Monday, 30 March 2020


This Lockdown is total craziness and we are living under Marshall Law. With everything put "on hold"  we are belittling the consequences that have been created.  With mass closures our mainstream media totally lacks responsibility. Where precisely do they think the money will come from to pay people in this Lockdown?. It is possibly dangerous,  so everybody should wear a mask and gloves in every job they have.  I have been wearing them for three months.
What are the exact figures of those with COVID19  and who is mostly being hit? Let's have the exact facts not politically correct ones. Personally I miss sex and my friends.
The ramifications of this will be played out for years to come. It will not be solved over night.  There could be destruction of everything we have ever known, people homeless and bankrupt.  The poor will be hit by not working, not having a financial cushion eg those that earn money weekly and do not declare their earnings.  The very old and the vulnerable.  It is a social disaster, there will be no NHS with people not working and paying tax.  Journalists are talking about the hysteria through the actions they created. The press lack responsibility. The deaths and sadness from the virus is terrifying but not as terrifying as the financial collapse it is creating. 500,000 people each year die of pneumonia it is a tragedy, my cousin Camilla Russell died of it twenty years ago in three days. The Artist, Egon Schiele died of it in 1922. It is a fact people die of the flu. They also died of Mad cows disease which saw a huge number of healthy cows being killed.
This week I was told that make up was not an essential at Boots, well sorry whoever runs this side of things, it is.
Financial collapse of industry will have dire consequences that only "The Woke"  and Extinction Rebellion will enjoy. It's about getting the balance right between saving lives and crashing the economy which will also cost lives. We have lost our liberty.

I am happy to see Spring again as I walk in the park there is nobody around. It is dead, but we will be too if this is not properly resolved. I do not want to be eating leaves on the side of roads in Cornwall as was suggested to me last week by some hippy and I do want a pedicure again one day. The Swedish are right. It is not clever to deal with COVID19 this way. People who are frightened should stay in. Being in isolation does nobodies morale any good.

Saturday, 28 March 2020


I have become seriously domesticated and careful. I have now been wearing a mask for one month and actually have never felt better. Of course it is not full proof but I can feel the difference.
I was up early at the butchers which thank goodness are still open in London. Standing outside Waitrose on the Kings Road is a very slow process.  This beautiful weather feels good. Boots do not believe Make Up is a necessity? What a world we are becoming?

This life has become our reality, with little real communication.  Harvey Weinstein is in prison and Julian Assange too. The world is suffering. Is this fake or real? I sometimes think I am living in 
a Television Series.

Our Prime Minister has the Virus and his Minister's too. I thought the End of the World would be a Nuclear war but it is a Virus. I have stocked up, I have washed myself in Dettol. With lots of people compromised either mentally, with the virus or financially, this will have horrific consequences for years to come. 1,000 people have now died and to think 3 weeks ago only 12 had. 
The only people that will like this are the real Wokes and yes we can hear the birds sing and its good not be woken up by aeroplanes every morning at 6am.

I love learning so have been watching the lessons on Masterclass and Harvard. In the afternoons I listen to classical concerts on line and speak all night to my friends on the Houseparty app. I even watched Celebs go Dating where the dates are much more attractive than the dreadful celebrities. Who cares about being jilted by  Z list TV stars who just about entered X factor. The gormless Joey Essex is attractive but monosyllabic It is time to bring back received pronunciation/ standard English and some class. Throw away the hooker look. The only person who speaks correctly is the charming Receptionist Tom Read-Wilson. For goodness sake the men sound like a whole lot of Yobs. The only person I agreed with was the American Jonathan Cheban who asked to meet somebody who shopped at Selfridges who did not speak with a cockney accent. What he wanted to say was he wanted somebody who was not common.  I loved that. What he was asking  was a well educated toff. I totally understand why Kim Kardashian loves him, but is he grand enough for someone who has been to school at Heathfield and Oxford I wonder? Political correctness has gone too far lets bring back dome snobbery and style, it never went away in some quarters thank goodness.

It all seems so facile when serious problems are occurring we need to support the Government and the NHS at the moment. We need courage to get ahead and help all the businesses once this has passed. The businesses give people jobs and hope. Yesterday I heard a story about ambulances in a London Hospital which were run by a mafia group of men. It sounds horrendous. They were using peoples car parking spaces and were very abusive.

People are at home in small flats with children and old people. Alone and coping but we need to help businesses too when things eventually return to normal. By the way why are builders allowed to continue to work at this time? It is a time to remember the past and make serious changes to our future.  We are all trying to do our bit. The clap for heroes was amazing. I filled out the form for the NHS. I am happy to help.

A little bit of glamour before the Virus.
Red carpet party at my house in Los Angeles at Devlin Place with Duggie Fields, Pam Hoggs
and Billy Zane. Brilliant Fashion Show I gave for Pam Hoggs around 2012.

Much love to you all..

Monday, 23 March 2020


Four days into this lockdown I feel calmer in my own bed in Cheyne Walk.  I had hoped to find an hotel and stay in the countryside but my family wanted me back in London with them.
Cornwall was beautiful and Camelot Castle was sadly closing down due to the Government Regulations and COVID19.  The Castle is owned by the most eccentric political strategist of our time,  John  Mappin and his beautiful wife Irina who reign in Tintagel whilst flying the "Q" flag.   Artist Ted Stourton is in residence, his paintings of glittery butterflies and poppies are on every wall. King Arther's round table promises great hospitality and freedom of speech. This hotel would be the perfect backdrop for St Trinian's films which my Grandfather, Sidney Gilliat made. I can imagine the girls in mini skirts dancing through the corridors. It has photographs in the entrance of John Travolta and Tom Cruise and piano by Bluthner that plays with no pianist.  I slept in a four poster bed overlooking the sea and bridge newly built by the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust. I wanted to go over it but everything was closed.  I knew Julia through her sister Isabella Blow who was a good friend and sadly died.
I took two terrific walks along the rocky cliffs but you could feel the air of confusion as Lockdown was implemented.  With the end of term feeling I went back to London. A long drive for a two hour walk and to see some friends but worth it.

On the way home at 5am in the morning there were thousands of cars going to the countryside,
There is a lot of hatred,  I suggest everybody lockdown their Facebook and Instagram accounts. People are very nervous and ultra sensitive and think Londoners are selfish moving to their neighbourhood.

Back in London my friend Birgit Cunningham has started "Posh Prepers" to help people who are old and on their own in the Chelsea area.

I suggest all Chelsea girls carry a bottle of scent in their pocket incase they get attacked in the weeks to come. Very good for harmless but an effective sting/shock effect. Also a ballpoint pen. Keep lights on in your houses and flats. . Double lock at all times. Buy tinned vegetables and fruit for the house. You do not need to be greedy just sensible. Check your neighbours to see they are okay. Wear a mask and walk three feet away from anyone else before we get total lock down. A curfew would be a nightmare so be considerate. Fill up your car with petrol incase.

What drugs are they giving COVID19 patients? What tests are they using? It feels out of a film, is it a hoax? I love Piers Morgan he gives us all a masterpiece on hysteria.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020



Greta Thunberg must be in some scam with the Chinese and let out a time bomb, or are we in The Hunger Games where instead of food, people are wanting hundreds of loo rolls? Is this a comedy?
There could be a conspiracy I keep thinking we are in a Television  show called
Pandemic?.  As for Bill Gates in 2015, he already knew about viruses that could kill. There is the damage to human cells that the radiation causes from 5G.  I worry like you if we will ever have a normal life again? I have read the virus comes from Florida, Wuhan and Canada.

Common sense tells me just go and get your nails, extensions and hair dyed this week it might be months before we are able to do it again.  Get your Botox and stock up on your favourite creams by Dr Sebagh.  Get your teeth cleaned while you are at it.  Order all your pills from your doctors, there may be a New World Order who stops you taking your favourite uppers or downers.
Beauty, stock up on foundation pencils and powders, we may never see red lipstick again. Charlotte Tilbury had run out of mascara at Harrods, where you can find everything, had none. Loads of food there. It is open between 11am-7pm still. Sadly it closed within the week.

Good thing is you can start reading. It will feel like the 1967 all over again it two minutes.  As for the air, it will feel clean in no time. Heaven knows what will happen however in three months time. The British thrive for survival.  Let's get serious, this is serious, there is a huge risk we can get it and it is very dangerous. Stay clean and use hand wash and stay alkaline follow the Viva Mayr diet. This bug COVID19 likes an acidic body. That is why it is killing older people.
I worry whether the dustman will still come and pick up our rubbish? Should I burn it?
Stock up on vitamins, vitamin B12, Zinc  and Vitamin C.

Then there is the huge debt, this is going to cause from the people to the manufacturing companies. Everybody needs financial help. How will the country cope? People are offering billions and yet where does it all come from?

We need to get the make do and mend mentality. Mend a pair of shoes instead of throwing them away and that goes for your vibrator too while you are on your own. Self isolating sounds horrendous. I suppose there is always Porn hub?
People die around here as much as anywhere else, so there is no VIP room for this disease, we better put a smile on it and stay in contact with friends and relatives, at a 3 metre self isolating distance or behind a brick wall.

Love you all.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020


Wow wow wow.
You have to hand it to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,  their last few days as Major Royals have been a head turning success, that is if you like drama.   Meghan stole the show wearing British designers,  Saffiyaa, Emilia Wickstead and Victoria Beckham. She looked radiant in £30,000 worth of clothing.  The pair were beautifully choreographed looking "ready" for Los Angeles, where they ultimately will live. Oh Hollywood Harry I can't wait to see what happens next..It was definitely The Meghan Markle Show the only thing she needs is a brilliant seem mistress who can alter the clothes to fit her properly.

Wearing Victoria Beckham
by Samir Hussein.

The Duke ignored our Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Commonwealth Service. Woke taken to an extreme is simply bad manners. Harry should be apolitical as a Member of The Royal Family and an Old Etonian. It was an accident he can't afford to make as he has now stepped down from The Firm.  Arrogance won't be accepted outside the Palace. As for being conned by a fake  woke even funnier.  They both give us hours of fun.
Of course it was an "accident"  that they went through the wrong exit at Buckingham Palace when people were receiving awards from Prince Charles last week.
An "accident" that Meghan gave a speech at the same time as Camilla's.
An "accident" that Meghan wants to over shadow Kate.
The villain is as popular if not more so than the saint.
The Hoax call.

In life you have to have the good the bad and the ugly so I will miss Meghan and Harry as they added a spark of "monkey business" in the the Royal Family where the rest  are all politically correct following protocol.  Meghan is clearly a mischief maker hidden under a halo of charm.  She appears  especially agreeable to people who will give her the cover of a magazine.
Her style is expensive. You have style when you can make Top Shop or a thrift shop look elegant. Her style is not innate.  At least her shoes fitted this time round and the photographs are magnificent. Colgate bright her smile exudes warmth. Let's be honest though, Meghan truly does not want to sit behind the "uptight"  Kate any longer.
The charismatic Harry does not appear so confident or happy as he walks away from everything he knows, his support network, his friends, the army,  the traditions he upheld and the values that his family adheres too. His handsome face looked worried and sullen.

Kate wearing Catherine Walker and a hat by Sally Ann Provan and Meghan in Emilia Wickstead.
green hat by William Chambers

The Sussex's  are stuck in "The world is against them" mode. This is why I like the Cambridge's. They are British with a stiff upper lip and back bone.  Kate is not flashy but she certainly has strength of character.   She is equally as pretty Meghan but has a sense of duty.   Kate is polite to everybody whatever their race and does not need a camera to snap it.  This is why The Duchess of Sussex could never compete with Kate, Meghan is far too shiny, an actress and in need of affirmation, whilst Kate quietly gets on with the job in hand.
Of course the Palace is no fairy tale it is full of tiresome old rules.The wonderful Duchess of York said it beautifully and with humour 24 years ago, not a lot more can be said that will stick. We in England love it's quirks and we love the Royal Family with all its drama and scandals.  It is the best soap in the world. Nobody can ruin what we love.

Meghan breaking rules wearing a red dress matching Prince Harry's military dress
in Saffiyaa

Our future King, The Duke of Cambridge never approved of the marriage, he knew from the outset that as a Television actress The Duchess of Sussex would not make The Royal Family cohesive. Although in the beginning the fabulous four looked like it could work, soon The Sussex's wanted their own life. Meghan's personal family and friendships are a mess and that tells you everything you need to know.
Meghan sadly created havoc and tried to fight against tradition, in her bid to succeed she lectured us lesser mortals after. sliding up the greasy pole.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have patronised and bullied, then jumped on a private jet after buying couture and living off the British tax payer.
It is all a great shame, they could have gone further without upsetting Her Majesty The Queen whom we all admire and appreciate. Naturally sparkly Meghan could have been discreet and let others shine too.
There are many people who believe their marriage is short lived. Time will tell. Harry will always be our Prince and we will welcome him back with open arms. We will miss faux pas like Meghan hugging a teenage boy at his school and patting Harry on the back whenever she needed him to move out of the way so she can push to the front. He is in fact more important than she is.  She can now enjoy looking directly into a camera.  Meghan, is bossy and so so naughty and she thinks the rest of us are fools.  It will be tricky to achieve what she wants without her HRH. Deprived of the status she could find that she has to be tacky to fill her bank balance. She could have a little more tact and left with dignity. It has little to do with privacy as Meghan loves only positive press and wants to go global.

Good news we have someone new to watch. Our Prime Minister's girlfriend Carrie Symonds.  Carrie wears British, she looks stylish in a pale blue Isabelle Fox Coat. All she needs is her beautiful hair put up and a make up artist to look equally as good as the Duchesses. Carrie has a vibe that is very charming.  It matches with our Prime Minister.

I am sure that we will still hear from Meghan on her terms only, eg when her wardrobe warrants an outing and when she needs some press.

Meghan's finest moment was her wedding and her worst was not bringing Archie to England to see her Majesty and treating her own family so badly. If I had been Meghan I would have had all two weeks before the wedding, got Trinny to tart them up and Ozwald Boeteng to make the father a suit. Snowden Hill to do the hair and got AdieBrooks to do the makeup. Got a butler to tell them how to behave and sit. Sent them to "The Amanda Eliasch" finishing school for fun and how to talk. Put them up in a The Christopher Wren Hotel and they would have added colour and lots of fun. Put then in the dungeon if they were bad. What she realised is that bad press is much fun than good press, just don't read it if it is about you.

If they let me down I would have sent them into a dungeon.   Can't wait for her to be an evil super hero, please Disney cast her!