Monday, 26 September 2011


New York has been in mist his week, half of my tower block has been hidden from the sun, when it is gloomy there it makes me want to hide away.  There was no chance of that, I arrived and went to see on the first night my son sing in the Trattoria Machievelli on 85th Street.  It was quite a night.  The Restaurant has delicious food but the singing was the thing that made it. Bellini, Mozart, Donizetti, Greig and Shubert sounded fabulous against the general chatter and noise of a restaurant.  Charles sang with Julio Hernandez accompanied by Thomas Osuga.  Kay Saatchi, Paul Raeside, Paul Schwartzman,  and Rushka Bergman among others all came and supported them, it was truly touching.
The next day in the rain I skipped through The Frick which was incredibly romantic, if only I had been with some delicious Frenchman, I should not complain about my companion who was delightful, but I sort of long for a moody soulful creature to show me the beauty of Valazquez

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I long for the good old days, the days when glamour was everywhere even in the simple things like the packaging of butter.  I long to hear the church bells and to hear the Lords Prayer.  I am happy for everybody to do what they like, but the feel of England makes me happy. Yesterday I had a very busy day.  I was lucky enough to be invited to two weddings and The Goodwood Revival.  This was quite something.  Thousands of people had literally turned back the clock and glamour was everywhere, even fur. From the 40's up until 60's people looked incredible and had made a huge effort.  I was taken their by the furniture designer, Mark Brazier Jones  and his girlfriend Julia.  All their guests looked stunning in 1940's clothes. Stephen Webster and his wife Anastasia were ravishing.  There was the authentic noise of speed, the beautiful cars, the war rooms, the old vans, Laurel and Hardy and so so much more.
I arrived home thoroughly happy ready to go to the Roberto Cavalli opening and dinner. I wore my new Vivienne Westwood shiny number suitable for this party.  In Battersea Power House walls were covered with leopard and red velvet curtains. Hundreds of young and beautiful girls were there, photographers were flashing, nothing was forgotten.Stephen Webster JewelleryMark Brazier Jones

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


You should be reminded next year that Joan Collins is going to be in her 80th year she is looking very fabulous. At about 50 she was in the centrefold of Playboy.  Whether you are a fan or not she is a testament  of looking after herself.  I like her bravery.  Not many people can wear a white suit aged 35 let alone 78.  Her glamour has always been  classical and even after going out at night she will go and freshen up before meeting her public.  Joan has a beautiful cut glass accent with perfect diction that only an actress of her caliber could have.  It is hard work to create this image, be sober and keep friends after so many years.  Last year I had lunch with her and she was energetic with natural makeup, and the aura that she was the only real woman in the room.  With the absence of Lana Turner, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Rita Heyworth this woman is the only true star left.  Many women are pretty today but as you get older putting it together becomes an art. This woman is a true artist.

Amanda Eliasch

The Death of the Oceans HD 1/4

With the London Film Festival, the 12th - 27th October coming up and Frieze your time is going to squeezed in October. Obviously these are my interests not necessarily yours.  you can book on line British Film Institute, become a member it is truly a wonderful thing to become a part of.
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There are plenty of films to choose from but of course I wish to see THE BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE, The Ides of March, Shame, Carnage, Faust and Wuthering Heights.   There are also others The Boy who was king and Nobody else but you. We need to talk about Kevin I think I shall give it a miss as a hamster goes down the sink.
I shall be dashing in the early part of the week to Frieze which I love and adore. From the 13th - 16th October you can get stocked up on art. FRIEZE ART FAIR. Personally I am on a go slow, there is not an inch free on my walls so can't buy anything.
Then there is the Barbican so luckily I will be busyTHE BARBICAN.

Monday, 12 September 2011


ONE VINTAGE DESIGNS I like this idea of remaking clothes from old material and dresses so very eco friendly in this day and age when clothes are so expensive.  One Vintage Designs who were originally designed for Paul and Joe, are a sell out on
I adore looking at websites from to all designers seem to be up to date nowadays, so there is no reason to dress badly.  Todays finds on the net are just as exciting as going to the shops and equally as addictive to those of us who love clothes.ASOS
BLACK DRESS FROM LITTLEWOODS was very elegant and reasonable.  Then at the top of the scale an evening dress by Alexander Mcqueen that would make most people look at star.ALEXANDER MCQEEN from NETAPORTER THAT I LOVE.  The nights are never long enough when I trail the net for fun dresses and AGENT PROVOCATEUR never lets me down.  I adore this dress and when you turn around and have the right figure you sure will get a second look. is also good for eco friendly clothes, hats and everything else.  ANTONIOLI for the funky Rick Owen.   MODAOPERANDI is great for getting clothes off the catwalk so flick through those pages.MODA OPERANDI

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Doris Day - Que Sera Sera

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - Official Trailer [HD]


The week has been upside down.  I have been tossed around in the sea of Venice.  Luckily I got to view Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which some Americans in front of me were moaning they did not understand a word of.  I come to it from a different view point.  I am a fan and friend of Jack English the photographer.  He is my great protector.  I saw his photographs of the set and look of the film a few months ago and I thought it was visually exciting. Gary Oldman looking very brown.
This is unlikely to be a smash hit but it has truth and honesty, except the people who I knew to be spies were slightly more glamorous, my father included.  If he was not a spy he certainly wrote in great detail about them, eg Body Guard of Lies, Treason in the blood, etc. {Anthony Cave Brown} This film is slow and if you are not confused you soon will be, like true life you do not know who to believe. The story is fairly simple although you would not know it. Based on John Le Carre's book about four men who lead the Circus a nickname for M16, one of whom is a double agent.
The BBC did a series in 1979 which was when the secret service was doing badly.  Of course the code breakers at Bletchley  had won the war for Britain thirty years before.  The history is undoubtedly fascinating. Of course when the series came out  M16 had been practically destroyed by the betrayals of Kim Philby and three other Cambridge students.  There was meant to be a fourth and a fifth, and knowing humans as we all do there were probably ten.
The subject is definitely interesting, but this is a slow paced beautiful film, that if the story does not hold you, you could fall asleep. Gary Oldman steps into the shoes of George Smiley with confidence and Tomas Alfredson assumes the 1970's well.
It is for the connoisseurs of the genre to check whether the details are correct and I am sure that they were more interesting than perhaps this ordinary portrayal.  Certainly my Father's life was exciting.
It got huge claps at the end, but how can we not love Gary Oldman, John Hurt and Colin Firth, a line up of incredible stars, with costumes that took me back to the "chocolate brown and orange" kitchen I painted in 1972.   and my Mother's  Citroen going up and down, to see the car again was a treat in itself.

Anthony Cave Brown, Treason in the Blood

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wilde Salome (2011) Al Pacino Documentary Movie Trailer

Video messaggio di Pippo Del Bono

Nico/Philippe Garrel - La Cicatrice Interieure - 1970

Chantal Akerman Saute ma ville (part 2/2)


It was non stop on the Lido, Pablo Ganguli and I were in heaven with so many films to see. I really needed a water taxi strapped to my  side to get anywhere quickly from the Cipriani where I was staying.   Luckily I went to see Al Pacino's Salome which was incredible.  It is a documentary film, which is so interesting that the audience stood up for ten minutes clapping. Anything with this man is exciting.  He took us  through the history of one of my favourite playwrites, Oscar Wilde, who wrote Salome originally in French.
I saw a production with Stephen Berkoff, in my drama school years and I have loved it ever since.  Two years ago I saw another  version with music by Strauss at the opera house, this time in  Paris and now I have seen Al Pacino's. This is his second documentary and although he feels an amateur, who cares it was one of the most entertaining nights I had. He received the Jaeger LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award. Wilde Salome, a tale of lust and greed ending with Jessica Chastain kissing the lips of the very dead John the Baptist on a silver platter is something everybody should see.

The audience was clearly impressed.
Salome with Berkoff
Al Pacino and Jessica Chastain
Phillippe Garrel 

Since the opening of James Franco's Rebel  and  parties surrounding this I have been rushed off my feet.  I gave a lunch with Pablo Ganguli of Libertatum on Monday for brilliant and attractive filmmaker Phillippe Garrel. Who is famous for his intense dramatic work. I went to the premiere of his new film as well  A scorching summer which the critics have said was a crashing bore.  It is not, it is what is.  A portrayal of relationships the French do so well.  Of course Phillippe loathes sex scenes in films but for those wanting them, you have the luck to worship the looks of his son and of  seeing Monica Berlucci nude.  Quite frankly I like most films and you learn something from everything.  Chantal Akerman also came  She is a brilliant feisty director from Belgium who makes daring autobiographical works.  Chantal was thoroughly outspoken.  As Phillippe and Chantal have had a profound effect on film makers for their ideas, I listened to them.
Pippo Delbonno sat quietly, as a director dancer who has to be one of the innovative creator of shows I was in heaven. At lunch I sat next to a brilliant composer called Alexander Balanescu whose work I shall hopefully use in my film I am making about the power of coincidence with Tomas Aukas.  I really have had a dramatic trip.  I walked passed a priest and all changed in my life, finally dropping my telephone into the sea to forget the pain and remember just the pleasure.  Who cares, the sea will calm my past?.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Ungaro Show Fall 2011

British artist Amanda Eliasch and Liberatum slated to host James Franco's debut of 'Rebel' vernissage sponsored by Gucci

British artist Amanda Eliasch and Liberatum slated to host James Franco's debut of 'Rebel' vernissage sponsored by Gucci


Four days ago Pablo Ganguli of Liberatum and I were working on another project for  The Venice Film Festival, when he received an email to sponsor the great James Franco's artwork on the Island of Certosa, Venice.  Without hesitation we agreed to do it, why would we not? Last week it had been a great week for the "Gold Markets" if nothing else, so what better way to invest the excesses but to put it into the artworld?.
James had been sponsored originally by Gucci, the fashion power house.  Rebel was a showcase for  Douglas Gordon whose work I love, Harmony Karine, Ed Ruscha and Aaron Young. It was curated by the very active Dominic Sidhu.
The exhibition was huge, on a deserted shipyard, an old monastery, spread over at least 5 acres of land.  James made use of all the derelict buildings.  The artwork was sometimes gross, yet beautiful, the contemporary raw photography that is fashionable.   Influenced by Rebel without a cause and a fascination with James Dean, Dominic Sidhu pulled it off.
There were also other amusing aspects to it. A girl in a black dress and orange shoes was almost strapped to James's side for most of the exhibition, who I later found out was called Adarsha Benjamin, who helped with the event, as did Laura Alfieri.  One of my most favourite photographers from London arrived and snapped away, Dave Bennett, whose wife I adore.
The production of Rebel started over a year ago in a genial way and based on the male form,  housed within the original film "Rebel without a cause". It dealt with, Who is man?
What do they feel? How do they destroy?

I think they pulled it off and more importantly I was proud to be involved with this project.  Also on a minor note, I liked the idea that I was part of  "A rebel without a cause" something I was accused of being  a long time ago.

Friday, 2 September 2011



Pablo with Zahah Hadid and Franca Sozzani, Jefferson Hack
Pablo with Kirsten Dunst and  Courtney Love
Pablo with Tilda Swinton
Amanda Eliasch with Pablo Ganguli
Daphne Guinness with Pablo Ganguli


I am in Venice for the Film Festival.  It is incredibly frustrating getting around behind the scenes, collecting passes.  Venice is meant to be explored and if you attempt any form of paperwork your patience is definitely sharpened. Forget lots of glamour at the premieres nowadays people turn up looking as if they are going to the supermarket, which is a great shame.  Why go wearing everything suitable for hockey match?  Style should come back immediately.
 I went to see the premiere last night of Madonna's, thanks to Liberatum and Pablo Ganguli, I  was given fabulous seats six rows from Madonna, Valentino, Franca Sozzani and the entourage.
Madonna has sensuality, style and panache.  We all have had her in our lives for half a century she is a huge Hollywood star.
Her new film, W.E about Wallis Simpson and Edward V111, (who rocked the British Empire with their romance) lived with impeccable style. Madonna has shown us that she truly can do anything she wishes.   Let's be correct, it was beautifully presented, an interesting double tale of two women, who become ghosts to each other, Wallis Simpson and a normal girl from our time beautifully entwined. Written by both Madonna and my wonderful friend called Alek Keshishian,   I have nothing bad to say about this film, except perhaps the editing could be sharper.  We are obviously more interested in Wallis than the other character, and was the other character totally necessary?.  A secondary love story that was a trifle weak based around a girl who is obsessed by Wallis Simpson and Edward V111, their lives together and their possessions.
The costumes were so stunning that I only wish all fashion designers would listen to Arianne Phillips immediately.  I shall adopt all ideas except the hair, because to become a brunette overnight is a bit late in the day.
I have been wondering all day why whole chunks of their fascinating story was left out, what about the the talk that Wallis was half man and half woman, the talk that Wallis learnt sexual tricks in China, and what about their relationship with the Nazis?

I was once lucky enough to visit the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's house in Paris.  I went with some friends before it was emptied of furniture, with a girlfriend who was tiny.  We were naughty and got out some of the clothes, looked through the drawers saw things as they were left, they were a bit drab really. Of course the film has glamourised much of the truth but the Duchess  had enormous style.

My advice would be to edit twenty minutes out of it and the viewers will be happy.

Yesterday was busy I decided to make a film with Tomas Auksas. A short film about my arrival this time in Venice which was spooky,  We had a wonderful time once Tomas had stolen the camera.  There are plenty of ghosts in this city steeped in history and drama.  This I will show in my own life, once Tomas and my work finishes.