send film by fax.  Anyway he was forward thinking and most of all kind.  I will miss his cheerful face that would have humour over everything.  He was the sort of person you didn't need to make an effort with because he was always able to understand  in any case. Good bye dear Dan.

A Bloomsbury Life: Catch Them If You Can

A Bloomsbury Life: Catch Them If You Can: "Lately I've been waking up in the dark of the night with a brain incubating with words. Half-formed rhymes dance tantalizingly overhead and ..."


I have escaped to Claridges, one more move and I will be in an asylum.  I feel I am going mad and crazy and forgot to pack my underwear and shoes, but of course managed to remember my scales.  I am tired I admit it and a bit ratty.  Claridges was welcoming and elegant. Do you know it is better value than the Mayfair Hotel, which I found too modern, you could have been anywhere in the world.  I hate lifts that you put your door key into to make it work.  In fact I know that they are going to be down market.  I like lifts that there is a man saying Good morning Mrs Eliasch or Good morning Madam.
Anyway I went to the premiere of Miral, Julian Schnabel's film about Palestine.  A little controversial, I suppose. I think it gave an honest feel to what it would be like to be  a Palestinian.  I was again moved to tears.  I feel I cry through most films these days.  Beautifully acted. Julian gave a wonderful speech at the beginning of the film saying how much it had changed his life.  He introduced the two Mirals, the fake Miral was acted by the very brilliant and beautiful actress Freida Pinto, who was in of course the Oscar winning film, Slumdog Millionaire.  They could have gone further but I have a feeling that the film would be to unsaleable if he had.  People hate truths, they like fairy tales.
I have always been interested in Palestine.  My father used to describe the camps to me, and it sounded horrific, he would end the description always the same way, "They were terrible in 1957 so heaven knows what they are like now" my imagination was always on overdrive.  Julian fills the gaps with his emotional tale.  He is a brilliant director, truly and utterly thoughtful and chooses subjects that others will not address.

Sunday 17 October 2010


Thank goodness a friend nagged me to death to visit the visions of hell tonight hidden by mist along wet and damp corridors, the Spanish Armada in front of me boats with their shadows against the brick walls. Astonishing and exhilarating.  The Old Vic Tunnels were alive with one of the most interesting exhibitions I have ever seen. I was receiving endless texts to go. I was listening to a concert at the Barbican of Michael Nyman and his band. Michael was putting on a premiere of Vertov and a film he had shot. I wanted to stay. So the minute the fabulous concert was over I dashed out and got into a waiting taxi, without saying good bye. to quickly see this show as it was about to close. I knew by her voice I would regret it if I did not and she was right.  It was a good evening  between two exceptional events.

Hells half Acre curated by Steve Lazarides was spectacular.  It was the art scene is about, underground sort of exclusive, thought provoking, crying out to be noticed, and yet still be hidden. With the assortment of wonderful artists it was an extraordinary vision of hell.  Through the archways I walked graffiti ridden walls, half beautiful, half crazy. 

ORIEL HARWOOD and her fabulous CASTLE

Oriel Harwood is a  magical fantasist, I would like to able to delve into her brain. Last night she gave a Russian Party full of the eccentric, Mark Brazier-Jones, Stephen Jones, Vicky from Erickson and Beamon wearing the most incredible armour, and some marvellous characters that exist only in your imagination.  Her house is opulent.  Oriel is a maximalist in the way I am too. We have similar  ideas only she is able to transform them and turn them into creatures from a another time.  A theatrical set.  Her bedroom could easily be mine.  She did the handles of doors on my last house.  We like the same colours,  and she is able to draw what she wants to create.  Both the year of the Rat we love to work. Last night was  a wonderful dream.

Barbican - Michael Nyman Band

Barbican - Michael Nyman Band


A free ship
sailing the empty
seas of life
the wind 
and the rain blowing
my fading blond
no more worries
of leaving this
empty bed
I am alive
against a hard 
pole that fights
against my soul
The fish jump
in time with the waves
wrestling with me
we are in a race
to stop the 
the fingers
of time
one mermaid
leans heavily 
against the clocks
hour hand
like a tangled root
it is a never ending
to feel air
between my toes
we were only
ever a fragile
of friendship
a leaf on the tree
of life
broken dusted and
now buried 
at the bottom of the
sea under
ships and debris

Too Many Nights: The Images of Bob Carlos Clarke

Interview with Bob Carlos Clarke

Friday 15 October 2010


The art world is in danger, Safeways springs to mind. It is on the verge of becoming a vegetable in this razmatazz world of superficiality.  The Fashion scene is more realistic, it is what it is, and only has to be taken seriously because it is a huge commodity.  The problem with art, is that it should have a beauty,feel and depth  to it, but is surrounded by cowboys, hangers on, and people who generally just want a good time and don't know dick shit about art.  Boy does it give a good time.
Frieze was huge as usual, and you could get lost amongst the lettuces and carrots.  It is tricky to know what to buy unless you have a friend in the know.  Tonight I went to Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane to a show that had its  share of  art stars in it.  Tracey Emin had a piece, Sarah Lucas, Mat Collishaw and Polly Morgan too.  I fell in love a lot and bought a lot.  It was a good show. The point is that behind the drunken leering beasts, beauty was virtually hidden. I went to support my friend Scarlett Carlos Clarke who had made her first piece with Tim Noble. (Tim Noble and Sue Webster)  Well thats a leg up, I take off my hat to Tim helping a young artist.   Scarlett is not just anyone to us, she is the daughter of a very precious best friend, the late Bob Carlos Clarke who was a wonderful photographer and his wife Lindsey.
She made a cross with bosoms and an eye.  Good for her. I love her artworks and am fully behind her.

Daffyd Jones was in a corner taking photographs and enlarging them and putting them up on the wall.
I was meant to go to a wonderful dinner of Lakar Padoor, a huge collector of art, but this morning I stupidly cancelled, I was ill in the morning , it would have been a great dinner. Pity.

Thursday 14 October 2010

Dirty Pretty Things

Onegin - Pushkin Prokofiev Ralph Fiennes, Liv Tylor

Mat Collishaw - DELIVERANCE

Meet the Artist: Mat Collishaw


A fast book about artists, the art world, their muses and their nonsense.  A fabulous bedside book and a good read on the loo.  Well connected, well adored, and well paid.  If I had known how funny this book was I would have written a satire.  This gives you insight into this world that only a few will ever really know about.  Forget the heavy boring catalogues with terrible bullshit written in them, but beautifully presented.  This is funny, truthful and enlightening but still a trivial book thank goodness.  Go buy it and you will see.
I told my tale into the art world, some of which I love so much that I feel part of a huge loving family.  I truly care about the people I know in it and I can thank everybody that introduced me to this crazy cosmos of creatures.


One of my favourites..falling in love is a nightmare in this show. Everywhere you look there are wonderful pieces to tempt you.  I can hardly ever say no.  I fell in love with a mad chair that Nicky Haslam believes will no suit my new house, but which I am ignoring.  I love NH to death but I like my quirky ideas.
I walked around with Martha Fiennes in a dream.  I loved Michael Hoppen's taste in photographs as she did.
I have also at last gone to see the Louise Fennell's clothes show, full of brilliant items from seasons forgotten, she has some incredible coats from Dolce and Gabbana, and some pretty dresses.  I am not wearing fur, but if you do she has a number of coats that could look good.

FRIEZE and a twenty year old coup de foudre, with PATRICK CAULFIELD

Running round Frieze yesterday was a reprieve from  dealing with Cadogan Tate's removal staff, and their huge bills,  mounting up to about forty thousand pounds for picking up items from Chester Square, storing them for a year, and then delivering them to another London address.  It is a shame to have to waste this sort of money when there are art pieces begging to be in my new house.  I won't use them again, and a thirty year friendship has just flown out of the window.  I hate greed.   Moving is a stressful time in any case.  My housekeeper left after eleven years and I have to organise BT and dreary handsets, another rip off area.  I can't believe how slack England has become. It takes three weeks to get lines and you put in an order for blinds and that takes another four weeks.
Back to Frieze.  I had a coup de foudre at last yesterday, several in fact.  I spent a delightful hour on the Waddington's stand, dreaming about buying a painting by Patrick Caulfield.  I fell in love with it twenty years ago at the Summer Exhibition.  I sat happily talking about it with the charming Lesley who still had it.  I am going to take him out to lunch and one day I shall own it. It's bright yellow huge with a key hole and a pot of flowers.  I love this cheerful happy painting.  I met Patrick when I did the book British Artists at Work with Assouline and Franca Sozzani.  He asked me for a drink at 9.30 in the morning.  He also asked me how many artists had bitched him up, weird questions.  He was witty and interesting showing me his art.  Sadly he is no longer around.
Frieze has a wonderful mixture  of galleries, but I realise I only like some people's eyes - so with this in mind, it probably is not for me.  It is a glamorous supermarket for art with the world and his wife dressed in designer kit looking ravishing.  I would rather take a helicopter and have lunch at Cliveden and kiss my pals for lunch there.
The picture is not of the Caulfield I love because I don't want anyone to have it.

Wednesday 13 October 2010


Hell and damnation, pole dancers, flames in Creation Condemned was beautifully depicted by the artist Mat Collishaw, in the new gallery of Blain's at 26 Dering Street, reflections of hell, fury and lust,  definitely comfortable living compared to the sobbing I have gone through with the film Never Let Me Go.  It opened The London Film Festival which I love and adore and I believe Mark Romanek to be a brilliant director. It was also well acted by young performers,  Keira Knightly, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan.  The problem with the story is that it has no redemption and goes from what seems to be at first a boring old fashioned, out of time boarding school saga, that I could fall asleep in, to realising that it is a school to farm human parts. Something in the whole story touched me so much that I ended up sobbing into a friend's sleeve and having to leave the cinema a quarter of an hour later than everyone else, red eyed and in dark glasses. Perhaps it woke up the death of my mother, or perhaps my friend's operation next week. All I know is that I wanted to rush home and jump into bed with a son and forget parties and Frieze.  I bumped into Stephen Frears on the way out and he looked calm and collected, he of  course made a similar film, Dirty Pretty Things, (somehow that film left me with a happier soul), so I was obviously the only one shaken.  However his friend said to me as I left, "You are the most cool girl here". Of course it was the dark glasses at 10pm because inside I was a beaten wreck, confused, hardly able to stand up. Thank goodness the earlier part of the evening was a little more uplifting, a dinner to celebrate the British Film Institute, a brilliant organisation that I support.
PS: Thank you MAC makeup for the gifts of your hot sellers, a really nice goodie bag.

Saturday 9 October 2010

Friday 8 October 2010


There is not much real French fashion left, as most of the houses have other nationalities designing for them - and if you are into fashion you know this. But definitely the houses that like to show there are well known brands. The Italians are much more loyal and most of the people working for their fashion houses are Italians (except for Karl Largerfeld for Fendi).The British houses are pretty loyal to England with Vivienne Westwood, Jasper Conran and Stella McCartney working for their own brands.
Does it matter? I don't think so.  I have seen so many shows that my head is now swimming with ideas.  I had thought at the start of Fashion Week that it was no longer important to have shows, and when you get stuck with a huge bill with a car hire firm, you can feel that way.  The traffic is horrendous in every country and it is quite a put off.  The only problem is you have to see the shows. There is no way that and the others can really give a feeling for the whole thing unless you have been. All the major editors go to almost all the shows, and I congratulate them. It is a tiring and relentless job and certainly not glamorous, but well worth the wait in most cases. The editors apart from everything else have to meet advertisers, designers and heads of companies, and it is really a pretty trade convention.  It is about making money, lets face facts.
Anyway I have had enough and its time to tire myself out with the Art World, which is now more and more involved with fashion in any case. Tonight is no exception. Louis Vuitton is doing a dinner for the art crowd in the head office suite, London.



Interview amanda eliasch with Juliette Longuet for Paris ne

Paris fashion week, Snowden hill & Amanda Eliasch


I love Tracey Emin, she looked brave and ravishing last night in her black chiffon dress by Vivienne Westwood. I arrived just in time at her new studio to buy her drawing of a moth, and now she will draw me as a moth too.  Very beautiful.  I llike her small drawings of birds and this is the first I have seen of an insect.

Her new studio is beautiful, vast and hers she proclaims.  Room after room, I could live there.

She then gave us a delicious dinner cooked by the brilliant chef Mark Hix. Earlier in the day I had eaten at his new cafe in Selfridges, the food was delicious.

What I like about her group of friends is their loyalty to her and how welcoming they are. They are all wonderful people, Nancy d'Olio, Matt Collishaw, Polly Morgan, Vivienne Westwood, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, and many many more.  As I was eating I noticed underneath the table  that Vivienne had fabulous legs.. I looked around and  Tracey did too what a funny evening. I then began seeing everybody's. A world upside down and I never drink.

Fashion now seems a long long way a way, but I had a very cheerful conversation with Vivienne Westwood in the back of my car. It made the whole of the last month that more interesting.