Monday, 28 February 2011


A week in Los Angeles passed with perfection, I had so many party invitations that I had a whirlwind of a week.  The most treasured moment was receiving my Vanity Fair  invitation, thanks to Nicholas Haslam..  I felt 16 all over again, it was so exciting. Indeed the party lived up to all expectations.   I wore my Emilia Wickstead lace dress and had my hair done by Angela at Ken Vo and my make up by Tonya Crooks the new eye brow queen of Los Angeles.  I was so happy  seeing Colin Firth win best Actor, I think he deserves this for almost all his parts. Not happy that Helena Bonham Carter did not win, she has become an excellent actress.
I also luckily visited Tony Ducquette's house which just happens to be underneath mine. Tony collected so many incredible things.  Hutton Wilkinson has preserved the collection of incredible furniture and design and you feel you are in a museum, including a beautiful desk and other art.  We arrived having gone to the wrong house first.  It is smaller than I imagined, but so spectacular inside. Tony and Elizabeth were set designers, jewellers and creators of style in  Hollywood. I felt so lucky and happy to have see inside this house, which allowed me to appreciate old Hollywood style. The garden was perhaps one of the most exciting experiences of my life, with a river and barge in it.
My new house is everything I desire.  I cannot believe the transformation.  From ugly duckling to swan.

The bedlam in the Middle East is terrifying with death and destruction only just beginning.  Where will this all end?. So despite the happiness of this week being with close friends, my mind wandered off thinking about the poor people a flight away.

Friday, 25 February 2011

The King's Speech (2010): Alexandre Desplat (BAFTA 2011 winner for Origi...

William Christie - Haydn, The Creation

Increíble: La tierra se abre y deja enorme grieta en Puno

Increíble: La tierra se abre y deja enorme grieta en Puno
Since you are the last one always to know I will let you know in three weeks time.  Watch out for the extra diligent and read in between the lines.


The collapse of empires, the loss of green, the upside world in which we all live, poverty versus the rich. We are ready for revolution throughout the world, even Ed Ruscha's timely and interesting exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, takes care to show us that it is the end.  A little grass with an old used can.
It's a rough world we live in even if you are sleeping in a 'padded velvet encrusted with Swarovski crystals type of life'. It was amusing to be surrounded by so many clever  people.  Somewhere millions of years from now we will look like the last days of the Roman Empire.
Looking at the map this morning I realised how stormy the whole of the Middle East could get.  I needed to remind myself of distances. Libya next to Egypt, next to Algeria, next to Tunisia, next to Morocco. Too near Lebanon and Israel.  It's a boiling pot that the heat is always kept on simmer.
John Galliano has been suspended from Dior for ant semite behaviour, I would like to hear exactly what was said.  Was it said in jest, is there no humour left in the world? Or was it meant?  What did he intend when he spoke? Or did he intend anything?  I was sent the article this morning, what was the meaning of the sending? I know but what was the point?  This sums up the whole deep and terrible problem which has been growling under  lush organza.  I am not in a position to argue anything.  I just remember my Father explaining the political problems in this area, way before this.  It is why I have no feelings to return.
Why we assume that our presence is wanted there, or why we assume that we can change the peoples of this area, is a mystery to me.  We cannot, and we cannot expect them to love us either.  In any case it is just about oil and god.  My father wrote a book called Oil, God and Gold.   Now we will understand the catastrophe of relying on one commodity more than another.
We will simply have to get our horse and cart out again, and with an apple mac regain our love of nature and slow down our pace.  Or perhaps the motor companies could pull their fingers out and design a car that everybody wants that runs on air?
Back to Ed Ruscha and the party given by Larry Gagosian last night which the witty Nicholas Haslam took me too.  Larry had an incredible turnout, Mick Jagger, Valentino, Vera Wang, it was quite an evening at Mr Chows. This is all mixed up, but it shows clearly the turmoil mounting. Can we stop it? Artists like Ed address the subject, Larry supports it, but what really can be done?

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Los Angeles is sunny and glorious. Nobody can dampen my happiness. My house is coming together and I have been well looked after by my friends.   All the furniture has now gone in place and I have to find some things belonging to Janet Leigh.  I like the idea that she still reigns over the house in some mysterious way.
I am moving from the Beverly Hills Hotel today which is tragic as there is so much fun on the terrace.  Last  night the ageless Joan Collins and her husband Percy were having dinner with her sister Jackie,  she was looking more glamorous than any other woman in the room. The lobby action in the hotel is remarkable.
The only problem I have is that I don't sleep and this makes me ratty.  I have done so many projects this year, finishing a new book of my poetry with Vincenzo DeMaar and edited by Tim Willis.  The house in Los Angeles, two flats sold, my house in London nearly finished.
So I am tired and excited all at same time. Life is good.
I was lying bed last night worrying, 100 whales died before the earthquake in New Zealand.  Revolutions all over the Middle East, the domino effect, spreading throughout, and it will go further than we think. Nostradamus was not wrong n'or the Aztecs.  We live in terrifying and addictive times.

While this is going on the parties started in Hollywood for this years Oscars. Harvey Weinstein's with Dior last night at the Chateau Marmont another at Soho House for the Richemont  Group, given by Pilar Boxford.  It was in the private room and I saw my lovely friend Eric Buterbaugh, the best florist in Beverly Hills.  My prediction is The Kings Speech will rule along with Social Network.  The rest except for Beautiful are not up to scratch.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I love Antonio Berardi, I always have and somehow he should be greatly rewarded.  Many years ago I bought a jacket which I have to be very skinny for, I wore it with a Guy Fawkes hat that Phillip Treacy had  made. I had many other items too but this was my favourite.  Today he still cuts beautifully using fantastic materials is structured and unusual shapes.

London Fashion Week 2011.

Tony Duquette's Dawnridge

Genlux Magazine :: Luxury Fashion & Beauty

Genlux Magazine :: Luxury Fashion & Beauty
The beauty of the planet 
is quickly disappearing
the cracks a showing
and we forget
to treasure what it
feel the earth
love the plants 
without it we
die and disappear
hold a leaf
see its veins
see its life and 
smell it
it is green and 
The bricks are
the cement
petrol and fumes
are emptying
the rivers and seas
of other living
the fighting the
bad use of wealth
let's return 
to serenity and peace
and see the twisted
roots of life 
once again plant
themselves in this green earth
our planet

Only Fools and Horses - Batman and Robin

Pulp Fiction Trailer

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


You have to have a good sense of humour when you decide to move to a new city.  There is nothing wrong with Los Angeles, only wrong with my radar system when I arrived, and the fact that I genuinely like most people, that is until I am fed up.
Today my friend Jack the Sad went to look for my friend Harley, who disappeared with five thousand dollars of mine.  Harley was meant to put a new engine into my car, my new broom broom car is a little slow.  So off Jack went first thing this morning to the back end of beyond to some dodgy estate off  Ventura, Los Angeles, California  to the offenders warehouse.  Jack said it was a cross between Pulp Fiction and Only Fools and Horses. On arrival there was a dog on a leash growling and trying to bite his ankles, a woman who said she had been locked in her house and was waiting to be released, her name was Marlene or Marth, who cares? . All the windows were covered with steel, and at the back entrance there was a huge sign saying "Fuck Off.  So charming. The woman waiting to be let out sounded simple and ridiculous, personally I think the man himself was inside cowering in some corner. Yeh yeh yeh, hey hey the monkeys.  Two six foot six, twenty two stone men with tattoos on their neck turned up in a pick up truck with silver teeth wanting to find the great man too. So much for honour and coolness.
I said what about my five thousand  dollars?- Jack said "It's madness there"   I rang Harley's office and the  timid, dull woman answered.  Why she assumed it was okay for Harley to run off with my cash is remarkable in itself. There has been now nine months of ridiculous excuses, ranging from hospital to the inability to look after his finances. The last time we spoke he said "Can you send me another three thousand dollars as I need to sell a car in order to do the engine" when I said no, I told him he could pay me back in candles, only he was nowhere to be found.  Basically the great puffed up man with tattoos stole the cash.  I should have known better... as for the  whimpering locked up woman... poof poof I am coming to get some candles...boom boom. Watch out for Batman and Robin.  If I wanted to give five thousand dollars away there are a lot of trees needed on this about to fall apart planet.
Oh I forgot to say, Harley Riker said to me "You don't need the five thousand dollars, why are you going on about it?"

Saturday, 19 February 2011


This may for me have been Issa's best show yet.  Personally I could imagine wearing most of the clothes and even daring to wear a little colour.  Clearly influenced by Kate Middleton, Issa has created her whole wardrobe and perhaps mine too.  Royal blues, reds, greens with yet again more jaunty hats from Stephen Jones.  He must have been up all night for weeks.  Short skirts with matching tights and shirts with bows.
Daniella is able to bring out the crowds and  this show has become more and more popular, especially as Kate Middleton was photographed wearing one of them for her engagement.  It is ten years since Daniella started and she believes in designing for every woman, round, voluptuous, and needing comfort. She is not a trend setting designer but one that you can actually be comfortable wearing.


I spent this evening lying on the top of my piano or underneath it as  Vinicio Capossela played and sang with me.  So much fun. The house was full I was singing, and who cares about fashion tonight?

Paloma Faith - New York OFFICIAL VIDEO - Out 13/9/09


To watch more, visit

Patti Smith - Sweet Jane


Inspired by the great art collector Peggy Guggenheim, Kinder's new collection was based on his 'cot mobile' that he had  when he was a baby. Peggy was a glamorous figure in the 1950's, a buyer of couture and art who lived for Venice. Everything was sculptured so  Kinder put his brilliant cutting into good use.  Coats with lazer cut out flowers, in cashmere using the modern technologies.  Tiny delicate drawings of Japanese abstract designs in pale colours for dresses, flattering the figure at unusual angles. The hats were jaunty and made of clear  colourful plastic and with lots of net placed at an angle.  Stephen Jones works wonders with the face.  On the feet were glittery shoes.
Purple PR treat me well so I was sitting happily in the front row, thanks to Gillian.  Kinders clothes are  the best cut, he was brought up in Italy and of course then went to school at St Martins. He has worked for Galliano, Westwood, Calvin Klein, Paul Smith, Costume National, Versace and Ghost. With this in mind he learnt a lot and has created something new under his name.

I wish I had the same  kudos at Vivienne Westwood, even though I know her and go to the London Symphony Orchestra where she hangs, I still am treated badly.  Yesterday I arrived for the jewellery show and there was a long forlorn cue there, now I am a sophisticated human being and I can no longer stand in a  line of shivering creatures..  I asked the bouncers if I had to stand in it, they said yes, now my nearly 4,000 pound pair of shoes, while being breathtakingly beautiful, have  hidden torture in the heal section, making sure there was no respite. I bought for pleasure not pain. No amount of botox could hide the agony of my shoes.  So I jumped back into the taxi, only to be saved by a member of the paparazzi who said "You can go straight in" I looked at the wet hair of one member of the cue, and thought I can't jump it, it is too unfair. .  I was also asked if I was going to Samantha Cameron's drinks for the opening of Fashion Week? Of course not, but at the last minute my friend Heather Kerzner said I could go with her. I just didn't have my passport or a copy of Tatler to point at my photograph, and I needed to pass security. My greatest girlfriend says I should emerge from my carriage, and a red carpet should grow from the ground and  I should be greedily  received into the throng. I shall write to Vivienne myself and explain my disdain.  Since Heather Kerzner  had the grace to extend an invitation to me it cast a dim light  on Downing Street to make sure my invitation  arrived on time. I know there are cut backs but 2nd class stamps for this?.


To have the BAFTA's and Fashion Week in the same few days is a bonus for me.  I adore clothes they lift my spirits,  a dash of red lipstick applied by the amusing beauty Emma Obyrn, my hair changed continually by Snowden Hil, trying out new blues by Zaida the nail girl, and a new pair of high heels, can work wonders for my mood.  I equally love culture of all kinds.  You do gooders out there, I have not forgotten the lack of bees or fish so there.  In my opinion you should be able to do both.


The good thing about being under the weather in fashion week is that now with the internet you can view all the the clothes at your leisure.  Of course you don't get the atmosphere of standing in the freezing cold waiting, uncomfortable high heels, the kisses to your friends or catching a glimpse of the next famous face, to be lost in a season or two.  What I get is the view of a boat and a seagull.

Paul Costelloe was easily my favourite yesterday.  It had a 1960's vibe about it with Sonia Rykiel red hair, short A line mini skirts that I love to wear, and tartans.  The English do good wearable clothes for the funky woman, and Paul after all these years always has an item of clothing which grabs my attention. Next season I shall seek out one or two dresses.

Maria Grachvogel has a shop in Sloane Street and sells long dresses that are very flattering, and her show yesterday was full of flowing numbers that she is famous for.

Jena.Theo is partnership, they looked as if they were designing for the Valkyries yesterday.  Long hair the  girls looked powerful and frightening.  Long flowing comfortable clothes to keep you warm. Stylish in muted colours, they strutted down the catwalk briskly meaning country business. What out rabbits.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


I arrived at Hauser and Wirth, Old Bond Street  to see 
the late Louise Bourgeois' show with Tracey 
Emin. As I entered a mad woman was chuntering to herself about whether I 
upstairs. She pushed me into a corner and started talking about nothing.
Slightly disturbing, she wore white shoes fishnets and a top from Alberta 
Ferretti. She took a glass of champagne and  without her being aware we all 
started talking about her. It somehow matched my sadness as my oldest 
lies in hospital with a double masectomy.  My friend twenty years ago had 
bosoms. Cancer is  so violent.  
Back to the show which was interesting and miraculous. Two wonderful women 
working together, with a 50 year age gap. I spoke to Jerry, the assistant of 
Louise's for many 
years. He said he had the idea and prayed it would work. First Louise painted 
the image then it was given to Tracey to do what she liked. Tracey drew 
people and spoke about the images in a most compelling and dramatic
way. Half away round the room I wanted to burst into tears, it has been 
a moving week, and this exhibition woke up all my emotions.
Afterwards dinner was at George and I sat next to two of my favourite 
Mark Hix and Stephen Webster. Then round the corner I found my big pal Nicky Haslam.
Tracey made a speech.  It finished with "My love for art is the only thing 
not to 
abandon me"

Marianne's Blog

Marianne's Blog

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

John lennon- let it be (4)

Prokofiev - Peter And The Wolf March

Instruments of the Orchestra (Britten) Sir Malcolm Sargent LSO

Nicky Haslam - 'A Gift Wrapped Life'

BUGGINS TURN- What is the morality of art and awards?

Ever since the Jews were made to play Mozart at the doors of the gas chambers by Nazi's, we have had to wonder whether Art had any moral purpose. Yes, it can be used for propaganda and for pleasure (evil or otherwise) but to make a better world?
We should stop genuflecting ...
One way we pay homage to all these great artists is through awards ceremonies. Now, I love Oscars, Baftas etc...but often people win awards that should be for other works that they have done, and not the piece that they are winning for...Let's take Colin Firth, he should have won best actor last year for A single man, in which he plays a gay man convincingly when he is straight.  He was brilliant.  Equally he was good in a Girl with a Pearl Earring.  It seems to me that the award goes to the person who has done the greatest body of work.  Alexandre Desplat's best work this year, as he is prolific, is in my opinion  The Ghost Writer, which is a very reasonable film and is made by his brilliant feisty score,  but of course due to political reasons of Polanski's criminal past, the film is totally ignored except by the French for the Cesar.
BUT...buggin's turn let's not pretend it's about talent  and honesty. If it was.Then Polanski, should be in gaol with an Oscar on his bunk. Which brings me back to the worthiness of real art and artists.  Indeed the work of the contemporary art world, film, writers and music is full of talented artists. But what does it all mean if it is not honest.  I admire Harvey Weinstein and his choice in producing The Kings Speech, it is a wonderful film based on a simple story of whether a man can lose his stutter or not and we know the answer.  Is it  the best film, I am not sure, it is a good film with very good acting, script, wardrobe, music, but let's start being truthful? -  Being politically correct often overlooks work that should win..
If we are honest we could make the world a better place with music.  My last comment sort of says it all, Oliver Cromwell banned all music but had the organ installed in his house so he could listen to it on a regular basis!

Monday, 14 February 2011


I have lots of happy memories of my childhood in Wiltshire, I am surprised actually as I used to moan about it all the time. I have always liked glamour and clothes more than the rest of my family.  Now  I appreciate its tranquility, however then it was a little too rural and rustic.  The Wiltshire downs are stunning geographically.  My mother lived in the same village as my grandparents.  The village was very pretty, it was  tiny with horses. There were only seven houses. The local farmer, an ageing brigadier and his wife, my mother, with at the time, 7 whippets, two farmhands in a cottage and my grandparents. I remember this as it is my Grandfather's birthday tomorrow, and he was the most incredible man on the planet, Sidney Gilliat, film director, writer and producer.  He and my Grandmother were the only people who seemed to believe in me at all  times, and despite others disbelief he would quietly tell me to do what I wanted to do, without causing a huge fuss. He was a lover of Shakespeare, opera, writing and tomato growing. My childhood was a long way away from the BAFTA's and Oscars, but because I was brought up in the film and music worlds, I love them and of course I love razzmatazz and the dresses.

The BAFTA award is a beautiful heavy shiny toy to win, made of brass,  it carries acknowledgement for the most deserving and I am very happy as the people I wanted to win BAFTA's did.  The following I cared about, of course there were many others: Helena Bonham-Carter, best supporting actress, Colin Firth, best actor, Alexandre Desplat, the genius composer, for best musical score, Kings Speech best film, and best thank you speech Helena who was very funny.  Colleen Attwood, best costume design for Alice in Wonderland, created incredible costumes for Tim Burton's Alice, and deserved the accolade. The highlight of the whole evening was when the autocue collapsed, but Rosamund Pyke elegantly carried on with humour. I was a guest of The British Film Institute's Amanda Neville.  The Grosvenor House ballroom looked very patriotic with beautiful flower arrangements with the British Flag and  pink peonies and Lilies stood out
I went with Meredith Ostrom who looked spectacular if not slightly underdressed in a royal blue Julien Macdonald dress, she later got slammed for it, I thought it suited her.  Perhaps it was too daring, or perhaps she wanted to be noticed?.  In any case she received a blasting from the press, and now will probably only go out looking like a nun.   Actually that is why I wear only black, and why nobody will see  any flesh of mine. I wore Emilia Wickstead,  a chic black mini lace dress with  diamond collar and cuffs.  My shoes had a piano on the side which was quite daring for me by Charlotte Olympia.  I bumped into my friend Tracey Emin who was wearing a gold Vivienne Westwood dress and a new very curly hairstyle, she looked the best yet, obviously she had it done by Charles Worthington, who accompanied her.

Now Let's see who  will win the Oscars..

Best Picture, The King’s Speech After its sweep of the Directors Guild, Producers Guild, and Screen Actors Guild awards, an Oscar win is a certainty
Best Actor, Colin Firth  Of course, well lets cross fingers....
Best Original Screenplay, The King’s Speech Christopher Nolan took the Writers Guild prize for Inception, but that’s only because Speech writer David Seidler wasn’t eligible.
Best Adapted Screenplay, The Social Network Aaron Sorkin is the obvious winner .
Best Animated Film, Toy Story 3 No doubt about it., it had better be.
Best Costume Design, Alice in Wonderland The biggest costumes usually win the Oscar too. I loved the costumes and in my book it should have won best set design too.
Best Sound, Inception It was perfect.
Best Visual Effects, Inception Great but I still loved Alison ...

Best Director, David Fincher There’s a chance Tom Hooper will follow up his DGA trophy with an Oscar, but the more experienced Fincher  is more deserving. Everybody loves Fincher.
Best Actress, Natalie Portman I still think Annette Bening is brilliant,  but Natalie Portman has the edge.
Best Supporting Actor, Geoffrey Rush  Rush is number one for me.
Best Score, The King’s Speech It’s a three-way race for the Oscar between SpeechSocial Network, and Inception, but my favourite by far, because of the body of work and his diverse talent which few know about is Alexandre Desplat. 
Best Cinematography, True Grit  Coen brothers’ longtime DP Roger Deakins should finally win his first Oscar.
Best Editing, The Social Network Network is the best bet.

Best Art Direction, Inception or  Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland crew imagination that few can surpass under his brilliant direction.

Lady Antebellum - Need you now (Official music video)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Poulenc flute sonata, mvt. 2

Jennie Tourel sings Poulenc with Leonard Bernstein, piano

Fashion For Jewels - Carol Woolton


There have been so many parties this week that of course my wings have been flapping. Generally I like to go for five minutes but I managed to sit through two dinners and have a great time.  Simon Lee's party for Larry Clark, the infamous director and photographer,  was very interesting because I was sitting next door to Larry, the king himself. Larry is quietly spoken with great humour, such good company.

Last night I had the honour of sitting next to another royal in the shape of, Derek Jacobi, at Harvey Weinstein's very generous dinner party at Amada, 17 Berkeley Street, to celebrate among other films The Kings Speech. Derek was so witty that I laughed all night.  He is about to start a tour round England of King Lear. We talked about Shakespeare sonnets, plays and dogs, on my other side was the lovely Geordie Greig, editor of The Evening Standard.  He always reminds me that my great grandfather had the job of editor first, his name also started with a G and ended with a G, George Gilliat. It was a sparkling night, there was Colin Firth, Tom Hooper the Director, Alexandre Desplat, the incredible composer, Harvey Weinstein, and people from other fields of London life, like artist Barry Reigate, Kim Hersov, Heather Kerzner and many others. (They had all better win BAFTA's tomorrow-they deserve it)

Arriving with my favourite man on the planet, Nicky Haslam, I was dressed in a black lace dress with black beading, by my new crush of a  designer called Emilia Wickstead, over my shoulders I had my first fur ever.  I was even shocked by wearing it.  I bought it because I was freezing in Paris, and I was in Rick Owens.  I feel like a cave man in it.  There is something so raw about fur. I have always been an anti, and I am still not convinced, but if you are going to wear any, it has to be Rick's because at least he respects the animal, and as everybody says "We all wear leather" - somehow it is not the same

Thursday, 10 February 2011

BLACK SWAN - Official HD trailer

The Social Network Official Trailer -In theatres Oct 1 2010

The Kings Speech - Official Trailer


One of my most favourite things to do is to watch awards.  I really do not want to go out, I just like to watch them in silence lounging in the comfort of my home. They are for me a football game.  However this Sunday I will be going to the BAFTA's the British Awards for the talented people in Film and Television. I will go to the parties as the support for The Kings Speach is incredible as it should be.  It is a very British film, and in this way beautifully made, with a great script, good director, brilliant acting by all parties, including Helena Bonham Carter, who seems to have been overlooked as the Queen Mother, but she is up thank goodness for best supporting actress, I loved her in Alice in Wonderland as The Queen of Hearts.  While watching her, I was often taken in.  Then there was Geoffrey Rushes incredible support as the doctor to the King.  Of course I equally loved Social Network, in a completely different way, which was moving, and obviously more contemporary. As a lover of Facebook it has my wholehearted support, it probably should win best film.
Who will win the BAFTA's this week end is the question, but for me the answers are already on the table. With so much press on Colin Firth, and the love of the Royal Family he will win best actor.  His body of work is incredible, and whether or not this is his best film he deserves it because in each film he creates a unique character.
The best actress should go to Annette Bening in The Kids are Alright.  However I did not enjoy the film, and of course Natalie Portman's portrayal in Black Swan deserves some notice.  The decision is not clear cut.  I have a great admiration of Julianne Moore in The Kids Are Alright, and for two years running she has been incredible with a glamorous portrayal in A Single Man.
Andrew Garfield from Social Network  and Geoffrey Rush, from Kings Speech were wonderful supporting actors  and if only awards could be split.
If  Alexandre Desplat does not win a major award this year, it will be a huge shame.  His huge body of work, including Harry Potter, Cheri, Fantastic Mr Fox, A Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Queen and Twilight, showing us his panache and incredible composing deserves notice.  He is in my view further ahead than the other composers up for the nomination.  Unfortunately not enough people in film appreciate the music, or even understand the hard work that goes into it.  In England we put it on a sort of back burner, yet music manages to make or break any film.
Of course there are many other awards for best script, effects and so on.  I shall be there watching my favourites, and praying for them.  I was born into the film world and its funny how its enthusiasm stays with me.

Sitwell and Walton -- Facade with Edith Sitwell and Peter Pears

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

THE LEGEND LARRY CLARK, AT SIMON LEE's Gallery in Berkeley Street, W.1.

The legend Larry Clark has a new show on at Simon Lee's gallery in Berkeley street, next to Nobu. His realistic portraits of teenage life are fascinating.  I wasn't shocked although to some they will be outrageous, and in the past an exhibition in Paris has had restricted viewing.
They instead  reveal interesting insights into young adults lives.  His collages are alluring.  I was thinking to myself, are they sexy? Are they revolting? There is one photograph of a girl having gone to the loo on herself.  Are they perverted? I actually loved them.  With remarks attached to one collage saying "All women are crazy, they all want to fuck their fathers" and in another corner he had written "Don't mistake kindness for weakness"
Many photographers have tried to copy him among them Terry Richardson, for me I prefer Larry's brutal honesty. He is the real thing. Quietly spoken, with a huge sense of humour and an ability to listen.  I was luckily sitting next to him at dinner. He is modest and interested in everything. Thank goodness for my friendship with Simon Lee who gave me such excellent placement.

Larry Clark on Larry Clark - Interview

KIDS (1995)

Larry Clark (17 photos) banned art exhib. in Paris MAM (under-18s)

Monday, 7 February 2011

GILBERT AND GEORGE at White Cube by kind invitation of Louis Vuitton

This evening was full of unexpected delights and one of them was listening to Gilbert and George.  They spoke in clipped well educated voices of yesterday.  One very German and one very English.  White cube is showing their work which is available. They are egalitarian, they are neat orderly gentleman from another time, old fashioned with tweed suits, yet they are not.. Louis Vuitton asked me to this very interesting event and I of course jumped at the opportunity to listen.
They have created a collection of postcards, entirely British, with flags and statements.  They wanted them to be available mentally to everybody.  Each picture containing thirteen of the same postcard.  For me however I prefer other work.  I love their photographs.  I am not so interested in what goes up in a telephone box.  They are, that is the difference, they are interested in normality and fantasy.  They have been a double act since 1969 when they got admiration for their "Singing Sculptures".  Since then they have gone from strength to strength, fighting their way  through the art world addressing mans rights including homosexuality.

As usual I tried to be ambitious booking too many things on one evening and on the top of this I am excited. I finished my new book of poems and my friend Vincenzo DeMaar has kindly done the layouts.

Gilbert & George - Bend It


At the beginning of the year I swore secretly to myself that I would do new things  that I normally would  curl my little lip up to. Yesterday was the first test.

As a little girl I was appalled by the sound of  match of the day, the tune drove me crazy and I would hide in my bedroom, hoping the whole ghastly episode would finish quickly as my brother and grandparents would be glued to the television.

By some merry chance I was whisked to a match in my Alexander Mcqueen high heels, little organza dress suitable for dinners a deux, and a black Chanel jacket,with white cuffs, to the  Chelsea match against Liverpool. I felt a little conscious, I looked like a black fairy cake, but my excuse was  I had been to lunch when I was summoned.  I had no idea what I was doing, in any case I remembered Rushka Bergman and my Grandmother's words "Always make an effort, you never know what the day may bring" I walked down the Kings Road to the match with a Chelsea football scarf round my neck and I can tell you I have never been happier.  My shoes were comfortable.  It's incredible how comfortable shoes are when you are happy, you can run in them, and mine were at least 7 inches high. In any case I made the second half of the match and by the end of it sounded like a cross fish wife as Chelsea lost to Liverpool, one goal to nil.  I was furious, the game was not exciting, but it had an appeal like no other.  I was replacing players, sacking them on the spot for the smallest misdemeanor.  In fact if I was Abromovich I would buy a whole new team and sell this one off.  You see a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I told my son later that night I intended to go with him when I next could and he looked horrified in charming sparkling way that I love. One thing is for certain I shall be saying yes to everything now, because you never know what it may bring.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Bob Dylan - 1966 World Tour: The Home Movies


Charles Finch, is part of the Hollywood Aristocracy, knowing how to create and give a party, he has also made a pledge with good taste..  He is multi talented  with enormous charisma and  his new venture, Chuc and Dive, in Dover Street, pays homage to chic old fashioned travel.
Equally busy with Finch and Partners, he is an advisor and public relations king to many brands, one of them Debeers, and to top it all has a newspaper all of his own called Finches Quarterly.  This man does not stop. Yesterday I went to a pre BAFTA party at Georges on South Audley Street for Debeers.  Debeers collection was equally understated, the two brands suiting each other.
His new shop in Dover Street, Chuc and Dive, stocks vintage/contemporary holiday clothes, beautifully cut and suitable for mountain sun and sea. On the hessian wall he had photographs of his father, Peter Finch in Jamaica and when I arrived at the opening party it was squashed with  English celebrities among them Emma Thompson.  Of course I was on my diet and could not stop for the dinner at Automat, the hamburgers and hot dogs looked too delicious next to my lettuce leaf. I had to leave quickly before I ate the whole lot, but was persuaded to pose for Alan Davidson on his car as some page three gorgeous.

Manu Chao - Me gustas tu

Damage pt.1

Wednesday, 2 February 2011



I am again on my diet of green, to avoid a gallstone operation.  Everybody tells me the operation is easy and that I should do it. In my view unless I learn how to eat properly and healthily I might as well not bother. Like most of us, I am too greedy although I hate alcohol. This week, I am doing penance for abusing my body. I am very happy at the moment,  the food is entirely good for me and presented in the most delicious way by the talented nutritionist Catherine Vanazzi from San Paulo and Rio. Luckily it is a quiet week in London so I am finding it relatively easy.  Half the joy of Catherine is her beautiful  fruit and vegetable designs.  She cuts out fat and protein and within days you see results.
With the help of Justine my new Yoga teacher in London, I am keeping up my lessons each day.  It is quite miraculous.  After five weeks I feel totally different.  I am learning what it is like to be a nun.  I seem to pray and meditate most of the day.  It cures almost everything. Of course I miss my favourite teacher Eka in Los Angeles but in a totally different way I am learning a lot from Justine.  She went to Mountview an acting school in the north of London.  I remember I did my only good audition there, I actually sang really well.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire (must see)


Cairo is a long
long way a way
from Los Angeles
the hurly burly mass
of skinny men
on bikes and mopeds
the camels, the
horse and carts, 
the donkeys
and heat
is 400 BC, 1950's
Mercedes Benz,
the ancient pyramids
thousands of
small children
dirty on street
the smell of
the bad teeth
the poverty
people on 200 dollars
a month
what does the world
if it becomes
we all pay
one way or another
the cost of petrol
rising to enormous 
and that in turn
shakes our peace
as the tummy
of a belly dancer