Wednesday 27 March 2013

BIRDS OR MONSANTO: "Money is useful", that is all it is Justine Glenton

I have written diaries all my life. I always love peoples diaries, they are the intimate hole to the soul.  Probably the nearest you get to truth, whatever truth is? I am going to New York to see my son sing in Carnegie Hall, on Easter Sunday at 2pm and nothing could be much better than this. I would also like to buy a football club for my other son. If only I had oodles of cashy cash to do that?.
I was so touched by my friends at the BFI supporting me for my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly. It is a wonderful organisation.  Many others did too, Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas who was a photographer on the film and the lovely Peter Medak, he totally loved it, a fan of course. My oldest friends came, Laura and Charlie Jeffreys, he accused me of loving myself, well actually I do, but more to the point, it is the only person I can be honest about. He and I used to have so much fun together. It was rather like a final examination, whether I pass or fail.  Because I knew nothing about making films  in the beginning, my three cameramen chose three different cameras. This decision now proves to be a pain. I used the Canon which is incredible, a little thing, but I needed to change the format from 25 fps to 24 fps. This has meant I am now speaking in slow motion. I did not recognise my voice, I seemed to have developed balls. I am also moving some scenes around. What works on the small screen can look totally wrong on the big screen. So interesting. What was galloping on the computer looked like sludge in Wellington boots on the big screen. I like fast things. I try to slow down but cannot. In any case everybody came up to me and said it was whimsical  and shocking at the same time. That is good. If I can shock people with my very lucky, touch wood life, then I can be an artist? Well I will have a good go at it. I like to write. It dragged in some places, so now I am back editing it in my head and then will have to mix it all over again. I am in love with the music of the film sung by Lisa Zane and Charles Eliasch.It really makes the film. Sadly in the theatre you could not hear it, the birds were singing but not the music. The world of cinema and making my first film is never dull. I just wanted to contribute to the world of cinema mostly inhabited by men.

Enough of me, there is so much happening in the world. I have been trying to understand the logic behind Monsanto.  This company is famous for producing insecticides and plastics. They passed the bill swiftly through government in the USA, whilst everybody was busy discussing gay marriages. The seeds for our food will be modified by this huge company. Will lettuce taste like lettuce again, will it kill us? What will it do to us? Is it bad or it good? I can see both sides of the story, but why was the government in the US sneaky about it? There is so much to worry about in this bad wide world we live in? I always like to know who gets money for these things. The costs of sending politicians around the world shocked me this week. Why don't they travel economy? Or even business but why private aeroplanes?. If they did not pass legislations that are so evil and controversial, they would feel safe, and be able to travel with hoi paloi. I was happy to see that the Chinese Government are encouraging their people to be less ostentatious.  So déclassé being interested in materialism. So yesterday and so over. "Money is useful" as my friend Justine Glenton says, in my film, that is all really, that is attractive.

Sunday 24 March 2013


I have been rushed off my feet for weeks getting my film ready and there still is masses to do.  Today I am showing it for the first time at the BFI although I am planning to re shoot two or three scenes. I do not like them anymore. The people in it seem jaded and my friend Peter Medak made me see with new eyes. He felt the film should only be about the ego and the alter ego, keep it simple. Only two people to tell a story, with masses of music, wonderful appearances, four or five gorgeous men who look incredible and some funny stories.  Soon Tuesday there could be massive sieving. Oh dear...

I strive for perfection as it is  attractive but only a few people can achieve this. In the end it is a two edge sword. This film, The gun the cake and the butterfly, has given me wonderful moments and I have loved making it.
As for love, love love...
My worst fear would be to live with someone that I didn't love. I have done it, but not enjoyed it.  It is better to be on my own than to only tolerate another human in my life. Love is the most wonderful thing. That is what I am aiming for, total adoration. Okay enough about love. With the man of my life I had to be silent and invisible just to stay in the equation..Not for me.

There are things I like, like, charity and forgiveness are top of the list. As we are all small mammals it is easier to forgive than to carry huge sacks on your back.  I like to give things to people, many presents, much love. I like them to succeed. However, although not an accountant, I do like something in return. Acknowledgement, gratitude, forgiveness, love would be good. Some people are incapable of any friendship unless it has a carrot in front of the letter F, usually in the shape of CASH.

This week I was fortunate to see Jeanne Marine host a wonderful event in aid of the terrible calamity in Japan, The Massato and Yukiko Foundation, held at their famous hair salon in Fulham Road, and see  my other wonderful friend,Nicky Haslam's opening at OKA for his new book Folly de Grandeur.  It was a busy week, then I had a fabulous dinner with the outspoken and charming Mark Shand. I asked him how much it would be to save the elephant trails throughout India so they can roam freely would cost about fifty million. You would think that one of the rich Indians would want to do that? It is not just the elephants that would benefit but other animals? He is a man with a heart to fight for such a wonderful beast. He is giving the party of the year on the 9th July.

Success is a decision, a decision you have to take. I have taken it.

Sunday 17 March 2013


I go through periods of loving the theatre, and periods when I do not. I am like a child, I can see a play I know twenty times, for example A street car names desire, yet the thought of of watching Richard the Third, fills me with with horror. Obviously it is better that you learn the play beforehand. If you wish to learn and enjoy theatre, my friend Melissa Knatchbull has just opened  a new club, where you can have theatre trips and at the same time eat a delicious dinner, and have a lecture too. Artfulllondon has the excellent critics, Benedict Nightingale and Michael Billington joining her team, there will not be a dull moment.  She even managed to get Helen Mirren to discuss an actors preparation for a West End role. For a nominal sum your can socialise within the theatre world, make new friends and have a more exciting and fulfilling stage experience. Sounds good to me.


My most proud moments have always been my children, their first steps, words and laughter. I remember the passion my son Jack had for his father, he would totally ignore me, and only want his daddy and play football. Charlie had a passion for Opera, and at 2 years old would not let me leave a performance of Don Giovani and made scenes until I let him stay. He always adored it and if I turned it off a tantrum would appear. Jack is also musical and the other night he sounded like Frank Sinatra singing his best numbers, with a body like a god, I look at them both and cannot believe they are my DNA.
Charlie  is singing on Easter day at Carnegie Hall, a huge honour. With two incredible sparkling sopranos Sophia Dimitrova and Mikayla Sager he will sing many of our most loved arias and duets. Charles chose these two talented girls to sing with because of their unique and undying love for the world of opera. Young and hugely dedicated they are both delighted to sing with him.
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I am rushing from finishing my film to listen to him achieve what he has always wanted to do. Looking a mixture of Charles 11 and Oscar Wilde, Charlie has eccentric style. When he was two he only wanted to wear red shoes and he believes that they still give him good luck.  It is wonderful to support young talent. 
I have been watching the final moments of my film, The gun, the cake and the butterfly, slowly it is coming together. It eats up my time. Don't kill those in the music and film worlds if they are busy, the will not be lying. It is the most time consuming life I have ever entered into. Also, the most fun.

Friday 15 March 2013


Without a doubt London is a most exciting city in a world full of cultural poverty, it has dozens of parties each night, you can make yourself quite exhausted. Luckily last night I had invitations to the opening of the Gay Film Festival in London, where everybody turned out for the first film I Divine. This documentary was much better than I expected, much more touching.  
Afterwards I went to the Whitechapel Gallery for their party with Nadja Swarovski at its helm.   400,000 pounds was raised for education in the area. It was a groovy art crowd.  Dinos Chapman was there.  
I am getting physic. I was worried.  I waited out in the cold for a friend who had lost his telephone. What do we all do without  telephones now?. I personally freak out.  He calmly went home and telephoned me from there.  I thought he had been bashed up. In any case it was a fun night which ended up in the Colbert in Sloane Square for dinner. Nicholas Barker was there who has just opened his show in Rivington Street. One of my most favourite paintings in the world is his. A woman looking like Brigitte Bardot in a  fake Vermeer.

Thursday 14 March 2013

"Meine Lippen Sie Kussen So Heiss," from Lehar's Giuditta

"V'adoro pupille" from Handel's Giulio Cesare


Mikayla Sager, Soprano

Praised for her mature artistry and colorful Lyric-Coloratura voice, Canadian Soprano Mikayla Sager has established herself as a young singer to follow. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Ms. Sager has a list of accomplishments that far surpass that of a 21 year old.
This spring, Ms. Sager will be heard in recital at Carnegie hall with Charles Eliasch, Bairtone, as well as “Guadalena” in Offenbach’s La Perichole in Périgueux, France with FAVA Opera.
Ms. Sager was recently heard in recital with Purchase Dance Theatre, singing excerpts from Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor. This past December, she was also heard in recital in Vancouver at the Kay Meek Centre, with Opera Exposures in New York for National Opera week, as well as several recitals at the Manhattan School of Music. This past summer, Sager was seen as the “Novize” in Puccini’s Suor Angelica, as “Norina” in excerpts of Donizetti’s Don Pasquale, and featured in several concerts across Italy with the Montefeltro Festival. In North America, she has performed in various opera excerpts as “Adina” from Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’Amore, “Susanna” from Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, “Pamina” from Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, “Rosina” from Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia, and “Zerlina” from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Ms. Sager has sung under the baton of Alan Gilbert with the New York Philharmonic in William Walton’s Henry the Fifth, as well as in Master classes with esteemed teachers such as Danielle Orlando, Rita Shane, Enza Ferrari, John Darrenkamp, Claude Corbeil, Maria Russo, Donata D’Anunzio Lombardi, Ubaldo Fabbri, Nancy Hermiston, and Judith Forst.
Ms. Sager studied and performed in plays with the Lyric School of Acting in Vancouver, BC, and was seen as “Alice” in Patrick Marber’s Closer, and “Lydia” in Theresa Rebeck’s Spike Heels. She is the recipient of the Christina Lawson Scholarship for Music and Drama, the Stan Jean Foundation Scholarship, and the Dogwood District Scholarship for the Arts.
Currently, Ms. Sager is pursuing her undergraduate degree at the Manhattan School of Music.

Recognized by audiences for her theatrical flair and sparkling performance, soprano Sofia Dimitrovacurrently makes her home in New York City where she enjoys a busy career exploring and performing a wide range of music – from rarely performed Baroque gems to today’s living composers.
Her opera roles include performances in both fully- and semi-staged works. In May 2012, Ms. Dimitrova will sing Fiordiligi in Cosi fan Tutte. She has sung the role of Venus in Venus & Adonis by John Blow, the title role in Dido & Æneas; the characters of Sospecha and Calliope in a production of La Purpúra de la Rosa under the direction of Andrew Lawrence-King at the Amherst Early Music Festival; and the role of Damon in Handel’s Acis & Galatea. She has also performed featured roles in productions of Caccini’s La Liberazione di Ruggiero (Nunzia), Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea (Drusilla and Damigella), Il Pastor Fido (Mirtillo) and Triomphi with the New York Continuo Collective as well as the role of Sappho in Prismatic Production’s show Love Stories.
Ms. Dimitrova was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall (under the direction of Ton Koopman) as part of the Carnegie Hall Professional Workshop.  She was also a participant in the 2010 Caramoor Bel Canto academy under the baton of Maestro Crutchfield. Her oratorio repertoire includes solos in Handel’s Messiah with the Monmouth Civic Chorus, Graun’s Der Tod Jesu, and Saint-Saëns’Christmas Oratorio, Brahms’s Requiem among others.  She was also a soloist in Vivaldi’s Gloria in a concert performed in Siena, Italy.

Tuesday 12 March 2013


The government has gone mad. Where is the logic in taking away from the poor, disabled and old? They are compromised people. They are not lazy, they are ill and old. What the government seems to want, is for you to give up? If you have an extra room, and you are not able to get a lodger, as you will be taxed for that too. 
There are too many people here in London, and another quarter a million people due.  It is very  humanitarian to help another person, but then the reality of another quarter of million coming, life becomes tricky, for the indigenous. There is a food chain.  The government seem to think it is okay to take it from one lot of people, only to give it another. They are hardly Robin Hood. More the Sheriff of Nottingham. They are not using this money, for better hospitals, or better schools, or a reservoir to hold our water. They are using it to build a train to the North of England, and to help Syria in its hour of need? What about our own native people? The welfare system was set up as a safety net for society, and the wrong people are now penalised. It is was set up after the war because people were starving. Now it is used for things out of our control.
The unfortunate lazy are a problem too?. 
The education system is overburdened, and tell me the relevance of Henry V111 and James 1st Bible, in the Mile End Road, and Bow Road, at the moment?. These people are hardworking and it is not kind assume that there lives were not terrible before. However to end up in Bow Road, as it is today must be a hell of a reality check. Where are the cockneys, they have moved to Surrey?. They were so bombed in the Blitz in rubble but they eventually got themselves out. 
The existing  poor children cannot flourish in this economic disaster. The trouble is politics. Tell me how much it costs to elect a new Pope?  As for our existing children residing in England, they are in a no win situation.  They have a slim hope of scraping by. There is no point going to Eton, as you are vilified if you have had opportunity. If you can see a solution or you have had any education you are ridiculed.  You have got to be a grasping degraded nothing, to just get by. You have to de construct yourself  and be of the people.  You dare not put your head above water, it gets taken away. It sounds negative, but this is why I like to work and make films. I am worried for my children.  I am glad that people are having to cook again from scratch.  Tell me where this will all lead? It is going somewhere, but I am not sure I want to go too? 
You have to keep quiet and hide. How sad. England is a well worn sock with holes in its  toes, it needs mending, before it is cast off. It has done good service. It needs a holiday.
I am moving to Belgrade, where the men are tall, and hopefully they will make be forget the disaster that England has become.

Thursday 7 March 2013


The idea of sitting through a fashion show nowadays, unless you get special treatment, and the designer, thinks, fills me with horror. Gone are the fabulous days of a show, a real show. Alexander Mcqueen was the master of this, and unless you wish to be bored to tears by the dreariness of the predictable presentations, you would be much happier at home. The shoving of the clip board blondes, and the general nagging of PR's, to send you to the shows, is in most instances, so humiliating that unless you are a fully fledged editor at Vogue, forget it.  I used to enter with a girlfriend, who will remain nameless. We never had any invitations and we used to enjoy the challenge, We said we were editors at Vogue and as we looked good, we easily got in. We were much more animated than the tired hacks that generally hogged the seats, and believe it or not, they still do.  It is so easy to make things interesting?.  Where is the theatre in all this? It is definitely not from the new crop of fabulous demi monde each season who dress the front row?. Despite the hypnotic looks of actress Alice Eve, you will find yourself bored to tears, unless, everything changes pretty soon.  The problem is without a few crazy artist designers, life is very boring. Why do the French, Italian, English and American fashion houses  like boring? They are not?  Fashion is becoming dreary.  I rather enjoy the blog of a girl called Angel Barta, who writes daringly about her ex romance, Marc Jacobs.? She claims she designed the clothes and styled them?.  All the stylists copy her, and Vogue too? Well she may have influenced him in some way, because for last two seasons, he too has become a little less amusing? Perhaps I am being unfair, but shows are shows, and if we Fashion Editors make an effort to go, don't you think it would be good to be a little different?.  Last season I loved Rushka Bergman's art installation  she put on for a brand in the US. Using circular frames she showed clothes belonging to a brand of no great note, to remarkable advantage. She used a vivid imagination. Why cannot others think too?. Why do we have to race from one dreary cold hall to another for something that would be easier to read from Tim Blank's fabulous notes and review on  Unfortunately we are to be punished, because you see we have to see for ourselves just how terrible the whole industry is becoming. Come on entertain us.  The best show this season was still Alexander Mcqueen, but where is the brilliant Galliano? Surely now Oscar de la Renta has forgiven him, and the great and wonderful Franca Sozzani, we can give him a decent house again? I bag one of his wonderful coats. Let's hope he still is allowed to wake us up? Look to the new too?. It is expensive not to be creative, and it is even more expensive to be dull. We do not wish to write about that. Let's bring some truly new mad divas into the magic roundabout of fashion? There is plenty of talent, why are they not given a free reign?. There needs to be a change at the heads of these houses and new people with experience given a chance? Not just the new designers but the many unused experienced talents surrounding the shows?. 
P.S I forgot.. please also let it not only be Karla Otto's brilliant assistant who remembers to write, and Vivienne Westwood's polite PR Tyzer. If I have to call fifty times, I am simply going to watch it all in the comfort of my beautiful bedroom overlooking Albert Bridge in Chelsea, and save the horrendous expense.. Just remember though that the magazine I work for  in Los Angeles, Genlux is looking particularly attractive this month, and by the way, it is where they have money to buy clothes and show them on the red carpet.

Alexander Mcqueen show
Snowden Hill's Hair
Angel Barta's outspoken comments
Rushka Bergman's elegance
Alice Temperley's Audrey Hepburn cream dress
The wonderful make up for Vivienne Westwood show
whatever you may think, at least it was different
L'wren Scott's idea of Klimt
New talent David Koma
a hint but not enough of John Galliano
Tim Blank
Genlux Magazine
Franca Sozzani
Cara and Poppy Delevigne

Wednesday 6 March 2013


The vortex of love and its madness  drives us. Thank goodness I no longer feel this stupidity. I can think of the consequences before my actions and have no regrets. I am so busy nowadays that I notice that boredom and leisure are the only things that bring sex.
Let us be realistic, it seems to me, that the only time we become truly special, to others is after we are dead. Nobody tells somebody how wonderful they are, until afterwards when the priest or person holding the funeral, who barely knows you,  talks about the love people had for this person. We are only human beings, small mammals, so we forget. 
All the clothes and possessions are meaningless, and mostly unusable to anybody else but ourselves. Nobody wants our old clothes. We are that unimportant.

Yet, the most wonderful thing in life is for me love.  The real feeling between two people. Sex binds us initially, or perhaps if we wait it will too.  Afterwards, if we allow love to grow, the passion you can have for another is totally incredible. I want that.

On another note,people give opinion freely, but opinion means nothing. It is just an opinion. Even if they are being politically correct, they might give you the wrong opinion.  Remember many people might like you, but there will be the same number who do not.  
Have you noticed that rich men are always three more business deals away from financial nirvana. What is so important at the time, is so unimportant.  
Have you also noticed that when you have an argument with somebody they like you to think that they are having a wonderful time.Having the best sex ever, and all because of your eradication?
They are thinner, more successful, cleverer, more liked. It is really very funny because we are so unimportant. 
At Oscar time in Hollywood, film stars are continually mentioned, parties too, but you can guarantee one thing, you are always at the wrong party. If this matters to you, there is always another one, a better one, for the more successful and the inner elite. If a normal person is best friends with a star, then the star must be going down hill.  You know though when someone' name drops' that they do not know enough film stars, because otherwise they have better things to do, and will be totally discreet. 
In any case I have no time at the moment, I am grading my film and that is true love...until I press reset.

Sunday 3 March 2013


St Tropez has always terrified me.  Brazil too. I have never been a girl who could wear a string bikini and dance in the midday sun with champagne running down their bosoms.  Making love to the bottle. I have never understood the attraction of  nightclubs, The Cave or VIP. I have never found one interesting person hovering with a glass round a bar.  I always thought the girls were very déclassé, perfect tans, sequin dresses and spiky shoes are not for me. As for foot jewellery?.. 
I never understood Club 55 sweltering underneath the basket to protect you for the sun, whilst you are sprayed with a misty eau de poisson. Too hot, too close, too big lips, too big tits and on top of that, large amounts of more fish. Fish should stay in the sea swimming.
Air kissing, and bad breath from white wine. When I lived at Maison du Cap in Ramatoille, as the hostess, in this frightening atmosphere, I tried my best. I tried to make my guests welcome,   I am not a prude, but I like wit, things being well done and  refined. How refined can you be in a thong, flip flops, and a pair shredded shorts?  Too much cash, too big boats, are all too heavy by the sea, gobbling up the worlds resources blocking the horizon.   The only thing interesting is Brigitte Bardot.
I am not spinster I just do not like this type of hedonistic lifestyle.  I have learnt to deal with my loneliness.  May be I was brought up too well?. I was told thongs were common, and topless was seriously plebeian, and not even discussed.  I assumed I would not marry well if I showed my nipples.  Ibiza and San Tropez are both bombastic. I am not laid back, I do not like to eat when my toes are near my hands, and sorry I do not like to play endless rounds of backgammon in the midday sun.  

Saturday 2 March 2013


Charles Eliasch, the U.K.’s sensational baritone, to perform exclusive debut at the world-famous Carnegie Hall on Easter Sunday

*     *     *    *
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:megan:Desktop:CHARLES ELIASCH[1].jpgWHAT:           With talent far beyond ordinary and an extensive education rich in the United Kingdom’s top programs, classically-trained baritone and thespian, Charles Eliasch, will make his Carnegie Hall debut on Easter Sunday. Charles’ extraordinary achievements have prepared him for this spectacular debut, which will include classical arias and duets such as “Ma Rendi Pur Contento” by Bellini, “Deh Vieni Alla Finestra” by Mozart, “Pour un Baiser” by Tosti, among many others. He will be accompanied by Mikayla Sager and Sophia Dimitrova in duets and Martin Yazdzik on the piano.

WHEN:           Sunday, March 31
                        Performance time: 2:00 PM
                        Ticket cost: $30

WHERE:         Carnegie Hall, Weil Recital Hall
                        881 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10019
                        (212) 247-7800

CONTACT:    Patty Freedman, or Anastastia,
Andrew Freedman PR, (310) 271-0011

WHAT ELSE: Charles is currently offered an unconditional place at the prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music. He completed his high school education at The Harrow School in Middlesex and spent summers at the Italia Conti Academy and London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, where he prepared for roles in Don Juan, The Wind in the Willows an the Tempest. Charles’ first leading role was as Ophelia in Hamlet. He has also played Demetrius in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Mr. Spettigue in Charles’ Aunt, Maniac in Accidental Death of an Anarchist and The Narrator in Stephen Berkoff’s The Trial.

                        Charles relocated to New York City in order to pursue his operatic studies. Since then, the counter tenor turned baritone has performed in productions of Magic Flute (Papageno), The Marriage of Figaro (Figaro), Hansel and Gretel (Father), L’Elixir de l’Amour (Belcore) and in Rodelinda (Bertarido).

                        Eliasch recently made his feature-film debut in The Gun, the Cake and the Butterfly, a docu-drama based on the life of his mother, playwright, photographer and fashion editor of Genlux Magazine, Amanda Eliasch. He also played the role of the virtuoso pianist in the film’s stage version, As I Like It in London and Los Angeles.

# # #


Home sweet home with flu and feeling totally drugged up with over the counter medicine. It is amazing what you can take that knocks you out. I am totally addicted to Sinex and Vicks Vapo Rub.  
After a whirlwind trip to Hollywood and being swept off my feet, I am now safely at home and down to earth.  I used to be able to travel to Beverly Hills, meet my lover and come back in the same day, now I feel dizzy with a four day excursion.  I was truly spoilt by my good friend Kay Saatchi, who must be one of the best hostesses on the planet.  She has a wonderful little house on her estate in the hills of Los Angeles. Fully equipped with everything you could possibly need. 
Last night I went to a new art show, Art 13 at Olympia. Lots of pieces caught my eye. It was refreshing to see so many talented artists that I did not know.  The street names of London were off the menu and replaced by different Galleries.  This was exciting. I am a little bored of the huge brands attached to art, and as I have said before, once they are backed by banks, a little of the magic goes up in smoke.  Anyway I fell in love with a gun and a butterfly, and some light pieces at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art. Of course Pearl Lam had some incredible pieces too, a tunnel of paper with a long line of people waiting to see it.
I am meant to be jumping a train to Paris tomorrow depending on how well I am to see some fashion shows.  Lanvin looks incredible, but what on earth has happened to Balmain? Should I tell the truth or remain silent? As for my beloved Balenciega? Well time will tell all. I am in love though with my Alexander Wang Glasses that I live in.