Wednesday 29 August 2012


Rolling Stones- Play With Fire with Lyrics


Last night I was invited to a seriously cool party in Venice by Italian Vogue's Editor Franca Sozzani, Oscar Winner, Colin, his beautiful wife, Livia Firth and Lapa Elkann, the very glamorous Fiat heir whose boat it was we were asked to. I loved it. Some boats have magical properties and I approve of anything that isn't a Gin Palace made of plastic.   I  adore sailing boats but this one took us all back to the past.
A wonderfully relaxed evening full of interesting people from the world of fashion, art and Italy's society pages. They were together very generous and we all had a memorable time with old  and new friends.  
Two guests arrived, Stephanie Seymour's sons,  Harry and Peter Brant, the attractive brothers from America who are often seen in magazines these days.
Incidentally Shia Labeouf must be one of the most dishy men on the planet and he is on the cover of Franca's magazine this month.


My last day was spent at The Cipriani, who gave me the most incredible room with a wonderful terrace and I was able to sunbathe in peace with my girlfriend Rushka Bergman. The food was delicious as we soaked up the sun.  I finished the night with a  hot herbal Thai Massage in the Spa .  I was truly spoilt. The Cipriani has not changed over the years and retains a 1950's elegance about it. The rooms have hardly been decorated and are authentic to the period.  I love it and it's definitely in my top ten favourite hotels in the world.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Designer People: Ole Scheeren


Ole Scheeren is for me potentially the greatest living Architect, and yesterday I had the luck to go to his opening at the Architecture Biennale in Venice, with Fashion Editor,  Rushka Bergman, for L'uomo Vogue. He also happens to be the most boyish.  A contemporary platform with a cinema is interesting in the ancient city of Venice, sponsored by Wallpaper Magazine, Linda Davies and a few others.
Ole had ideas to bring things from the East to the West. It had a lightness and beauty that he was interested in. Architecture is about problems, confronting the problems, then solving them. Confuscious, Mao and Microsoft, standing side by side. Thought and reality, making things happen that are not expected.
A documentary was shown on the Archipelago Cinema designed by him, filmed by Horst Bradenburg.  A lecture on Ole's work in the Far East with funky contemporary music, Ole has been an inspiration for Horst.   I loved learning about the life of a young architect nowadays but his work must speak for itself.

Saturday 25 August 2012


I am a big fan of Prince Harry  who is the second son of HRH Prince Charles. He is allowed to be slightly more naughty, slightly cheekier, slightly more daring than his elder brother. 
He has been brought up in a world where fifteen year old girls go down the street with a boob tube, mini shorts and high heels, and where boys show their knickers on the top of their very low waisted jeans. We live in a YOBBO culture and I do not know why people are surprised if he gets influenced. 
He was staying at Steve Wynn's Encore Hotel with a private swimming pool, but Las Vegas is Las Vegas. Last year Steve Wynn, 69, married a beautiful old girlfriend of mine called Andrea Hissom, ex wife of Robert Hissom and daughter of the late  Victor Danenza, who worked at one time organising "parties" for arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi. She used to be perfectly discreet, clever and inscrutable but, of course, in Las Vegas, tacky is king. They gave a kitch "Elvis Wedding" and got married on the day of the Royal Wedding.  
Andrea, having lived in England, is naturally fully aware of the rules where The Royal family are concerned. As a socialite in London she hung out in the polo crowd and was very likeable. 
However the over the top atmosphere in this extreme town must have made Harry forget himself, and he allowed himself to mix with hoi polloi in a very egalitarian way. He probably thought he could get away with it. But in Las Vegas British rules do not apply.  (And clearly Andrea, as The Queen of LV , forgot to warn her husband.) However, as Harry has been educated at Eton and in the army, he must be aware that there are shits everywhere. 
It is well known that Vegas is going broke, and this sort of fortuitous publicity sells rooms (despite the new advertising campaign of Mr Wynn, "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas"). On the other hand, it has probably persuaded the prudent members of society to stay clear of his hotel. When I next see Andrea, I will have to frisk her for cameras and a tape recorder even though I used to trust her with everything.
Luckily it was Prince Harry who has a youthful fit figure and it wasn't other members of the Royal Family caught with their trousers down. He has a genial disposition and a lovely smile, so most people will forget and forgive. After all, he is also happy in the army and following his Mother's footsteps doing humanitarian works for the planet. But remember this: he is firstly a member of the Royal Family with all its quirky out of date rules.  
Tell me this: what was he doing in Las Vegas, the most tacky place on the planet?  He should have used common sense more,  and he should vet his friends. Hookers and party girls are great company for a night out, and for normal people, but not good to hang around with if you are third in line for a throne. 
In an age when there are so many  digital devices, HRH should be more careful to check his entourage thoroughly. And by the way, a word of advice, Sir: you could get a perfectly good game of strip billiards, in the privacy of Buckingham Palace or any of our better Stately Homes.

Friday 24 August 2012


Of course I love my reckless shopping habit, but as I have grown older I especially like things to fit well.  I no longer will go shopping on my slimmest and fattest days of the year. I also like to shop with men that love and like me.. More importantly like me, because never trust a man that you cannot fight with.  They just may tell you what you want to hear.  I also like to shop late at night. This sounds ridiculous but I have more energy at 8pm than at 10am.  Selfridges is incredible, not only does the personal shopping area look incredible, but Client Development/Personal Shopper's James Servini and my old friend Pandora Delevigne would never put me into a dress that I would only wear once.  They really think when they sort out clothes for me.  This is a miracle.  After all it is tricky to see the back of a dress.  Last night I fell in love with a black dress from Victoria Beckham's cheaper line, a plain black dress with sleeves and white cuffs and collar. This is my favourite look actually.  I love white collars and cuffs.  I then found a pretty chiffon shirt from Chloe with mini shorts that fit beautifully.  I have not changed much over thirty years but one thing is for sure I am neither dieting or squeezing myself into size 36 anymore.  The dieting I used to do was horrendous. It would require lots of lying around and not eating. If I go to the gym regularly it increases my appetite and so I eat like a pig. Yoga is the only thing that stops that. So Yoga with Justine Glenton in London and  walks are for me the best way forward.   Certain clothes I will never wear because the events that I would have to go to are not for me.. So I turned down a stunning Jill Saunders dress with a huge white collar and backless because I know I would put it on and take it off.  It looked great, but I must not be fooled.
I was also given as a present a wonderful cover for my Ipad by Delvaux, black with my initials engraved on it by the lovely James. So simple and so chic.  That is the sort of service you get on the floors at Selfridges.  I was also introduced to a new foundation by YSL "Le teint touche eclat" my skin looks smooth, younger and divine a true miracle.. Then there was a "Premier" botox cream that was able to remove wrinkles from my very wrinkly friend Tim Willis which is virtually impossible and he was thrilled. Tim was rather worried at first when the salesman did only half his face, so we had to promise that we would come back before he would do the other half.  I also promised a write up in my blog, so here I am, help the man out and buy this product. It actually works.


These are the countries where it is illegal to practise same sex activities...
"These are the countries where it is illegal to practice same sex activities..punishable by prison or in some cases death: algeria, libya, morocco, 
south sudan, sudan, tunisia, gambia, ghana, guinea, liberia, mauritania, 
nigeria, senegal sierra leone, togo, cameroon, burundi, eritra, ethipia, kenya, 
somalia, uganda, tanzania, mauritius, seychelles,angola, bottswana, lesotho, 
malawi, namibia, swaziland, zambia, western sahara, belize, antiqua, barbados, 
dominicagrenada, st kitts,saint lucia, trnidad, guyana, turkmenistan, 
uzbekistan, bahrain, iraq, kuwait, lebanon, oman, GAZA, qatar, saudi arabia, 
syria, uae, yemen, afgghanistan. Bangladesh, iran ( death penalty ), pakistan, 
burma, brunai, malaysia, singapore.     We all support freedom of 
speech/assange.  But let's address the true moral crime of this century. The 
treatment of woman and gay people in the world and specifically in the 
developing/muslim world.  Peace captain America" 

Thursday 23 August 2012


We know there is no freedom of speech, we know that despite being told we are democratic, we are not living in a democracy. We know we have supported America through thick and thin. Sometimes there have to be limits? America has limits, they do not necessarily return prisoners or people back to their country if they do not want to?
What do I think of Julian Assange? If he did commit rape he has to pay the price? 
 However let's think for a second. Who pays for Governments? We do, every single person on this earth who pays tax, is paying for their government in some way.  
We live in ignorants of conspiracies and magic.
Following blindly other nations, even though we are comrades is not intelligent, especially if we do not believe in what they are saying.  I personally never believed in Afganistan or Iraq.  I thought it foolish and what is achieved positively is negligible.  
The answer is that Mr Assange has valid points, has been brave, and people of his bravery and ilk are rare.  Should he give away all secrets mmmm well it causes problems and he is brave to take on the rubbish of the Universe?.
On the other, may be hand him over, and have him shot?

'War on whistleblowers must end!' - Assange speech at Ecuador Embassy

Tuesday 21 August 2012


As a friend of Nicky Haslam, my life is never dull, and about five months ago he asked me to sing some arias on his new album Total Control that is out any minute now.  Rather worried I went along.  I sound like a school girl aged at the most fifteen.  In any case both he and David Ogilvy couldn't have been more encouraging. It was a wonderful afternoon and thank goodness I did it. Nicky told me he wanted to his friends to sing along with him, this number is one of my favourites.

Daphne Guinness Interview by Alex Fury

Guy Lombardo Tribute Enjoy Yourself



What would I do if I was told by my Doctor that I was going to have some gruesome end to my life? I hate hospitals, so probably I would do something similar to Tony Scott yesterday,  although the exact cause of death will be unknown for a few weeks.  Tony Scott and his brother, Ridley were two talented boys from the North of England, Tony finished his degree at The Royal College of Arts and with a passion for dare devil sports, rock climbing and fast cars he went to Hollywood to make some of the most popular films in the last four  thirty years.  Running a film company, with his brother Ridley known as Scott Free Productions.  Top Gun,  was his huge hit which made the studio over one hundred and seventy nine million dollars, Beverly Hills Cop 11 was another , True Romance and Enemy of the State, popular films for audiences, may be not critics, but who cares? He was a huge success.   I was sitting with Peter Medak last night and David Korda having dinner last night and they were truly upset, clearly he will be sadly missed by everybody.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Charles Bukowski - Love

Charles Bukowski on depression

Anaïs Nin on Lou Salome Nietzsche


Having been told to expect the unexpected and to dress like a frog or a princess for a free ticket, I hadn't expected to be emerge disappointed, and just a little bit cross, from Tete a Tete's production of 'Anais Nin' at the Riverside Studios' opera festival.
Regarding the production, I was surprised by its lack of sensuality. As for the festival, I was taken aback at the entrance by a rather bossy woman – full of self importance and seemingly on the board of almost everything cultural – who was doling out advice to my son without listening.  
Such a big difference from America where everybody in the arts is encouraged by positive words, not told "Oh, your voice won't be ready for years, and it is such a tough business"  
Come on, we all know that? What did she want? Charlie to work at Safeways? This is my lovely son she was talking about. And perhaps she should have reserved her opinions for the production.
To me, the show was lacklustre and tame. The music written by the famous composer Louis Andriessen was well played and executed. However in the programme it said that Anais would have "on-screen encounters with her lovers among them Henry Miller.  Had they not read the writings of this infamous, rapacious Twentieth Century French woman? A woman that was read in darkened, hidden rooms; a woman who shocked society, her stunning lesbian activities exciting all who read her? A philosopher, she had moving love affairs too.

Nin had a brilliant, eccentric brain who fought for women's rights.
"Age does not protect you from love," she said, "but love, to some extent, protects you from age.

"Anxiety is love's greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.

Do not seek the because; in love there is no because, no reason, no explanation, no solutions.

I am happy that the Arts Council and The Lottery Fund,  sponsor and give hope to such young companies and the freedom to do what they want, but the standard of this particular show was much lower than the work I had just seen from my son's music school, Mannes College of Music and The Manhattan School of Music from New York, on their Italian tour for the Novafeltria Festival. Especially good was their show in Teatro Vittoria, Pennabili where you could see true talent.

 Also I was given quite a lot of flack for my play As I like it, which was infinitely more entertaining than this thirty-five minute show which was so dull I could not wait to leave. I hate to be this critical. I would have loved to have liked it but it was shallow and boring. 
This story had so much potential, and yet the results were embarrassingly below average.
More fun at least was the tiny sketch in the foyer before the show about mobile telephones and love.
I do not want to be horrid just truthful.
By the way, the programme was equally patronising with its political correctness. If you want everybody to be equal, why mention their differences ?


This summer, I have wondered why the Damien Hirst exhibition came under attack, I actually defended him in the Huffington Post. Now I understand. As Britain's most prolific and exciting artist, his pieces at the Tate Modern were reduced to ordinary by the unimaginative curation of Ann Gallagher, and confines of the 14  cramped rooms at Tate Modern.  Why do they have people in England who are clearly intellectual curating shows of visual worth. Charles was able to do this because he is a visionary. I bet Ann lives at home with a cat.

There is nothing like the curation of Charles Saatchi. Oh, the excitement, the wonder at seeing artwork for the first time. I saw this show when it first opened, full of people, so I did not understand what the mealy-mouthed, miserable critics were saying. Now I can see.  

Damien is not at fault, the curation is. Why did they not use the turbine hall?  Why did they cram so much into such small spaces? His pieces are huge. 

The shark was reduced to a sideline, a fish in a tank, "The Physical impossibility of Death in the mind of someone living 1991?" . This was the problem. Damien, like his titles, is about excess, about over the top, and I agree with everything he stands for, especially his views that smokers are not to be trusted. Likewise, old drug users, drunks - and of course he was one himself. 

He is now a cleaned up version of his old self (if still on the fags).  So the Tate gave him the fag ends. His butterfly room, "In and Out of Love" sort of worked.  But I remember first seeing his work in Boundary Road, the darling theatre, gallery and museum of Charles Saatchi. 

I was shocked for a week, left with thoughts that have stayed with me ever since. I was there watching a man pour ink into the lamb vitrine, "Away from the flock" at the Serpentine Gallery. I saw it turn black. I saw the pieces in Charles and Kay Saatchi's drawing room and hall. I was in awe. 

This time in minutes the politically correct Tate Museum – not Gallery – bored me to tears, I was left with souvenirs that cannot be destroyed by average Britain. Damien is great and so his work. The Tate Modern is not. I wonder if Damien was too flattered by the Tate to be tough enough? What we had was a history lesson not a living exhibition by a living artist.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Russell Brand talks to Pink, 2006


Gwen Stefani
Kelly Osbourne
My hair today reminds me of candy floss pinky creamy and delicious to eat. A concoction that I have to perfect each day. It is my true extravagance.  I blame my grandmother, a pianist who used to send me upstairs to brush it every few minutes.  It was in her opinion never groomed enough.  I used to get fairly irritated by her nagging but really all she wanted for me is to have a perfection. She used to compliment me on my then naturally streaky blonde hair which is now probably white.  When I first highlighted it she went mad.  Actually all my family went mad with me because I truly had a unique colour. Fair hair with chunky natural blonde streaks. The hairdressers of course never got the colour right. Low lights, I don't know exactly what they are because you get some hairdresser waffle but I gather they are a dingy ash colour or red. I would like chocolate brown, and I had them put in as extensions. I only like colours that are strong.  At the moment I am in love with my clean babt pink streaks, that are put in with extensions done in Los Angeles by Angela Kalinowski. If I was still 22 I would have feathers in my hair. It is Leo rising in me.  The vanity that I address. Although I do not want to look like a bomb supreme I love pale pink hair. I just love it.  Gwen Stefani looks great with it and Tarina Taritino. Tarina particularly looks daring and it makes her look quite extraordinary. Kelly Osbourne looks funky with blue and pink hair.

Zandra Rhodes
I remember admiring the colourful locks of Zandra Rhodes in the 1970's, Angie Bowie and Janet Street Porter. Women with strange faces really suit colour of varying shades of pink, I just love it. The other day I saw Tonya Crooks, thebrowgal, announce to world that she had had her favourite pink wig cut.  She looked adoreable and like a fairy queen. There is no way I can easily go back to my stunning natural hair, so wild, here I come.


. Challenge Fear

"Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious."

2. Be Bold

"Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth."

3. Have Gratitude

"Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life."

4. Take Action

"Why should I stay at the bottom of a well, when a strong rope is in my hand?"

5. Have Faith

"As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears."

6. Embrace Setbacks

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"

7. Look Inside

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

8. Learn From Suffering

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."

9. Don't Be Concerned With What Others Think Of You

"I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think."

10. Do What You Love 

"Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love."

Wednesday 15 August 2012

The PROPHET by Kahil Gibran, Read by Amanda Eliasch and with Charles and...

Madame Sera Hersham Loftus


Last night I was lucky enough to be invited on a boat for a beautiful evening near Albert Bridge, Martin Summers, is truly the Renaissance man. He has often supported people in their artistic chosen fields of opera, photography and art.
In this modern day and age I think the tribesman of Africa are quite incredible, protecting their traditions when half of us, in  modern Europe do not bother to protect ours.  Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have published the book called "Painted Bodies"  It covers things I am interested in, tattoos, scarification, and painted bodies.  Stark, realistic and totally beautiful. They are planning a series of lectures all over the world. Famous for creating 14 books at least ,and several films. Carol and Angela are photographic diplomats.  
Taking their cameras to remote parts of Africa filming ceremonies and also visiting among many others, the tribes of Ethiopia, the Dassanech, The Congo and Royal Kuba Kingdom,
where rare, ravishing and brave footage has been shot. 

Afterwards I went to see another talented friend, designer, Sera Hershman Loftus, it was getting late in her fairy grotto. A girl with style and taste she is hard to beat. Sera organised dinner on carpets with candles and cushions, outside, on this beautiful evening in London.


Amy's Best Bits! - The Only Way Is Essex

Cassetteboy Vs The Only Way Is Essex

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Enter the Dragon Boards dont hit back


Isn't it sad that when you want to be grand in Britain you have to sound as if you have come from Peckham? Your vowel sounds  have to be retrained in the opposite direction.  Young girls have to look like slouchy street walkers, wearing just hot pants and boob tubes. They have piercings in their stomach and wonder why there is rape?.  (The girls in Peckham know that they have been raped when the cheque bounces) The boys look like they are carrying knives in their hoodies and dirty trainers, with their laces undone.

Personally I don't want to be like anybody else other than being very grand and I just like being me. At home my nickname is Queenie and I don't want to be someone else's version of Amanda. If I sound out of a 1940's newsreel, and I am fully clothed, I am pleased. I am glad I have "Received Pronunciation". The Queen's English, it was the standard that the BBC used to use, so that everybody could understand the language. 

Back to the subject, despite loving Victoria Beckham ,which I do. I admire her designing and creativity. Imagine for a second, applying for a job with her now? You are presented to Queen Victoria at Beckingham Palace. Nice round vowels simply won't do.  "You can't have the real thing 'ere, I have a man who will get you a nice piece of Gucci out the back of his car" sort of language. She is meant to be "Posh" spice as well, and I am sure it is all an act to fit in..

Your son gets into Eton College which is virtually impossible. He is nicely brought up, well turned out, and a huge fortune spent on him and your son says "Nooow, Maaam, 'ere muvva, whos the geezer?.  You can't understand what they are saying?.
If you are going to work in Great Britain at least "Tawk Inglish".
"Who do you fink you r?". It is political correctness gone crazy.

People who look and sound privileged are out of favour. They are worried what people think.  They have become "mockneys", and taught themselves to fit in. Why should you be penalised if you have more knowledge than someone else because you were dedicated to your studies?. Incidentally the upper classes did well in the Olympics, so let's have some pride, but in this modern world it seems it has become essential for you to be a chameleon. Not for me fitting in, but unless you wear a hoody and a peak hat, you can't  blag the moody paper for a mortgage. Forget Premium Bonds and knowing the Manager at the National Westminster Bank the natwest. It is now and "I have got to have some wonga right now to buy some fags for a Pizza and some chicken nuggets". You have to sound like Alf Garnett or you are out, but at least Alf loved the Queen.
Everything has gone to the lowest common denominator, as Machiavelli implied it would, in his book, The Prince, standards set by people who only wish everything to be ordinary. Thank goodness everybody was thrilled by the Olympics, so that winning and excellence becomes once again more interesting. 
On another note, I was not brought up to believe that the world owed me a living or that I could cash in on freebees. In fact I was not interested in being that sort of person.  I also did not come from a family who had lashings of wealth, my mother was an opera singer who taught in local schools and she was given ten pounds a week from my grandparents.  She miraculously turned it into elastic. My hat is off to her. She also screamed at me for not ending sentences correctly, and not standing  up when she entered the room. With her last savings she sent me to a finishing school, called Winkfield Place, believing that there I would learn to be a "young lady".  I never asked her for anything and I worked until I got married. I still work.

Monday 13 August 2012

Phillipe Jaroussky - A Chloris (Reynaldo Hahn)


I had the most incredible time in Italy in some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Montefridolfo and the Palazzo Viviani Castello, a stunning hotel with views to the sea, was one and then the other was the Teatro Vittoria in Pennabili.  I went to see my son sing and thank goodness he did so beautifully. I love his positive attitude. Charles has always known what he wanted to do. He realised early on, that happiness is something you can switch on inside yourself, and your choice is whether you wish to be content or not. I find it very difficult to cope with those that wish and look for negativity , he knows exactly who "he"is. 
On another note Pennabili is an incredible little town in Italy which you may well miss if you don't have to go there. The light is extraordinary and the tiny theatre mouth watering.  I was visited by lovely friends Anita and Vincenzo DeMaar who drove hundreds of miles to hear Charlie sing with the students from Mannes Music School and the Manhattan School of Music in New York. 
Vince is a wonderful artist who does moving abstract art that makes you think. I now have quite a collection of his. He kindly gave me several paintings that touch my soul every time I see them.

Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections.

Sunday 12 August 2012


In the middle of the worst financial crisis, the Olympics  have been a  godsend. Great Britain has produced one of the most exciting games ever. 

Congratulations to all concerned.
"A wonderful games in a wonderful city. We lit the flame and we lit up the world".
Sebastian Coe

"For me, the Olympics feels like a turning point, a moment in which for the first time since our decline from empire, we felt genuinely self-co
nfident. For the first time I can remember, we like ourselves.

We're surprised that we like ourselves, but we like liking ourselves too. And I don't think we're going back to the old self-hating people we thought we were a few weeks ago in very much of a hurry.

Today, we no longer see ourselves as base metal. We believe now that we can be golden – and with that sort of belief, our potential as a nation united - English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh - is unlimited." Antoine McCormack

Klimt - Official Trailer [HD]

Saturday 11 August 2012

BEST SMALL HOTEL, Castle in Montegridolfo

Roaming through Italy is a magical experience that any tourist must do.  To be a lover of everything Italian is perfectly easy.  In every village for a start there is a brilliant hairdresser, that already puts me into a great mood.  This time though I have probably found the best small hotel on the planet belonging to Alberta Ferretti whose fashion designs are known worldwide.  This stunning walled town has been beautifully renovated.  As my son Charles was singing, it has given me an opportunity to try out new places even if they are not for me. Rimini sadly is one such place that I will avoid. The photographs do not tell you the whole story.  It is the Blackpool of Italy without the fun.  A few months ago I went to Margate and I loved it. Fabulous sunsets and delicious Fish N Chips, on the sea front and I was in heaven so it does not take much to keep me happy.
Apparently with 60 percent of Italians staying at home this year, you will find bargains.
In any case I have just had an authentic medieval experience at the Castle in Montegridolfo. Not only did Charles's troup sing well from New York, as part of the Novafeltria Festival,  but I have had one of the best times in Italy ever. This hotel has magnificent views over the surrounding countryside with delicious food, simple decoration and comfortable beds.  To sleep inside the Castle was truly romantic, I just wish I had been able to share it with somebody that matched the surroundings.