Saturday, 23 October 2021


 I have not written for some time because there is too much to say and everything appears to be 'anti human'.

Tied up in the same agenda The Green Deal, the dark deep state, AI, Farmland. Dig deep enough you come to the nefarious occupations of people like Epstein and how Bill Gates is wanting to reduce the population whilst buying huge amounts of farmland. 

Humans are just thought of as  "Eaters". With our support systems destroyed,  our families after the Women's Lib Movement are pretty much over and as for religion The Catholic Church has gone Communist and the Churches were closed at a time when we needed them the most. Our supply chain is crippled and we are masked up and injected, almost unrecognisable. I was also accused of being bonkers for commenting about the state of affairs.  Shame on the left-wing journalist who did this. He has since been proven to be uneducated and only listening to a diet of CNN and the BBC. 

Our Civic rights have been curtailed. Our Democracy needs to be fought for and is not absolute. It is not something the Governments should manipulate. The rule of law, freedom of speech is really important. Human rights are not respected. Our protests are violently repressed. Then there is the COVID passport. The discrimination against those who are unvaccinated is completely unacceptable.

The vaccine is not perfect many have unreported problems with it.  I am not a Scientist but the Pharmaceutical Companies are ruling our lives and their facts are not scientific but political and paid for in many cases. The billionaires are the fronts to running the world and their values are crafted on money and not for the benefit of the human being. Behind them, heaven knows what?

As for Artificial Intelligence, there are some areas luckily they cannot enter? I do not want dinner or to make love with a robot. A vibrator is not the same as flesh, lips and kissing, or could it be?

Enough is enough.