Friday, 29 April 2011


Last night I went on Fox television to talk about The Royal Wedding and I am pleased to say that at least I got the designer right.  Now I have rested after staying up all night watching the celebrations I can calmly  think through everything that I  saw.
I watched as Catherine Middleton confidently walked up the aisle, incredibly  nervous of course, she was able to show that she could cope and hold everything together, as she said her very public vows, to her future husband, The Duke of Cambridge.  Her parents looked stylish and confident  when it must have been an emotional affair for them.  No tears of joy, but you could tell how happy they were for their daughter Catherine.  The Queen looked on, and a small smile showed at the end, and inside she must have been pleased and happy with her Grandson.  There was no scandal, no bad behaviour but on the contrary a young British couple in love, and wanting to marry for the good of the nation and themselves. After so many damaging incidents within the walls of Buckingham Palace, here was the sniff of fresh air on her door step.

This modern marriage  is going to improve the image of the Royal Family for the next thirty odd years.  It is the marriage The Family needed.  The Middleton's behaved with dignity and have brought up their children beautifully.  Who cares where they came from?.  They know how to be correct, they are clever and they look good. In an age, when the way people look is so important, and The Royals live under total scrutiny, The Middletons's are an asset that is attractive, and that is what matters for the Royal Family, if they are to last another century.
Of course I have heard comments such as "Why did we have a day off, Great Britain is bankrupt, we should be working?"  I agree with this, however before treatment it is fun to live with the memory of having some fun?.  I also heard "Why did they not have 200 people for dinner and the family for a quiet wedding, and give the rest of the money saved to charity"  I agree with that too, but England does these events so well.  Everybody benefits.  When you think about the whole day, the timing was spectacular.  The beauty of the choir, the soldiers,  the flowers, the dress, the guest lists, the placement, we do these incredibly high profile events so well.  The tourist industry that supports Great Britain wakes up, people make money and the wheels turn.  Everybody again benefits.  It is a public relations event.  It makes our very soul and soil special.
Should we expect Catherine to be style icon, that we admired so much with Diana? Will she have the beauty  of Grace Kelly?.  I think personally we should not be so cruel,  comparisons are boring.  Catherine likes fashion that is clear, and she looks sensible without taking risks stupidly.  Whether she wants to think only about that, I hope not.  It is important that she pays attention, but only because we are visual demons that are obsessed by what people look like.  Catherine has a beautiful figure with bountiful hair and  she looks terrific in almost anything.
As for a style queen I think we should let her settle and wait and see.  For me she is a success already.  In an environment of stiff rules and regulations she has stolen the hearts of Great Britain today and now let's wait for tomorrow.

To compare her with Grace Kelly, is a little cruel.   By the time Grace was married  she was a huge movie star and considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.  This is something Catherine, although very attractive, is not.  She is pretty, smiley and happy, give her a chance, let her grow and let us see?.

Sarah Burton

“It has been the experience of a lifetime to work with Catherine Middleton to create her wedding dress, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. It was such an incredible honour to be asked, and I am so proud of what we and the Alexander McQueen team have created. I am delighted that the dress represents the best of British craftsmanship. Alexander McQueen’s designs are all about bringing contrasts together to create startling and beautiful clothes and I hope that by marrying traditional fabrics and lacework, with a modern structure and design we have created a beautiful dress for Catherine on her wedding day.
“The last few months have been very exciting and an incredible experience for my team and I as we have worked closely with Catherine to create this dress under conditions of the strictest secrecy. Understandably, Catherine has been very keen to keep the details of her dress a secret, which is every bride’s prerogative, and we gave an undertaking to keep our role confidential until the day of the wedding.
“Catherine looked absolutely stunning today, and the team at Alexander McQueen are very proud of what we have created. The dress was just one component of a spectacular day, and I do not think it is appropriate to comment any further beyond saying that I personally am very grateful and honoured to have been given the opportunity to work on this project, and I wish TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge every good wish for the future.”


The Life of Saint Catherine of Siena



How could I sleep?

What does this Royal Wedding mean? It means so much.  It gives us hope for a modern future. This young couple hold the keys of leadership and have the intelligence to make the world and Great Britain a better place. It could seem incredibly out of place when there are so many tragedies. It is not. It is part of life, and it makes everybody feel good, patriotic, and full of joy.  There is nothing like a good wedding to bring happiness into the world. The Royal Family do a huge amount for charity.
Crowds lined the streets cheering the Royals, with a definite air of optimism.
Mrs Middleton wore Catherine Walker. Very touching and thoughtful of her as Catherine died last year.  Elegant, good taste, safe,  No surprise but totally correct.
Catherine is young, sophisticated with an incredible figure she can wear anything, she wore a white dress with a huge skirt,  a  sumptious white lace bodice, V neck, with tight sleeves reminiscent of Grace Kelly's wedding dress.  A moment in history that made me cry.  Sarah Burton for Alexander Mcqueen as I correctly thought,  designed the dress and  a smiling Catherine entered the church. The Tiara was made by Cartier 1936 and it was made for the Queen Mother, who then gave it to the Queen.
Her sister Phillipa looked ravishing too  in a simple long dress.
Phillip Treacy's hats were worn by Victoria Beckham, the Princesses Eugenie in royal blue and Beatrice in powder pink, both looked well dressed and put together..
Her Majesty the Queen in Canary yellow looked well and happy.
The two Princes in uniform looked better than any Hollywood film star.
Today Great Britain feels great.
Thank goodness I did not sleep.


Thursday, 28 April 2011


Catherine was seen with her Mother today for a final walk through at Westminster Abbey.  Smiling happy and relaxed in a polka dot dress.
At the Memorial last year
New news on the dress front..Is this it Miss Sarah Burton in disguise  below?,  (the designer, and best friend of Alexander Mcqueen) A woman was seen entering the Goring Hotel today where Catherine is spending her last night.  This small pretty hotel is behind Buckingham Palace, it is the hotel I like to eat the most in Belgravia, near where I used to live in Chester Square. Sarah Burton took over Alexander Mcqueen when the designer sadly took his life last year, she was his back bone and solid pal through thick and thin.  I went to the Memorial which was one of the most moving events of 2010.  The designer's of the dress  was nearly given away by Olivier Theyskens who when asked who the designer was, said apparently "I thought every knew who the designer was".. This remark narrowed down the contenders.  Olivier is part of the same set as Mcqueen's loyal Sarah, and he probably would know the truth.

Yesterday I bought a Chanel jacket  but think with the odds being this high, I shall put on my favoured Alexander Mcqueen jacket and dress for the interview at  Fox Television tonight.  I love his clothes the most and it would seem to be more appropriate to wear them.  I have worn them for over twenty years since Mcqueen was discovered by my friend Isabella Blow.  It would be romantic for Catherine to have chosen such a brilliant British designer and she will enter the world of cutting edge fashion.

HRH Prince William will wear his Uniform for the Irish Guards.



Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Rense & Dr Blaylock - Radiation What We CAN Do


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Is this Kate's honeymoon wardrobe?  She is reported to have bought these clothes at the beginning of the week, and they have a practical prettiness about them. Kate has a down to earth ease about her, and she has the potential to be a huge asset to the Royal Family.  Her behaviour is impeccable and her poise admirable.  Having gone to Marlborough College and St Andrews has obviously marked her.  Marlborough is one of the top ten schools in England and St Andrews one of the best Universities.  Her hair is a huge asset, her natural unaffected look and very good legs makes her able to wear almost anything. Kate is already an asset for England before walking down the aisle, and with her personality she is a winner. On Friday night I am talking about her on Fox TV in their roundup of the wedding.  

Monday, 25 April 2011

WHO WILL MAKE Miss Catherine Middleton's Wedding Dress?

For a week now I have heard nothing but wedding news in Los Angeles.  Everybody asks me "Who is making the wedding dress for Catherine Middleton?", then they ask "Who should make the wedding dress?". Question after question pours from the mouths of the world.  "How will the bride's hair look?", "Will she skip a tiara and wear flowers in her hair as suggested in some press reports?" Then there is chat that Catherine did not want to have the weight of a tiara on her head but  that  Her Majesty The Queen believes she should wear one. The lightest one apparently being Princess Diana's.

The well known secret, Sophie Cranston, who previously worked at Belville Sassoon,  then later with Alice Temperley, (Alice is I am told dressing the Mother and Sister Phillipa, who is to be Maid of Honour ). Sophie's brand Libelula,was reported to be  designing  the dress, but as there will be apparently three different dresses according to gossip, noone can be completely sure.  However Sophie does make high waisted dresses that Catherine like's to wear, and they definitely would suit her.


The Royal Wedding - Excitement Builds in the Royal Parks

The Royal Wedding Cake Designer - Fiona Cairns


I can't wait for  The Royal Wedding. As a true Royalist it is one of the most exciting events in the last few years.  Not excited by Oliver Cromwell,  or any of his dreariness, I am firmly a Charles 11 and Henry V111, fan.  Prince William has the IT factor, he is fun, intelligent, young, worthy and correct, yet  he has the panache and glamour of his Mother.
Catherine Middleton, feels refreshingly normal for the crazy world we live in. Catherine gives up her real privacy,  and she loves her Prince.  She is elegant,  dressing correctly, and I like the fact she goes into normal shops like Warehouse, and makes the clothes look  beautiful.  Both William and Catherine know each other very well.  For love to exist in this celebrity ghastly culture, is already a miracle. she conducts herself beautifully.  Young slim and pretty, with abundant hair, she is about to be a wife to a significant human being. Catherine is a huge plus for England.  Our  slobby culture has lots to learn from her.

The Archbishop of Canterbury on the Royal Wedding

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Mahler (1974 Ken Russell) funeral scene


Designer and artist, she make almost anything and print the fabrics too.. Little dresses for girls and women..


I am now on my fourth day and although I hate most of the juices I am fast regaining my figure back from the boring menopause that thing nobody talks about.  Actually I couldn't give a damn about it.  It is a fact of life and I am happy to hand over the reins of producing children to another beautiful generation.  I don't know why such a fuss is made over it. I have lost in four days 5.4 pounds and I look much better.  I have 4 pounds to go, so I had better not slip up today.  I have had moments of weakness and apathy, moments of rattiness but actually because I didn't feel lumpy I am mostly happy. It also has the other benefit of no gallstone pain.

I went on a long trip yesterday and the diet worked well.  It comes in easy to use glass bottles.  Joshua Tree was all I expected yards of desert, white trash cool houses, bikes and drive in cafe's.  In my mind I had imagined something else, Joshua Tree was in the singular, so I suppose I imagined one huge tree in the middle of a desert under stunning mountains.  It wasn't quite that, but I am pleased I saw it.  By mistake I drove to Palm Springs which looked incredibly manicured and ready for the last ten years of your life sort of place.  Dentists next to doctors, next to the golf club, next the cemetery.

Yesterday  Yassi Mazandi brought in an art piece for my bedroom, three beautiful ceramic flowers look stunning in my bedroom.  She is the genius of all time, and a lovely friend too.


Jack English did these photographs over a two month period five years ago in Down Town, Los Angeles. Gary Oldman said of the photographs "The ghetto meets Walt Disney"

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I woke up this morning and ran to the scales.  Immediately thrilled by having lost two pounds.  However I have  along way to go.. I really hate the fat round the back.  Did Yoga with Eka and then spent several hours getting the house ready for a celebrity viewing.
I did not hang around like some loser to meet the actress but ran off with Jack to see Down Town Los Angeles. I have only felt dizzy during the Yoga lesson and nothing else so hopefully I continue to stick to this very rigid diet.  I have no pain from gallstones which is a huge relief.  I prefer this diet,  at least my body does.

+1310-963-5332 TELEPHONE

Critics' Picks - Critics' Picks: 'La Dolce Vita' -

The Real New York City - Insight into Homelessness


Last week end I was with my son Charles in New York, and I asked him if he enjoyed himself there.  He said " It is a difficult city, it is the sort of place that if someone falls down in front of you, everybody walks past"  Of course it is a wild city.  You have to be tough, you have to be lucky and ambitious.  You have to have a job.
As my son said this a woman fell  down on the pavement.  Nobody cared and everybody looked ahead.  The woman was roughly sixty,  had no teeth, smelt of urine, and she was clearly ill rather that drunk.  I went to help her.  I obviously did not want to seem like I did not care, after such an observation from my son.  I tried to lift her I could not.  So I called a friend and asked my son to carry her things, a small bag of old clothes neatly packed.
A policeman screamed at her, and said "get up" she looked up as if to ask a question, the policeman's eyes were menacing.  "You heard what I said" he said nastily.  Horrified I went to her rescue and said "She is my friend, I will look after her" and together with my son and pal we took her to a park bench.  I then got her some water and biscuits from the Trump Hotel I was staying in. My new friend asked me if I was English in a very grand accent.  I asked her where she was from, she said Munich.  I thought to myself she sounded so English.  She must have once been very rich.  It saddened me.  How do people get like this?
Later I looked for her in the park with my son. She was there huddled in a corner on the floor.  Freezing. I said "Friend do you need a drink?" She said yes and so I went to find her something warm.  My son turned to me later and said "You are a good person aren't you?"   I said "No, just when you see something like this you can help.
Ever since then I have thought about her, I hope she is okay.
Today I went to downtown Los Angeles, the sadness in glorious sunshine.  So many homeless people.  Yet compared to the people on this planet no so many.  I took photographs.  What was shocking were the hundreds lying on the pavement, sad, dirty, alone and yet not alone.  Nearby were the shelters, large, daunting and underfunded.

With no welfare system America struggles clearly.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011




Jumping on the scales was frightening this morning, I could not believe I had put on so much weight.  Nobody told me that I am looking seriously porky, but  I now weighing some dreadful figure I can't possibly disclose.  I shall not tell anybody until I am back to where I like to be.   I have embarked on the IZO Cleanze and it is the first day.  At 3pm I am feeling fine, but have drunk so much liquid that I am bursting.  I also have terrible gallstone pain, so I thought it was time for a real Hollywood Cleanse for five days.  The actresses around here swear by it, and at 150 dollars a day it had better start working pretty quick.

By 12pm I had drunk 5pints of liquid and was feeling great but had a slight headache.  The only downside is that the drink I liked was the Almond Milk protein drink. Truly delicious.  Heavens knows what was in the Super Green drink all I can say was that it smells of grass.. Not being a pot smoker I was challenged by the make up artist, who said "my goodness you smell like you've been smoking dope".

Of course I am slightly dizzy but I shall look a new woman in a few days..

Sunday, 17 April 2011

WHAT DO I WANT FROM A MAN? "They keep saying the right person will come along, I...",

This is such a boring question.  I was asked this morning and do your know after fifty years it is clearer than ever before, the reality further away.
I  compiled a list of things that  would be fun.
1.  Top of the list is my new fantasy of running through The Louvre together.  Not for speed but for freedom of spirit.  If a man could or would do that he is both fit and fun to be with.
2. Sail round the world, I have always wanted to find somebody with enough spirit to take a risk and go round the world in a sailing boat.
3. Somebody I would not need to talk to as he would immediately understand what I was going to say before I said it, therefore it is unlikely that we would be cross with each other.
4. Who like classical music as much as I do, perhaps be able to sing with me.. not a necessity but it would be fun if he could accompany me in some way.
5. He had strong arms, I would like to be tamed..
6. Status, that the man felt proud about what he loves in his life.  His achievements his pleasures, I would like to feel happy to be by his side.
7. He would need a great deal of humour to be with me. To think of small things to please me. To be content.
8. I love people I would like him to be able to see the goodness everywhere.
9. He could pay his own bills.
10. That he was the only being on the earth that I found attractive to be with all of the time.

Oh dear I ask too much?.. The only thing I really want is for them to love me unconditionally.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Nick Adams Interview for "Priscilla: Queen of the Desert" by Progressive...


I am going to dash to this store as soon as I finish Yoga.  Let's hope it is as creative as it appears to be.


I have always had opinions but suddenly I have none except for the obvious sins that the human being commits. It's as if they are totally meaningless. Indeed they are.  I like listening to the pomposity of opinion.  People bravely committing to one ideal or another all of which are rather ridiculous when you consider in life we have to be so  flexible.
I am in New York where most rules are broken. Last night I went to Priscilla Queen of the desert for a little light relief.  Wow what a frenetic show. A friend who is a producer had given me the tickets. Nick Adams the star of the show gave us 21 dress changes and you can imagine the colourful rest.  It is a show not to be missed. The hours quickly rushed passed.
I was late having decided to have new hair extensions at John Barrett. I looked like I was living in a tower letting down by long golden hair.  It was whipped off and put into my usual look. You can guarantee looking stunning when you leave this salon on the 9th floor of Bergdorf  Goodman.
Earlier I celebrated my sons birthday at Cipriani's, I still think of him when he first walked with his red shoes at nine months, he has now changed into a man I can rely on.

Nick Adams is a Triple Threat in “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” on Broadway! Video Interview

Nick Adams is a Triple Threat in “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” on Broadway! Video Interview

Monday, 11 April 2011


A new blog of one of my favourite girls, Alice Dawson, who shares her cookery tips, her latest clothes, and her new ideas.  This makes interesting reading.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


the dreamers (short clip) part 1

Last Tango In Paris Trailer

The Last Emperor - Trailer

BERNARDO BERTOLUCCI important to listen to although it was sunny

The British Film Institute is becoming so interesting that if you are not a member you should be.  Last night I rushed from doing my garden in Chelsea, to one of the most important lectures of my life. Bertolucci's reputation runs before him, he is a realist, and for me a visual fantasist too.
I have memories of watching  The Last Emperor in 1987, a feast for my eyes.  So I was very happy to dash over to the very busy BFI to catch a glimpse of one of my most favourite directors in conversation. I so enjoyed The Dreamers that I have vowed to myself that the first man to race me through The Louvre I shall marry. A sensual, erotic and claustrophobic film that I love.

Bernardo is interested in Freud, moody lighting, politics and sex.  Two of these are no no's for polite conversation, but he should be listened to.
Bernardo was a member of the Communist party.  The Conformist in 1970, was Magritte mixed with Rigoletto is one of my favourite films. Then there was Last Tango, almost banned for it's over erotic content.  What prudes the people were in 1972, when most people were sleeping around.?  It was a story of an older man, Marlon Brando stuck together with Maria Schneider.

When asked whether he had seen any interesting films he laughed.  "Yes" he said "Mulholland Drive, I like to go to movies because it takes you back, you don't need to choose, but then you go and choose"
He weaves sentences like he weaves his films.  When asked where a train station was, he said " It could be anywhere, Guiseppe Verdi was born there, Tours? Investigation"  He answers the audiences question with wit.
Asked about how he approaches reality.  He answers  "Reality is different every time, it nourishes movies. The minute however you make the camera ready, it dies, as Cocteau says.  The manipulation of reality should only be noticed by the director, fake is not good if it is noticed".

Bernardo's father was a recognised poet loving most of all French and English literature.  His brother Guiseppe was also a talented film maker without the luck of his brother.  So out of this intellectual family and with the world looking on, Bertolucci was born creating work that was both visually exciting and comparable to Visconti, but also creating intimate situations with difficult and unexpected dialogue.  Italy had just come out of 20 years of Fascism and five years of war.   The films were dreaming, and he believes that if person does not dream, they will go mad.  If not they will need a big dose of chemicals".
There is so much to say about this man that it would take a 20,000 word essay.

"I love La dolce vita, the clashing of languages,  Fellini created Rome, before this film it had not existed".  Fellini invited Bertolucci to see it,  he said "Roman aristocracy was invented from this film, and Rome became Rome after the film.

Change is coming now, nothing has been challenging for ages but now it's coming again. "It is not the moment for a manifesto, because it is the moment"

Afterwards the BFI kindly invited me to dinner where I sat next to John Hurt, so as you can imagine I did not want to leave.

THE SINS OF A BUTTERFLY BY AMANDA ELIASCH BASED ON cartoons by Kay Saatchi, constructed by Michael Flechtner. Opening the Leadapron Gallery, Melrose, California, 7.15pm, 16th June 2011


I often see women very confused and bemused by the overpowering thoughts of what to wear.  Most women are terrified to enter their cupboards for fear that the very dress they want to wear has wine down it and is filthy. So always be careful to put things away clean.  Perhaps they have eaten too much and their hair has been dyed the wrong colour.  I agree it feels like hell.  There is nothing worse than coming into your bedroom and seeing all the clothes on the floor in a terrible pile.  So I have learnt to be tidy.  Incredible as it sounds I know where my black dresses are beware someone who moves them.  I tend to like the same thing not because of a lack of imagination but because my figure is the same and only the same shapes suit me.  I don't care how unfashionable black is I am wearing it.  I would not be seen dead in a pink dress. Follow fashion,  but wear what suits you, be open to change, but know your shape. Flowers on a big bottom do not look good, equally white trousers on anybody who is over a size 16 makes them look worse.

These are a few rules that I apply to myself.

Always try to stay the same weight. If you do then all the clothes will fit for the rest of your life.  I do not know how long I can be careful for, but I will do my best. I also leave all my clothes under plastic as clothes remain looking good this way.
Do exercise three times a week, this has saved my life.  I hate moving my limbs but mentally and physically the human body needs it.  Yoga has been incredible for me and stopped depression after having two babies.
Underwear is essential, especially as you get older.  Make sure that you have two pairs of spanx or something similar to make the most of your shape. Buy in nude and black to wear under anything you are not meeting your lover in.
They are not sexy so choose your moment.
Always over clean your teeth.  They have to last a lifetime and so it is good to look after them.
Always have a manicure.  I you use Sophy Robson or Zaida.
A pedicure is okay every two or three weeks.  I do them every week, but I am fussy.
Carry peppermints in your bag not gum, it look ugly chewing gum.  I have often been caught and it is disgusting.
Do not get drunk. Friends were worse for wear are ugly.
Make sure your underwear looks  like it matches when you put it on.
I hate deodorant it makes marks on your clothes so use Agent Provocateur talcum powder or one that you like, and make sure it applied on a clean body.
Deodorant smells like deodorant and I am not sure that men find that attractive, equally stinking is not good either.
You can use botox under your arms, but I can barely stand it on face so would probably find it hell under my arms, unless I had a real problem I would not do it.  Definitely on the face though, personally I don't want anything to move.
Be careful over your choice of handbags and shoes.  If I was broke they are the only areas I would consider spending more money on.  I like platform shoes and prefer running around in wedges.  Usually I buy Yves Saint Laurent.  Dunes copy them beautifully. Do not do what the Roman's do in Italy which is yellow dress, yellow bag. I hate this look.
Careful with too much makeup.  I love makeup, but sometimes I can look like I am about to win an Oscar  and this  is as unattractive to men as having nothing on at all. Sometimes I think  I use it to keep them away.  It's like a mask.  It's the Virgo in me.  I am Taurus but am Leo/Virgo rising, and I think its definitely more Virgo evan though I look a Leo.
I love having my hair done, along with Yoga it saved my life.  No matter what happens to me I shall always look for a friendly hairdresser who likes camp hair.
Read a lot, I stopped reading because of the computer.  I am ashamed to say as I used to read 2 books a week.  Put the computer away.
Lastly go for a walk.  The air makes you feel good. I used to dread it when I was a child. The Sunday walks with the family are what keep people together,  I now think they are essential.
Lastly eat green, another area I had a problem with.  Become a lover of all that is green.  Apples I swear have stopped my hot flushes and improved my mood.
It is a sunny day go and have fun.

Running through the Louvre