Thursday, 29 July 2010


It's the middle of the night somewhere in Tuscany and I am living one of my most favourite fantasies and sleeping in a Tower. I have always wanted to do this. As a child I am in heaven. I look out and see the sea, and can tell the mood of elements. Something mesmerising and exciting looking down and seeing everything. I am staying somewhere near Livarno, I am not sure it's a truly attractive town but here on this ravishing estate I feel a very lucky girl. I love Italy, there is an optimism in every step. I am now dreaming of owning a Castle on top of a hill. All I need is a handsome Prince to come and rescue me.
I have been dieting again, it drives me crazy and am about to give up and throw out the scales, only I have just a bit too much vanity to do that just yet. I like feeling slim, there seems no magic cure other than to shut those lips. In fact I think everything requires that, there is always too much gossip on a Summer holiday. In front of me now are 3 pairs of scales all weighing me different weights..
I have sold my wonderful house in Eden Place, Beverly Hills, I just need something small and compact. Los Angeles is very far away and although alluring, England and France have something that Hollywood can only dream about. Also the other way round too. I just love London and Paris, my friends, the galleries, the museums, the fashion.
As its only a few stops to this Tower, I think Europe is becoming quickly very appealing, and I shall await to be rescued by an Italian Prince. Ha ha x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.

Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.

Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

Monday, 19 July 2010


"I SHALL SQEAM AND SQEAM Until I AM SICK" Violet Elizabeth Bott

One thing I hate in life are people who pretend to be good when they totally are not. The most shocking thing sent to me this week was Mel Gibson's telephone conversation with Oksana Grigorieva who was pretending to be snow white, and totally innocent. I am with you big time Mel, I would have taken a potted plant to her pretty oleaginous face, and enjoyed screaming obsenities at her. The minute she taped him she was odious in my eyes and he a rising star. It is easy to make people behave badly and Oksana with her ghastly sweetness obviously made Mel into a raging bull. Of course he was vile shouting nonsense describing how her girlfriend wanted to blow him.
I was thinking of removing my blogs on the greedy Yanky doodle dandy, that is if he pays me, which he does not think he needs to.. Okay baby cakes.. you are not innocent, facts are facts, during an ill fated holiday, you made me pay all the bills... Oh I forget you bought a salad.. big deal.. If he doesn't pay, my friend Mel will give me a few pointers.
As for the true friends in my life Tim Willis and Nicky Haslam, they would never treat me with such disregard, Take take take is so yesterday and so so common...

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Classical Pops in English -2- : The Brothers Four, Seven Daffodils

Wouldn't this be ideal ?

Piano brothers

Two Brothers- A tiger movie


Oh dear, the brown eco friendly so called man, never stops in his tracks to see what he is doing. I am neither a prude nor furious, but look at the mess created by Glastonbury and other huge music festivals. I was quite shocked that people leave their tents and rubbish behind. I would be far too proud to do this and also considerate to the people who have to pick it up.
Walking through Hyde Park to go to the swings last week, I got a terrible shock: paper cups, dog shit, pieces of paper, bits of left over picnics littered the beautiful park. What is happening, has nobody any standards? We have become a race of users and abusers.
I am buying a sailing boat and intend to go round the world instead of joining in this yobbo culture. Of course there are only a few people who ruin it for the rest of us, but those few are a general nuisance.

My betes noirs

1. If you drop a bottle pick it up.
2. Don't stub a cigarette out in a pot of flowers.
3. Always say thank you to people that help you.
4. Always pay your debits on time and assume them if you have incurred them.
5. Don't use the car all the time.
6. Don't steal out of people's fridges without asking beforehand.
7. Send flowers.
8. Pick up dog mess
9. Try not to repeat gossip, unless you know for a fact it is true.
10. Don't use blackmail as a means to get what you want.
11. Don't go to the loo in the swimming pool.
12. Don't spit chewing gum on the pavement


I had a farewell party last night for my brilliant friends Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Part of the talented and honest crew from England. I say this because Sue is generally right, and definitely truthful in her delivery. I love their work and I originally met them through Isabella Blow. I went to Nicky Clarke one morning, the hairdressers in London, and Rupert, one of the stylists suggested that I go upstairs because I should meet my twin. I did and there was Isabella. We were not at all alike physically in fact there was nothing similar except we both had red lipstick on our teeth, which made us giggle. In any case that afternoon she took me to meet Tim and Sue. I am a huge lover of their art. We all became firm friends and have spent nearly every Summer together since. With Henry Duarte, Ronnie and Vidal Sassoon, Roberta Hanlen, Julie Anne Rhodes and Zeta Graff amongst my pals there can never be a dull moment. My friend Michael the Neon sign maker turned up with my piece of Art, that Kay Saatchi and I designed. It will be put together shortly.
The art world is waking up now Jeffrey Deitch has become the head of MOCA and believes he can make Los Angeles a leading art destination.
I had an offer on my house at Eden Place, Los Angeles and now I am starting a new adventure. I will be truly sad to leave it, but I like to do new things and see different aspects of Los Angeles life. Nothing can beat it's view from my drawing room which looked like Tuscany and I have never been as happy as I am here. Good luck to the people buying it, it was pure heaven.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Carla Bruni - L'Amoureuse


I look in the mirror most of the time, in fact I can not pass one and not look in it. If only my face was my bottom, I really hate my figure. I have hated it since I was a little girl when I looked at all the skinny girls in class, with tiny hands and knees, and then there was me. At the age of eight a girl called Helena Fairly refused to dance with me because my chubby figure was so appalling to her, she said "I can't possibly dance with a fat girl even though she is pretty" In turn I have become a fatso hater, I look in the pages of magazines and dream of looking like Adriana Lima. A friend of mine kept a photograph of her on the fridge to keep her fat arse out of it. I used to eat Mars bars in a boiling hot bath in order to repelled, a Cosmopolitan Magazine recipe for getting thin in around 1976.
In the same year I went to a Fat Doctor who turned to me and said" Nobody was fat in Belsen" when I complained I couldn't lose weight.
Now my clever male gynaecologist -as I reported earlier - has given me this hormone replacement therapy to stop the hellish, supposed side effects of the change of life and make my largest organ in the body glow- the skin. In two months and cutting the pill in half, and taking it every other week instead of every week, I have gained four pounds. This must be the real reason to my social demise. I mean haven't you all noticed I am hugely fat? As I study my hideous form in the mirror, I conclude I would rather be celibate than take off my kit..However in real terms the truth is I am exactly the same weight as I was at 17, 27, 37 and 47.. my brain is the problem and the brainwashing we receive every day in the press.


I am apparently officially on the 100 MOST INVITED LIST in Tatler this month, as number 99, down roughly 40 places from last year, what a faux pas. What does it all mean? Nothing really except I looked in the mirror and thought what a compliment and then I looked again and thought all of this is ridiculous. Not the lists themselves, but how I could possibly even care. I go out nearly every night to two or three things, last night in Los Angeles,I went to The Gagosian Gallery, showing Nancy Rubins and Jorge Pardo, followed by an opening at Moca and then to a dinner at the Chateau Marmont for Jorge Pardo, I sat with Ronnie Sasoon and Martyn Laurence Bullard. I could have carried on but I felt dizzy and faint. I had decided earlier in the day to sell my Los Angeles house, actually I decided not to keep one of my three houses, it's too much paper work and I wanted to be a little free. I made a pact that the first one that went under offer I would sell. Of course it's my favourite. That is life, if I love it here then someone else will too. I have spent three glorious years here, that is a blessing in itself. As for the 100 most invited list, I wonder how The Tatler office judge this. I can only imagine the conversation, which I won't repeat or I won't be on the list at all next year!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Please make sure you all vote for FRANCA SOZZANI as the best dressed woman on VANITY FAIR through

Monday, 12 July 2010

Alexander McQueen Retrospective

Visionaire - Spirit (Dedicated to Alexander McQueen)

Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet - Evgeny Kissin -


I woke up on my second day in New York actually thinking of Italy and not here. I have no idea why. I was thinking this morning about the people that have truly helped me in my life and the most important one is Franca Sozzani editor in chief of Italian Vogue. Without her life would be truly dreary. She gave me my first opportunity of working in Fashion although she actually gave me a job photographing artists and doing a book called "British Artists At Work", which lead me to do another book "Made by Indians" with Enricco Navarro.
Franca has the most simple style. Long blond pre raphaelite hair and a beauty that matches it. Petite she is a quiet force of nature and in my opinion the most important woman in fashion, her magazine is certainly the best looking. Her plain dressing in something like Aliai truly becomes her, in fact you don't really know what she is wearing because it is so understated. She is naturally ahead of the game, and a truly modern woman. I fell asleep last night reading her blog. As I adore men I love flicking through L'Uomo Vogue.
I also love another magazine Visionaire who have made a celebration of Alexander McQueen's life, Visionaire 58 Spirit, a beautiful book to own and remember.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Iran's stone age

Iran's stone age


Got up at 5am and with the sun shining at 7am I thought it was a good idea to go for a walk with my son to check things out. In fact it was a fantastic walk, all was quiet and you could hear a few birds among the streets of Gramercy Park. It is a great district and feels safe for a Granny. I had my hair done in the 24 hr hair salon round the corner on 25th Street. Can you imagine being open 24/7, but in New York you can find anything. We then went to visit the Artist Sylvia Martins whose colourful paintings reminded me of Bali. She had stunning views over the Hudson and made me wish I lived in New York. After the problems with I think I will move here instead. The lunch with Tiziano Mazzili who used to own an incredible private and exclusive shop called Voyage on the Fulham Road. Covered with skulls and beautiful tattoos I am thinking of covering my wrinkles with little tiny roses. He told me to visit Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue which I discover now only sells accessories. I had loads of fun there followed by visiting Bergdorf Goodman.
I then met Rushka Bergman for a drink who was busy telling me that I should have pale blue nails and not dark blue.. Here we go again, a new look cometh.

The Celebutantes - News

The Celebutantes - News



Friday, 9 July 2010


Clothes are who we are, it is how we are judged and perceived by the rest of the world, for better or for worse. When my wonderful girlfriend Isabella Blow sadly killed herself, I always wondered what would happen to her beautiful things. The couture Alexander McQueen, loved and worn to death, her ravishing hats. Especially as since she took her life, her friend McQueen also took his too. I hoped that all the clothes would end up in the Victoria and Albert as a special moment in time for everybody to see. There are too few eccentrics and I love it when they are documented. They were supposed to be up for auction at Christies where clothes could have ended up anywhere in the planet. Luckily they rescued and bought by Daphne Guinness with the support of her many friends.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


This party has become a Summer tradition, a party supporting The Serpentine Gallery with artists and social creatures mixing happily together. The New construction in the garden by Jeane Nouvel, is decandent, opulent and racey in red. It works well against the greenery of the Park. It was an amazing visual backdrop to this Summer Feast. With Tracey Emin, David Collins, Mary Charteris, Nelly Hooper and Richard Dennen there is no chance of a bad party. They know where to go.