Saturday, 25 May 2013


Dramas at Heathrow Airport  caused me to help my friend Pablo Ganguli out today. On the top of the staircase 6 is a stunning balcony overlooking the bay of Cannes a wonderful party was hosted by Montblanc and Liberatum, famous for their cultural events .  We were fed delicious canapes with the smell of candles wafting through the room. It was for the opening Jim Jarmusch's film "Only lovers left alive"starring Tilda Swinton.
We all need love, but the problem with this world is the lack of integrity and the inability to forgive, or be honest. If you don't like something you have to say it, evan if you dress it up as something else.

Only lovers left alive is visually beautiful, with a brilliant opening scene spiralling down to the cast, with some interesting moments and some clever creative ideas. the film tells the story of Adam and Eve having a glass of negative O with Marlowe, the writer. Some wonderful music and a killing.  Made by Hanway Films and my favourite Jeremy Thomas. There is something so endearing about this man that when his credit popped up I was surprised he wasn't cheered more, after all he was paying for the film. Without financing sorted out from people like this, there would be few poetic films made. So if the audience can't cheer him on, I do.
I am also ashamed to say I do not know the work of  Jim Jarmusch well enough, but apparently people faint over meeting him. So I shall busy myself when I get home and `have the pleasure of seeing some of his other films.
This one needs a little fine editing. Despite the fascinating story it drags, I like to be honest  I would get a large pair of scissors and cut twenty minutes out of it. Why would anybody wish to spoil very good moments, but who am I to say anything? I just needed to sleep and eat as I have been up for ten days with little kip?. Anyway vampires and Marlowe should make a good story.

Liberatum in association with Montblanc  hosted a special event and dinner to 
celebrate the world premiere of Jim Jarmusch's film Only Lovers Left Alive at 
the 66th Cannes Film Festival, last night . Cannes' Palme d'Or winning 
director Jim Jarmusch, Academy Award winning actress Tilda Swinton, BAFTA 
nominated actor Tom Hiddleston, Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe and BAFTA 
winning actor John Hurt, Academy Award winning producer Jeremy Thomas, fashion 
designer Haider Ackermann and many others  attended the celebration at the 
Palais des Festivals.

Friday, 24 May 2013


Last night I was luck to be given incredible tickets and so I went to the opening of Nabraska. I arrived in time to see a fit and spectacular Arielle Dombasle walk the red carpet, she looks like a fairy from Midsummer Nights Dream. She was showing her film Opium after La belle et la bete by Jean Cocteau.
My heart was torn between the films.

Nabraska is a film about being old, falling apart and dreaming of winning a million dollars. In black and white it was a festival feast of the bitterness, the lunacy, the laughter of becoming elderly. A well made and touching film  with brilliant performances all round. Full to brims people stood to cheer.

At the same time Amfar was raising twenty million for the prevention of Aids, at the Hotel du cap. Supported by Kenneth Cole and Chopard and many famous faces and other brands  this is an incredible  charity.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Yesterday I had a great time at the Italian Pavilion in the charming company of Pascal Vicedomini. My film The gun the cake and the butterfly have reached the ears of Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. I feel quite proud,  a year ago I had not evan thought of making a film. My film has been selected for the Ischia Film and Music Festival 14th-21st July and it was vocally supported by Christoph Waltz and Elsa Zylberstein.
I also had a peaceful morning by the sea in the unfashionable part of Cannes, not Nikki beach, not The Carlton but a small shabby restaurant which had beds on the beach. Much better than The Carlton and believe it or not, they were empty. I must be growing up that I like unfashionable.

I was given some wonderful tickets, for the supposed winner of the Palme D'or last night, however, sadly, if you enjoyed Only God forgives, then you have to be put into a mental institution immediately. It is sick, vulgar and aimless written by Nicholas Winding. The only attractive man in it, was in the shape of Ryan Gosling. Minute seconds of reprieve come from images of his mother, played by the brilliant Kristin Scott Thomas who reminded me of an ageing Essex girl, who had been on the game.  She looked authentic, and if only she had been allowed to live? I wanted her to kill everybody. 
Throngs of people still crowd the streets, there are police everywhere with whistles and batons. However, luckily the sun shines again. The film fitted in perfectly, with todays violence, mafia are on every corner. I wonder how my favourite Jane Campion sees the value of this film? 
For me it was worse than eating shepherds pie made out of lamb. Enough of negativity. I daresay young impressionable school boys will love it, and hopefully they will learn what not to do.  

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


What a week I have had, I was determined to walk the streets like some impoverished artist hawking her wares. To feel the hard graft at the root of the Festival of Cannes. There is something about work that is infinitely more interesting than having somebody do a favour for you. I like to be free of advice and learn on my feet. It is not easy to sell a film, otherwise every little mammal would do it. It does not mean it is impossible, just a tricky and very uneasy road.
All beliefs are possible provided you want them.
I saw the gun shots outside Chopard, policeman running in all directions, people listening to music. I have had lunch at the Hotel du Cap with Alice Bamford, the most delicious one, where her rose wine is chilled to perfection.  I have been on a luxurious boat with  some Russian family, I have been to Diane PernetsASVOFF short film evening with Magnum ice-cream, entertained by American Express and had laughter with artist and LA Head of BAFTA, Nigel Daly.  Also a wonderful lunch with the BFI where I sat with Marc Cousins and talked about romance. Had my make up done by Emma O'byrne fitted in between her hugely rich clients, laughed all night, and seen a couple of films with the BFI.  Listened and taken advice from my wonderful friend Ron Rotholz.  From walking the streets life feels truly alive and vital.

Friday, 17 May 2013

MARC COUSIN's FILM A story of Children

Some days are the best, and today was one of those days. It was beautiful weather for the most part, and I had a brilliant lunch at the BFI talking about wonderful love stories directed and written by Mark Cousin.  Based  around his niece and nephew he told the unusual stories of children in film. The touching, the shy, the terrified, the noble, the class system, it was a fascinating and extraordinary afternoon. Best of all was sitting and laughing with him comparing our tattoos, and our love for making films for next to nothing.  I love this.  A wonderful documentary giving the watcher an amazing afternoon.
I then checked out the Carlton, The Martinez, Vesuvio a boat on the port, and a delicious dinner with my favourite best friend. More I could not wish for?.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Why are we allowing 8 men in our prisons who raped and used a girl of twelve as a sex slave to stay alive. Why do we keep such monsters. They are clearly evil, they are mentally sick and on top of that they cost a fortune to keep? Why do we keep these people alive but no one takes the blame or helps the little girl? The little girls life is ruined, and she wrote help all over her body, and the men branded her flesh, and injected her with heroin. Haven't we gone mad as a society?
Then on top of this five more girls were sexually abused whilst in the care of Oxfordshire's county council?
Why are we keeping the man who put photographs of the girl he murdered,  in the nude, on his computer alive? Why? Have we, the do gooders become mentally deranged?  Come on, we have to wake up, we are a very sick society. No one in their right mind would let these sort of men into our society ever again. After the drama of Jimmy Saville and the recent accusations are we going to carry on letting these men have their sick way?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A love affair was the jewel for me at The Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is different for everybody, that is what I like about it. Hectic, hot, cramped, noisy and busy. I have been going for at least thirty years and my love of film has been an evan longer addiction.
The glitz, the glamour, Eden Rock late at night, the bar at the top, the bar at the bottom, The Martinez where the true workers stay, the glamorous stars in villas hidden away. Then on top of that the buzz of the pr's that send you endless amounts of information about parties, the dresses, the colour of the lipstick, the stars, the stories, the good and the bad, the jewels, the cocktails, the hair and the boats. I have heard everything. I have been given week ends on boats that never moved, to move a boat round a corner is about 35,000 pounds so you think twice about where you stay.  I have stayed at the Carlton, The Martinez, Eden Roc, Hotel du Cap.  I used to spend 6 weeks in August at the Hotel du Cap until it made me into a spoilt brat..  I lived in the best house in St Tropez, but who cares?  For me the best thing I ever did  was to visit a lover late at night, at 1am, after he had walked the red carpet, and to make love with him until the small hours. Those stolen moments made my life much more interesting.
Never the party.
To make love to a man who had cameras flashing all evening, was incredible.
Now I have a film to sell I am trying a new way to see this incredible business. A working way.  The sweaty workers, the agents "hot to trot", tired from seeing films at 8am until past midnight.
To open and close the Cannes film festival can be exciting.
I  am so happy I  can at last close my ears to the woman talking  shopping, the all night dancing, the shmoozing and the hope of a five minute conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Sitting talking to middle aged men sipping the finest champagne, and chatting up long legged blondes is thank goodness behind me. I like something with depth and finesse, and men who can see their toes. If I can they can.
People long for invitations and the conversations go like this. "Friday I have the lunch with the BFI, followed by the Finch dinner, then Amfar, I am coming in on the jet at 4pm with Bruce, and afterwards we will have drink with Scorsese, and so on. So this year I am checking the other side of things. Forget the glamour, well just a little, I will still wear red lipstick and high heels, but this time I shall find out about the hard graft. No better way than on the job selling The gun the cake and the butterfly.
Of course I am wearing a little long number from Givenchy, chiffon sleeve, slinky body, a black dress from Dior, a Rick Owens short jacket, Shoes by YSL, and I shall wear my hair very very high. In between selling I shall remember the past, the gentle knocking at a door past midnight, and I shall relive the story all over again, as no one take away my memory.

Monday, 13 May 2013


It is my birthday whatever that means, because at this age it is all nonsense. You see everything very clearly, and I am just pleased that my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly gets some notice, because it is something to be proud about. I really believe it is a clever film, made by the latest team involved. It did take ages to get people together that were able to do the artistic side of the job well. At last it looks good enough to show. It was irksome when everything was not quite right, rather like politicians, some people just had to go.


I  loved Thomas Gould's violin playing last night at my birthday party. He has incredible energy, and like all the men in my life, has good legs. It is funny actually. I remember my Aunt liking long legs, and my Mother liking emaciated men, I think I got the trend from them.
I am very happy this year as my first film, has got into four festivals, The New York International Film Festival, The New Media Film Festival, The Ischia film and music festival. Boo Hoo.
On another note:

Have politicians lost all sense of reason?
1.When they privatise the Royal Mail, they will lose votes no question.
2.If they do a mansion tax they will lose, no question.
3. When they tax the extra granny room they will lose votes no question.
4. If they change the way rich people live here, all the property market will collapse and the banking system too, therefore bankrupting what is left of Great Britain.
If we did not allow every country on the planet to happily luxuriate in our health service, and if we did not allow every country to load our welfare system with  bills and believe that people with four or more children should receive benefits, we would live in a better world, but nothing intelligent goes on at Number 10 or 11.
In any case, we as citizens of the England, do not have a real say, and we do not live in a democracy. Why don't they stop taking in so many immigrants who must seriously hate England. Who would like our endless bad weather? Imagine for a second, landing up in Mile End Road, when you think you are going to get to the Land of milk and money, sorry honey. I always thought Babylon was the land of milk and honey.  Anyway these values have gone out of the window. No nobody ever beat us in an invasion but they sure have bankrupted our welfare system? Where there is a will there is a way?

Back to making films, Los Angeles, and sunshine, now that will keep a smile on my very happy face.
I think I shall take a flight out of here and forget what is happening to this wonderful country, or live in the Malvern Hills away from everything.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Punk Rock is an age I adore.  It is my age.  The age when lyrics were dangerous, jeans were skinny and tight, and bad behaviour was cool.   I personally loved the violence, the snarls, the tight tight clothes, the aggression.  I felt dangerous, of course being too young,  I was not included, but I felt it.  The Queen of  Punk was not Madonna, although she did it so well, but really the Gogo's, in any case the cup goes to the Sex Pistols.  
Yesterday, at The Met Ball, they celebrated the coming of age of the Punk Rocker, but all who tried too hard, looked a messy shambles of badly dressed people, except Madonna.  
Declasse of course, the ripped stockings, the pointy high heals, the tartan, the piercings. We Punks are old now or getting old, and people forget quickly. The point was to celebrate punk not to wear it, unless you were one.   Ana Wintour  opted for the safer option and was plunged in flowers wearing a Chanel dress, and  Kim Kardashian wore a daring number by Riccardo Tisci.  I will of course think twice about saying anything in case some very serious fashionistas have a go at me, and Kim is heavily pregnant.  Let's say it was brave and difficult choice to make in your third trimester.  I thought she looked better in PRADA the day before.  I like simplicity and flowers generally don't do it for me, not evan on Ana Wintour. Flowers tend to expand on the derriere, or make you look like a aging Aunt. I love both Chanel and Tisci, just that I go to the safer side of the wardrobe and like plain clothes. 
I actually like to look like a punk nun, a funeral gnome.
Kim had wonderful make up, and she glistened. It is the way to go when you have only a few weeks left in pregnancy. Clever to wear plain clothes if you wish to survive criticism.  She is entitled to wear what the hell she wants, she has a small baby growing inside after all. She is also the partner to the most important family in Hollywood. The Hiltons and the Jolie's all seem to have disappeared after she has worked the city.

I realise I was entirely up to date by choosing Pam Hogg to show her clothes in Hollywood. The mother superior of punk/show girl, who has dressed every star and Diva in Los Angeles. Last week for Brit Week, she reigned at my house in Devlin Place.. She is an original, and her clothes, after three decades,  still look bang up to date today.  I loved her ideas around my pool. They would have looked perfect at the Met last night.

Friday, 3 May 2013


What a whirlwind my life has been. I have sold a house, made a film and had OPFASHART in my  house. So enthralling. No lying around here. Last night I showed my film and was happy with the labours of my team from Anarchy Post.
This is what was said about The gun the cake and the butterfly

Ed Pressman said "I was engrossed by the film – and thought it brave, proud, and sad."

Sally Kirkland said "It's a very original, artistic and personal work – Amanda is really putting herself out there as a bold new filmmaker."