Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I have always been pro Dame Vivienne Westwood, her clothes, her intelligence and most of all her love of the London Symphony Orchestra. This week I went to her shop to try on and possibly buy this Winters Collection, a red jacket with a black heart, and a pair of knickerbockers.  This week however, her thoughtless comments have proved all the haters right, and I have now closed my purse firmly. Indeed I went shopping with my eldest last week to get her eco friendly shoes made out of recycled plastic. My ex husband supported her over her views of conservation. I have always been a fan.
However, how can she hate England? Has she seriously thought about this, were they just unthought out stupidities from a supposedly clever woman? She may not like its politics at the moment, but everything changes, as David Cameron continually reminds us.  That in turn of course will change. She has benefitted greatly from us as a nation and been honoured too. A little loyalty is more attractive than the venom that raged from her mouth.  My word of advice is "The door is open" you can leave, and leave behind the trophies too. Is the Dame aware that the only thing that Scotland has to sell is oil and whisky, of course we like both, but for the decidedly green queen of fashion, it is certainly not eco friendly.

Let's face it, it is a privilege to be British, to have in our hands our smart red and gold passports, that allow us almost universal freedom. If it was not so shiny we would not have the world wanting to be here. Other than New York City there is no place more interesting on this earth. I know, I have tried living in other Cities. We have been ruled collectively since 1603 and a union since 1707. How we will do apart is anybodies guess.

Great Britain is a country that allows almost total freedom, and encourages both high and low culture. It has great tolerance, humour, beauty and a good education system, when you put it against the rest of the world. It has wonderful theatre, politics where you can voice your thoughts freely, universities, museums, and a population that are brave enough to go into countries and help others, despite criticism.  The hateful chattering classes should think twice it could be a so much worse. What other country considering its size would go and help those in need?
I love Scotland, I have always loved their frugal ways, but if they wish to leave, it will be a great pity for us as a nation.  Her Majesty the Queen is a lover of the country, and so am I. I love my Irish and Welsh friends too.

If there is a lack of communication and misunderstanding you won't  have our head chopped off here, we go in for vocal fights. So please re think what is said and what is happening and vote NO. 

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