Sunday 30 October 2011

Dance in Fanfan


With the famous and infamous on Tatler's Little Black Book Party, announced this week. What does this list really mean  in 2011? Does everybody on it come with a guarantee and a stamp of a approval? Are those who write this list able to make this judgement?

Of course it could seem sour grapes, well it is hardly nectar from the Gods or candy floss from Zeus.  I did not make the list of the most available people over 50 in England under it's new regime of Kate Reardon. Of course everybody likes Kate Reardon, we all do,   but with no invitation on my doorstep, I am thinking my goodness I have obviously fallen from
a) Social grace?
b) The postman must have put it in the wrong box?
c) Perhaps it is a 'teething in' problem?
d) Should I throw myself onto the steps of Tatler and pound prettily until I am presented with an invitation?
e)  Did I not make a big enough donation to a charity of their choice, anything can be arranged?

Whatever does a girl have to do to be on this list?. If I have not done it already, then should I bother to do it at all?.  I could laugh, I could cry, or is it just a relief not to be on it? Does it really have any social pull, who reads this list and is it just for fun?

I am luckily single, well dressed and attractive enough to have a dinner invitation from  several delicious single men around this country.  Surely having gone to most of the best of the rest parties, nearly all of the best funerals and some okay weddings, this is enough to make their list?.  Obviously not.

Of course being totally romantic I am hoping to find my charming prince on a white horse charging down my driveway, may be I should get a longer driveway, or a much smaller horse. Who cares about their faux pas? Life has never been fuller or more interesting.  I have written a play, As I like it,that is going to be performed in Los Angeles at Christmas, and Paris in Springtime.  So, in readiness for the Golden Globe parties, and in re reading the last two lines should I be disappointed?.  Well of course I am, I am a little annoyed. Am I jealous?, no let's not go too far. As I am also showing "My Peccadilloes" a neon show in Ledbury Road on Thursday at the Doyle Devere Gallery, I am somewhat busy, so my life just gets better and better, list or no list. There is something however upsetting about not being included.  It is like saying you are 'not in my club' but I am busy making my own.  If the Tatler party was the only thing to look forward, I might cry or pretend to.

For several years it was the most important magazine that fell onto the doorstep, and something I  enjoyed reading in the hairdresser or in the loo, but now I prefer the internet, in particular to meet the man of my dreams.  I am not longer a lover of magazines they cost too many trees, and I love The Woodland Trust.. I think I only made their list a handful of times now it has slipped through my fingers. I was on their 'Most Invited' list for ten years, and  I made their 'Best Dressed' list once, which my husband said that I should be number one in, with the amount of dresses I have, but then I have eccentric tastes that applies to my men too.  I like brilliant people, witty and funny.
Good thing is there is nobody in my happy stable, that is not on my team.
Anyway my dance card is full.
P.S I am at least as lovely, sparkling, fragrant, sort after and interesting as Sabrina Guinness but clearly not by Tatler.
If I do get an invitation then imagine my excitement.

My favourite men are as follows dead or alive

Sidney Gilliat my Grandfather
My sons Charles and Jack
My Father Anthony Cave Brown
whoever treats me with the most respect, love and armfuls of flowers.
and the social men?
the problem is that I am a social butterfly and they
are moths to the flame, and as the song goes
'and if their wings burn, I know I am not to blame
but it might be nice if they lit my fire'.

So here goes

Hugh Grant
James Franco
Bryan Adam (on nappy duty)
Sir Tim Rice
Trevor Nunn
Charles Saatchi on calorie watch
Errol Flynn
Trevor Howard
and not to forget
Jack English

I have had an  interesting week with Maya Fiennes staying.  She took me to dinner a week ago at Cecconi's which is so full of trashy people, so ruining the delicious food.  They all looked like hookers, you know the type, short tight mini skirts, make up from the Lancome department in Harrods, a blow dry from their best friend.  It has become the girls night out with a few rich looking dudes paying for them.

Of course I was happy to go after all the food was good and I was with the only interesting company in the room as I eating with the most incredible man called Peter Medak.  A film director who had worked with my grandfather, Sidney Gilliat, in the late sixties when he came to England.  He is the famous film director who made classics like The Ruling Classes with Peter O'Toole playing God, Romeo is Bleeding, The Changeling.  A superb resume and he has enough charm thank goodness. Life is full of coincidences.

There are so many coincidences in life that I think the world is now very small.  I made a short film about them with Tomas Auksas in Venice.

One more week in London which sees my neon show open at the Doyle Devere Gallery.  The seven deadly sins will be up for several weeks.  So the work that Kay Saatchi and I did one Summer will be on full display. One piece also is going up that I did with Julia Laverne. So exciting.  Then to do the play, As I like it with Lisa Zane, Beth Broderick and Charles.  Jeanne Marine, Bob Geldof's wife will do the piece in Paris, of course I shall miss Justine Glenton who played it in London...equity and visas to America were a nightmare to obtain..

Selling my houses too, I don't know why, just that I like to keep moving, especially in Los Angeles.

Chariots of fire - movie, opening scene

Peter O'Toole in "The Ruling Class": an unofficial, spoiler-free trailer...

Thursday 27 October 2011


This season is prim with a dark sensuality underneath.....
Black laced boots from Alexander Mcqueen. White collars and lace, pretending to 
show yet showing nothing. Pucci, Dolce and Gabbana, long tight skirts from Marc 
Jacobs. This is who I am and what I like to see..a vampire crossed with a 
widow... A funeral gnome. Best look is from Madonna's new film WE, white 
collars, shirts buttoned up, and hair severely parted in the middle but still 
romantic. Let's'throw away the track suit and become totally well dressed and 
beautiful once again.

A is for a purse in silver by Alexander Mcqueen to hide my mobile 
B is for the operas by Bellini and for improving your brain, and sex appeal in 
snakeskin  Balenciaga sandels, and black blue satin nail Chanel
C is for everything I love, chanel jackets and fake jewellery, Clergerie boots 
for comfort and speed
D is for dangerous liasons with diamonds which will dig you out of trouble  by 
David Morris
E is for elitist vintage elegance
F is for Fendi and for their beautiful clothes and leather jackets 
G is for Gucci and use their monogrammed bags and this seasons  long colourful 
H is for Hermes a simple silver cuff and the romance of old scents like Caleche
I is for ink and writing perfect letters
J is for the perfect watch by Jaeger-leCoutre
K is for kissing with bright red lips by YSL
L is for capturing Love at the Louvre  use scent by Coco de Mer number one and 
wear Louis Vuitton's black shirt with white collars and high waisted shorts..and 
black eye liner by L'oreal.
M is for Madonna the Queen of Pop who has become a fashion plate.
N is for a book on Nietzche to expand the brain
O is for Charlotte Olympia's'piano shoes, and anything from her, I love her 
black spider beret's'
P is for a simple black dress by Prada, it lasts forever and always looks good.
Q is for Queenie  a tiny box wrapped, a tiny present, in delicious wrapping 
paper, a secret.
R is for Nina Ricci's strappy shoes that will take you into the night and a warm 
coat by Rick Owens.
S is for the customised lobster ring by Stephen Webster
T is for a pure white shirt by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy
U is for allure in the latest underwear by La Perla, little corsets with green 
satin trimming and net. 
V is for Vivienne Westwoods corset dresses in black to give me the perfect waist
W is a dream to turn my blonde curls in Wallis Simpson glamour and copy Andrea 
Risborough's look in WE.
X kisses for the cards you bother to write with a montblanc pen.. 
Y is for the most comfortable and sexy platforms in the world, by YSL...
And  for the YSL tuxedo black cape Jacket.
Z is for a long string of pearls by Zeta Graff with diamonds.
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Wednesday 26 October 2011


I awoke at 5am this morning in Paris, sun was shining through my curtains that I had forgotten to shut. Last night I had dinner with Lisa Zane at Cafe Flore in St Germain who has agreed to be the Opera singer in my play.  With Beth Broderick they  make a great team.  My son will be playing the piano and Edward Bennett Coles directing the play, Elizabeth Kerr and I shall produce it.  I will miss my friends in London and Justine Glenton.  I loved working with her and Susan Parkes. The play has gone back to the original version I wrote for my father, the rest were lies and had to come out.  When I was rehearsing I could see the problems of allowing my work to be modified.  I like truth, not lies.  I like an honest voice. My son Charles Eliasch will play the piano and sing too which will be great.
This afternoon I would like to run through the Louvre, like Bertolucci's The Dreamers or the 1964 version. It is my fantasy to just go for it, even if someone stops me.
I am also thinking of giving myself a sort of bomb shape.  A deadly sin, Vanity a supposed enemy?.  I look at things a little differently, I don't want to shock anybody in life with hanging flesh.  I like tidy and if it is not I shall tidy it up.

Sunday 23 October 2011


I have had one of those lovely idle days dreaming. I like Sundays like this, newspapers, a fire and a walk.
I then went off to the premiere of WE again, this time in London.  It was certainly not as chic as Venice. Loads of men and women screaming .  Madonna looked totally stunning, truly a pocket star.
The film had certainly seen the chop, bits I liked had been removed, romantic photographic bits. similar to Ken Russell's romantic shots in Lady Chatterley's Lover. However, the latest version moves swiftly. Wallis was every locked up in a guilt cage, unable to move, her relationship with her husband was totally claustrophobic and cheeky at the same time.  The other story really was not necessary in my opinion. There is still so much to find out about Wallis Simpson.  Was she difficult, what were her tricks, was she a wit?.  Their lives were made more difficult by their supposed friendship with Hitler?.  How close were they? Still so many unanswered questions that the other story becomes like an irritation. Andrea Risborough's performance was better than the critics say, and the film altogether worth watching. So why are they so mean to Madonna?  I think she is a little to glossy for the dreary people who are critics not doers.
"Dressing beautifully made up for her lack of looks", she said, but I liked her strange unusual face.
Congratulations to all those who preserved this fascinatingly romantic story of the 1930's and to those who designed the wonderful wardrobe, the designers of yesterday with some help form Arianne Phillips.  What a pity we have become so sloppy. I think we should take some note to the glamour and panache of that time and add a little to our wardrobe.

I was lucky enough to visit her house in Paris.  It had been unlived in for a couple of years.  It still had the feeling they were there, pug cushions, the greyish blue colour everywhere. Little tapestries of messages to each other. Dust and their clothes.  They were both so tiny. Miniature people. In that probably lies their secret.

Madonna and the ‘W.E’ Premiere at The BFI London Film Festival! | Famefad

Madonna and the ‘W.E’ Premiere at The BFI London Film Festival! | Famefad


Be careful buying a flat unless you want a mental break down in Paris.  The paperwork is hell on earth. Don't think about investing there,  to try and create cash because it does not.  I am very lucky as I have a French friend with a great deal of humour and tenacity who translates everything and it even gives him a nervous breakdown.  Today I had a serious sense of humour failure when a Parisian auctioneer decided to give wrong estimates for furniture.  I have decided to remove it from the market and no longer sell.  I am a huge fan of Tamara de Lempicka, and so the loss would be too great, besides I  have so many happy memories of lifts, laughter and net, that to sell it just yet would ruin all that had passed..

My play is going on in Paris and Los Angeles, I like doing this. I have never felt happier. My neon exhibition starts next week with Kay Saatchi  on the 3rd November based on the 7 deadly sins at the Doyle Devere Gallery at 30 Ledbury Road.  Kay and  I decided to portray myself doing my little peccadilloes in the hope that other people would start thinking about their own mistakes and changing.  It is so tricky to break habits. With  all these things to look forward to, and the hope that I shall get stuck in lift , let's pray it is with some dishy man again.

Saturday 22 October 2011

68th Venice Film Festival - Wuthering Heights

68th Venice Film Festival - Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights (2011) Trailer


Maya Fiennes the Yoga teacher is in town from Los Angeles.  In the past we have had lots of holidays together, her husband Magnus made films of the time we had together, that we will always treasure. Beautiful small amusing adventures into childish dreams.

Earthy, slushy and the hanging of lurchers  will stay in my memory of what I had always considered to be a romantic story. Having been influenced by Kate Bush's version of Wuthering Heights in 1978, I always felt it would be difficult to tackle the  language of the Emily Bronte story. I was proved wrong the soundscape was extraordinary and if you were blind you could still see it. Soloman Glove, the black boy who played Heathcliff when he was young,  became a frightened animal,brutal breathing like a wild horse, always alive and ready to run.  I liked this film but not as Wuthering Heights, the earthiness and the realistic dirt shown by the director Andrea Arnold felt wonderful but something else altogether. Whatever it is, she challenged  herself with one of the most tricky pieces of English literature in a very Sylvia Plath way.

I was lucky I arrived home to find a cheerful Maya, who took the last few images away of dogs swinging in the wind.

Wuthering Heights - Sylvia Plath (Read by Dave Stewart)

Sylvia Plath Is Interviewed On BBC Radio, 1962 Rare & Justifiably Muc...

Ted Hughes 'On Thinking'




Ryan Gosling Sings for George Clooney

Proms - Anna Netrebko - Meine Lippen sie Kussen so heiss

Angela Gheorghiu - Tatal Nostru (Lord's Prayer)

Susan Kleinberg TSM@Palazzo Fortuny Venice Biennale 2011

Friday 21 October 2011

Maria Callas-Christa Ludwig-sing "Mira o Norma"

M. Caballe & J. Veasey "Mira o Norma" Orange 1974

Vincenzo Bellini - Symphony from "Norma"

Maria Callas: Person to Person interview with Ed Murrow (New York, Jan. ...

Nancy Dell'Olio and Anton du Beke - Slow Waltz - Strictly Come Dancing 2011


Television has become just a round of games shows obsessed with cooking and DIY, I certainly do not think it is good value to watch endless programmes of making bread. Last night I was staying in the Ritz hotel which was delightfully old fashioned.  Pretty plates, saucers and men wearing tales.  They were incredibly welcoming and even delivered my clothes back to my house.  However no matter how good the service was,  I was entirely let down my the awful television that I was subjected to.  Not really the Ritz's fault?, but why there were quite so many Arab channels I have no idea, certainly there was nothing for me to watch. Instead I have to rely on my friend  Nancy Dell'olio. She thank goodness, is causing a lot of controversy with feathers, glamour and her capricious Italian nature.  Her giggle  and self belief make her a viable box office success. Go girl go.  Press that button so we can continue the drama.

Big Apple Shows: Join the Mailing List!

Big Apple Shows: Join the Mailing List!: Join the Mailing List!

Thursday 20 October 2011

"Lust, Caution" Trailer

Griet's Theme (reprise) - Girl with a pearl earring soundtrack

A RHAPSODY in A. for .ALEXANDER DESPLAT.....................


My love of film and music took me to the ICA, in sunshine for The London Film Festival this morning to hear Alexandre Desplat speak. To adapt a famous quotation "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" but then I am a fan.  Last night I was at the premiere of  George Clooney's  film, The Ides of March that Monsieur Desplat had written the music for so, it was only correct that I headed to the Mall on a glorious morning to listen to a genius.  Alexandre arrived from Paris in a hushed frenzy and left in a mysterious hurry. This created an image that for once worked.  Everybody was on the edge of their seats as the velvet tongued superstar composer and flautist revealed sparkly facets of his musical career.  His 120 films, teased the audience with morsels of things to come, and were discussed with informative passion and perfect pitch.  All with Parisian glamour and at the same time very Hollywood.  Alexandre has won everything from The Bear to the Globe, with films like The Queen, Harry Potter,The Kings Speech, Cherie, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Golden Compass, The Birth, The Ides of March, The Girl with Pearl Earring, and back again with charismatic magnetism that only the French men have. Having worked with Tom Hooper, Roman Polanski, Stephen Frears and so many other incredible film directors, this is a man who works.

I left with the very pregnant  make up artist to the world Emma O'byrne and ended up at the Wolsey for a girls lunch I had forgotten about but actually organised, and was literally turned upside down by a friend who I kissed hello. A far cry from D flat minor  and a major chord.

Monday 17 October 2011


There is a thrill I get from having everything for sale and a freedom from the baggage that I once thought was interesting.  I realise I need nothing to be happy but good friends, loving family and a computer,  Laughter holds me the most, there is nothing better than sitting with interesting  friends. I hate too much around my neck, responsibility except where children are concerned seems heavy and dull.  I wish to become priestlike to enjoy the divinity of peace and solitude.

Halloween babynista outfits

Halloween babynista outfits


October 2011


Free-Spirited British Socialite and Ultra Glamorous Fashion Editor of Genlux Magazine in Los Angeles exhibits her Neon Sign Art Pieces at The Peccadilloes Exhibition

London – Amanda Eliasch (, the accredited playwright dips into one of her most fervent passions as she prepares for an exhibit at the esteemed Doyle Devere Gallery in London on 3rd November 2011.  At “Peccadilloes”, Amanda will be showcasing her neon sign art pieces - which are based on cartoons of her by dear friend and mega art collector Kay Saatchi.  With humour and creative insight, her art will highlight the many facets of wrath, envy, sloth, greed, lust, pride, and gluttony in a creative initiative to remind people of what they have forgotten.

As a dazzling and often enigmatic fixture at the shows in New York, Paris, and London, Amanda has successfully navigated the perils of the fickle fashion industry and the international glitterati, becoming revered as one of Britain’s fabled and adored modern style icons.  She splits her time between a carefully curated townhouse by the river in Cheyne Walk, a residence in Paris – formerly occupied by the similarly rebellious artist Tamara de Lempicka – and her home in Beverly Hills, previously owned by the legendary actress Janet Leigh.

Amanda’s impulsive and restless nature is all but palpable in her life and artistry. The artist began her earlier years in creative institutions such as the Royal Academy for the Dramatic Arts, The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, and the Moscow Theatre - but soon turned her sights to photography.  To date, Amanda has released three books.  The first was Assouline’s “British Artists at Work” a collaboration with Italian Vogue Editor Franca Sozzani.  “Made by Indians and Made by Brazilians” featured work with Enrico Navarra Galleries. Her poetry book entitled “Cloak and Dagger Butterfly” was published by the philanthropic initiative Chipmunka and is to be followed by another entitled “The Sins of a Butterfly”.  Amanda has also showcased her dramatic black and white prints in four exhibitions across London to much acclaim, and most recently, she extends her talents to playwriting as her first work “As I Like It” ran for two weeks at The Chelsea Theatre in July 2011. 

While there is no lack of drama in her rhapsodic lifestyle, Amanda Eliasch is astonishingly candid in her art.  Delving into her prints and poetry is like having a peek at the mind of a glamorous free spirit and renegade artist – whose fearless pursuit of life’s curiosities makes her a fascinating modern icon.  

“Peccadilloes” will take place at the Doyle Devere Gallery on November 3, 2011 located at 30 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AB.

To interview Amanda Eliasch, please contact Sophie Perhar at Cooke and Brand PR at 020 7038 3660 or email

Thursday 13 October 2011


Frieze week and London is chaos, luckily my brain is the best 'tom tom' in the business so I get around quickly.  Too many parties and not enough time to spend at them because they were all squashed together for what, I do not know?    I  had many love stories yesterday and a fleeting one with cages at Max Wigram, but as I entered my house there was simply nowhere to put it.  I settled for a pretty painting of a rose by Mustafa Hulusi that Charles Saatchi suggested I buy as he sat with Martin Maloney in Scotts today.  There were so many VIP's at Frieze that were not buying anything, I have often wondered what is a VIP, because VIP's tend to have everything delivered and have private views.

The whole thing reminded me of Crufts, bright lights everywhere,  only the exhibitors were humans, instead of dogs.  All the women were well dressed in brown, on the mobiles, speaking twenty five languages.  I like to enter a room and see where the exits are.

Photographers and darlings were everywhere. My hat comes off to Matthew Slotover, as there are now roughly 170 galleries showing  artworks by some genuinely talented artists.  Of course the original ones hold my interest.  A Partrick Caulfied painting, at Waddington's, caught my eye and I a would genuinely have said yes to  any rich man who wanted to get married, to get it.  There is the hooker  in all of us, and art has the 'hit' factor.

I was relieved to rush home with a friend and get ready for the London Film Festival which is gaining so much popularity that there is an overflow of hangers on there too. You know the type, the ones who have to be everywhere but have nothing to give intellectually or financially.  The BFI need funds desperately for preserving Hitchcock's silent films, it will cost something like two million to save them.  So why were they letting in so many who would not dream of putting their hand in their pocket for anything?.

Dinner was at the St Martin's Hotel, Asia de Cuba and I was lucky to be sitting with Tessa Ross, Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Aukas, I felt at home having just spent five days with Pablo organising James Franco's exhibition in Venice..  I was entertaining a delicious man aged 23, the new Harvey Weinstein,  of course, as he was so young, people teased me like crazy. Truth is I am not into young men,  I like my own age, if only some were free, not so damaged, and liked woman of a certain age..
We went to the film with the lovely Stephen Frears and his friend Leo, totally charming as was the film 360, by the director Fernando Meirelles.  A mish mash of vaguely exciting stories, that rather irritatingly changed just as you got into them.  Then followed by the Saatchi gallery for a the party afterwards.
So after being propositioned a couple of times and not for just a painting, and a few too many hi's and bi's, I need to get rid of my Tamara de Lempicka flat to pay for a painting of a rose.

The best part of the day was a walk in the park followed by bumping into Jeanne Marine.


I thought that I was going to stay in bed all week and get over jet lag, rather than go to any parties at all. Curiosity killed the cat and I can't stay at home for long.  I rushed round the furniture and design exhibition in Berkeley Square which was incredible as usual and I fell in love with a three dimensional wall covering in pottery, then a chair in the shape of a hand in silver. Then there was Todd Merrill from New York who showed a piece by Katsuya Aoki, "The predictive dream".
I sat happily with Edward Horswell and his sculptures and realised I had known him for thirty years.  I had coup de foudre over a bronze by Edouard-Marcel Sandoz 1880-1971  Fennecs du Sahara 1926.  I have started to adore bronzes and collect them. TimeDavid Gill moves swiftly on and so to waste my time in bed seems a deliberate move to laziness when people likel, Louisa Guinness, Hamiltons, Gordon Watson are up, awake and all there. Gordon Watson had a black lamp with a red bulb vase heart which I would have borrowed from the bank for.  So many beautiful objects.
Afterwards had a delicious dinner with Rick and Michele Owens at Mr Kai's in South Audley Street, and sat with Oscar Humphries who if I was 22, I would fall madly in love with.  He really has everything, he is dapper, elegant, well mannered, charming and editor of Apollo, could a woman really want anything else?

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Monkey Tormentor Thinks More Should Suffer

Monkey Tormentor Thinks More Should Suffer: A notorious experimenter and primate supplier wants the U.S.' help tormenting more monkeys in laboratories. Frank Ervin, a vivisector from McGill University, operates the Behavioral…

Monday 10 October 2011

Ponce de Leon & The Fountain Of Youth

WHAT's HAPPENED TO CHIVALRY? It's more like an urban bubble of bullshit.

What is this new thing that men can't pay for dinner?  I am curious that the men who are free and over fifty have no pride?.  The ones that are free and over fifty think it's okay to sponge off me and my friends, I am writing a list so that other women can be aware of who is ponce and who is not.
There are so many that I feel I am carrying 50 pound weights on my back.  The worst one was a man who boasted he was about to collect a billion, and would I mind buying him an airline ticket?.   I did of course, stupid me. He said " I will pay you back, I just don't have a travel agent" I met him at the Chelsea Arts Club, so I should have guessed. He ate me out of house and home and even put his fags on my bill.  Since I don't smoke or drink, and didn't fancy this old man, it made me furious.  He was a man who boasted he was building a city to house 52 million in China.  He now wants to send me a bill for the time spent irritating me. He was an 'urban bubble' of bullshit.

His name is Crumpled Cream, Architect and Ponce number one. Architects gossip so much and with so much name dropping I felt the lids of my eyes close continually. He never stopped boring my friends and I with stories of his girlfriend who had left him. I would have left him too...

Now shall I do number two or shall I remain discreet.  I am going to think about it, but you know who you are?

I hate women's liberation, I hate voting and I don't mind being  at a mans beck and call.  I like old fashioned men, I am now joining a nunnery and going to remain celibate.  Good news is that most men, luckily over 50 are impotent, so the loss won't be noticed, plus I would rather live with my memories of beautiful men who made love well  rather than tarnish them with old crumpled cream.


Amanda Eliasch

David Hamilton Saint-Tropez Souvenirs

Saturday 8 October 2011

Paris fashion week, Snowden hill & Amanda Eliasch

Maria Callas B E L L I N I : I L P I R A TA

Maria Callas - Ah non credea mirarti

Lucia Popp "Deh vieni non tardar" (Le Nozze di Figaro -1980)


This week saw the release of Amanda Knox.
The zero sized Amanda stood and defended herself against  the Italian justice system which had kept her in prison since her friend and flat mate Meredith Kercher was murdered on Halloween in 2007.  On little evidence Miss Knox was bundled  into prison.  Her family and friends stood by her . From tiny amounts of DNA on a kitchen knife,  the prosecution said this was the murder knife, although another knife was found on a drifter Rudy Hermann Guede.  I have always wondered how a woman could slash the throat of someone whom she shared a flat with?.  A young woman who had come to Perugia to study Italian, surely both girls  just wanted to have fun and had the bad judgement to allow a drifter into their lives?.
Amanda Knox was portrayed as an evil witch who was a sex fiend.  In reality this girl came from an ordinary family in America and worked hard. From some dodgy behaviour in the police station and buying underwear Amanda was seen through the world's media as a sex crazed girl.  Come on.. think?
What were the motives?  The parents of Meredith Kercher have their killer in jail.. Rudy is in prison. Yet there is still a question mark?.

Was a Amanda too pretty? Did the prosecution take a dislike to her outgoing nature? Did she lie? Was she hit in prison.  Probably yes to all these things and her boyfriend too was accused of a crazed sexual attack.   Hopefully now she is proved to be innocent she can get back to normal life.  Will she recover? Probably not and for the Kercher's they will never really know what happened to their daughter on the night of Halloween despite obvious evidence.

I kept a pet alive on facebook for Amanda's memory.  This story really upset me. This could so easily happen to anyone of our children.

22. Alexandre Desplat - Wong Chia Chi's Theme



Sunday 2 October 2011

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming...And Gold...


Greta Garbo - The Divine Woman

Marlene Dietrich -La Vie En Rose- (E.Piaf wedding to Jacques Pills)


How anybody can think Los Angeles is uncultured and full of pink plastic is ridiculous, they obviously  do not check anything out.  This week I have met so many excellent actresses, so many artists, collectors and idealists that perhaps it's critics have got the wrong place?.
Last night I went to the Art Platform in down town Los Angeles for their version of a younger Frieze.  It was full of vitality and if the art was not all brilliant who cares?  I saw colours and excitement everywhere I looked.  I bought a piece by Rachel Hovnanian whose work portrayed the vices of the female, their wishes and their sadness, all in white.
I saw Jonathan from Leadapron and my great friend Henry Duarte who was meant to come for lunch and totally forgot about it. He was wearing very tight black jeans he had designed and is a hardy eccentric on the Los Angeles scene.
There were lots of colourful pieces that were fun to interact with.
I gave a lunch today which was brilliantly presented by the talented Debbie Soloman.  Artists and musicians all turned up and luckily Charles, my son played Chopin and Debussy.
Michel and Ayako Comte came, Kay Saatchi and Zeta Graff, there was not a dull moment. Thank goodness for the stunning light and weather of Los Angeles.

I then had the luck to be invited by Odalys Nanin to her play at the  Macha Theatre, that she has written, directed and acted in.  Garbo's Cuban Lover gave me an insightful look into the fascinating lives and loves of Garbo, Marlene, Irving Thalberg, Salka Viertal and Mercedes de Acosta.  I was not aware that they had all lesbian affairs, or that their lives were connected. I never think about peoples sexuality so  I learnt a lot in the hour and a half which passed swiftly. It was a really fun end to a busy week.