Saturday, 27 September 2014

THE VORTEX, Matrix Theatre, Melrose Avenue. 13th November opening night.

The Vortex is in my opinion the best play that Noel Coward wrote. He wrote it at the tender age of 24, and he wrote it for himself. At the time the play was shocking and about taboo subjects, drug addiction, sex addictions and the controversial story of a young homosexual at the time when it was illegal. It seriously touches me every time I see it. Many years ago I saw Rupert Everett in the Garrick Theatre in the late 1980's star in it.  Latterly I was fortunate  enough to see a brilliant performance of the play, in a small theatre in Malibu starring Craig Bobby Young.
I loved producing, directing both my play and film, The gun the cake and the butterfly, I was learning, I did this for myself.
This time though I wish to support Coward. I have loved Noel Coward since I was a child. His funny lines always amuse me, and at the same time I learnt so much from his intuition. I played the part of Ruth in Blithe Spirit at my drama school, ALRA around the same time. The story of a woman haunted by the ex wife. All Coward's play deal with  human foibles with witty dialogue with sometimes tragic consequences.

I feel Hollywood would totally understand this poignant play, and the production is as near perfect as you can get.

Having seen the production starring Craig Bobby Young, directed by Gene Franklin Smith, I wished to be a producer along with Vespa Collaborative and bring it to The Matrix Theatre, in Melrose Avenue. (equivalent to the Donmar Theatre, London).

I am looking forward to the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Before selling your house perhaps you should check the price per square footage. I got an offer this week through my ex agents for the full asking price. I was over the moon. I was skipping down the street. I soon calmed down when I realised that round the corner, in Old Church Street, a house was on the market for six hundred pounds a square foot more than mine, and it was in front of a council estate. My neighbour with 3.5 thousand sq feet, more than mine, put his house on the market for a cool 25 million. I was quickly told by my agents that I should be quiet and just accept their offer. Not wanting to offend them but furious I quietly looked up all the prices of the houses and went round them all in a week. I was dumbfounded by the erratic square footage prices. My gorgeous house, with beautiful sunshine, overlooking the Thames looked a steal. I would rather not sell than undersell. Be careful of wide boy agents who say they have your best interest at heart . I was told "I have not managed to sell anything for six months, and you are turning down the offer?" . I was also informed that it is easier to sell a 25 million pound house than any house between 5-15 million. Well quite frankly if I  have to move to Richmond, I would rather do it next year, and not this,  as houses are fetching 1.7 per sq ft there, and busy and noisy South Kensington runs at 3.3 a square foot and other houses in Cheyne are getting 3.6 a square foot, a house in Wimbledon going for 7 million. My beautiful house with the best views in London achieved 2.2 a square foot. I sniffed shit, and it was not dog shit but bullshit.  I have now taken my house off the market to get some serenity into my life. There is little serenity nowadays, the Estate Agents,  sound like car sales men, and act for their purchasers and not their clients. Where have all the Sloane Rangers with impeccable manners, gone? I suggest you go to smaller agents, instead of the wide boys from the large agents owned by banks.

On another note I adore Raign, having just watched her wonderful video. So pleased she is on Xfactor. What is wrong with people, is she just too good to be on it? Why is Cheryl upset? I am X factors hugest fan. I always nag my son(who is singing here Lisa Zane) Charles, who is at the Royal Welsh College and left Mannes College of Music in New York two years ago,  to have a go on it. He looks rather superior when I say I love it, but there is something exciting about checking out the talent. I enjoy the fact that there are so many different people on it. It can surely do no harm, unless you wish to sing at the Royal Opera House and are deeply into classical music as per my son, why not give it a go. Admit it we all watch the last few episodes and get excited. I adored Prince Poppycock, on America's got talent. It is a also a short cut if you are attempting to get into music school or drama school which requires serious hard work, with hundreds of auditions as I found out. That is not to say you cannot be a success. Of course you can with both schools, Xfactor and without either. However to be professional you have to put in the hours. I wish Raign lots of success, give her a chance.
I shall now enjoy the next episode. Fight the good fight with all your might Raign, and Raign on. The answer is a person must learn in an atmosphere that they feel happiest in. Reminds me of half Patti Smith crossed with  Cher. I just wanted her to wear braces and white shirt. This is a future genius for a change and the judges can't see it. Tell her to come to me and I will dress her. Hells bells she is a drag queen, rock star, goth, Patti Smith look a like with talent spilling out of her. I give her a word of advice, take off the dresses and create new style.

Thursday, 18 September 2014



Today I had a great invitation from Alice Naylor Leyland and Tamara Beckwith. When they invite I tend to jump to attention because they give the best parties.
I loved Coaches handbags in bright contemporary colours, I tried them all on, and they all looked good.
Interesting women were invited too. So if you wish an new handbag in the latest raciest styles try

Daisy Goodwin Discusses "The Fortune Hunter"

Wednesday, 17 September 2014



As we all know there is a new concept in hairdressing and that is the inexpensive "blow dry bar" which is quickly becoming the most fashionable place to be. Snowden and Yulia are definitely the most interesting hairdressers in the vicinity.  For a reasonable sum you can come out of the home  of Duck and Dry looking totally ravishing. This morning I was transformed. There are several hair styles to choose from and what is different is that
you will be treated by one of the stylists who have come straight from an advertising shoot or the pages of Vogue. Snowden is up to the minute.
Cheerful and efficient it is open between 7.30am - 7.30pm. 
The Kings Road is alive between the Saatchi Gallery and Duck and Dry, an interesting walk. You pass The Blue Bird Cafe, Sandersons Book Shop,
Booking your appointment is advisable as although you can walk in, it can be seriously full.
I am met with a coffee, a computer, the latest magazines and delicious cakes as I enter through the door, plenty of gossip too. It is a happy place.
0203 4899370

Happy Faces.


THE RACY Ms Tammam Comments on: Green-Washing in the Fashion Industry and she does it so well.


I have always been pro Dame Vivienne Westwood, her clothes, her intelligence and most of all her love of the London Symphony Orchestra. This week I went to her shop to try on and possibly buy this Winters Collection, a red jacket with a black heart, and a pair of knickerbockers.  This week however, her thoughtless comments have proved all the haters right, and I have now closed my purse firmly. Indeed I went shopping with my eldest last week to get her eco friendly shoes made out of recycled plastic. My ex husband supported her over her views of conservation. I have always been a fan.
However, how can she hate England? Has she seriously thought about this, were they just unthought out stupidities from a supposedly clever woman? She may not like its politics at the moment, but everything changes, as David Cameron continually reminds us.  That in turn of course will change. She has benefitted greatly from us as a nation and been honoured too. A little loyalty is more attractive than the venom that raged from her mouth.  My word of advice is "The door is open" you can leave, and leave behind the trophies too. Is the Dame aware that the only thing that Scotland has to sell is oil and whisky, of course we like both, but for the decidedly green queen of fashion, it is certainly not eco friendly.

Let's face it, it is a privilege to be British, to have in our hands our smart red and gold passports, that allow us almost universal freedom. If it was not so shiny we would not have the world wanting to be here. Other than New York City there is no place more interesting on this earth. I know, I have tried living in other Cities. We have been ruled collectively since 1603 and a union since 1707. How we will do apart is anybodies guess.

Great Britain is a country that allows almost total freedom, and encourages both high and low culture. It has great tolerance, humour, beauty and a good education system, when you put it against the rest of the world. It has wonderful theatre, politics where you can voice your thoughts freely, universities, museums, and a population that are brave enough to go into countries and help others, despite criticism.  The hateful chattering classes should think twice it could be a so much worse. What other country considering its size would go and help those in need?
I love Scotland, I have always loved their frugal ways, but if they wish to leave, it will be a great pity for us as a nation.  Her Majesty the Queen is a lover of the country, and so am I. I love my Irish and Welsh friends too.

If there is a lack of communication and misunderstanding you won't  have our head chopped off here, we go in for vocal fights. So please re think what is said and what is happening and vote NO. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

FLOWER POWER PEACE MOBS and the clean lines for a contemporary future.

EMILIA WICKSTEAD clean pure flattering lines
We are at war, that is for sure, and the fashion world from New York to London are combatting this feeling with  'love and peace' using scattered flowers.  It reminds me of a thrift shop ready for the festival party life of 2015.  Anything to get our minds off  the guns, the men in black, the disease, faraway in the Middle East. The fashion world is closing its eyes to the misery and is getting relief from the trivial, the boho chic, the thrift shops, the flower power peace mobs. It is luckily split, clean lines are there thank goodness, as I am a punk nun.  Only a few designers can be turned into that. I love the new designs of Emilia Wickstead, David Koma, Amanda Wakeley, Alexander Wang, Temperley and the new look of Mary Katranzou. These are the designers I personally prefer.
I never liked boho, when I was seven my mother dressed me as a hippy for a party, I was furious I wanted to be a nurse. She put me screaming and shouting in brown bell bottoms, a flower power shirt, and bought a huge oversized sun flower. I was furious.  For all the young girls out there, I promise you that your grandmother has all the kit, the hot pants, the long flowing jackets with flowers, the ethnic tops in the back of her wardrobe. You will get the look without spending a dime.

MARY KATRANZOU's new look, gone are the all over patterns.

Alice Temperley
Clean clean wearable lines of David Koma

House of Holland
Marchesa the ethereal bride.
Clearn lines of Alexander Wang

Monday, 8 September 2014

My Favourite films at the Venice Film Festival

As the historic Venice film festival elegantly closes, Here is the list of films that I liked best, that left me thinking.  I feel I am lucky to have had the access to the film world, this Summer. After 23 films I feel I have got to grips with the artier side of film making.
I have hardly ever been bored or felt I wanted to leave, on the contrary. The films might not be top winners at the box office in New York, but they all left me in deep thought.

1. Good Kill by Andrew Niccol.
My favourite for many reasons, most of all was because it was topical. It did not win,  but for me there are moments when I saw the chilling reality of our future. War from the inside of a bunker, killing people through a television screen.
First of all, on a very basic level, it showed the ordinary life of Military Bases, near Las Vegas, the desperation of the military men,the boredom of their normal lives, against the poverty of Middle East.  The women in the Middle East were shown covered from head to toe, going about their daily lives, collecting wood, cooking, washing and then men meeting each other. What moved me was the violence and sympathy you could feel for the characters there, the poor woman being violently raped and the army able to witness but only able to help in secret. Ethan Hawke, January Jones, Zoe Kravitz.
2. Hungry Hearts by Saverio Costanzo
An ordinary romance so we think that starts in the loo, and ends with,well that would give the game away. A simplistic story which we follow and then realise that the heroine is going mad,  and is leaving a baby hungry because of her obsession with food, and a mother in law, crazy enough to give her life over to keep a baby..
Joshua Oppenheimer

3. The Pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence by Roy Andersson.
An artistic series of cameos, and a  film that won twice. A Cavalier and his men go into a pub and demand the women are told to leave and the man is thrashed. Absurd, meaning nothing and yet everything. Beautifully shot and edited.
4. The Look of Silence by Joshua Oppenheimer
A continuation of what he did before, not as poignant, but it leaves you with images not easily forgotten..
5. Birdman by Alejandro G. Inarritu
Perfect performances of a man that has been split into two characters. I feel it should have been included in the final line up. Opening night,
There were so many more, She is funny that way by Peter Bogdanovich, The Humbling of Barry Levinson and so on. I loved the Cut, Theeb, Words with Gods. So many clever films.
No commercial block busters, Venice is anything but commercial, and the judges were very intellectual.
Hungry Hearts.
With talk that Hollywood did not get prizes in Venice, I think they did, but Venice is where an intimate touching story can do well.