Saturday, 19 May 2018

As The Bishop said... From Hollywood to Windsor with love.

An emotional day for me, I remember well Diana's marriage to Charles, I was in Praiano in a small hotel next to Positano. She was the same age as I was.  From marriage to her untimely death I watched her with avid fascination as we all did. A style Icon and typical Sloane ranger she was thrown into a position she found difficult to deal with, and finally the death under the flame of Diana in Paris.  None of us who were around have forgotten the image of her two boys walking behind her coffin.
I am sure she would be thrilled about her sons. As we all know Harry and Meghan met on a blind date, and we are now watching a terrific wedding. From a "blind date" to become The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Meghan is perfect, and from a broken home, her Mother coloured, she has proven to us that she is a breath of fresh air. It was so very contemporary. All of these scenarios we understand, we all know about single-parent homes in 2018.  We are living in violent times too when The American Embassy has been moved to Jerusalem, and there is war in Syria, children are being murdered in schools, where family life is shattered. There was finally hope today in this multicultural wedding.

Megan stunned us by wearing a  Givenchy dress designed by the first artistic female director,  English designer Clare Waight Keller. An elegant column of silk organza with a boat neck, half Guinevere and half Audrey Hepburn, simple, with the tiara chosen from the Queens collection belonging to Queen Mary.  The dress was simple and apparently with a 16-foot veil, on top of that the Duchess donated 300,000 to the homeless.   Meghan arrived from the magnificent  Clivedon Hotel to Windsor Castle in a Phantom Rolls Royce 1V with perfect timing. An intimate wedding full of love and affection. Harry in his The Blues and Royals uniform, whispered endearingly  "You look amazing" The couple kissed, held hands throughout, so clearly in love.  With a rousing speech about "Love" from Bishop Michael Curry caused Members of the Royal Family to have smiles and giggles.  Prince Charles walked her up the aisle,  she arrived as an independent woman on her own.  Members of the public cheered the happy couple on, waving flags. The flight path was changed, and Oprah Winfrey was kept waiting in the church for two hours. Hollywood met The Royal Family.  Windsor historically is the Week End home of Her Majesty The Queen and of one of the best schools in England,  Eton College. There are multiple parties today, and then Elton John is playing at the Queen's reception which ended with a de-constructed lemon cake.  On this bright and sunny day, love has lifted them up and all of us too. At the evening bash the couple left in a convertible E type Jaguar, Meghan was dressed in a Stella McCartney pure white gown and Prince Harry in black tie for a more relaxed party. They looked radiant. Another Hepburn moment. This couple is having fun. England is in love, as they left we all saw the number plate on the back of the car, the date of their marriage.
High heels, tight dresses and hats are naturally uncomfortable, nude tights not for me, arms covered there are rules, but everybody joined in and looked fabulous. As for the guests that stood out, hats are back in fashion in full swing with nets and feathers,  total flamboyance. Phillip Treacy's work shone, Camilla wore a  hat with a disk of pale pink feathers by Phillip Treacy, Amal Clooney wore a mustard yellow hat swathed with a net, she stole the show wearing a dress by Stella McCartney.  Dorinda wore mint green Oscar De La Renta with a hat by Stephen Jones, Kitty Spencer wore Dolce Gabbana with a hat by Phillip Treacy,  Stewart Pavin dressed the Queen in pistachio. Fergie looked terrific in navy blue with a hint of pink around her collar, the best I have ever seen her, she dressed with confidence and flare.  Hopefully, she remarries her ex-husband, HRH Prince Andrew. That would be truly romantic. Indiscretions were shared, the humour of Beatrice and Eugenie were cheekily revealed.
It is clearly a new era for the Royal Family and as we become England again it can only get better with this optimistic young couple. God Bless them both, it is love with fire as the Bishop said.

Thursday, 17 May 2018


Prince Harry in two days becomes part of a modern monarchy, part Hollywood dream factory, part Disney, part Windsor Castle, and part English Heritage. When Megan has her children which she will they will be English, not British because England will no longer be part of the EU, it will be this England.  It is the cleverest move from the Monarchy yet.  We will be waving the British flag in Ramadan and everybody will be covered up in Luton and asleep. Megan is ambitious, clever interesting, attractive and very now. She has more in common with "the people" than a blonde aristocrat and they both love to be seen doing good deeds and both champion the underdog which will get them a lot of votes with the people. Both Princes have chosen women that were unexpected closer to the Disney land ideal.  It has to be all turrets and flags with the girl, a brunette from a land far away. True media Princesses. They chose well. It is either this or the Oscars for Megan, but Tinsel town has lost out to Windsor Castle. Thank God HRH Prince Harry wasn't on Tinder, he might swiped left and we would not have a wedding. Since Tom Cruise says that England is the new Hollywood, HRH Prince Harry may be right. Mission not so impossible.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I have just arrived back from a cruise around the Far East with Sojourn, Seabourn. Did I enjoy myself? It was a revelation and although not truly my cup of tea it was certainly an eye-opener. The dead bodies living with a tribe in Sulawesi, Indonesia were probably the most fascinating part of the trip where the family respect their dead by leaving food for them and cleaning them regularly. They live in houses shaped like boats, truly beautiful but macabre too. When I arrived they all called me "Hollywood" and wanted photographs with me. Treated like a star they asked if I knew the Kardashians, not wanting to disappoint them, of course, I said "yes" I could not eat all day despite the food looking okay and the incredible greetings, the place looks bloodthirsty and after 200 hairpin bends I certainly did not feel like eating meat. The cruise took me to Darwin, Manila, Indonesia, 100 Islands and many other places worth seeing specifically to understand that the rest of world truly is not important in these tiny Islands around the world, most spectacular moment was definitely arriving into Hong Kong first thing in the morning  My  problem with cruises is that they disturb my eating disorder with the huge amounts of food and drink available, and I am unable to deal with drunk people at the best of times.  Although comfortable and cleanish the boat is not luxurious and attracts a rowdy crowd that is far from intellectual, despite the interesting lectures on board and exceptional staff. The entertainment in the evening was well put together by Belinda King and again Tim Rice.

The truth is I have too much going on in my real life to be away too long, I realise I have a total appreciation of England. No wonder everybody wishes to be here.
On arriving back here I put on my stilettoes and went to the most brilliant performance of Chess at the ENO, starring Michael Ball, Phillip Browne, Alexandra Burke, Tim Howard, Cassidy Janson and Cedric Neal the house rocked with success to standing ovations. My friend Tim Rice, Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus should be very proud of this outstanding work which I believe for the first time was truly excellent, enriched definitely by the ENO's orchestra.  I even cried towards the end as I became enthralled with the production. Director Laurence Connor should be congratulated and if you have time go as it is only on for a limited period.  I have now been twice and want to go again a total miracle.