Wednesday, 30 November 2011


It is now seventeen days since my surgery and do you know I think that Dr Perlman in Beverly Hills is a master?.  He has done a miracle. My knees are beginning to change shape and my tummy looks flatter than it has ever been, as for a waist?. I think I am starting to see one for the first time in my life.  He has gently changed my shape without losing my teddy bear character or making me look ridiculous.  As for the scars, I have so little that I shall be a fan of his forever.  Originally I went to him as I was being chatted up by men who were so good looking that I thought if I removed my clothes I would feel totally miserable.  Middle age creeps up on you so quickly, and although I feel only fifteen, the reality is that the figures are the other way round.  Also at least I do not look distorted.  I hate huge bosoms, ridiculous lips, I just wanted to remove skin from weight loss and as neatly as possible.
With good make up and hair you can look ravishing.  Do not know over do anything.  Too big breast implants make you look fat, and the lips make you look like a fool.  Keep everything to a realistic minimum and you can be a very happy Bunny. Keep the eyebrows thicker, thin ones age you drastically and make sure that if you like red lipstick that it does not go over your whole face. I love ruby woo by Mac.
It is the end of November here in Los Angeles, where I am living a sunny bright life, with no hint of winter.  My play, As I like it,  is starting and looks promising with so many talented people involved, Elizabeth Karr and Lisa Zane, Trip Haenisch, John Alan Simons and Ed Bennett Coles. I am sure that it will be a success at the Macha Theatre. Patty Freedman and Eileen Koch are doing a great job with publicity.  

Thursday, 24 November 2011


As I like it a play written by AMANDA ELIASCH adapted for stage by Lyall Watson, with Elizabeth Karr as The Actress, Lisa Zane as The Opera Singer, Charles Eliasch as The boy.  Directed by John Alan Simon. Produced by Amanda Eliasch and Elizabeth Karr. The Macha Theatre 29th December - 15 January 2012. The Set is designed by Trip Haenisch, Interior Designer.

"I wrote this play for my father Anthony Cave Brown some years ago at his request. He said I should be able to write. As I left school at 16 with a cheeky grin and a lot of ambition, I decided that I would try my hand at his craft.  I loved it.  He read the script and said he loved it but that  I could not print it until my family were dead, they are sadly.  My son is playing the boy.

I loved my team in London with Justine Glenton and Susan Parkes.  This will be something different and new".

Les Enfants du Siècle - Love letters

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Today I spent some wonderful hours with Julieanne Rhodes in Soho House. Cook and blogger to the stars in Hollywood, she conjures up dreams in the kitchen that few can realise.  After cooking all week end, nd studying it when I was young at Cordon Bleu school, I am aware of all the hard work this artistry takes. Julieanne  creates dishes that surprise and keep your loved ones very happy. I know, because two years ago she gave me the most delicious birthday surprise, a lunch for all my friends. We discussed the famine in Africa, fighting merrily as to whether she should raise funds for children or for contraception for women.  I have firm views that might not be entirely popular.  I am however fighting for the fish in the sea, without them we are dead. I think we should all stop eating and fishing the seas as we do.
I was also sitting with Lisa Borgnes, artist and blogger,  well educated and talented that she puts the world to shame.
My house that I moved to belonging to Janet Leigh, sold today.  I shall miss it.  I did not want to move here, but have loved every minute of it.  Time goes quickly and I never know what it brings.  I am also about to sell my Tamara de Lempicka  house and so I shall enter the next stage of my life. What excitement.
Last night I spent the evening with George Blodwell, Editor at Large for Genlux Magazine. We went to the light spectacular on Rodeo Drive for Swarovoski with Jessica Alba and Jennifer Hudson.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


A love affair is not 
a man seeing your 
corn plaster,
a love affair is something 
you always have
the chance of looking 
like a 
movie star in.
The love is not 
meant to make you happy
it is meant to 
In a love affair you 
arch your back
you look good asleep,
a love affair does not 
last and yet it 
lasts forever,
it is a love affair,
and you want to be an 
not an 
insurance policy.
A relationship or marriage
is being 
a house frau 
bent over
potatoes, slouched in a 
sofa farting
like a big compost heap 
with escaping 
hiding shit behind cushions 
In a love affair 
you must not to 
cry your eyes out
or feel sorry for yourself,
that you are not  
enough for  your love
you must not be
suspicious as to 
whether your lover 
has many other lovers
In love affairs 
you are like 
a sexy French spy
in a rain coat.
The most important thing is 
love affairs are essential 
otherwise we
are dead.


Christmas health tips
 'Christmas' often brings with it an abundance of stress and expense. As a society, we can be very much out of touch with the inherent beauty and simple magnificence of this time of year. A conscious step back will help alleviate some, if not all, of this stress.
Essentially, in Yoga and Buddhism, one seeks the truth without being removed from the world. It is similar to Jesus' teaching to 'be in the world, but not of it'. When practicing yoga asana (postures), one stays connected to the peace and ease of being with the breath, while still experiencing all physical, mental and emotional sensations that arise in each pose. The key element is that the practicing individual feels these things fully, without being consumed by them.
Likewise, in Buddhism it is taught that in order to minimize and eliminate suffering, we should practice detachment. It is recommended to continue living in the world with all the experiences it offers, but recognizing these things as transient and unpredictable, thus letting go of any desires or expectations around them.
Having the understanding that the season is simply about opening our hearts to those around us is the Truth, while all the other actions surrounding it are merely extra. They are the sensations of the yoga pose; aspects to be noted and explored for what they are, while staying rooted in the unwavering truth that they are not the essence of it.
Similarly, from a Buddhist perspective, recognize the transient and unpredictable nature of the actions surrounding the holiday: the dinner may not turn out perfect, the tree might not be as big as last years, the gifts may not be what we wished for...yet none of these things are the cause of the joy of the season anyway, and are therefore ultimately irrelevant.
You don't need to abandon whatever customs you normally take part in, but instead of getting caught up in them, seek to stay connected to the pure meaning of the holiday, and allow your actions to stem effortlessly from here.
Breathe, notice, and allow yourself to enjoy the experience.
Here are some active physical yoga tips to incorporate into your ‘loving’ Christmas:
1.     Aloe Vera is a great cleanser and aids the liver. (The liver is our first line of defense against toxins so look after it!)
2.     St Mary’s Thistle is a good liver support – good if you plan to be drinking, eating meats and sweets with refined sugar ;)
3.     Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water – Dandelion tea helps detox the liver.
4.     Yoga increases the alpha waves in the brain which are responsible for relaxation, it also reduces the amount of Cortisol in the body – a hormone responsible for stress and can keep us holding onto weight.
5.     In this time of giving it’s important to give to yourself too, so take time out for yourself: A peaceful walk, meditation, or deep relaxation. Replenish and rejuvenate ;0
6.     Helpful Yoga poses: Hero pose is fabulous for the digestive meridian in the body. Legs up against the wall or on a chair  or shoulderstand for fifteen minutes – for tired legs from shopping or cooking! Helps to eliminate the fluid retention from your legs. A Headstand will change your perspective on things and give your heart a rest. Plough pose is good for relieving tension in the upper back and shoulders. Cobra pose tone and strengthen the superficial and deep muscles of the back and abdominal regions, it helps to increase back bending flexibility, relieves tension in the lower back – excellent if you have been shovelling snow! Spinal twist helps vertebrae mobility, the roots of the nervous system and spinal nerves get toned and provided with increased blood supply – something helpful after all that drinking! Locust pose – Shalambasana, massages the internal organs and makes them frisky – good for combating the big meal doldrums!
7.      Yogic Detox Tea: 1/4tsp coriander seeds, 1/4tsp cumin seeds, 1/4stp fennel seeds mix with 1.5 litres of hot water. Sip throughout the day.
8.     Cleansing negativity from your aura: 1cup of salt, 1lb baking soda into warm bath – soak for 20 minutes repeat for 7 days . Removes chemicals from your physical body.
9.     Laughter – buy in a great comedy movie or your favourite stand up comedians dvd and raise the endorphins.
Happy Holidays!


Friday, 18 November 2011

World: Fukushima Struggles to Rescue its Land

Noel Coward - I went to a marvelous party (check out lyrics below!)


Changes happen in one week, it is a miracle.
I have decided to paint my pink piano with a portrait of me lying on it as if I am an old time Hollywood movie star.  It will look perfect on the stage this Christmas at the Macha Theatre, Kings Road, Los Angeles for my play that I wrote called As I like it,  which was adapted for stage by Lyall Watson.
 The charming Trip Haenisch is to design the set. He was my neighbour in Eden Place.  There are so many talented interior designers that are fun to work with.  They have theatrical brains, and Trip is ideally intellectual for this play in so many ways, just as Nicky Haslam was in London.   It will include my skull that I bought from Phillips the auctioneers, and a neon sign I made with Kay Saatchi and  Michael Flechtner.  There are many opportunities in this talented city, Elizabeth Karr will play the Woman, Lisa Zane the opera singer and Charles Eliasch, my son will play again the boy.  Directed by the interesting JOHN ALAN SIMON's. Edward Bennett Coles is now Associate Producer.  He is busy making  a film and so will help with the production...
I am happy, I like a family to work with.  

Lisa Zane is in New York studying with Charles at Mannes, the music school, to become the opera singer. She looks as near to Callas as you can get and the lovely Elizabeth Karr is working to take over the role of The Actress. I can't wait to start real work all over again.. I shall miss Justine Glenton and Susan Parkes and the team at The Chelsea Theatre...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I was collected by two seriously attractive ambulance men today, full of muscles,hair, youth and virility, what a change.  They picked me up as if I weighed three stone and took me gently to the charming Dr Perlman, to remove all messages from his knife.  If I wink I could be a "ten".  At least ,I look as if I have only had tiny amounts done. My good girlfriends are saying remove the information from the blog, but as everybody gossips, it is better I have first say.  The truth is that I look so much better.
Los Angeles is getting ready for Thanksgiving and I have many invitations.  To me, being English it sounds like the Harvest Festival which I used to love. There are parties everywhere from Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander Mcqueen,(who, if you bought things,  a percentage was given to LACMA), and Stephen Webster which was without the Webster's, my favourite people.
It is funny being in bed in LA.  Friends are telling me to stay in and get well, but of course I wish to get up and run about. There is so much to do. With my play going up at the end of December and moving at roughly the same time.  I want to buy something discreet.
There are people supporting the arts on every corner, so why anybody would think this place is uncultured, seems to be just rantings of a lunatic, I love it in many ways, the sunshine, the mindless chatter, and my good old friends that have little or nothing to do with Hollywood, although it adds lots of glamour to my life.
So many interesting things go on here besides films, which nowadays seem to be made in New Orleans anyway due to slashed budgets.
Come on legs get better soon, I want to put on my red swimsuit.

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Is it vanity to do nothing about repairing your body and going natural, or is it vanity to assume that people want to look at old skin. Of course people love beauty but also they love to say "Oh god have you seen the state of her"  There is no way you can win, and so you might as well please yourself, and I am telling you if you have the money, repair it.  In  72 hours my body looks twenty times better than it did with the swelling and markings still present.  Dr Perlman in my opinion is a genius.  The improvement I would say makes the menopause so much easier to deal with. Who wants middle age spread and physical devastation?. Should I talk about this, yes. I am fed up with models and actresses having enormous amounts of surgery and not admitting to it. I am telling you they are very rarely if ever natural. Women need to know that there is an alternative and you have an option. Obviously it takes money and in this financial environment, it might be difficult.
In any case I would show off my my scars with pride, but I can hardly see them.  For years I hated my knees, I had lost 300 pounds and had to  put up with sagging skin. It was neither attractive to my boyfriends or myself.
For me this is a win win situation. I have done it for myself. I could say nothing, but if Hollywood advertises it, why should I not admit to it?.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


I have decided to get rid of my old body. Fed up of old skin that looked twenty years older than my face. It was time to spruce it all up. Is it vanity to assume that people want to look at old wrinkled skin, or is it vanity to change this and have a lift or two.? I have never had a beautiful body, I was not a ten that walked out of the sea and everybody turned with open mouths. No I was a little round English girl with quite a pretty face.

For a few years I have tried to imagine what it would be like to have the perfect body.  I studied and found Mr Perlman in Beverly Hills.  The photographs he shows on his website look realistic and his video looks welcoming. So I booked myself in. It was  time to modernise everything. The men after me are becoming younger and younger so I need to feel good about myself. How could I whip my clothes off when I have had two children and had lost about 300 pounds of weight?.

I needed the confidence that a body lift would bring. Confidence in turn brings out happiness and love for other people. Well it does on me.  I love other people so like to be merry sunshine, instead of feeling jealousy towards other women. So off I went yesterday to Perlman's office in North Camden Drive.  In the same building as  Dr Raj Kanodia and Dr Alfred Cohen, both famous for their faces, I knew I would be in good hands.  I did not ask around as I knew what everybody would say.   In any case I had put on 7 pounds in the last four years and I was not interested in dieting and I felt like giving up.  This is not me so I have shaken myself into action.

Of course I have pain, of course I feel a little sick, but already I can see my knees look twenty years younger.  So I would rather look at that than the opposite.   Life is for living and not getting ready for the coffin just yet.  I am happy with the results and my tummy in one day looks 100 percent better. Thank you Dr Perlman.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Renee Fleming - Eugene Onegin - Letter Scene (part 2)

Back in Los Angeles, I am again making life changes. Decided to do some body upkeep, had a total check up, which thank goodness was done in the same building, very efficiently. I await for the results.  I saw my heart was normal, bruised emotionally of course.

 I have made changes in the cast and director of my play too.  Artistic differences. My director now is the great John Simons and the actress is Elizabeth Karr. They are like family. If feels right. If there are problems they would bother to ring me up.  I like John's artistic brilliance and sense of humour. You feel they have the integrity and honesty needed for a partnership.

Last night I went to see the premiere of  the silent movie The Artist , which easily is the best film I have seen this year. Obviously I am a lover of black and white film, and the story line is romantic andwatchable, with brilliant performances all round.

Maria Casarès & J.-L. Barrault-Les enfants du paradis

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


 There is nothing nicer than seeing mens muscles through a tight T shirt. My friend Polly Morgan artist has created with Mother of Pearl, a label belonging to Mrs Damien Hirst, that is both chic and stylish with her famous magpie sitting on a telephone,  printed on white silk. There is only a limited edition being made so be quick if you want one .


Thank goodness white collars are back in fashion.  In my wardrobe they never left, I have always had a passion for them and have many versions from Top Shop to Primark.  I like the way they look, the cleanliness, the way they make the face look better, happier, the reflection of the white lightening the skin.  They have a prim look too, so much better than lace which allows the skin to look tired quickly.  It was Coco Chanel, born at the end of the 18th Century who put them with everything, it was her successful uniform that made her masculine tailored suits look sharp and chic, for me it is better than a face lift.  She also added pearls  and costume jewellery which was a statement look. Slim, fit and interested she created this house that has lasted up the brilliance of Karl Largerfeld.
Best shirts this season were  Marc Jacobs.  Jet black and dark navy blue chiffon with white collars.  It makes me look much tidier.  It gives a romantic peter pan look which I like.  I then nagged Emilia Wickstead to death to make me some  lace dresses with white collars which I loved.  Erickson Beamon have a pretty white sequin collar and Coco Chanel usually have something.  They are better than make up.