Friday, 31 January 2014


My goodness you don't want to send your children to school in Italy, it is more dangerous than sending them round the world with a rucksack?.  Imagine the agony  of the parents of Amanda Knox, Rafaelle Sollecito and Meredith Kercher's family at this moment? The criminal justice system in Italy is prolonged and a travesty. Well we all know that, but what is so terrible about this case is that the guilty one is in jail. Rudy Guede, a vagrant was found with the knife ages ago, admitted guilt, put the other children in the stew, and he is serving his 16 year sentence. I have always wondered why he put Amanda and her lover in the boiling pot? Why he doesn't stand up for them when everybody except the Italians know that she is not guilty? She was not even in the building? There was no evidence that they committed this crime and the more I have looked into it, Amanda, other than her initial stupidity of dancing in the police station, and  photographed with a knife on Facebook,  there is little or no evidence that she is guilty? Italy has the policy, guilty until proven innocent, is guilty… Why are they pointing the finger externally?.

On another note this madness of picking up 80 year old men and pronouncing them guilty of fingering and fondling women, in a very promiscuous by gone era. The 60's offered the pill, the mini skirt and the sexual revolution, free love free sex. For the first time in history, women did not have the threat of pregnancy hanging over them.  Hopefully there were a few less back street abortions and it was supposed to offer women sexual equality so that they could be as predatory as the men. If it is not for sale do not put it in the window.  That goes for all girls today who wear boob tubes and a mini skirt on the tube. We are living in the age of the low cut jean and g string. If you do not want to provoke an erection don't be so sexually avert?. We seem to  live in a semi puritanical era which says sex is bad.  This is incorrect, as we would not be here, without an orgasm?.  They are not Nazi's,  treated with war crimes, they are old and typical men from the time they lived in. It reminds me of Roman times when they killed everybody after they had had success and were too clever. Augustus told his grandson Claudius, to take every advantage of his disabilities and hide his intelligence and then maybe he would stay alive.  We are living in an age when it is not politically correct to get chatted up.  In the 1970's we were equal with men, Germain Greer burnt her bra, my mother fought for equal pay, equal rights, The women who fought for the right to vote from 1928 would not be happy nowadays. If you do not want these things to happen don't put yourself in this position.   Fifteen minutes of ugly fame at the cost of another persons whole career?.

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Couture week in Paris was sporty, about movement, ballet and opera.  Chanel's clothes were not couture in the old sense of the word but comfortable, glamorous and useful.  Gone are the days when a hat and a pair of gloves were necessary; now it is the hour of the skate board, padding the knees and elbows with a bum bag, in silver. Victor and Rolf took a ballet theme in pastels: their collection has moved on a great deal from their old harlequin look – half-clown, with a twist of sophistication. Now practicality is all the rage (and hopefully not with the couture price tag). Meanwhile, Valentino showcased an opera theme. My favourite long chiffon dress had an impractical feel to it that paradoxically confirmed the reality of such music in the contemporary world of Adele. Is the glamour of couture now irrelevant? The hordes of Koreans and Kim Kardashian in the little gilt chairs didn't seem to think so.



Amanda Eliasch Croatian Interview, The gun the cake and the butterfly

Saturday, 25 January 2014


1.  They have incredible charm to creep into your web.
Charming superficially, without substance and yes, men, beware.
2.  They can be very attractive, can use make up, dye their hair and wear glasses that they do not need, so be careful, "Handsome is as handsome does"; remember the quote.
3.  Very clever, they can be helpful and knights in shining armour or Joan of Arc.
You may be crying and they put their arms around you making you feel safe.
4.  Often use an illness to make themselves interesting.
They can use cancer...
5.  Will be deceitful, often having several similar situations that they can rely living off.
They may take weirdo time off to see others, leaving space that you might not notice.
6.  Think cuckoo and watch you are not pushed out of your nest.
They may try to take over everything from your banking to paying your bills.
7. They may be married, and they may make you feel that they have rescued their partner from something.
They may say they have some drama going on.. yeh yeh yeh..
8. They may be some James Bond or Lara Croft type figure.
They may say that they are a killer, or a kidnapper, or work as some Russian agent. Believe people only when they are in your room.
DUKA SUKOLI Playing the part of the Conman/gaslighter in The gun the cake and the butterfly.

9.  Watch out, they may isolate you from everybody you know, by saying they are not your friends.
They may write to your friends telling you that you are mad, whilst getting rid of the people you trust. They may use there own or false identities to do this. Setting up fake email addresses are easy, and so you know the IP address changes, They all lead back to the same address but tricky to catch on hotmail.
10. They use sex to entrap you, either making love too much or too little, or maybe not at all.
Sharing a bed without sex is annoying.
11. They never let you touch them and have phobias about cleanliness.
The may over wash, wearing face cream to bed.
12. They prey on your curiosity, Be careful of all dating sites, never meet anybody in your house, and never lend your computer.
They may bug you for a year, and bugging your telephone is easy.
13. They may live off social security whilst taking cash payments from you.
14. They may not have a UK passport, and they may have several.
15. They may tell you that they left a  fake dead body in their girl friends bed and she aborted her baby.
16. They may say that they are unable to drive and definitely they don't help you watering the plants.
17  They may claim to be a vegetarian and a non smoker and your friends may catch them out.
18. They may be subject to a police investigation, or even been in prison.
19. They may have a poor grasp of British punctuation.
20. They may be able to morph into your ideal soul mate.
21. They may claim to be inventing things which have turned out to have already been invented.
22. They may claim to speak languages which they can't understand.
23.  They may pull at your heart strings and know what makes you have compassion.
24.  They may watch porn sites and only like women with swinging tits, or men with biceps.
25.  Your friends may warn you about them and you might not listen, but think about it.
26.  They may make hints for you to buy them presents  like an iPhone, an Hermes bag, only to find that they sell them on ebay a few weeks later, by saying they overheated in some desert.
27.  They may not use their real talents at all
28.  In the end the person will blow it,  as they are the ones acting, and they will show you who they really are, you only have to wait, and hopefully not too long.  The longer it takes you to wake up, the more money you will have to spend.
29. They may be very interested in your friends and family, whilst never interested in inviting you anywhere, let alone paying for a bill.  This can be both men and women so beware.
30. They may be frightened of living in their time, frightened of getting older, they may never let you see them fully, they have so many personalities and looks they may spend hours in the bathroom.Don't be paranoid but do be careful.

1/4 Robert De Niro - Biography

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


 I awoke this morning thinking how my friend Yassi Mazandi had created some lovely watercolours when I was last in Hollywood. They put me in a good mood and so  I bought three of them from Michael Maloney's gallery in Hollywood,  very tempting first thing on the Sunday Morning as I was leaving for the airport.
The reason is I miss Hollywood a lot, is it makes me jump out of bed first thing in the morning. The generosity of the English is however endearing, and reminds me why I like to he here overlooking Albert Bridge. I was given some wonderful photographs from the Hello shoot, which is out this week, by John Swannell. Shortly afterwards, the still photographer,  Jack English sent a series of black and white photographs of my son Jack. I am a very lucky girl. Jack is obsessed with movies, and is in a good mood and fascinating company.  Plus there is my shshshshshshs web world is underway, so there is no reason to feel anything but exhilaration. I am also happy because I was in the Globe issue of Hello, so what you are doing is what you are doing. It is also nearing the Year of the Wooden Horse.


I have just been told if you add the name of your first dog with the name of your road you make the perfect 'showgirl' name. Therefore my name would be Kibitzer Hilcot.  Kibitzer was my favourite whippet that used to sleep with me and perform every trick in the dog book. Hiding behind new names heaven knows what I could have created. I have always wanted to be a showgirl.
I do everything with love, and there was nothing better than making a film, perhaps I could dance and sing too.  All my interests are done with passion, My sons say I have hypomania which can be helped with an Alpha GPC supplement.
I am not an amateur and definitely not a  vintage car enthusiast, I love cars but do not have the space to keep them, just incase you think I am a hoarder.  I do not collect stamps either, although it was my first job. In another life I could be.  I am however a very generous professional.  If I do not know something in the beginning I certainly know it in the end, just like everybody else on the planet.  I like to be very good at a lot of things, I like to be a jack of all trades, yet of course there is  someone who cannot do anything at all. It is just a natural phenomenon.

Back to my new name, my first dog was called Bungie, and the  one that slept in my cradle was called Giggles, shortened to Gigi,  perhaps Giggles Hilcot is a better idea as I sweep down the staircase and do a tango.

Yassi Mazandi

In “The Sacred Wheel,” Yassi Mazandi shows off two aspects of her artistic talent. On a shelf are the ceramic works that have preoccupied her for the last several years, sculptures that look like very precisely petaled flowers in a series titled “Flowers.” They’re elaborately detailed, white mandalas with circles of petals and tabs mounted in layers which are dis- played on custom metal stands. While they have a machined look, they are in fact made on the potter’s wheel, then meticulously cut and formed by hand.
Opposite these are works on paper adhered to the wall – a combination of watercolor and inkjet print on letter-sized papers of different poros- ity. The project was inspired by the very strict diet Mazandi had to fol- low last year for health reasons – and there were many, many foods she was forbidden to eat, including some of her favorites. So if she couldn’t eat them, why not obsess on them some other way - namely by depicting them.
These paintings have a spontaneity, colorfulness, and looseness, almost an
Miyoshi Barosh, “Feel Better,” 2013, mixed media, is currently on view at Luis De Jesus.
They’re not direct representations of the forbidden in their shape or form, but rather evocations in color globules, splashes, and dots. “Guacamole” does have major areas of bright green for the mashed up avocado, plus hints of red for tomatoes. But it isn’t shown in a bowl with tortilla chips. Each work is labeled on the paper, so you can see what Mazandi had in mind and how vast her restrictions were. They include ratatouille, red velvet cake, penne ar- rabbiata, and watermelon. One has to applaud her for managing to survive it all to produce these delightful artworks, all leavened with ample doses of humor (Maloney Gallery, Culver City).
Scarlet Cheng 


JANUARY 22nd 2014
How can I believe
Anything told to me
How can I open a dusty old
I need fresh clear thoughts
With little doubt
Again clean with naive expectation.
Time is meaningless
It exists only to keep order
The trees change colour
They darken then bloom
I pinch myself to feel anything
I want to feel my cheeks kissed
Until they are pink
I want to see with love
What enters me
I want a clear image to remain
With me
I still remember my
Long lost love
I still remember the smell
Of him inside of me
I still remember his goodbye
I loved so fully
New pages 
Exist through a mist
Of previous sorrow
And I cannot hear
What is spoken.
I was told my eyes were sad
But I still smile
And one day my eyes will twinkle
Again like dust from the sun.

Friday, 17 January 2014


Life is hectic in London and as usual culturally exciting. With an incredible concert by Shostakovich and Verdi at the Guildhall School of Music on Monday,  dinner with Nicky Haslam on Tuesday at the Colbert in Sloane Square,  and Wednesday, the British Film Institute to watch a private viewing of the Woolf of Wall Street. It is a feast that never gets exhausted. I am also editing a little of the film again, just tiny moments that will make it run smoother. Yesterday I met the artist Howard Morgan, for me portrait artists still hold the magic brush.  He told me he would paint me with a pale background laughing, fingers crossed. Then I had some photographs of Charles, Justine and I done, for Hello Magazine, which have hopefully turned out rather well. John Swannell, the photographer was easy company. We are about to enter the year of The Wooden Horse. I am ready to be dominated and charmed.

On another note be careful wives and girlfriends. Have you noticed there is a new type of girl,"une fille de poule"?,  The 'gallery girl' in the art world. It is full of women, with semi ordinary degrees, pretending to be clever? They are nearly sexy, with good address books and a willingness to sell their bodies, in the nicest possible way of course.  They will do deals for a sale of a painting, getting upgrades on aeroplanes, or seats on private jets. These girls are available for almost anything.  Most art galleries are now dangerous to the "ring holder" so beware the long legged girl, with glasses, slightly scruffy, from some semi important long lost family, in some far away place in the nether regions of Europe, that leaves messages on your husbands telephone.
Yesterday it was confirmed to me that Lulu's, in Hertford Street,  was the best club in the world, all the richest men in one spot.
I do not want to be part of any club.

Sunday, 12 January 2014


I have had to dash back to London, as one of my favourite photographers, John Swannell, was taking photographs of me for Hello Magazine. It is funny to think that this magazine has been going for twenty five years and is possibly the most popular one of all.  I read it in hairdressers, on airlines and at the dentist. When some magazines are cutting back, it continues to thrive.
Actresses, queens, athletes and socialites all juggle for pages. I was so happy to be asked to join them for a shoot two days ago. Having done my first cover for the Hollywood Weekly, two months ago, it is more than fun to be a part of this popular cultural phenomenon,
I did the styling and mostly I wore this seasons Alexander McQueen – my favourite – with hats by Stephen Jones and Phillip Treacy. I can't wait to see the photographs. Justine Glenton also, and Charles my son – all to promote my film, which is now being distributed by London Films International.
AMANDA ELIASCH with necklace by Vicki Sarge 

Ah, the movies. I love staying in Los Angeles for The Globes. There is nothing like award ceremonies for me, but this year my fairy magic is not working. I was too involved with my own film, The gun the cake and the butterfly, to be praying for others.
Of course mine has not made the top layer, but I am happy that I won the festivals I did – Bel Air, NYCI, Ischia Global International, La Jolla Indie, The New Media, Burbank International – and so grateful for the support of my PRs, first Xaque Gruber from Andrew Freedman's outfit and now Sean Borg.
So, what will win? I did enjoy American Hustle and argued about it for days, and August Osage County. Both drove me crazy in different ways and I was dying to sleep all the way through them, but I was amused enough to stay awake and discuss them with my friends Jack English and Michael Wincott (who is about to start shooting 24 hours).
I am  excited by a new house in Los Angeles. (I am selling my North Harper House, which I like a lot, – its high walls, its space – but if you read this blog, you will know I am a wandering nomad, who loves a challenge.) Obviously, because it is spanking new, there is nothing to do, and that is a trifle boring.
I like to be stretched. For a few weeks I was in love with Palm Springs and then I fell in love with an architectural jewel in  Hollywood, which I will tell you about soon enough. Palm Springs certainly has its pluses but may be I am not ready to retire just yet.
Still, I would love to leave England now. I want to jump on the next plane back to a country swathed in sunshine. If there were was a man who was madly in love with me there. The funny thing is that, this week, I was telephoned by a television company in London, asking to film me finding the man of my life through the number one matchmaker. A sort of upmarket "Blind Date". It sounds straight up my street. Recently, I have been receiving hate mail from some weird, jealous woman, so I must be on the right track.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I love looking at property, I have an obsessive tendency to be interested in post modern design and actually almost anything by Hal Levitt or Neutra. Today I saw a beautiful tiny house though in the Hollywood Hills by John Wolfe architect and genius. There is glamour to his architecture. I have so far nearly bought three of his houses but they did not work out, I did however manage to own a Hal Levitt in Eden Place which was perfectly built with the most incredible view in Eden Place. I  do not like being caught on the 'hurry up', which the Los Angeles real Estate agents like to create. They think my greed will want the house even more if someone else is obsessed with it too, actually it makes me want to forget about it.
I think I became  interested when I met my good friend, the singer Belinda Carlisle. From California I used to listen to her romanticise the 1960's way of life through these houses. From the greater Los Angeles area she knew what she liked, and she made Hollywood interesting for me.
Today I met up with Belinda for an early lunch at Hugos on Santa Monica. She is wonderfully serene nowadays, dressed in white and having just finished a Kundalini Yoga class. She told me she is on her way to being a qualified teacher. I have been obsessed on and off by Yoga since 1992, when a friend took me to a class in Kensington and I skipped home afterwards. I have no intention to teach it. I just know it is something that makes me feel happy. Kundalini is magical, and awakens the whole body. The other day I went to a class and chanted for the whole hour and a half.


Belinda works really hard but also has the guts to travel all over the world living in different places, making them her home and then moving again. Sometimes I see her a lot and then she disappears and goes quiet for so long that I never ever think I will see her again. I never mind it is the Sagittarius in her,  I often do the same.
Today was different, we thought we might travel together again. I want to see Machu Picchu and sail round the world. I was trying to persuade her that it would be a great idea. Filming it would be fun, and it could get me away from my need to keep moving houses which is driving all my friends crazy this week. They simply do not understand  what I achieve from doing this the whole time, as I am not a developer. Well I get a lot, I love it, and I learn about new places.
I met Belinda at a party of Roger Moore's many moons ago, my husband and I had an Aston Martin had broken down, and I arrived late. She had passed me in the car with her husband and thought it funny that cars like that may look good but are very unreliable, she used to tease me about it. Anyway I did not know her, and I was sitting next door to her. I could not make her speak. I tried everything, music, art, travel everything.  Eventually, I talked about dogs and then she came alive, when I said my mother had fourteen whippets. Phew. Since then we have had many adventures from Thailand, Eygpt, and Morocco, too naughty to go into, but such wonderful memories.. Even our sons were good pals. I  was very lucky today and hopefully we can have a few more funny adventures, and keep me away from property taxes which is much more exciting.

Amanda Eliasch Croatian Interview

Sunday, 5 January 2014


My goodness there appears to be nobody other than Harvey Weinstein backing good film these days?. Having just won at Capri International Film Festival, the brilliant vision of Pascal Vicedomini, he will of course win everywhere, The Bafta's, The Globes, The Oscars, everywhere.  Is there only one Harvey, I wonder? Now I know that is not to be the truth in the future, because I was at the film festivals where there was so much unseen talent bubbling under the surfice. However let's face it the world needs his backing and his taste. I watched August Osage County, and there are thank goodness better films out there . In a year I saw so many  new comers that noone will see. It is a pity that the world of film is rather unimaginative this year.

In any case getting back to the above film. A dysfunctional family is shown here in August Osage County. We, the audience are manipulated, with  Oscar winning performances, especially Julia Roberts. Meryl Streep, the tired out drug addict suffering from cancer, her daughters, one who has unknowingly been fucking her brother. The father who commits suicide, the break up of marriages and the alluring attractiveness of a teenager to all men, and the announcement that all women are ugly when they get old. All shown here in a depressing and very accurate way. I never saw the play by Tracy Letts so I was surprised,  I found myself groaning, I found myself snoring, I found myself arguing, I found myself thinking. The human race is ghastly and here it is shown in all its glory.
Before this I watched endless trailers about Nazi Germany and World War 11, you think that we would have moved on? Please can we? . It seems to be an obsession after all these years?.  The casting on the whole is predictable. They seem to forget so many out of work actors that are brilliant?. Even though they are talented, there are other actors than Raph Fiennes, George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter?. However, they are rarely used. Of course these actors are highly productive too, bringing scripts to the table and getting them financed. "Come and stay with me" I will back your script. You can imagine the scenario," Let's have George to stay and we will back his film, he is good Christmas company". Holidays around the world are not holidays, they are luxury business trips.  I take my hat off for the actors ability to get people interested. However, it does not make for interesting casting.

Los Angeles Times Review

Thursday, 2 January 2014


The new year has started and I am in a good mood, I laughed a lot on New Years Eve with my friends Ayako and Michel Comte in Bel Air.  They have terrific style and are also a fan, like I am, of  the 20th Century furniture designer Charlotte Perriand. She was hugely influenced by Corbusier and the Japanese. I once rented my house out in West Hollywood only to find that the chairs were propping up a television when the rental people had gone. For those who do not know, the stools are very valuable, to you they may look nothing but better treat them with care.
 I love Michel and have known him for at least twenty two years.  I owe him a lot, he took me to Italian Vogue where Franca Sozzani asked me to take photographs for a book called British Artists at Work and write a diary. Michel's generosity towards me was incredible. That is real friendship.
Ayako, his wife, is from Japan and is a perfect chef creating delicate dishes imaginatively. For example she mixes banana with risotto and whisky which was completely delicious.  I am lucky to have such friends. We ended the evening with noodles which apparently in Japan bring you good luck in the new year. I went with my son and still photographer Jack English. He did the photographs of Gary Oldman and the cast for the Globe winning film Tinker Tailor.
They have none stop energy which is admirable and have just finished a film called The girl from Nagasaki, a film based on an updated version of Madame Butterfly,  which will be shown at Sundance this year. One or two of the actresses were there last night and they were so much fun and so very talented. There is a gentleness and a politeness to the Japanese,  it is very alluring, I can't wait to see the film.  My lovely friends Lisa Zane, who was in my film The gun the cake and the butterfly singing, and Marianne Faithfull are both cast, and also starring my favourite actor Michael Wincott with Robert Evans too. It feels very much a family affair. Michel asked me if I wished to be in a scene and I had last minute nerves, I should have done it, it would have been fun.

I wanted to do some exercise this morning but at the club I go to,  I was surprised to find Yoga was not on the menu, instead meditation was.  I thought Yoga was meditation? A note of advice. As much as I love Yoga, there is nobody more sanctimonious and aloof than a yogis. When people become "spiritual" they become ever so slightly patronising and this is not yoga. I started doing Yoga in 1992 and it literally saved my life. I have found that  the door needs to be wide open and there is plenty of room for everybody,  being moralistic about other people is a bore, and very narrow minded.
I could be irritated by the behaviour of some colleagues but no need as there is always someone else who can love me, and work well with me. However, I am not like some women who will accept any behaviour just to be loved. No I am feisty.

I personally like people a bit rough around the edges, I like faults, it is what makes us human, I really do not need them to chant, I like them to laugh, scream and cry.  Of course I have not started my exercise routine as planned, actually I feel rather calm and pensive.
I am, after all, just one grain of sand in an enormous desert.  Why would I think that my little shiny grain can do anythings as an individual?. Of course when I leave this desert I want to be remembered, preferably  by the people who knew who I was. Since they are going to be forgotten too, there is little likelihood I shall be remembered, once we are all knocking up the roses.
I was told by my friendly paranormal spiritual advisor that the human body may give up when we die, but our spirit continues to live on, as do parts of our body for quite a while. I therefore do not want to be sent to the morgue so quickly.
I was thinking about the men who built the pyramids? As I do not know who they are, I  better remember that I am unlikely to be leaving a permanent mark, and live life with a lot of humour to the full, enjoy sex without being too selfish and give to my friends lavishly, but not buy them with money.
I shall take a walk round the park instead with a spring in my step and dream of watching an updated version of Madame Butterfly, The girl from Nagasaski I am sure Puccini would approve.