Thursday, 21 January 2021


SPLIT a film I made with Alice Grant about the last few days of Trumps office and the world.

Friday, 15 January 2021


1. Minuet in G by Mozart my first piano piece. Played on a harpsichord.

I was only six and it got me to love playing. 


2. Ruhn in Frieden by Schubert sung by Elizabeth Schwartzkopf. I sang this

to get into Drama School ALRA  and my mother used to sing it to me. She was an Opera singer.


3. Maria Callas singing Casta Diva by Bellini. When I was a child I thought my Mother was better

than Callas and I used to ask her to sing every night. Casta Diva. I later made a play and put it in

and a film The Gun the cake and the butterfly. I asked jazz singer Liza Zane to sing it with my son 



4. I loved Opera Singer Lucia Popp here she is singing  - Laudate Dominum (Mozart).wmv which I 

used to sing in the choir at school at Bath Abbey when I was 15.  She, of course, sings it much

better than I do.


5. King Herod sang by Alice Cooper, Lyrics Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber sung

here by Alice Cooper. I love this because it is about the Bible, lyrics  written by my good friend

Tim Rice. It is witty funny and it makes me laugh.  Still does. It is often performed by schools and

one of the best stories Jesus Christ Superstar.


6. The first Album I bought was Patti Smith Horses. I thought I was such a rebel. It still spells Rebellion

for me. Horse. The lyrics are great too. I was wearing tight satin trousers at the time and gothic makeup.

Love the goths.

7. Heart of Glass sung by Debbie Harry. I just wanted to look like her and be her. Walk like her and talk

like her. When I was a drama school she lived in the same building and I saw every day. I was
shy and did not speak to her. Best clothes, best style, best blonde hair.

8. Chess was one of my favourite musicals. sung here by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickenson.
I am sure we have always been the other woman. I actually prefer it. Lyrics by my friend Tim Rice.
He is totally brilliant he describes the feeling so well. 

9. Lust Caution by Alexandre Desplat one  of the most romantic stories about betrayal and lust.
I was staying in the Sunset Marquee and I used to listen to one of the finest composers of our day.
Alexandre Desplat.
Here is one track. It is sad and gloomy with hints of passion. Just as I like it.

10. Paris and some fun road Elisa with Jane Birkin

11. Manu Chao my time in the South of France and Paris with a wonderful story.

12. My son Charles singing the only recording I really have of those days. It makes me cry.
I just love his voice. He was about 20 here.
Ma Rendi pur contento by Bellini


Tuesday, 12 January 2021


I will just say this.
It's more complicated than you imagine. 
OBAMA's daughter/ Hunter Biden -  ELECTION STEAL because of Globalism and the GREAT RESET- under the cover of global warming/ COVID19 - HOAX - and now next part. The only hero was TRUMP the last pillar against the CABAL. All he wanted was to Make America Great Again.


To kill humans and reduce the population to 500 million with vaccines 
Bankrupt the world.
Control for a few.
BIDEN gaga easy to do.
Communism/Fabian socialism


Monday, 11 January 2021


What is going on in the World is Orwellian. We need to be able to be uncomfortable. We need to able to discuss tricky subjects. Democrats are agreeing to the censorship of dissident thought. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of every Free country.  Once this line has been crossed it is a slippery slope to tyranny.  The tyrants of big Tech have become too big. Hand in hand with the Democrats, they begin their quest to enslave us all in smart cages. We have computers yet everybody is too indolent to check what is correct. They listen to fake news and a diet of CNN and the BBC is leaving people brain dead and unable to debate.  Freedom is more important. Communism/ Woke is terrifying.  Covid19 has created lazy people in flats all over the world who do not check what is happening while playing Nintendo they just listen to News that makes them comfortable.  They may wake up too late to do anything.

Who is going to take on Big Tech? This week a potential billion-dollar company Parler was closed down. There should be an investigation against the monopoly of Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Facebook. What Big Tech did this week is unacceptable when they took down Conservative thinkers. Deciding what we should listen to is not going to work in the supposed Free world of America.  This has to be investigated.  What is the legality of destroying competition? What is the legality of Big Tech destroying other peoples platforms? They say they are a private company.  Google, Amazon, Apple Facebook and Instagram need to work for a diverse audience this makes for an exciting and diverse readership. . Our world connects this way. They are new utilities. Now in a week,  Facebook and Twitter's share price has fallen by 50 billion. 
They closed the President of the United State. The truth will play out.  The government does not threaten free speech, Big Tech does. The President is not dangerous but Big Tech and the Media are.  With the First Amendment, we are allowed freedom of speech. 

Last Summer we had to watch BLM and Antifa destroy inner cities and we were made to support them by oppressive media propaganda.  America needs its Constitution protecting. In the meantime, people are totally mad about hating Donald Trump. The Democrats have become didactic and unbearable with no humour. The other night watching Biden and Harris talk was incomparable to the excitement of Trump. There was a person like a slave cleaning the stands... They did not win the election they stole it. There is so much misinformation and certainly one vote one person does not apply to the last election. . They think they are superior. When I asked a friend what she thought about the mess she said she hated Trump so much she did not care what the other 75 million people wanted in America. Even the Germans are not advising that the  Conservatives be silenced. 
Twitter is losing users by the thousands and the same with Facebook. Soon they will be replaced but as yet they do not see it. Television Broadcasting is biased and ao left-wing and unreliable too.
Investors are losing. The Liberals used to champion free speech, now they have become the Cancel Culture, pro riots and aggression.

America is led by old people who should be retired.  80-year-olds who have become vicious. Tyrannical and evil.   The rhetoric is violent and oppressive and is way more so than the current Trump. Whilst trying to hide all the election problems by using the rabble to impeach the Trump they are seditious and should be tried for treason., They were apparently behind all the drama in Washington the other day, and there were two rallies, one about 2 miles away and one outside Congress. They let in the fake protestors and opened the barriers at Congress.  They were not part of the peaceful march following Trump.  Follow the money and power behind that and the cruel witch pops up all over the place. 
The truth will win.

Friday, 8 January 2021


I do not condone rioting at any time. Violence is unacceptable. What is happening has to stop. Shielded by COVID19 which exists America is living with the consequences of truth lies and theft. Worst of all there is no free press. It is goodnight to The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, which are just mouthpieces to Biden and co. 

The election in America appears fraudulent, the Democrats, judged by substantial evidence, stolen in plain sight with illegal and legal ideas.  Social Media is involved with Mark Zuckerberg donating  $400 million to the Democratic Party being just one of the people causing disruption. Big Tech has removed The President and many other Politicians from Twitter and Facebook, free speech appears over.   Kamala Harris appears to be a puppet and as for Biden?. Let's see what happens but I like to follow the truth and the light. I will no longer use the platforms. I like fair elections. I am neither right-wing or left I like character and integrity.

This story implicates the Intelligence Services.  Blackmail is the method used, with sordid stories which are unrepeatable, they apparently control politicians. The audits of the Dominion Machines were enlightening but the company is now suing Attorney,  Sidney Powell. The results of the tests of the machine were horrific.  You put in one vote for Trump and you get 10 for Biden.  Each state was offered them and of course, took them.  There is photographic evidence including film from the elections. There were ballots not tabulated. Postal ballots which were incorrectly counted.  Over 30 states had Dominion Servers.  Signatures were not checked and neither were the addresses. Only legal ballots should have been counted. The illegal ballots should have been removed. Dead people voted and fake people voted. Shame on the people behind this. There is so much evidence it is overwhelming yet people say where is the evidence... well here is some.

Child sex trafficking has become worrying at the moment. We need to help save the children. There is an ongoing Sting operation. It is how the deep state organises itself.  We are at war, a digital war which runs to England and Rome.  The Constitution matters. As they have not followed the Constitution it is the end of America.  It will become a banana republic.  One vote per person is democracy.  Russia might have infiltrated the election but more likely and with loads of evidence is China.  China paid money to Dominion and there are problems.

The deep state planned the Virus, it came from Wuhan.  China is behind this.  America has been colonised by China for a long time. They have paid large sums to the Biden Family.  The internet, farmland, pharma, their intellect, clothes,  manufacturing, our mobile telephones. The way we have used China, they, in turn, have used the West.  Everything is well documented and the rest hidden in plain sight. Dr Fauci and Bill Gates pop up in the equation. Those who made the Virus did not stop it from travelling. They have made people paranoid. We are kept fearful, told to stay inside. Masks are obligatory.   It was easy to lock up 9 billion people we were so terrified. It is affecting the whole world. They are trying to control us and they are restricting our movements, they have stopped people going to work. The Governments around the world appear to have fallen into the trap. We need to fight for our Democracy.  I personally think they should do another election. Whatever side you are on we need to open up. This is bankrupting the world and it suits their RESET plans. The Reset is hidden behind the virus.  Read Covid 19 and the Great RESET by Klaus Schwab this should get you up to date by what is really happening. As head of the World Economic Forum, Schwab should know. It is a planned reorganisation of the world. They want a reduced population and Artificial Intelligence. There will be a Survival Reset.

Trump told the truth and the Main Stream Media gaslit him as if he was a lunatic and dangerous non stop.  In the beginning, they spied and hacked emails they listened to calls. The good Democrats and there are many, were fooled too. The Newspapers Mainstream Media are creating havoc and the WHO too.  If anyone says anything,  you are mad or a conspiracy theorist.  They are using the Virus. They are bankrupting us, they are making us unhappy.   There is almost no freedom of thought. They are dumbing down the human population.  Donald Trump was fighting back. Then there is Antifa and BLM both violent organisations who are used to promote hatred.  It is about truth and lies and a corrupted vote.  If we are brave we must clean up society. Donald has big shoulders this is a fight that is on its way. It has to be bad. This cannot continue. 


Saturday, 2 January 2021


The last time I looked up from the rabbit hole Christmas was cancelled and we were living in a totalitarian country.  Democracy has become a dirty word.  It was good we were told,  we must protect ourselves from COVID19 so our families were split. Good that people were going to be alone and depressed.  Is our brain going to function since we are so dumbed down? I am thinking,  is this our real life. Is this fiction?  This is the only window we have now, our only communication. We have become little internet people inside boxes. I want to speak to my lovers on their clouds. Nobody gets a cold or flu nowadays,  they get COVID19. I am going to order on Amazon a USB lover and he will perform the penetrations needed to keep my sanity with different programmes.

The very rich left London and the world's capitals,  like rats from sinking ships, they went to the Maldives and Barbados so clearly the lockdown had benefitted them.  The rules were so complicated on COVID, they are hysterical. Tier four could not mix with tier one and tier three can have restaurants open or was it shut? Then there were the bubbles of two or three people who have been together.  All I know is that the map of the UK is entirely red. Martial Law is on its way around the world. So wake up.

Great Britain has left Europe but has the opportunity to join again should we wish to in five years time?.  Boris Johnson has gone from the most popular Prime Minister a year ago to the most unpopular since having a baby with his woke girlfriend.  Since November this year and the departure of Dominic Cummings,  Boris has been making decisions with the advice of his girlfriend  Carrie who we are told is about to be misplaced. 

We have become Orwellian. No pubs, no gossip, no theatre, no church or seeing friends.  We sit on our own hoping someone will ask us to walk with them to eat a congealed sandwich in the park. With the Government spending enormous sums I try to open my old Bitcoin account which some ex-friend opened ages ago, the codes don't work and I go round and round in circles hunting for lost passwords. After all, our money will be on some blockchain soon. I will keep laughing and try to see the humour in all things. We are living a dystopia a Soylent Green trailer.

The restrictions benefit the boys from Davos and their plan of the RESET which they have not explained to the general public. Having read the dreary book I notice that the population has to be reduced to 500 million worldwide and I wonder who goes first?  The World Economic Forum really have no joy for life.  We are not even a service economy anymore and Christmas is apparently not vital, also churches are closed.  Collapsing everything seems to be the new build back better cry.  "This is a global RESET"  they repeat.   Please try and read COVID19 and the GREAT RESET by Klaus Schwab, if the content was not so dangerous you could give it a miss.  The Political elite has become smug and happy with their extra billions. The MEDIA continually lie. They look on at the hysteria that they have created with glee and Matt Hancock and Dr Fauci can't wait to chip us and vaccinate us with their new treats.  I do not understand what these MP's think they are doing to their public they clearly have no regard for them.  That is all part of AGENDA2030. Oh, that is just conspiracy?  The elite hate Trump, supercilious and pleased with themselves, they just cannot control him. First, they ridiculed him, gave him endless bad press.  They had to get rid of him. At this point as an English person, I do not care about Republican or Democrat I care about the integrity of an election. America is not Venezuela and England, must not follow.

In my life,  Alex Jones has been replaced by the Harvard educated Stephen Bannon.  My crushes come and go on the cloud and at least I am not on Tinder vibrating on some unloved piece of plastic.  

I am falling asleep to "Make America Great again again". the scuttling of rats join the President, but as yet we don't really know which President. The states flip to and fro as they hide millions of ballots or get them shredded or increased by Dominion. Apparently, Sadiq Kahn has bought several Dominion servers for London, I wonder why?  The Donald has been gaslit for four years and the public was not told the truth. The supposed global elite cannot take what they consider Donald's vulgar ways.   

I have stopped listening to the news since the media told us that Biden won the election,  without telling us the news that supposedly Biden stole the election through the servers and illegal ballots?  Yet both Hillary and Joe admitted the theft on television.   The media suppresses everything.  "The Steal is clearly the new win?"   

The John Grisham Novel cannot even compete with these real-life stories.  It seems unfortunate this might lead to a Revolution. We live in a world where good people appear bad and the bad are bad.

Happy 2021