Monday, 30 May 2011

Amanda Eliasch Collaborates With Jonathan Brown for "Peccadilloes" Exhibition at the Leadapron | SYS-CON.TV

Amanda Eliasch Collaborates With Jonathan Brown for "Peccadilloes" Exhibition at the Leadapron | SYS-CON.TV

Istancool bringing world culture to Turkey's biggest city again - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

Istancool bringing world culture to Turkey's biggest city again - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review


Now I am back in London I can think back to Istanbul, and the craziness of the traffic, my hyper sensitivity to being late, the terrible flight with Delta Airways who should certainly upgrade their filthy and out of date service to this magical place.  I realise if I had been comfortable on arrival I would have been less exhausted.  However it was so worth supporting my friend Pablo Ganguli and all who work fiercely for it's success.
Magical moments were sitting with Kirstan Dunst before the very generous dinner given by Jefferson Hack. Kirstan looked like a fairy in her Chanel couture dress. Kirstan was adorable, I managed to get some wonderful shots of her.  They were taken in very low light, but there was something ethereal about seeing her sitting down like a pretty ballet dancer.  She was a true star and perfectly polite and interesting.  It was good seeing Karla Otta too.  I like sitting away in a quiet place before parties start. It is always enlightening.

The day had not stop fascinating moments from the Pera museum to the dinner, people were entertaining and enlightening.  Can't wait for the next Pablo Ganguli experience.  This man's invitations are a must.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

May 29, 2011

Chanel - Cruise 2012 | The Tale of a Fairy

The Pera Museum lecture, Istancool for Istanbul

Turkey is a mysterious hammam where you see no walls.  It is difficult to fathom the other side.  I am  in the British Airways room at the airport and am thinking about what I learned.  It may take a few days to sink in.  I like to learn something new everyday.  I did have some things confirmed yesterday by Michael Stipe whose music I like.  He tries new things out.  I loved his idea of getting people he admired to make films of his words and music.  As Michael said so clearly, film is the most powerful medium in the 21st century so he used it to make 12 films by directors he admired.   Gorilla style he has nearly finished the project. The whole idea was that it should fit on You Tube.  It's certainly inspiring. He believes that most artists have more than one talent, so I am a happy girl, that others believe they can do more than one thing.

Sam Taylor Wood, looked radiant and more at ease than ever as she showed her lively portrayal of his music.  She said it was morning dancing that gave her the idea, and her boyfriend, Aaron Johnson is particularly good at it.  He has that appeal of the urban boy jumping over bikes, break dancing, wiping his nose on his hand, spitting, a tea shirt on his back and jeans, still managing to look very very attractive.  
Sam was so much fun as she talked, for the third time I saw what she is all about.  The piece we were told was called Berlin, I may be wrong, in any case it was filmed in the East End of London, and she just shot it with no permissions, as she felt, using  people going about their normal business and her man larking about.

Sophie Calle's was completely different, heaven knows what it was called? Anyway  she put together all her video footage from her iphone and it consisted of a horse peeing, a bee and a ballet dancer in an underground car park.  She had not used the medium before, and she was not interested in doing so. She also did not know Michael, but it had a lively feel to it.  Everybody asked about the horse of course.  I am more interested in the ballet dancer,  actually I am interested in the Bee, who walked backwards so well, flossing his wings, looking busy.
Another two films followed, one which was top secret, yet not, of Brando footage, kissing, putting on his hat, just looking, my goodness he was a looker. The other was made from his sisters architectural computer programme which was very boring and Michael and his sister jazzed it up.

The morning ended with questions from Courtney Love who
had flowers in her hair and looked suitably rock and roll.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

May 29, 2011 ISTANCOOL

What's cool? Istancool

I went to New York for a day and half  to attend the final first year performance of my son at Mannes. It was so good to see how much had changed and grown up. He played Don Giovanni, and, in the opera Rodelinda, he sang with great thought and sensitivity even though I am a proud Mother.

The next day I rushed to Istanbul, in the rain and too much traffic. Tired out, I was late for my friend Pablo Ganguli in Istanbul. Sadly I missed the opening as my driver got lost. I nearly went crazy in thw back of the limousine, I wanted to be on time. Lateness gives me an allergy and I can't breathe...

Pablo set up Liberatum, his baby, to introduce people to the secrets of the Arts. Hard work and drive have created a huge organization started with just a laptop. He is unstoppable and wants to ensure worldwide integration of the arts between England and the rest of the world.
Nowadays there is so little truth spoken amongst Politicians and Bankers we can only rely on few sources to find it. There is little balance. Pablo Ganguli seeks to find this truth through mixing cultures and stirring up artistic truth. This he has done since setting up Liberatum, by mixing artists, novelists, film makers, photographers, socialites in the real meaning of the word, press Dave Bennett and Tim Blanks, for fun, creative and safe atmospheres he  gently puts people together.  This time for Istanbul, Istancool has given us all something to remember.

 Terry Gilliam, Sophie Calle, Sam Taylor Wood, Tilda Swinton, Courtney Love playfully spoke interestingly with all the guests invited. Showing films, discussing branding. Music and theatre. Pablo watches on, keeping his talented entourage happy.  There were others too, Stephen Jones, Sophia Beddows,Jefferson Hack and many others who were interesting.

This man has far to go. I watch him work wonders in a world where few mix easily.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cartier summer party

Last night Cartier gave a magnificent party in The Chelsea Power station. The light was magnificent as I entered the old buildings falling apart.  I want to live there.  It was a totally stunning experience. Beautifully organised and so generous.

There were so many people I knew, I was lucky to sit next to the amusing Percy Gibson, who was extremely interesting. Sitting at the table was  Trinny Woodall, who looked ravishing in a long gold lace dress. Georgia Coleridge looked so pretty in red.  Sitting amongst Peonies I realised I was truly lucky.
Battersea Power station is definitely the new destination to have a party. It's funky architectural decay is much more interesting than some of the smarter places in London. I am off to Cartier to show my appreciation. Hugo Burnand was taking photographs, now the official royal photographer. The whole of London society was out in force. I arrived with  Kathryn and Geordie Greig, I love Geordie who is turning me into a superstar.  He was sort of teasing me, I do love him.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

amandaeliasch's photostream

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LET's FORGET EVIL, and help the trees

What is this new passion  for talking about Hitler.  I think its too much, for somebody who caused so much pain to so many, why is he continually mentioned and still of interest?.  He certainly had few attractive qualities.  I don't watch television but I can guarantee that there will be a documentary on the The Second World War almost every day of the week.
Last week Lars Von Trier was shamed for supporting this beast of a man and John Galliano lost his job whilst drunk, and was sadly easily provoked into racist remarks.  Why is it that we, as a human race wish to dig up and analyse people who are worthless.  The truth is it is a human condition to glorify evil, any one watching, or reading  about it is attributing to its popularity, even me writing about it.
Can we all stop talking about it and change the world by trying to do good instead of bad. Go and help the trees and old people.


I loved your play you wrote with Lyall.  It's funny, profound, and profoundly moving.  And oddly, also felt like an aggregate of all the telephone conversations we've had since I met you, but organized and presented in such a way to maximize wit, cleverness, joie de vivre and a unique sort of detached sorrow -- all words I would use to describe you as a person.  The play perfectly captures you.  By the way, page 21 is a comedic tour de force.  I hope your lead actress nails that.  If she does, you will hear howls of sustained laughter coming from the audience.  

My favorite lines:  

Page 15:  "I learnt that plays that were moving and real were called comedies."  That line applies to your own work, my dear, so it's very apt that you included it.  

Page 24:  "There's always room for a bob in Coward, so I'd be okay."  This is a terrific laugh line. 

Page 27:  "So you see, I'm not ready to settle down."  An even bigger laugh line.  I hope your actor pauses to take a drink right after she says it.

Page 34:  "I think now, I'm addicted to the passion of being disappointed."  This is where the play begins its inexorable march away from laughs and towards its searing profundity.

And my favorite line, and the very best line, and the most moving, and profound, and sorrowful, yet also oddly hopeful line, is the very last:   "I'll look for someone who has the same hands as his... and who fits mine..."

Amanda and Lyall, it's every playwright's dream to write a play where the very last line is the most powerful of the entire play.  It is an ideal rarely achieved.  Yet you have achieved it here, unequivocally.  And for that you deserve great praise as a writer and an artist.  This line is going to have an enormous impact on the audience.  It's going to leave them stunned, and moved in a way they couldn't possibly have anticipated by any one thing that preceded it, and yet, is the perfect endpoint of the play's inevitable crescendo of self-illumination.  People are going to come out of the play thinking they've seen something of a minor masterpiece.  

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


We all know about Alice.  There are no boundaries with Alice, her imagination works.  I was a doormat to my friends, I love my friends, do not misunderstand me,  but the only thing your friends disapprove of is usually the only thing worth doing. I like this exhibition of Alice and Walt Disney characters, I like Wolfe's bravery.  The Badger on the magic carpet. Alice climbing an army tank and Snow White playing with Pinoccio's  nose. I bought several painting because not only were they beautifully painted, this artist is a craftsman, but they are also ravishing in my opinion.  With over the shoulder glances to Picasso, and tiny intricate drawings in pencil, to the huge canvass of Marilyn, this artist for me can do no wrong. I will have to marry a rich man as I have no walls left!

The exhibition is at 2 Omega Place, London N1 9DR at ALL VISUAL ARTS

Monday, 16 May 2011


There is something so adorable about Tracey Emin.  Either I am being called "Mouse, or Mandy Brown, or   you made it".   I got out bed yesterday, tarted myself up, put on my lipstick for the gorgeous Tracey Emin, yet I was dying inside.. Her quirky pretty face lightens up as she sees her friends, and she knows exactly who they are. Yes, Tracey loves her friends.  She loves their support. From the world of Art to the Aristocracy, to Mr and Mrs David Tang and Jerry Hall, she is adored.  In return we are guaranteed real friendship in this fickle world.  There is nothing superficial about this woman, who possesses elegance, in her tight black Vivienne Westwood suit, as well as real artistic brilliance.  Tracey is a huge plus for England.  If  you have a chance get weaving to the Haywood Gallery to see this magnificent show. The past is indulged and dramatised. Huts are built and neons explode. Swearing, sewing go hand in hand. Nothing shocks me, but I did laugh when I saw a quilt saying "I want an International Man"  I don't think she would?.  Tracey belongs to contemporary culture of England where she reigns as Queen.

Wonderful articulate exhibition at the Haywood Gallery, dearest Tracey has created an incredible event.

Amanda Knox: Murder in Italy by Candace Dempsey - Book Trailer



British Creative Force and Renegade Artist Launches Her Neon Artwork
Los Angeles, CALIF,. - Amanda Eliasch has added another string to her creative bow by crafting a series of artworks in neon for an exhibition at the Leadapron Gallery in Los Angeles.  Gallerist, Jonathan Brown will present “Peccadilloes”", showcasing Amanda’s new neon works based on the cartoon drawings of her by close friend and art patron, Kay Saatchi.  Amanda has humorously lent herself as an example of the declining trajectory of modern morals.
One approach to art is to take something measurable and make it immeasurable through the prism of one’s imagination. Amanda Eliasch has flipped this notion and taken something immeasurable and made it measurable. She is using neon, a noble gas, as her material.  Though common in the universe, it is quite rare on earth. Her subject, sin, is again a flip - common on earth, but supposedly clarified once reaching the heavens.

Being no stranger to the art world, Amanda has shown her visceral, dramatic black and white prints in galleries across London. She has published three books, most notably Assouline’s “British Artists at Work”, a collaboration with Italian Vogue Editor Franca Sozzani.  Her latest book entitled “The Sins of a Butterfly" will launch this year.  Amanda extends her talents to playwriting, and her first work “As I Like It”, will run for two weeks in July 2011 at the Chelsea Theatre in London.
In his innovative gallery, Brown will reveal Amanda’s tongue-in-cheek, but charmingly honest neon artworks, which highlight the many facets of the Mortal Sins: Wrath, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Lust, Pride, and Gluttony.  These works are crafted using neon techniques, reflecting Hollywood’s culture of neon – hamburger joints, no vacancy signs, and striptease dens.  They are vital, powerful, and compelling in that they tell a story that stretches from darkness to the light.

Amanda is using the pure intention of neon to both expose and reveal what neon aims to express. Much like Tracy Emin or Cindy Sherman, in multiple layers of symbolism, she places herself as the subject of this intention; to humor, to question and to confound. She admits to being a sinner, while at the same time, stating wittily that her sins are just peccadilloes.   The result is a reaction to reality that is true, feminine, and astonishingly candid.

“Peccadilloes” will open at the Leadapron Gallery on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 6.00 to 9.00pm.  The Leadapron Gallery focuses on fine art, rare books, and photography for exhibit and sale.  Located at 8445 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069.
For further information, images, and interview opportunities for Amanda Eliasch, please contact Eileen Koch at Eileen Koch & Company INC, a public relations firm, at 310.441.1000 or email Eileen at  Please visit



Janthina Fong | Assistant to the CEO
Eileen Koch & Company Inc.
tel: 310-441-1000 | fax: 310-441-3030


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ezra Miller: in the Cannes spotlight


I feel as if I am in a water tank with too many people in it. Wherever I go there are screaming fans waiting for a glimpse, of the too few stars, with too many officious looking bodyguards.. I am going home early.  Despite having fun and excitement, I need peace. Peace is a deliciously rare commodity.  I want to hear a pin drop, the rain against a window, anything but the hooting of horns, the yelling fans and the clicking of cameras.   Green is becoming a life force for me. I need to eat green and I need to feel green.  I can't believe how I have changed in a year. I like precious solitude and clean food.

Anyway despite everything I have had lots of fun. Visiting some houses, trying to find one suitable for me.  They are all over priced and for 1.9  million euros you find a 2 bedroom fisherman's cottage with no views on the Cap D'Antibes.
I went to Charles Finch's party last night sponsored by Tod's and some classy watch company. Held at the Hotel du Cap, I felt at last at home. I love this hotel, and take back anything I have ever said about it.  Under the old regime it was like being in prison, but now it has gracious characteristics, and it takes on a new interest for me.  I will definitely go back and stay there next year.  Full of the most interesting people from Mick Jagger, Lauren Scott, Franca Sozzani, Harvey Weinstein to Jeremy Thomas and Michael Barclay, whose knowledge on cinema was commendable.  I say that because he knew all about my grandfather's films, so of course was flattered. Charles Finch knows how to give a party, mixing glamour and film together with ease.

Going home now to jump on my scales yet again this year. Any fatter and I can join the fairground as an extra.

Birthday orchids from an admirer
On my Birthday by Jack English