Monday, 23 October 2017


Today I was in the The Daily Mail because I posted a photograph of myself which was a snapshot of me in the bath taken on a girlie trip to Berlin, it could have been worse, it could have been a picture of me in the bath with a door in the side of it.  Good heavens if I go out of the house with just foam on. As for my title Countess, I paid for it, quite different from the House of Lords where for centuries men prostituted themselves to get a Peerage.  At least I did not need to be blackmailed or give sexual favours to Harvey,  I just gave my card from HSBC and hey presto I was a Countess. I did not need to go to Her Majesty, be good, do something virtuous or pay some political party.
So involved is the MSM with fake fluffy news they are choosing not to notice that P52 bombers are on Red alert and Milo is on the best sellers list and Trump has managed to dodge some bullets in the past year.
Last week I had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Cliveden House for the Literary Festival, a house of scandal.  Tired of listening to endless Brexiter bashing and the minimalising the intelligence of the people who voted for it, which has become the normal banter between so-called intellectuals. Oh boy, aren't we patronised?  Poor, thick and white, they love to scream. Yet, we are the ones supposed to be racist and undemocratic?.

The discussion on Leninism and Trumpism was interesting. Simon Sebag Montefiore whipped up some excellent arguments that Trump was influenced by the Russians. The Liberal intellectuals clearly only read fake news as they would be in the picture, that it was actually Hillary and limp-wristed Obama who were signing dodgy documents selling Uranium behind the scenes and talking with the Russians. Assange with his ten-year immaculate record has full details pouring through Wikileaks if anyone cares to read them."Follow the money" as the conspiracy theorists always advise. Trump would have been impeached for much less.
Harvey is not front page news now. Perhaps the girls could stand forward who enjoyed his advances and who got work from them?.  How many other men will be hauled up for sexual misdemeanours?  Terry Richardson or our gorgeous George Clooney?  I think we should all put our clothes back on and cover up,   less "Taylor Swift" if we don't want men to have fantasies.

Now I shall disappear under the foam if you don't mind. PS By the way Fairy Liquid makes better bubbles better than radox, less dangerous than fem gel.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

TO CLIP OR NOT TO CLIP THE VULVA that is the question?,

As the intoxicating mystery of sex is unveiled,  we women are turned into porn stars the world is a sorry den of inequity or is it?.  I believe it is all to do with the hair. The hair of our vagina which represents health, vitality and fertility is being removed, as trees in a forest. Many men have never seen hair and the young face hair often with horror. Today women spend thousands a year on perfecting their vulva, grooming, cutting, tweezing and waxing and the Far East is catching on too, personally, I  think the baldness is hideous and has references to pedophilia and prostitution. It is not just America who has encouraged this trend but Europe too.  It is genuinely not a pretty thing seeming mostly to attract the promiscuous. Real manly men in my life have commented that it is totally unattractive and that they prefer making love with a very hairy bush.  It is however encouraged by beauticians, girl-boys and the porn industry to be hospital ready.  We wear bikinis and thongs and any hair showing makes us feel dishevelled. Could lack of hair be the root of all our problems today?. If you look into Edwardian porn there was nobody to trim your tree. I think it is time to celebrate the bush and be a woman. You could put it down to hygiene but I have three baths a day and am as fresh as a daisy so what then is the obsession with looking ten years old? Yesterday I was told I had 8,000 nerve endings in our vulva 8,000 or 8,000,000 it is an awful lot. The penis is half that, I was told the woman is the Lamborgini to the male counterpart who is a  Penny Farthing. With that thought in mind, hair or no hair seems low down on importance. I was told the important thing is masturbation by my friend and writer Stephanie Theobald. Oops the most important question I forgot to ask her. She believes masturbation keeps us young but I forgot about the plantation. Perhaps you have a more satisfactory sex life if you clip it?
I asked several men and they were none the wiser. They just did not care, they were so much nicer than the women generally,  they just wanted to keep us happy.
As men are not criticised about their liberal attitudes towards sex it is time to protect ourselves, but when I asked a very young friend his views on this, he said women were terrifying and he did not want sex with them at all because he thought more about pregnancy, or that a woman may trap him into paying maintenance or claim the rape card. He too did not mention what he preferred, hair or no hair.
Should we keep our pubic hair for an intimate relationship or art? Should we remove it for porn or our sex life?. I do not find hair under the arms or on the legs attractive and it is not in this equation.
At the same time hair in my mind equates smell, which is very important and is a form of aphrodisiac and therefore magic. When you like somebody's smell you know you love them and are attracted and you will be reminded of them. I was told that if you don't like somebody's smell it is an indication not to marry them.  Human smells are totally individual and if you find someone one who matches you, you better keep them close. Another friend of mine said that she thought about a man for a whole year not knowing him, just remembering the smell of his hair, it drove her to seek him out again, and him her,
Another man said he hated messy hairy bushes because it reminded him about financial trading, whether they were neat financial traders or messy. Oh for goodness sake,  all I asked about is whether no hair was attractive?
Here I think lies the answer too, a man just came into my room and I casually asked him what sort of woman does he like?. He tactfully said "Everywoman, green, yellow, red and blue, variety is the spice of life" and he liked all smells and potions. Phew, I will believe in that then,  and do what hair suits me and so should you.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Drain the swamp and turn on the light.

Everything goes round in circles.  What goes up must go down. We better have a sense of humor in the next few years and ask ourselves what is morality?

What is the point of television? It is not the point to deliver news, propaganda or drama but really to feed us advertising encouraging us to spend.  Follow the money is always the answer.  I have however got bored of the latest gadget, car, dress and I need to be free from this addiction to spend, to concentrate on what is really going on between the tyranny of the terrorist and his victim, oh and entertainment. I am not easily conned by the news or indeed anything on television.

Not reported in the media are the number of sexual assaults, pedophilia cases,  being brought before the court in America at the moment. Nearly 1,500 cases and little is being said of course in Main Stream Media. What we all know is that what goes up must come down and so it is the turn to watch Humpty Dumpty have a great fall, Mr. Harvey Weinstein himself has departed centre stage from Hollywood due to asking many women to scrub his rather valuable back.  In France or Italy this would be ridiculous but in prudish America everything like this is demonic? So why now? It seems sniffy to me? Yet?
 Two Summers ago I asked for some tickets for films at the Venice Film Festival and a friend, who will remain unnamed,  went to pick them up and she was asked to go to his suite whereupon he was apparently in his dressing gown and she was asked to massage him whilst he had a shower. Horrified and uncomfortable she escaped.  On top of that, the tickets were very secondary and she was told she was boring for not being willing, she was told he could make her a star though.  Of course, we did not complain as anyway, despite her tears,  he was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. He has been praised more than god, Meryl Streep claimed he was God but now has created distance. Everybody knew however and would speak about it in hushed tones, it has been treated as if immorality was acceptable. The actors knew where their bread was buttered, putting up with his ugly pudgy threats. Michael Moore claims he can have the capacity to find the wicked and crooked yet was on the side of this human devil. It is fundamental corruption. Where is Hollywood's moral compass? Also, politicians took vast sums of money for their campaigns, disingenuous behaviour is rampant.
I felt sorry for his very pretty wife, but I suppose she received good compensation and probably relieved that other girls fingers had to do the walking. A lot of the women were not as high profile and might as well have come from the yellow pages. There has always been a casting couch in Hollywood so why now does anyone care? Harvey to his credit has given generously to charity and made some brilliant movies, just lust took over? It's all okay in LA as long as you are not a Trump lover? I am sure the door will slam in his face as another one opens. There are millions invested in film, yet likeability of them is now on shaky ground. There is little integrity and the fallout will be quick and clean. Anything or anybody keen on him will be expunged.

Marina Abramovich by Inesa De La Roche

This week with Frieze and PAD, amongst the many parties I was invited to  Marina Abramovich was given an opening in a spectacular house in Chelsea, to celebrate her cake, made by Raphael Casteriano. The pastry portrait which was said to taste of her, indeed it was made of a deliciously rich chocolate and peppermint mixture which was fashioned into tiny gold and dark green cakes,  I could not wait to taste one. As I said "hello", her fiery eyes with overly moist teeth, looked like a sensuous demon caught in the act.   I see different things now as I read Wikileaks, which has a ten-year immaculate record, during the American election  Marina certainly added humor and darkness into the mix by asking the campaign managers of Hillary Clinton to a "Spirit cooking" dinner. On the other hand,  I have though always been a huge fan of hers as I loved so much of her work especially the story of her saying goodbye to her then-boyfriend on the great wall of China. Her life has been so so glamorous.

Then there is the shooting in Las Vegas. I am making no comments but look where it happened, the Harvest Festival in the middle of fake Babylon in this mob-ridden city, near the Pyramid. The unfit 65-year-old shooter appears to be a patsy,  with no social media profiles, and of course, he never had shown any interest in guns, yet he was running between two rooms. Let's wait for MSM do their worst and balance it with Alex Jones and David Icke. Satanic,  MKUltra?

Of course, everything is fake news. The Liberal Democratic hypocrisy is disgusting against Trump, democracy and the Conservatives. It is cultural insanity. The Lefties are taking down flags, protesting the National Anthem and it goes on. If America thinks it can rule the world they need to clear the swamp first.

As for Harvey
"Everybody knew about Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood but whilst he was on top they were happy to take his money and promises of fame, now he is disgraced publically they are happy to kill. I never liked him and for several reasons always found him unpleasant.  However the two faces of people are unbelievable. He is still the same person they called God only six months ago. I am not defending him, I am pointing out the hyprocrisy".

Sunday, 1 October 2017


Most girls examine themselves in the mirror on an hourly basis.  I grab my wrists and measure how much fat I need to lose. Not a day goes by when I don't think about the calories taken. I watch my weight but most of my body problems can be cured by underwear and a trip to the Mayr Clinic.  For a quick fix, my body  can be improved by a suit. I have always loved androgynous clothes. I can forget I  have curves and feel sharp and slick, in an elegant trouser suit, in ten minutes. The trouser suit has been fashionable for women off and on since the early 1930's and especially popular since 1967.  Slick back your hair with gel and pull back your shoulders. Stand tall. It is one of the most interesting looks. Considered intellectual in my mind by the well known Lesbian writer  Radclyffe Hall who wrote The Well of Loneliness. I  also like to eminate Marlene Dietrich dressed as a cabaret artist. Her strong look graced magazines and her style even today is rarely surpassed. Film coveted her with panache. I personally always wear a jacket a size smaller as this is more slimming, single breasted and I hardly ever wear it closed.  I wear trousers  a size larger as they look flattering on me so try for yourself. Today Madonna, Lady Gaga love this look and  Cara Delevigne embodies everything masculine giving her extra style. Her pretty tomboyish looks dressed in Saint Laurent one of my most favourite designers for the masculine feminine look. I have worn Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and adore dressing up. John Galliano created a coat that I totally adored and it gave me the look of the artful dodger. Then there are new designers like MOVA and the Caravan Club who have started designing delicious velvet suits.  All I need is a cigarette.

Girls who look good in Suits

Cara Delevingne
Victoria Grant
Trinny Woodall
Rushka Bergman
Tilda Swinton
Kate Moss
Emma Watson
Anne Hathaway
Indiana Jeffreys