Friday, 31 December 2010


To say I
Have no regrets
Would be a lie
I spent new years
Eve early
An old boyfriend who I have
No romantic feelings
And a husband who I do
But who is a
A trap of
A golden prison
Or was it a cave of gloom
I am watching the
Today there is
Sun above the clouds
In a place called
And a hint of happiness
I have been stupid
To allow my heart
To rule
Really stupid
Because it lied
It was a beautiful
Mirage sent to me 
A moment
Accute misery
I was tempted
And I ran
Towards it
Hoping to
Be saved from
I should die
A blond has
No business being
The red lipstick fades
The face broken
Marilyn was right
Was it a good face
It was not good
I was hoping for
A good heart
I want to be pure
I want to sing
In truth that is all I want
To do.. 
Listening to the sea
Against the rocks

"My Heart Will Go On" by Dounia 11.

GOOD BLOGS and ONLINE NEWSPAPERS, well written and interesting of course there is the Daily Beast and the Huffington Post.. we know about those but here are some new ones worth following

FINCH's Quarterly
the brainchild of Charles Finch

THE COLLECTIVE REVIEW, a collection of writing on line... worth reading
Charles Muirhead

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Julie Ann Rhodes

The Saatchi Gallery
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Anita Zabladovitch's ART BLOG

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Beyond the Sea

Thursday, 30 December 2010


How important do you think the bloggers voice is?.. Is it purely egocentricity that keeps us writing? Is it because each person on the planet has something interesting to say? Is it more important than the newspaper?..
I am beginning to think all of the above is true.
The newspaper is dying there is no doubt, but there is nothing better than reading one on a Sunday next to a fire.
When there are also so many uninteresting blogs.  Whose is good and whose is bad is purely personal, and relies heavily on the tenacity of the writer.  The Ipad has made the blog more palatable to read..

The blog is often used as a slanging match against the world.  Public wars somehow do not feel public, and it is a free way to get your point across.  I have used it to make complaints and it has been very efficient.  Bills have been reduced, people have finished jobs and today acts of injustice have been over turned.
It is cheaper than taking an advertisement out in a newspaper or paying a lawyer.  Provided somebody has the energy to keep their blog going it has the ability to make a difference.  Mine is used usually to share classical music, social occasions, film and fashion.  I try to keep it reasonably light.  Other bloggers like to be vile in order get readership.. We can name them, it is easy to find, attached to typical subjects,  sex money and debauchery.   It depends if you are a readership whore.
Facebook as we know is not discreet. Your friends,  on these sites are not necessarily your friends.  I  have often forgotten.
Don't forget
Immediately google can pick up, and wow you have a Facebook scandal.  I am closing my Facebook to any comments at all except for music which I will share with a  few interested and interesting intellectuals.
The good news is some lives have been saved, the woman Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who was being stoned in Iran was overturned, unfortunately she is now accused of murder as her supposed boyfriend killed apparently the husband adding complications;  and Amanda Knox's trial re opened and the evidence re questioned.

On another occasion some generous people have sent me their artwork ...that is the good and generous side of the internet.

The rest is all rather declasse and not necessarily true.  Luckily I am fortunate to have brilliant editor, Tim Willis working on  mine, and as he has learnt from the rocky road of journalism it is better to be positive.  I too have just learnt that...
Of course there is that old saying "Anything said is better than nothing at all" but let's face it not really.

Branderburg Concerto No 4 /BWV 1049 /. Andante

Marita Solberg - Giulio Cesare - "Piangero la sorte mia"

Händel: Surely he hath borne our griefs & other chorus pieces (Messiah, ...

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

FBI Agent Steve Moore Claims Amanda Knox Is Innocent of Murder ABC News


Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, Head of the Judiciary

This is a dark period for Iranian culture and world cinema. We, the undersigned, wish to express our sadness and anger at the harsh sentences imposed on filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof by the Iranian Government on Monday. We are outraged to learn that the directors are both given six-year of imprisonment without remission, accompanied by a ban of twenty years on writing and making films, giving interviews to the press, leaving the territory, or communicating with foreign cultural organisations.
Mr Panahi and Mr Rasoulof are innocent. They are gifted Iranian artists and creative souls whose passion lies in making films. We urge you to overturn the harsh sentences. We condemn this act of deprivation of freedom to express and violation of basic human rights. The right to freedom of expression through art and peaceful political activism is guaranteed by Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is a state party. 

We call on the government of Iran to release immediately Mr Panahi and Mr Rasoulof and drop all charges brought against them.

Pablo Ganguli, Liberatum founder
Robert A. F. Thurman, Professor of Religion, Columbia University
Daphne Guinness
Lily Cole
Indra Sinha, Booker nominated author
Amanda Eliasch

QUALITY STREET : The egalitarian chocolate

My life is a box
of Quality Street,
on a play.
when you open
them are
a multitude
of colours 
and tastes
some never get
eaten at all
the dodgy ones
I like orange and red
the strawberry and orange
mixed with chocolate
I used to like nuts
the purple wrapper
but it got modernised
they decided it wasn't
but I should choose,
not the grey men
in suits
I know when it will
look good and taste
The box is cheap
little has changed
It was born in 1936
two years before 
my Mother
and she is now
it survives
it has an egalitarian
feel of inclusion
I like that
until I exclude
which I do
I notice everything
and some will
be put side 
and just left
for other
people  to take
or try 
or throw away
it is left over
from the 1970's
a joke on good taste
Bought and sold
it has its life
and it coincides
with mine
it is more common.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


There were too
many colours in my toy box
too many toys not
played with
and some with
arms and legs
each toy makes
me relieve an emotion
a tear falls
as I pick up one
doll I never loved
In fact I never played
with dolls or toys
but only in my imagination
I play  with
I don't mean to but
I do..
you see
I look to see if I can 
I have only loved
I expect
to never have it
I expect nothing
I am in control
of all the people
in my life
but not this one
he has free wings and a voice
I can't
it would be cruel
and unjust to destroy the
beauty of his soul.
I must leave soon
as it may break my
it will anyway
but I must close the lid
of the biggest emotion
of all
pearl of salt
falls down my cheek
I have no courage to
give up
this unique
I will lower the magic
top slowly so
I can watch
from afar
and never
the earnest
smile drifting
and the kiss on
my shoulder when he parted
the toys were just toys
plastic, without life
and broken
and he the only one whole
with words
I could understand.
or indeed

Friday, 24 December 2010

"Bei Männern welche Liebe fühlen" duet from The magic flute


I escaped from Christmas,
but not at all, nineteen years ago
My ex husband used to re wrap the 
presents I gave him and take them
back on the day after boxing day
my mother turned to him once and
said "Don't you ever do that to Amanda
again, and if you try to keep her in
the golden cage you are building
she will escape one day"
It was a huge production that I 
moved to Thailand a long time ago
and built it here..
Have a good day with your triple latte,
and be at peace with your solitude.
I think I find this the most difficult
Do I love you? I savour
every word you say.
I pay attention.
My failing is my ambition, in
the field of love..
I like extraordinary stories.
I should like ordinary
I would have been very much 
I built a double life once
in a flat round the corner
from my married life
I lived it for six years,
I was a slave to a thing
I thought was love
but when I fell in love
in love with another man
I realised I had been living
a myth.
Yet the story I then lived
was incredible, I once flew
to New York, I then took a taxi to
Connecticut, spent two hours
with the love of my life
and from there went to to
the airport and flew home.
The man never knew how much I
loved him
he may be still doesn't know
I made it look like it
was coincidence.
I could pick up one word he said
he never said more
and guess
the guesses were usually right.
The other day I was on the train to
Paris, I knew he was on the train.
I was vague about the time
I was leaving
I knew he was near
he wrote and said he was
on the train
in the next door carriage
I went and he had fallen asleep
with a mask on
I went and sat in my seat
I am sick I was happy just knowing
he was near me..
yet it was nothing
yet it was everything.
We met in the corridor
He came and kissed me later
as if we were friends
and our fingers just touched
we talked about nothing
the eyes said everything
and nothing
and everything
It is why
I have to escape
or it has to change
but his wife
is ill
and could die at any moment
yet not
in any case
I have to live
I say all this because
moments like this
mean more to me than
opening presents
I am on my own yet not
I have the boys next door
I have my friends
who nag me to eat turkey
in Thailand
and I am trying to scrub
away cellulite
to meet a man in
America who likes skinny
birds in January

Thursday, 23 December 2010


I feel strongly against the society in Iran, and the sentencing of  Jafar Panahi and many other film directors, and it proves that we must fight in the West for his release.  The abusive and critical regime he lives under needs to be fought against, and freedom of speech and the strong will of society no longer repressed.  There will be other dictatorships, there will be changes and one day the people that have put innocent people in jail will be in jail themselves.  The circle of life is evident everywhere and at our fingertips.  Let's call for the freedom of this great director and follow people like Pablo Ganguli and other peoples fights against narrow minded cultures that do not belong in todays society but somewhere in 200 AD.

The mosquito no longer bites me, it shows that this brilliant creature knows I am old stock, as I child and a young woman I was bitten to death.

Iran's Fearless Film Maker - Iran


The Amanpuri is my second home.  I arrived here, and although not in Villa 17, I am immediately made welcome and put into the hotel.  I feel loved here.  In fact few places on the planet can make me feel this included.
It is good to travel, to see and experience as much as possible.  At the same time I like to feel happy and so with no hesitation I say that this wonderful hotel, with its fascinating clientele is the best place on the planet.  I have come nearly every year since it opened in 1988.
Today for the first time I tried out the spa, I really hate spa's and lying still. However, it is time to rest.  I have had a very busy year and although I am happy being a drama Queen, there has been too much activity, so it was with pleasure that I had the most incredible massage and scrub of my life.  Lemon grass was rubbed all over me with some pepper and then I had a deep finger massage to stop the signs of ageing on my legs, which  need to be shown and have cellulite.  The girl promises me that within three days it will have diminished.
My yoga lesson this morning made me feel like a spring chicken so let's see what I will look like in a week, spoilt brat that I am.

AWKapella - The Holly and the Ivy

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Katie Melua - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Ronald Neame on Working with Judy Garland


In 1978, when I was 18 and very fat, I was walking in my grandmothers garden on a very hot day, Beryl Gilliat known as Squirrel, in Wiltshire,  was with her  great friends aged about 70, they were all walking in the nude.  Ronald Neame's wife, Beryl, Isobel Salmon and my Grandmother.  They looked happy and free talking and laughing like young girls.  I hid behind the honeysuckle bush in the garden I was fascinated and shocked, but I watched. Later on, I went to see my grandmother, who was now dressed, wearing a red dress over her budha body and a large straw hat, with red ruby lips,  said to me "I don't care if I die now as I have done everything I ever wanted to" The remark stayed with me, and I thought that is what I am going to do.  It is why I live like I do now.
This scene left a lasting impression on me.  These women were free, they were happy, and without knowing it they set the scene for my life and for the life of my children.  Although they were more daring than I could imagine.

The Poseidon Adventure (1972) Trailer

NLP - How To Be Attractive

Messianic Rabbi shares how he accepted Yeshua as Messiah

The Evening Prayer - Kathleen Battle, Frederica von Stade

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel Finale

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

MY WISHES FOR 2011, Noah's Ark here I come.

My darling Rushka Bergman came to stay in my new house, as I am doing a project  with her.  Rushka's brilliance is clearly evident as she has styled hundreds of charismatic and clever people from around the world. I love her artistic vision and she is now working on my script which hopefully I will have in production by the middle of next year.
I also wish to finish my new book of poetry which at the moment has no direction, but over the holidays will have a message.
My photography has been neglected, due to loving printing and the man I used to print with no longer has his dark room. I would love to do some photographs of the men in my life. I started this a year ago and I will close this chapter of my life.
The houses should be finished  and this will leave me time to pursue projects even nearer my heart.  I adore doing them but there is a lot of stress involved and I need to be calm. I also do not wish to be known as a property developer.
I have a new love of my life, the neon sign.. This is lots of fun and with The Seven Deadly Sins nearly completed with Michael Fletchner, I will hopefully find a gallery to show them.
These are my personal wishes, but also there are so many problems in the world.  Dreadful starvation, unnecessary conflict, greed and violation of human rights that the world seems to be in never ending turmoil, The human being never learns, and if we continue on this path, maybe the way forward will be taking my boat round the world in 2012 to escape and find out if it does end? Noah's Ark here I come..
Meanwhile this year I shall work hard to finish my existing projects.

Interview : Anna Dello Russo by Mademoiselle Agnes

Monday, 20 December 2010

Angkor Wat BBC Documentary Description Video Siem Reip

Cambodian Genocide - Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge

The Killing Fields Trailer


With so little sleep in the last few days I wondered how I was going to get up at 4am to see the temples, but I jumped out of bed not feeling too bad. I took a very chic tuk tuk to Angkor Wat, through the darkness and then walked from the back of the massive temple. Peaceful and only hearing the sound of my footsteps I landed in the most incredible maize of eleventh century architecture. With about one thousand temples in the Cambodia I embarked on one of the most glorious mornings of my life. My guide was intuitive he avoided the crowds with brilliance, and only when I arrived at the front did I realise that there were thousands of tourists in the jungle.  The whole  area is definitely for me one of the great wonders of the world.  I avoided going before because of Pol Pot and the horrendous killing fields of the late 1970's to the mid 1980's. Let's hope that peace remains in this area, for more people to be influenced by this magical setting.
The temples are hidden in the jungle where the roots of trees have taken them over. Neglected, time has made them more ravishing.
Staying in the Aman group is always a pleasure, as one of the first "Aman Junkies" the Amansara takes you into another of 1960's motel living. Delicious healthy food.  I am now in love with The Cambodian tuk tuk which I plan to take to Los Angeles and London.. so chic forget the car, it's so yesterday..

Friday, 17 December 2010

"I Wanna Be Loved By You",Marilyn Monroe

PEROXIDE IS MY BEST FRIEND, and my bedfellow is a dictionary.

I have just been told I am too blonde. Or did they mean stupid? Or  a little bit ditzy? Or so very sweet? Or a man-izer? It can mean so many things.  Perhaps my hair is a little flash, with its purple and black  streaks? Or perhaps the person saying it is a little jealous of the life I have?
With rumours, should we pay attention or should we go ahead and live our lives and not listen?  Well one thing is for sure - I am not about to become a brunette.  All my fun would become dreary straight away.  For a moment, a very small moment, I darkened my hair and the reaction of my sons was horrifying.  They were very young and they said I looked ugly, it was the same reaction when I lengthened my skirts.   In any case without hair dye the world would be a boring place. I love the blondes, it's a girl thing and despite  the jibes I will be remaining close to my bottle of peroxide.


Thursday, 16 December 2010


I am so excited by the Globes, Oscars, Brit awards, BAFTA awards.  In fact I seriously enjoy watching people receive recognition for hard work.  It's a grown up version of doing well at school.  It makes me feel good especially if I like a film or actor.  To be in Hollywood at that time of year is also justifiably exciting.  I love seeing people do well and have always done so.  It makes me just a little bit more shiny. I may not even know the people involved and yet it makes me dewy eyed. Why I have no idea.  I am a bit of a romantic and things that interest me, I become totally involved in. Some films just draw you in. It is almost more fun when you don't know anyone.  In any case my interest, I realise, is similar to  my sons interest in who is going to win the football, only without the dreadful music.  I just love film and he loves footy.
Two days ago  the Globe nominations were announced  for 2011, set up by the Hollywood Press Association in 1944.  I am happy that Kings Speech, The Weinstein Company, won so many, Colin Firth is so exciting to watch and is brilliant as the King of England and Helena Bonham Carter as his wife.  Then Johnny Depp who I think in incredible in every film gets a nomination, and Zimmer against Desplat.  It will all make interesting viewing.  My personal favourite is The Kings Speech produced by The Weinstein company.   A very English film, but it is beautifully made in every way.  Colin Firth is our best actor, he is so versatile.
The Losers are often more interesting than the winners.  For me it doesn't really matter.  I like the razz-me-tazz, the dresses, the smiles, the glamour, the films, the scripts, the music, the producers, the parties.  So when asked I fully admit I enjoy the whole thing.  

Monday, 13 December 2010

Was the US economic collapse predicted 50 years ago?

Why buy Gold and Silver vs Holding Dollars

Buy Gold!!!


Burlesque | trailer #2 US (2010) Christina Aguilera Cher

Christina Aguilera - Express

Burlesque - Trailer

BLAH BLAH BURLESQUE, Diamonds are a girls best friend

Dancing girls greeted us along the red carpet to the cinema,unfortunately it was a bit of a waste of time as the big huge rude bouncers herded us as if we were cattle.  There is something so unpleasant about them.  The film company had made such an effort and I wanted to appreciate it, unfortunately these oafs didn't understand.
Fortunately the magnificent duo of Cher and Christina Aguilera is a dream team for success added with happiness. Burlesque is a winner of  a light film with plenty of get up and go.  You want to be part of their team, the girls on stage.  As a great lover of anything burlesque this film was ideal.  I wanted the costumes, the singing, and yes the acting was actually tolerable.  There was something so great about having these divas in a film together that it has to be worth seeing just for that.
I used to adore taking photographs of burlesque girls, and I would still do this if I wasn't a fashion editor.  I find girls singing cabaret incredibly sexy and alluring.  I wish I could dance as well.  This film is a must. .

I then went to Quintessentially's party at the Savoy.  Completely different but equally entertaining, requested by my friend Nicky the world was in party mode.  

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Stephen Webster: 7 Deadly Sins And No Regrets - Launch Party 08 December 2010 - Images | piQtured imagery

Stephen Webster: 7 Deadly Sins And No Regrets - Launch Party 08 December 2010 - Images | piQtured imagery

Joan Collins on Piers Morgan's Life Stories (1/5)

Heart News - Joan Collins Panto Press conference



Annie Tedesco "The Secret"


I have decided it is really good to live in three places,  It opens your mind to the worlds possibilities.  Inevitably you meet totally different people and experience new and exciting adventures.  I have winged it through life, but oh what a life. I love waking up on the River Thames but equally I like to see the nunnery from my bedroom window in Paris, and then see the view to the sea from my bedroom in Beverly Hills. I want to experience everything I possibly can.  I am greedy for life.
Many good things happened yesterday.  I had a delicious dinner at The Wolsey with Loree Rodkin who lives in Los Angeles,  I love her rings which are like medieval armour and cover the fingers.  So modern and funky yet comfortable.  She truly is an incredible person yet discreet and very loyal.  With so many talents she became one of best managers to superstars and now I can honestly say Loree is in my top three favourite  jewellers, along with Stephen Webster and Lydia Courteille.  All of whom love designing skulls and unusual creations.  The Wolsey has an incredible atmosphere.  There was Lucien Freud sitting with friends, then there was Michael White with a pretty young girl, and the incredible Hollywood star Joan Collins, coming for a quick dinner  with Percy from performing in the  pantomime, Dick Whittington at the  Birmingham Hippodrome. She is an inspiration to any woman.
For lunch I went out with another skull lover this time the Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti,  tall and good looking with his lovely wife, Lorena, we went to Ziani's in chelsea.  Delicious food and good conversation.  He is one of the most talented artists I have ever met.  I fell in love with his things at the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair.  He is playful with our society in colourful resin and glitz.  However there is meaning underneath everything he does.  He has at the moment created his series of Jelly Babies, colourful human forms with no faces, he wants you to think about the outcome of "dolly the sheep" and cloning.  Mauro is both witty and charming and makes you want to know more about him.
What a wonderful day I had.

Joan Collins on her Birmingham Panto debut

Friday, 10 December 2010


In May I gave twelve thousand dollars to change some tyres and  engine of my car.  I had known Chrome Angels Candles for about two years.  Harley Riker,(husband of Michelle Riker)  from Beverley Hills High School, the CEO of  bullshit, wanted the money upfront. Hey hey the monkeys. I said "Okay" after all he had sort of helped me, but after six months of evading my calls, making me feel bad that he was sick, my engine has still not been changed.  The car which was reinvented was never good at going up hill, I was assured it would have a new life.  Pity as I liked his candles, I was amused by Harley and I love my car. I am going to get my money back, if not thousands of candles.

It takes me back to the summer when the snobby Jock from Lyola Law School who was a sort of assistant assistant on Friends,  who dressed in woodpecker brown, took me for a ride. when he asked to stay in Europe, by conning me, costing me about five thousand dollars. Isn't it funny that old aged pensioners and crooks get accepted into law school?  Well, of course he did....  It also proves to me one thing that no one can  be trusted.  They are both small amounts of money, yet it is so boring, I would rather give it to the Republican Party or spend it in PRADA. I may get robbed but at least I get something back for it..

Simon Callow on Shakespeare - The Man From Stratford

Belle et Sébastien

Belle et Sebastien

Belle et Sebastien

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Clandestine Marriage 1998 - clip 1, the arrival

Love: Arabella, Act 2

The Reluctant Widow Part 1


There is little chance of me being a dried up old prune or to run up the aisle.  I do realise I have to have only great passion in my life.  I am no good at day to day kitchen sink drama school run boredom.
My  conclusion, after doing a little therapy on myself, is that the reason I am so bad at romance is that I learnt everything from Georgette Heyer and Shakespeare whose wonderful rags to riches historical novels and plays appealed to my ideals.
I still want this. I imagine working as a scullery maid and finding out that my hidden father was in fact The Earl of  Huge Castles. Suddenly I was left in the position as his only child and marrying the future King of England.  I am happy  reading yet another Anne Boleyn story, drama intrigue but not below stairs for me, unless they were a lover, so Lady Chatterley's lover must have created a line of thought somewhere. I never had a man living with me as a child, and there was no man around to make me understand man was a real thing.  They were kings, knights in shining armour, and gardeners.  They were glamorous and never ordinary. I learnt how to change plugs, change wheels, muck out the pony, garden, pay bills, organise houses, that is what women did.  I grew up in the country. The only man who influenced me was my grandfather whose wisdom was way ahead of most other males in this country.  He also loved me.
My uncle was a leading force but when you look like him, you can't find a copy.  He was extra tall, very good looking and aristocratic.
I don't understand the male species, their need to watch football, play cricket, go running, learn sailing with strong desires also to be lying on the sofa gobbling or snoring.  Dashing days from the 17th Century seem swallowed up by East Enders and Match of the Day.
I realise I am a lost cause and yet I still love them.

In answer to this dreadful joke..

The World's shortest Fairy Tale....

Once upon a time a bloke asked a girl 'Will you marry me?'...

The girl said 'NO!'...

For all those confused females out there, it's simple. Men have two emotions: 
Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection make him a fucking 
I realise now he is totally right, and I haven't a clue..

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dr John & Jools Holland - Piano Duet

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Summertime

Thomas Mann 1937

Bottle Baby - A Nightmare Comedy in One Reel

Harpo Marx in "Too Many Kisses" (1925)

Harpo Marx playing classics


Four weeks ago I received an invitation to my house from the lovely Nicky Haslam for a birthday party for his friend Lucien Freud.  Nicky said to me "I knew you would not mind if I hijacked your house" and indeed I did not, actually there is something wonderful about doing this, I looked around the room and recognised five faces, making it easy for me to see only new faces and meet new people.  One of my favourite things is to sit down and actually talk to somebody I have never spoken to before.  There was the added plus that my house was going to be finished, it is a great trick to get builders,  to leave, and to receive a sofa in double quick time.  Nicky though is something special, he can decorate a house beautifully, as I sat on the stairs looking at him arrange flowers, it took me back to my days at Kenneth Turner Flowers.  I loved it there and am happy to say I learnt so much from dearest Ken, in fact he helped me create a magnificent life.  It is also fun to gently tease Nicky, when he says white I want to be a naughty child and say pink. Nicky is so much more than his brilliant decoration he can sing Cole Porter, whom I love more than almost anything.  I would not dare compete and sing with him, but I do know most of the words.  I am just a bit shy. I studied singing with the great teacher George Hall, from The Central School of Speech and Drama.  He has a knowledge of cabaret and musical theatre that few could have.
It was my first party in the house and I marvelled at the extraordinary talent of my friend who brought together Kate Moss to the accompaniment of the famous Jools Holland,  she sung Summertime so prettily. Lucien who is undoubtably our biggest and most talented artist, sat among friends and family looking happy in a house of a stranger.  What a wonderful way to meet such an icon.  I also sat with Tom Stoppard, who has to be our greatest playwright. So thank you Nicky Haslam for bring light into my world.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Belle de Jour 1/11

Sandie Shaw - Trains and Boats and Planes (1969)

The Day My God Died


I belong in your arms
yet I don't
I must leave
yet I must not
I want to but
I wish to go
I feel it is all for
you and for me
yet not together 
and my time
is running out
I belong so very 
much with
you are a match
but you are not
I wish I could wake
and you were suddenly
but you are not
you belong elsewhere
yet you do not
the communication
the feelings
the fingers
the kissing
I have to say
you make sure
I love you
and only you.
Nobody can take you
away from
because you
are secure
within my matted
hair along a broken road
to nowhere
but truth.

The Impossible Duet: Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Cello and Violin

Saturday, 4 December 2010


I am in England, it is snowing in the United Kingdom, and we were once Great Britain.  What has happened to this beautiful nation?.  I remember being proud to be English, now I have to  hide it under my duvet, and mumble, forgetting whether it was politically correct to say English, British etc.  I am totally fed up.  I have no politics and am on nobodies side.  I simply do not want to pay for welfare for the lazies.  If you want to collect thirty thousand a year or even ten you had better qualify correctly for it.  Anybody who does not wish to work I want the rest of England to gang up against them and start saying that what they are doing is wrong.  Why should anything be for free, if you borrow from a bank or your family you pay it back?  We are now paying back  for badly spent money that has been lost in an out of dated system. Nothing is for free, for instance education is paid for by people paying the taxes.  If we are intelligent we are all socialist, but whatever side you are on, things have to be paid back.
The following are exempt, the old, the ill and the genuinely out of work.  That means no indolent youth, men and women who think it's their right to collect their money, their right to have free education, their right for free housing etc.  I love the world but am fed up with so many foreigners here, unless they are paying tax and contributing to our society and love it here, they should find somewhere else.  I want to buy British, be British, and understand what that is. 
If you watch dogs, they stick with their breeds, we are still animals and let's be honest for a second, we stick with ours too.  If I am thought to be racist I am not, I am simply remarking on what is the truth. Everybody in the world sticks to their own. So please can we have our Christmas back, with angels, and celebrate it,  if we are Christians, and if other nationalities and religions want to join us they are most welcome.  In doing this all other countries will have a whole lot more respect for the English.  I love the English way of life, it is different from the Irish and the Scottish, both of which are enjoyable.  We are all different. Let's enjoy the differences. I am writing what I wish to happen to England in the next ten years.  If I don't there will be nothing left that I will recognise.  It's time to speak our minds.. enough is enough.. It's not all about X factor.  If nothing is done, it will be the bullet and not the ballot that decides things. Let's pick ourselves off the floor and get back to being great again...

Neil Young ~ Piece of Crap~ ( Unreleased version) + vIDeo

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Workshop: Tan Dun & LSO

Interview: Tan Dun on the YouTube Symphony project

DESIGNING AND FALLING ASLEEP TO Shigeru Umebayashi's beautiful music

I have escaped the snow and arrived in Los Angeles where of course I have jet lag.  Awake in the middle of the night I am drawn to film music for inspiration.. There are so many incredible works out there.  The church obviously no longer provides inspiration but the film world does.  I love the work of
Shigeru Umebayashi, In the Mood for love being one of my favourites, also a Single Man, so despite the lack of sleep I happily make trips to my new palace in the canyons above Beverly Hills.

My house here has been so improved by interior designer of the year Martyn Lawrence Bullard, and his wonderful assistant Leura, that he can soon put his name to it. The house in Benedict Canyon belonged to Janet Leigh who built it in 1979. Ugly with red wood and red brick, and large pylons crossing its view, I thought it was ready to be bulldozed. I asked Martyn if he would help me as I am doing another house in London. He said yes. I said please send an elf as this house is seriously not for you. Leura Fine his assistant then listened to me carefully in the project, we simply could not spend a fortune on it, due to the fact we did not know if we could pull the whole thing off, and make it incredible. I think she has, and with mine and Martyn's ideas combined we may have a winner. Too early to truly say, but I feel I have a right to be pleased. With views to the sea now I have to be creative outside.

Gardens here are so expensive that they are completely out of order to totally re do. I am on a creative mission. Today is the day where I shall use all my imagination to improve it, and this one certainly requires it.

In the meantime I shall fall asleep to Shigeru Umebayashi works of art.

A Single Man (Soundtrack) - 05 George's Waltz

House of Flying Daggers - Lovers

In the Mood for Love (unofficial trailer)

"In The Mood For Love" Deleted Scene 1

In The Mood For Love Music Video