Friday, 24 April 2020

Dear All especially Gideon and Nikita.

If you wish people to stick to their agreements stick to yours.
Your endless bullshit Gideon has created havoc.  You stole from me  and
you did not care about the consequences.You promised so much more and
really shame on you. You better sort this out today. It is simply not correct.
As for the disaster I know you too well and I simply do not believe you.
You are quite able to deal with problems like this. This story is now TWO years old.
You displaced/stole  the funds in 2018 with Nikita. Now I have had enough.
I paid Elad when the bank was closed for three days yet you 
are unable to get yourself to be correct on any level.

I suggest you change your ways or orange will look very pretty on you Gideon/Danny.

Yours sincerely.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020


GET BACK TO WORK OR THERE WILL BE NO WORK TO RETURN TO! We have become so soft that it is embarrassing. Clapping our nurses endlessly for doing a job that they are paid to do & being filmed playing around is not cool when people have died. A virtue signaller is not virtuous. For 25,000 deaths in one month we should not be proud of our NHS and China should pay for this, we should remember that The USA supposedly gave money to China's Laboratory in Wuhan. Whatever the truth there is nothing to clap about and I am not doing it anymore. Use Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and exercise as it will protect you. This virus contains AIDS, keep your jobs or the ramifications will be much worse than this. Regain sanity from this. My tax pays for this and all of your tax does too.
Boris Johnson needs to get back to work immediately.

Monday, 20 April 2020


Okay for those not suffering with COVID19 I suggest you all wake up and realise we do not have a government at the moment as Boris Johnson is sick. You might be furloughed at home and you could possibly lose your job. It is very nice going for long walks round the rivers of London but reality is kicking in. This is nirvana for the work shy. Wake up Boris and stop the lock down don't let your brush with COVID19 effect your logic of your decision. Stop the rhetoric Piers Morgan it is hysterical and not based on fact. One third of the beds are not being used and Nightingale Hospital is empty.
People die everyday from obesity, bad health, smoking, old age, cancer, heart problems, flu and lack of exercise. We lack essential vitamins, D, A, C, Zinc. People dying from this disease are often obese, the nurses too,  so don't put these people in the front line. People of colour suffer from lack of Vitamin D and so should take supplements, the melanin in their skin prevents the Vitamin getting into their body. So why are the doctors not telling them? Why also are the Doctors not mentioning the blood clots that COVID19 is causing?
At the beginning of this year there was hope. We were moving forward to complete Brexit and get our independence. Now there is the Pandemic we have been put into a pleasant stupor  and all our rights given away.
We all had knowledge about China and I bought my masks in November. I bought all the vitamins then too. They need to pay us reparations. Every single asset owned by the Chinese should be impounded outside China.
Hospital seems the most dangerous place to be and if I am ill tomorrow I will avoid it like the plague. The ventilators seem to guarantee death. You have 50/50 chance of a survival and I would rather die at home. They do not seem to want to use the medicines that works like Hydroxychloroquine and the doctors are proclaiming that the tests available do not work. I think we should get a herd immunity and get moving.
I am proud about our nurses but sorry it is so simple to organise companies to get the right equipment for them to use. The nurses I think look generally scruffy and need proper uniforms. I have for many years been shocked at the state of their appearances. The standards are appalling. Each hospital needs their own uniforms and we need to look to the past and bring Matron back. Washing uniforms in hot water with detergent I think generally clears all bugs. So give me a break, and an iron makes the uniform look smart.
The head of the NHS, Simon Stevens has clearly been there too long. We are listening to the Head of Imperial College, Neil Ferguson, who got mad cows disease wrong, by insane predictions that never happened. In the meantime we are bankrupting our country that we had so much hope for.
The media are left leaning and it suits their bankrupt brains to destroy capitalism.
Enough is enough. We need to independently get back on our feet and sort this shit out. Wear masks, use hand gel, wash your clothes in hot water but get back to work before everything like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman crashes around us. I am calling the battle cry for some good old fashioned common sense.
In the meantime I have asked my friend Joshua Kane to design our new British NHS uniform.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

I think if we are going to live in a pod, wear thick gloves, a mask and a visa head to toe in Tupperware I still want it to be glamorous.