Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Off course I am a Dominatrix darling.

I used to go on holiday to the glamorous Hotel du Cap, later I went to Maison du Cap my house in Ramatuelle every Summer, now my life is about easy access, a remedial bathroom, with rails and enough towels to wash an elephant at one of the beautiful serene Viva Mayr Altausee.  Everything here is the correct height and no more bending and kneeling. If my doctor had his way,  my maribou bedroom heels would be now replaced with white toweling flip flops. That is for everybody else but me of course, I turn up in my black lingerie. I am sorry I am not going to look remedial and downtrodden.  I was told to go for a walk today and take off my black thick tights and walk on pebbles with my eyes closed, then walk through freezing cold water, letting sunlight to my legs is a rarity, but I need the Vitamin D, it stops depression.
I seem to have the ability to  silence the patrons as I walk past in La Perla underwear outerwear.  Some say I was once on the cover of Playboy Magazine, others that I am a socialite, neither are true, but infamy rules . The reality is that this week I am trying to get Nancy Reagan thin, who incidentally wore cable knit pullovers to augment the arms to a normal size.  I want the black shadows under my eyes as I get emaciated.  Having felt starved for the last three days there are luckily good hotels in the vicinity who allow me to have the odd espresso to keep me going.
Really what I want to learn next is twerking but I would also need a giant bottom to be any good. It's the new must-have in California and judging by the Kardashian's curves, it gives you guaranteed success. You can purchase one also in London at the fabulous office of my old friend, Dr. Sebagh, where you can have your rump delicately pumped up with gel, plus you can get anything else you like improved too. He is a magician with the needle. However, have they thought what  the skin will look like, Bad enough when your lips looked like pork sausages, but a huge bottom and skinny legs. Imagine what it will look like at sixty.
 It seems we humans all want to be controlled by Aliens with Pokemon games and look like them, too. Aldous Huxley said that we would enjoy being taken over? Well, it looks like it is happening?

I have been told by a friend today that the only thing I lacked to be a  Dominatrix is the kinky, wet look thigh length,  boots with a channel down the sides for a riding crop made for kicking and hitting. I am informed that I have a Ph.D. in Manipulation. Charming.  The heels must be so high that they come with a health warning saying that I could get vertigo. With the thought of this, the room goes round and round and I need anti-nausea medicine. I need virtual reality goggles nowadays so that everything looks a bit more natural and normal.

Now I must get back to "InfoWars" and see when The End of the world is coming so I can get prepared, and watch the next episode of the Clinton/Trump saga, which is proving more entertaining than anything else. With Hillary's assistant being part of the Muslim Brotherhood, her emails, The Clinton Foundation scandal on top of Hillary croaking from Parkinsons, the supposed murders around them and Donald Trump the only person turning up to help those in Louisiana, what his hairdo will be like today, and his tax returns. The race continues but not through mainstream media as they always seem to get it wrong nowadays and are so only into Hillary that makes me raise my eyebrows as to balanced press/media. After all, Hillary has enough evidence against her, to supposedly land her in jail, only the Clinton's seem above the law?. Therefore, there is nobody better to listen to than Alex Jones, who enjoys terrifying the chocolate eater Clinton on an hourly basis, as the Grandma avoids being interviewed at all costs.  Before you all cry that I am a right-wing fanatic hold your horses, I am not, but I am a seeker of truth and the big "C's" look dead dodgy to me.  Today as I was chatting at the clinic telling my doctor all the latest election gossip he said to me "Which channel was I listening too" I said "The one that amuses me the most"

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

WE ARE BECOMING TOMATO KETCHUP PEOPLE take back our responsibility .

As I return to my past in London I realise that everything through Globalisation and political correctness looks like a run down Macdonalds, full of fat blobs fed on too much sugar, looking like an over ripe tomato with missing seams. Their brains fed with chips which they think come from Macdonalds too and not from a potato. People feel that subsidies are their right and pride is a sin.  So you know a potato is not a couch potato but a green beautiful plant.  Most people would not realise that the potato is from the Nightshade Family as is their Tomato ketchup. It is alkaline and the best food for the human in its original clean state. I am fed up seeing too much flesh on the high street with fat midriffs, where women stretch a size 12 dress over a size 18, or in the worst scenario a beautiful girl in the inappropriate kit looking like a hooker. Sophia Lauren is a hot tomato obviously handled by the right people.

Chewing gum art by Ben Wilson

The problem with friends when you wish to change or grow from a negative point to a positive point is that they feel threatened by not being your enabler, your fat enabler, your drink enabler, your spending enabler, in case you won't like them. When you wish to throw down their control they feel uncomfortable. They will defend where they stand, regardless if you wish to change yourself.
There are exemplary people who do their best for other people, unfortunately, there are too many bottom feeders who fill their lives up with someone else's, and afterwards act like the victim.
We have definitely become "Tomato ketchup"  people easily served in a plastic tomato with grubby fingerprints all over it, having been handled by all. It makes a nasty sound when you get it out. 
I walked along the Chelsea Embankment with little front gardens with beautiful trees and Stephanotis climbing over the railings and then I came to council area. Just because people live in rented accommodation and have no regard for the fabric of their building, since they are only going to be there ten minutes, does not mean that you need to festoon the gardens with used syringes and condoms and lumps of dried up dog shit and chewing gum. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan can see I am sure that London needs a very good clean. If we as individuals got out on the pavement and cleaned it and did our part, picking up rubbish and watered the hanging baskets, London would feel a lot happier, a walk along the road less precarious. I say clean our patch.

This should be our individual's responsibility,  not an organisation's,  and equally our health our business too. What about if when we felt ill, we got a blood test and then went to the doctor on the NHS it would be a hell of a lot quicker?. Let's take some pride in our appearances, our health, our behaviour and the places where we live in and think about others. Let's decorate the chewing gum by artist Ben Wilson.  I have to go now as sadly I have to scrape off my shoes.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


This Summer I decided not to travel abroad, why? The weather is good here and I have many family obligations. It was made easy by a wonderful invitation to visit the small coastal village in Helford,  Cornwall.  I flew down, spending time with the brilliant writer, Frederick Forsyth and his feisty wife Sandy, talking about politics and the state of the world, whilst reading his book "The Outsider" in paperback. 
I have enjoyed August in England and cannot believe it. You do not have to travel in overcrowded aeroplanes to have fun on beaches,  around Europe, it is packed and mostly unpleasant. I discovered the stunning coast of Cornwall visiting Daphne du Maurier's romantic ideal, Frenchman's Creek . I visited St Mawes by boat having drinks on the beautiful terrace of the Relais Chateau Hotel called Idle Rocks. It was full of chic looking people in Guernsey pullovers and jeans. Brown faces and no makeup. The most useful piece of clothing over the last few days was the bomber jacket. So fashionable this season.  I lived in my Saint Laurent black one with white trim. I also loved the jacket from Zara. I positively hate jeans but found the best pair was from Missguided for ten pounds were infinitely more comfortable than the more expensive pair I bought. Yes, the bomber jacket was loved and I lusted after Sandy's beautiful embroidered one she found at M&S.  The Forsyth's were stimulating company.

AT THE IDLE ROCK, St Mawes WITH Frederick Forsyth

I have had time to listen to the endless transcripts surrounding Benghazi which are stimulating, studying the messy world of politics. I also managed to see the contemporary  production of Jesus Christ Superstar by my good friends Tim Rice and Andrew Loyd Webber. Brilliant and moving I felt I had intimate moments with Jesus himself. Wonderful dancing and singing, this is a night to remember in Regent's Park Theatre, amongst nature the stage came alive. I went with besties Inesa and Barrington de la Roche and danced through the woods in the rain. 

Millie Brown Artist with Amanda Eliasch and Gavino Di Vino photograph by Inesa de la Roche.

I also went to an incredible one-man show written by the talented youthful Gavino di Vino which is about to go to Edinburgh. Sixty minutes of witty commentary. The show "Auntie" demonstrates the diversity of London life, brilliant musings from the outrageous  Gavino. The disappointing moments when his Aunt first arrived in England. A natural snob who is politically incorrect. Beautifully styled in a graceful flat. Auntie talks non-stop horrified by the lack of class and integrity of the people around her. Gavino portrays the life of his Aunt and her son. The piece explodes with colour and imagination. It is a total must see.
He will be starring in Edinburgh at Chalky's from the 17th-27th.
Frenchman's Creek

Gavino Di Vino in Auntie

Saturday, 6 August 2016


The  evasive deception by Mainstream media and Associated press across the globe especially the United States and the United Kingdom is truly shocking using nebulous misinformation to gain popularity whilst ignoring facts about the candidates.
Such breaking news as  "Hillary Clinton has a chance today because Trumpy has not combed his fringe". The point is  if he gets in he may do 4 to 8 years of damage, but if Hillary gets in it might take half a century to get tidied up. Is she really in touch at 70? He can still have babies she can't?. We want a President who can do things,  not one who can't do things. I can't verify if Trump's wife was a prostitute, but I do know that the lascivious drug addict  Bill Clinton likes a couple of cigars.
Despite the low turnout turning up to Hillary's rallies Trump draws enormous crowds.

We must fight the misinformation, which we the human being can do. Do we wish to be ruled by few very crooked individuals or can it be changed?  The fact that Saunders won ten election states in the USA but Clinton stole the nomination of the Democratic Party, shows this. It was the supposed squeaky clean  Democratic Party if you remember that started the Klu Klux Klan and Parenthood. Hillary was even a good friend.  President Obama is now standing up saying "Elections are not rigged" he must be terrified,  he even mentioned Mr. Trump. Why is Obama so worried about a supposed shining example of what America is about, Donald Trump? Why?  Obama knows the system well, he stole the 2012 election.  What has this charming man achieved? 19 Trillion in debt? Obamacare?  Mentioning Texas? Infowars and conspiracy theories, using disinformation to confuse people?. What about the 400 million dollars in blood money to the Iranians for the hostages? Totally illegal.  Despite us voting, elections are chosen by a few people against what the electorate want. Therefore there is nothing democratic about it. Election fraud is well known. We must fight against the New World Order.  Do we  truly want worldwide labor, religion, mass sterilization?  Do we really have a say at all when we are forming thoughts and opinions based on lies?.  We think we have a choice,  but those in power already know what we are going do. Our futures are already chosen, the police force, the big pharmaceutical companies the government and the religious institutions are all dictating what we believe, Who is our imaginary friend?

 There are  progressives and reformers and the "Elites" are destined to fall. Just watch it, Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn have both proven that the people are talking, taking power and wanting change.
I am a great lover of America but it truly needs to fight against what is happening. How can "crooked" Hillary Clinton with her fat ankles and soon to be murdered cronies win our respect after Whitewater, Benghazi,  their Foundation, and the supposed drug running while Bill was Governer, 90 friends around them killed including, Vincent?
Being "friends" with the Clintons might qualify you as being another casualty, being a friend of theirs seems truly dangerous? The emails? Wiki Leaks? Getting rid of Saunders?Yet the Democrats are trying to persuade us that it is okay? The rapacious appetite of Bills.  Luckily we can only be killed once. What's the matter with the left wing intellectual are they asleep?
Look at Donald Trump he won with landslides, otherwise, they would have got rid of him. For years he has been popular and now as he runs for President he is cheapened. Oh, what treachery. People were happy to take his advice and money for years.
Instead, America rubbishes him, a man who is principled, with clever children. He raised 97 million,  in three weeks for his election, the rest he has paid for entirely on his own. His congregations are full and Hillary 's are not?  They scream that his wife is a prostitute,  he is bankrupt, yet he gave jobs to thousands of people and is very reputable in his brash vulgar way. Is he giving money to Isis? No.  Has he murdered anybody? No.  He is, in my opinion, a businessman and that is why they do not like him, using his hair style to get rid him and the wall to box him in?
I would rather Trump have a dodgy hairstyle than a beard.
If everybody does not know where they are going, standstill, but realize that you are choosing to make a misguided vote on constantly morphing ideas to suit the mass media, the people running them, their minions with other people's millions, so think carefully and keep your own council.