Sunday, 24 May 2015


ISIS has taken over Palmyra which is one of the most beautiful and magical cultural cities of the world. An oasis which is only140 miles away from Damascus in Syria.

The Queen of Jordan along with other World Leaders have begged them to consider saving this historical site. ISIS's disparaging remarks about Michelle Obama  did not make ISIS any more interesting or intelligent. On another note how can Obama say that the most dangerous thing in the world is climate change?.

There is a cycle of life. We can only die once. No matter how painful the death, there is only a few seconds that it can be so, a finite measure between life and death. Few people are constructive over the age of eighty let's face it.  No dictatorship has proven to survive and the more destructive they are to the existing human race, people will rise up against them. This is the pattern of history.

If ISIS destroy Palmyra we are reducing the beautiful architectural wonders of the world for future generations to enjoy. One person can be knocked down, five million killed, but unless the political parties start being more tolerant and more constructive, their heads too will roll, not just those that they are killing at the moment. You cannot treat the human race badly for long. There is no more Stalin, Hitler or Chairman Mao . ISIS is a violent disease.  Do they believe that they are going to live forever? The Nazis thought they would live forever. They should not forget that history always repeats itself and as Hitler came and went, so will these people. Hitler however chose not to bomb certain buildings e.g. The Brighton Pavilion as he had ideas of turning into his Nazis headquarters. He was at least a lover of architecture.

ISIS's destruction of historical sites in the Middle East is showing a lack of respect for other cultures, it is saddening. It is as bad as if they decided to descend on Stonehenge or destroy Hadrian's Wall or artefacts from The Ming Dynasty. What are they intending to do?  Bomb Jerusalem? What about relics in Rome? Anything Christian they do not want? No Christian relics, No Jews and No Buddhists, No Catholics, No Pagans? Ethnic eradication? No Ancient Greece? No Father Christmas. What about the beauty of Babylon, and the Babylonian dynasty which they are in part living in? The centre of the world, The Sumarian's? They may have religious and political points, but to be this destruction they are shaming to the religious beliefs they think they hold.  They have obviously studied history and want to remove the facts altogether. If this continues children of tomorrow could believe that history started with Mohammed.
Their appalling treatment of women in 2015, is totally disgusting.
Perhaps they are blowing themselves up for the ultimate orgasm, paradise and "appetising vaginas"
"Each time we sleep with a Houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one [i.e. Muslim] will marry seventy [sic] houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas." - Al-Suyuti, Al-Itqan fi Ulum al-Qur'an, p. 351

On another note and because of the dramas recently, I think the time has come that we have to think about  banning the "batoolah" and the "niqab" in the United Kingdom. I say sadly because I believe people should have freedom to do as they wish.  ISIS have coloured the rest of the world's view.  These contrapments represent terror and repression to most people in the Western World. The Muslims can still cover their hair and be modest. To chain Christian women and sell them off will only have ramifications that the heads of ISIS may not like.
 I don't agree with a religious or political statement. France and now The Netherlands do not allow the burka, and the rest of Europe should now consider this as well?
Is ISIS so incredibly undeveloped, they will knock down everything because it does not suit their fantastical ideals. Another view
As Mohammed was born 570 years after Christ, to remove earlier societies could be considered criminal. Why on earth has this turmoil been allowed to fester within our societies?. If they want to live in a barren society, their children may not, children usually by their nature, want to do the opposite to their parents?
At the moment ISIS are mentally teenagers. We only have our society and culture to live with. We can live in harmony provided they contribute and do not destroy. Fanatics are never attractive and they do not indoctrinate for long.  The human being, as history shows, always moves on.
I do not want to eradicate, I believe in democracy, but I do want to have free speech as well.


Binoy Kampmark writes more intellectually about ISIS In Dissident's 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology (MUST SEE) This is why we must fight for Palmyra


I have known Hendrix for 7 years and I am so happy that he has worked hard. Education is most important and Hendrix has luckily achieved and got into the school of his dreams.
Please help fund this so that he can get the education he rightly deserves and has earned.THE HENDRIX FUND

Thursday, 21 May 2015

FINISHED WITH THE DEMIMONDE AND BACK TO THE MANY "CHARMS" of the BANKER? Tips and Tricks for any future MALE contenders who wish to enter my orbit. Wash it and rinse it under the tap now and again.

1.  Never touch my computer equipment or my belongings especially the handbag.
2.  Stop boasting and talking like a Philadelphia lawyer.
3.  Wear deodorant smell nice, clean your teeth nobody wants to smell booze and fags ,death breath, trench mouth. No girl wants to kiss an ash tray.
4.  Wash and shave
5.  Don't let the girl pay for anything
better to go for a coffee or  a sandwich that you can afford or a pie and a pint
6.  Any internal orgasms can usually be found with girls on websites called who are high end prostitutes
7.  Read a book not only the pamphlet and no, yellow pages don't qualify.
8.  Never talk about another girl especially in a derogatory fashion, I know that it will be me next, and usually to the girl who you have been kvetching about.
9.  Always buy flowers, a simple thing can keep any woman happy even if you have to steal them.
Don't expect every woman to open her legs for a bunch, they may just go in the vase, and understand that if they are ordinary, somebody might spell that out.
10. Don't talk about money as if it was a trans Atlantic telephone number.
11. Don't mention other  girls names in my presence or afford me gynaecological descriptions of their journeys to their perceived sexual delights. I don't mind listening to all of the above if there is a fee involved and a phd after my name, but there isn't.
12.  If a man manages to get through this assault course and the bootcamp I provide, then he might be in with a tiny chance of a date. I realise I might have lost half my audience and that is my entire intention. Those of you still reading should sharpen your pencils once again, if you have lead in it.
13,  Don't send photographs of yourself which are appropriate for tinder  before you  have taken me to dinner.

I do not expect all the men to do work but I do expect that they have a go and try.
If you don't intend to listen to advise then its fast track to a punch on the nose.

I have just woken from a nightmare and taken two more sleeping pills.
If a man tries to blackmail you,  tell him "Go for it but he better have a place at the priory to go to"
I can tell you after my last escapade I am finished with the demimonde and semi artist,and I am back to seeing the "charm" of the banker. One bit of advice listen carefully why the man was free in the first place.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

"WORD ON THE CANALS" is at VENICE BIENNALE 2015," a snippet.. going back for more".

I wanted to be in so many places at once this week. Tracey Emin was showing in Rome tonight  and I love her and her work. I had to miss it as I was staying at the Mayr Clinic.   Last week I fainted on the way back from Palm Springs and I needed to have endless check ups, so The Mayr in their usual efficiency found out everything about my body. I am perfectly okay. Phew. They told me I lived off adrenalin. Of course I do and black coffee. I have to go back very soon there is a whole lifetime of bad habits to repair.  I find their regime totally brilliant.

On my way home I dropped into The Venice Biennale  which opened today and is luckily on until November. There were plenty of eccentrics visiting, Women with wild hair, black dresses, huge jewellery wearing knuckle dusters and strange bracelets. Stylish blonde haired nubile creatures talking deep into the night.. The art world character is special, unusual.  The enthusiasts all have something different about them, architectural glasses, a red rim round a jacket, colourful shoes, an unusual watch strap. It is an ideal habitat for the cockatoo.

I was having a drink last night on the buzzy terrace at The Gritti Palace, full of glamorous looking people like Liz Hurley, Simon and Carine Lee and David Gill. I sat next to a dapper middle aged man who I did not know. He whispered to me that he wanted to throw the ashes of his deceased mother into the canal. He told me she had had her first gin and tonic at the Palace, he intended to celebrate the event with me. The place was packed but despite this he gently put the ashes into a napkin and let them slip into the water.  Everybody was unaware what the gentleman was doing, but it was a heart rending moment and added to all that has been wonderful in the last day and a half. This was art tself.


Word on the canals in Venice is that there is so much money at stake that the artist has little time to create totally new work. They are known for something and they are almost persuaded to stick with it.  The poor artist has to be an accountant for the most part,  making things not from the heart and soul but for the new type of owner, who twenty years ago would be more interested in owning a Ferraris than an Emin. As I walked around  Venice I could sense that you can buy any artists work in all sizes, like shoes, 39.5, 42, 44 and so on, something that fits.   There is pressure from the Gallerists to sell, and artists to produce. Endless art shows give them little time for reinvention.
There is also the whole social life that goes with it. The entertaining, the huge yachts, the dinners. The artists were clearly weary even if they had been supported and created.

"Was Sarah Lucas shocking?" everybody spoke in hushed hallowed voices. Sarah is Great Britain's candidate for our Pavilion.  Part of the "Young British Artist's", Charles Saatchi curated long ago.  She had made a female body having "sex" over a desk with a cigarette placed strategically, rather than erotically. Subversion. In fabulous light drenched yellow rooms, that could have made me feel happy, she displayed her work, it actually left me feeling sad.  Knowingly or not, there were some Franz West moments as I studied her show bathed in warming sunlight. Another piece showed a woman being sick in the loo and again another cigarette. "This is violent sex" I think?. I always love that idea, but my love life is so gentle in comparison. But, there we are, Sarah Lucas is part of the rough and tough world of the East End of London, part of the Goldsmith 'Rat pack'.

At lunch I listened to two young art dealers gossiping,  fanatics, sitting on the stunning roof at the Danieli. They discussed whether Lucas was mischievous  rather than depraved?. No conclusions were made as the wine slipped down.

I am different. I am amused by  tea ceremonies and Japanese Gardens, fruits of unusual forests and silence. I am more in tune with Huroshi Sugimoto. In love with the 'idea of romance' in the tea room in a glass box, surrounded by a perfect garden. I loved this. An exotic simple idea for a city garden in London.

I loved the Japanese Pavillion, Chiharu Shiota piece "The Key in the Hand" I find it very attractive and moving, keys are strange yet normal memories to past and present souls. I don't know why but last week I threw away my keys to my apartment at Rue Mechain, without thinking, it was a love nest I had in the heart of Montparnasse, built by Mallet Stevens. I felt the keys were my only real object that kept my soul there. Perhaps I wanted to break the apron strings to my Parisian romances?

Tonight I was speaking to my ex who said that Venice was so trashy, I didn't see that side of it, I met a series of amusing and talented people, but of course men on the loose will always find their suitable bed mates. unfortunately trashy sells, people love it. Nothing trashy about the Pinault party which opened Venice, here reported by Franca Sozzani, who looked totally stunning compared to the her American counterparts this week.
So does religion sell. Christoph Buchel representing Iceland  decided it was interesting to set up a mosque installation in a church, causing a flurry of Muslims to pray in the artwork. This sent alarm bells throughout Venice. A freedom of expression. Of course this is nothing new, after all there are many churches that have been taken over and turned into Mosques, Christianity being the older religion. I can see why this was controversial, but everything is political here at the Biennale. The Brazilian Pavilion and the Serbian too, I was perhaps most touched by the film I saw in Brazils show "So much it doesn't fit here". A woman running through a prison with an Olympic flame and hands from the prisoners reaching out to her. Thousands are kept under lock and key there. The Armenian Pavilion won with heart rending tales from several artists. I did not get a chance to see it, next time. My feet need to rest.

My favourite pieces that filled my hear was by Jaume Plensa was called "Together" it felt like the old black film white dream sequences. Beautifully made and totally stunning.

I also was enthralled and spent ages at The Australian Pavilion where artist Fiona Hall had played with family objects, in a witty and interesting way.

With so little time and so much to see I will need an excuse to visit Venice at least for another 4 days to completely see what this years Biennale has to offer. Then there is the shopping which is a wonderful relief from the walking. Good food and Harry Ciprianis.

For more information the Bloomberg Blog

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


All of us are learning to be kind and good, with Kundalini classes and the latest techniques on how to be NLP'd sweet. I at least have been working on myself for half a century and still its tricky not to say the first thing that comes out of my mouth.
So I say the following with utmost respect for the designers, stylists, fashionistas involved. If we in the fashion world do not wish to be mocked and ridiculed then think what you dress our foremost celebrities in?

This week at the Met Ball, once named The Costume Institute Ball,  proved where we are in our society. As atrocities are performed like rituals around the world, and the Nepalese are living under heaps of historical rubble, one of the prettiest girls at the party, Rihanna, turns up looking like Big Bird dragging an omelette in a dress by a relatively unknown but supposedly brilliant Chinese Couturier called Guo Pei, she took two years to make it, and apparently it was found by Rihanna on the internet. Rupaul's costumes in Drag Race  were more glamorous and provocative. Just look at his show Shanel, real stage creations.
The Chinese theme, "China through the looking glass" last night was mostly ignored and interpreted incorrectly, kimonos are Japanese not Chinese, Lady Gaga.

If I was given a dress like Kim's I would have slit my throat rather than turn up looking fatter than Beyonce, who was wearing four sequins and lipstick by Givenchy. Kim looked prettier running through The Beverly Hills Hotel in navy blue and flats than the hideous white transparent dress she was given to wear.  It would have cost a fortune and looked cheap and common by Roberto Cavalli. On top of this, these girls have a passion for pumping up their booty into comical shapes and showing it off in these trampy dresses, making them, not pretty or sexy, but  even stranger.
Anna Wintour unfortunately looked like she was wearing curtains with swimming safety armbands, or a floral tribute from all of Australia. Despite it being by Chanel, another of my favourite designers, it simply did not suit her. Thank goodness the flowers didn't spell out a name. What looks good on a cat walk is proven to not look good in real life. On top of this she was the hostess and her guests ignored her plea for "No social media", which is completely out of date as "selfies" rule. Anna is in a terrible position, after all she has to wear sponsors clothes, deal with press and people please.  The usually attractive Sarah Jessica Parker looked like Medusa with her snakes on fire, in a hat by Phillip Treacy. Only Isabella Blow could have carried off this one, or Lady Gaga. I am usually his biggest fan, but she, in my opinion, simply doesn't have the right panache to wear his hats.
There were some creative moments that worked, the most imaginative dress of all, was a mini Giles dress worn by Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, she clearly was on the verge of upstaging her famous sibling.

PRIZE CHICKEN with Beautiful make up and hair, Rihanna

There are rules to follow. Always see how you look from the back, and always ask someone what you look like who will tell you the truth. Not someone who you pay.  I have been in the same position and I promise you one thing never trust anybody where money is concerned, they will say anything. They will never be honest.
Equally do not trust your best friend who may be envious.  Simply this, at the Met Ball or anywhere else and I would like to look beautiful and be me, not be entertainment selling newspapers and just a figure of fun.

As the celebrities stood together in a  row you will notice the world is in chaos, they are a reflection of our intellectual poverty.

We clearly cannot define style, good taste, or glamour nowadays. The starlets are show girls for the most part and are making a mockery of the Met itself, which is one of the most important Art Galleries in the World, with supposedly one of the most important social events of the year headed by the Bible of fashionable good taste, USA Vogue. At twenty six thousand dollars a ticket everybody should have a bit more pride and if a dress is not up to wearing, whoever has designed it, don't kiss arse, and don't wear it. The whole event should be far more elegant. These dresses are expensive, they cost hundreds of thousands of pounds so the money would have been better spent helping people around the world with so much less? Of course it is political, probably the person paying for the ball supports a designer, but it is important what these stars are wearing. The are supporting many people behind them.

What would be ground breaking if the guests all turned up in a little black dress from the back of the cupboard, donating the millions wasted on looking dreadful to meaningful institutions?. Would n't it be nice if these celebrities instead of looking ridiculous in ghastly creations, helped the poor? Forget politicians for a second, they are not always to blame, sometimes  the people in show business should take responsibility,  our young watch and copy these girls of influence, and they have little notion on how to behave or what is correct. I hate to sound old fashioned but seriously old fashioned can be interesting.

We can define the 1920's, the era of Edith Head, The 1970's, 80's,we can define true Hollywood Glamour, but this lot have taken the piss. It is a pity because they all could achieve so much more.
Beautiful women should be beautiful, not a joke...
The dresses should be worn because they look good on a person not because they are from a particular label, I love the way Livia Firth thinks, perhaps all you girls could wake up?
Time for a change in every direction from top to the bottom? People in high places clearly should not be so cocky. What goes up must come down. There is a circle of life.

Of course there were a few that got it right and so
on a positive note here are the

Best Dressed
Jessica Chastain wore Givenchy
Anne Hathaway wore Ralph Lauren
Poppy Delevigne wore Marchesa
Amal Clooney wore Galliano
Rosie Huntington Whiteley wore Versace.
Bee Shaffer wore Alexander Mcqueen
Livia Firth wore Antonio Berardi who used fabric made from plastic bottles.
Kendal Jenner wore Calvin Klein.
Alexa Chung wore Erdem
Karolina Kurkova wore Tommy Hilfiger
Sienna Miller wore Thakoon

Worst Dressed
Rihanna Wore Pei
Beyonce Wore Givenchy
Kim Kardashian wore Roberto Cavalli
Sarah Jessica Parker (I love Phillip but...) and an eco friendly dress by HM
Anna Wintour wore Chanel

Best make up
Jessica Chastain
Amal Clooney
Anne Hathaway
Most imaginative dress
Solange Knowles.

Now I shall study my favourite "do gooder" Tony Robbins and clean out my mouth.