Sunday, 24 February 2013


It is the year of all years in movies, Lincoln, Argo, Anna Karenina, Looper, Skyfall, and so many more. Also a  year where fashion never looked better. Kaufman Franco, Mui Mui, Roland Mouret, Alexander Mcqueen, are just few of the designers hitting the 500 foot of red carpet.  Amanda Segfried looked ravishing in dusky pink Mcqueen. With so many well dressed women this year, it is difficult to choose who was the best dressed, everywhere I looked another dress looked more dashing. 
I am looking forward to Elton John's after party this year. I like the idea of watching the awards from the privacy of my room and getting up in an hour or so for hair and make up. I had a lovely afternoon in a friends garden sunbathing.  It is a whole production getting myself ready. 

The stars clearly got inspiration from previous stars. Gilda, the glove scene, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor.  Costume designers were a genius.  I love the old Hollywood glamour of Edith Head.  Marlene Dietrich. Audrey Hepburn all created the look of the red carpet today.  Jennifer Lawrence was incredible in Couture Dior, nominee of Silver Lining. Naomi Watts looked spectacular.  Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain.  Seriously well dressed this year.
Charlize Theron dancing beautiful in pink chiffon was beautiful and Daniel Radcliffe too. I prefer the men.. Eddie Redmayne sang and  sounded incredible.

Friday, 22 February 2013


I really did not want to leave my baby film at home, it is ready to give birth, but, it is  rather like leaving a newborn with a nanny you do not know.  You never know what is going to happen next.  I came for several reasons to Los Angeles. Montblanc, who asked me to host a breakfast. The handsome Billy Zane came with his sister, my good friend Lisa. I love Lisa Zane's dulcet tones.  Summer Watson also arrived who is a good soprano and many others.  There was an exhibition of pens in the sunny penthouse of The Beverly Wilshire. Quite magnificent, with  beautiful pens commemorating Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, set out in the rooms telling a story.
I am just hoping that Argos does well on Sunday. Great music, great script and it gave me a spooky feeling, reminding me of what my Persian friends must have gone through.



Sunday, 17 February 2013




L'Wren Scott is in love with Klimt, me too. I have loved Gustav Klimt as I have loved Tamara de Lempicka and many more.  The clothes are long and elegant and most women could do with her in their wardrobe. She is chic with a twist of je ne sais quoi?  Just don't be a lump as it they are difficult to eat in.

Kinder is moving ahead and his clothes are becoming a little less structured and a bit more fun, with wonderful tweeds put together in a contemporary fashion. His yellow coat is a must with gum boots. I love the black coats with white like a piano around the collar.. A coat for me. I love music and I love black. The only thing is that my son may pinch it.
There is so much competition that unless I get an invitation I have decided not to put the designers in. 
There are exceptions, but the designer has to be exceptional. 
Holly Fulton a young hopeful has a twist on the long skirt and I loved it, with T shirts and quilted mini dresses in bright colours.

Vivienne Westwood holds her own. She is without doubt still pulling in the fashionistas with style. The others may be able to get the odd new girl in but everybody with a bit of pzazz  will be either doing her show, in her show, going to her show.  She pulled in the crowds. Val Garland did the wonderful clown make up, like it or hate, you don't have to wear it in fact. What you do have to do is stretch the imagination. Clever people will understand this. Vivienne knows what shapes suits women, real women.
Like Assadine Aliai she is changing nothing. Why should she?, even with bad publicity she is still is written about. Anyway the lady is well educated and loves the LSO. 




Alice Temperley did the prettiest collection of the lot, wearable, pretty with a step to the past. Influenced by old glamour, Audrey and so many more. Hitchcock and Givenchy come to mind. I loved the cream dress and coat, actually so many.

Friday, 15 February 2013


There is so much talent in the world, and I am happily bombarded with it.  Last week I sat having dinner with the newish brilliant designer, David Koma and his delightful wife, I adore his ideas. This week I had dinner with Shaun Leane, the talented and exciting jewellery designer, who has his own range, as well as a stunning collection with Aspreys which is connected to the Woodland Trust. As you buy you save trees. Charming and delightful he is good company.
This week I fell in love with Mat Collishaw's burning roses and his new huge canvasses in Blain Southern. Drug habits and  some slightly S&M moments.  I am in love with red roses,  of all days, this is romantically appropriate. 
Through the post I receive an invitation to Daphne Guinness's opening which I will sadly miss next week.
 Most interestingly I was excited to see that the lovely  Betony Vernon has written an intelligent book on sexual well being called Boudoir Bible. Beautifully presented. Inhibitions will disappear, as you read it, and you can listen to her dulcet tones on You Tube. Alluring. Porn she says is a bad teacher.  Men she says have major issues  regarding size and impotence. She thinks that we are in danger of entering the Middle Ages. Serious damage is done by the Porn industry.  We have connected sex with profit. When you have pleasure with your partner, you have a smile on your face.  If you make more love you are much more open. It is a wonderfully positive book. Abstinence is ignorance. It is fundamental to know your body map. It does not destroy the mystery on the contrary. By having a map you know where to go.  You can own your own pleasure and be your own guide. Through sexual experience you can attain meditation. Full body stimulation awakes all.  Hollywood paints pretty pictures, but to discover new boundaries is interesting.  By playing at length, the endorphins awake. Elaborate the sexual experience. You can get sexually high. Sex and trust go hand and hand. Do not trust a stranger. To use a blindfold and trust is incredible. The use of feathers, pleasure ring, horse tail whip, blindfolds, to learn to use these with love,  is incredible. She wants to remove all your taboos, by taking away fear and ignorance. She wants to bring back the sacred and fun in sex. Read it and see.
Lastly I go and sing for my film in a recording studio in North London. I am trying to remember when I was last as happy as this?. Emma Kirkby singing Nulla in Mundo pax sincera, by Vivaldi is one of the greatest pleasures, as I tried to emanate her.  I don't care if I succeeded because doing is the thing.  Singing gives a pleasure that equals and orgasm. May be it is one too?.
This sounds good to me.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


With the BAFTA's and the snow, whilst editing my film, I could not make New York Fashion Week, but thanks to Style. Com and various other on line critics I have formed an opinion.  Thank goodness for the fantasy eyes of Tom Browne and the wearable clothes from Jason Wu, and the colour of Betsey Johnson.  I am a lover of Marc Jacobs but I will not be rushing around to his atelier next season if the store is as grown up as the runway.  A few seasons ago I went into the shops buying up everything I could. He is indeed brilliant, but for 2013 he is showing the clothes I should be wearing, and not the clothes I want to wear.  I think he is thinking about his clientele, the up market New Yorkers with tons of cash, and not me in London. However on the positive side of things I seriously loved Jason Wu's collection, I shall wear it too. There is nothing like white collars in any case for me as you know.

Tom Browne clearly has character, and whilst I may only buy a jacket, the whole look is theatrical and full of imagination. Nipped in waists, huge shoulders, white tights with roses on them, and hair high. Love it.

How could anybody not smile when you look at Betsy Johnson's clothes. They make me happy.  Brightly coloured with pigtails, cheerful smiles and you feel as if your are in your children's teenage treasure chest. I love that.

After so many years being famous for a 'dress', Diane Von Furstenberg  is still on the up and up, making sure that up market girls stay stylish, glamorous and comfortable. These dresses are not necessarily in my wardrobe but they are hanging in everybody else's. I am just a person who likes to be uncomfortable and live in structure. However if it is good enough for Anh Duong and Yi Zhou, then it is worth a trip to Furstenberg's many glamorous shops all over the world.
Some favourite possible looks 
Fall 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013


Bafta has become truly glamorous not only is it held in The Royal Opera House, and in the Grosvenor House Ballroom, but it feels more star ridden than ever. Perhaps it is a case of 'less is more' or something is growing?. Truly.
The men looked the best though. Something has happened they seem to be sprucing themselves up. 
Beards are in fashion big time with Sam Mendes, Stephen Fry, George Clooney and Ben Affleck all looking dapper with their furry faces .   They must be doing a lot of period dramas? They all look so dashing.
Many stars were piled on to the red carpet last night, all looked incredible despite the rain and lack of cover. Of course I was wearing a silk jersey number which had a train and by the time I arrived I was wet through, luckily Conny at Alexander Mcqueen had sent me the new collection and so I could go home and whip on a new dress.  There was a rumour that Emilia Fox  had  a million dollars of  diamonds around her neck, she looked a Duchess, she was escorted by the charming Charles Worthington. She was once given her a part by my ex husband in The Scarlet Pimpernel.  Paloma Faith was exotic in a gold dress to the floor. Jennifer Lawrence blew us all a kiss in  Christian Dior, and Marion Cotillard cheered us all up in yellow by the same designer.. A formidable line up of talent. The winner Argo, in my opinion deserved best film and received two other BAFTA's. Although I am not a fan of Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis was voted best actor. I was on the table with my favourite British Film  Institute who l love.  Stephen Fry said it was a magnificent year for film but I am not sure about that. Not sure Thomas Newman should have won best score for Skyfall either.. wasn't it Monty Norman, John Barry, twelve other composers?.  John Barry was a genius for Goldfinger, he defined what Spy music should be. So please shouldn't this have gone to many others? Anyway as I guessed all the winners, I began to think everything was  a bit obvious. 
The tables at the Grosvenor House were stunning last night, laden with decorations which were totally ravishing. It was truly one of the best parties I have ever been to, you really cannot go wrong with a Clooney or two.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

WHAT I FEEL ABOUT ACCOLADES and the year of the snake

I love the BAFTA's, the milk monitor badge, the Oscars, everything with an accolade. What's wrong with being told that you have been successful? I want to say well done. What is the problem with praise? Why do we have to be equal?
Other people should not be compromised by other's successes. My arms are long enough to accept others being brilliant. What is wrong with getting your finger out? Not everybody can be stunningly beautiful but everybody can be something. We are unique beings. Only I can be me. How can anyone know us completely? I still do not know who I am and I still want to achieve a lot..
When I was little I got a Merit badge for collecting balls on a tennis court. The headmistress was thrilled.  
So nowadays I am going to be the most adored being I know, by myself.
I am a prime example of putting a smile on anything. Paint one on if you can. Hitler hated red lipstick, because of this, red became the most important thing to have. It suggests being bright red and ready for action.
Hard work is the new hard work. Who cares about failure?.  Just do it, and if you get a pat on the back you will be a little happier, than sitting in front of television feeling sorry for yourself.
Tonight I shall enjoy myself watching The Bafta's, who will win, who looks wonderful, what makes a star? It is fascinating. I wish every nominee huge success.
On another note I feel tricky about being criticised for vanity projects.  I would do nothing that was not a vanity project. Everything is a vanity project until the money comes through. If people cannot see my vision than they should open their eyes. I can see theirs but I prefer mine.

Musicians do not need to be saxophone players they can be a pianists too.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


With BAFTA upon us it feels like yesterday that The Artist was the flavour of the month. I went to look for dresses but was pleased when the girl in Vivienne Westwood's shop told me I looked better in the one I bought last year.  No matter what, the back of your wardrobe, is an exciting place to go.  I went home and found several wonderful surprises in plastic bags,  in fact I am now a happy bunny. Sometimes it is easy to forget the most obvious.
In any case, hair, is for the me the most fun, I love to change every few weeks, I like to be inspired. My favourite hairdresser is Snowden Hill who works with me to create new looks all the time. There are others too, that I love and adore, especially Charles Worthington. Famous for his Red Carpet Glamour and his Salon Home range of products. He likes to create timeless elegant styles. I remember watching him change Tracey Emin  from artist to glamorous starlet.  Charles gave a product party with his favourite girl at the moment,  the very gorgeous and charming Alice Eve, daughter of Trevor, in the Grosvenor Bar at the Savoy Hotel. A delicious tea party with good company. I sat with the very amusing and intuitive, Marilyn Heston who thinks of new ideas all the time.

Time goes at a gallop. I went afterwards to see Jack and Charlie's old school Sussex House. It was their art show. My goodness there was so much talent there. It is so very good to be British in this wonderful old world school, which has the most incredible Headmaster ever, Mr Nicholas Kaye. It makes me want to go back to school with him teaching me. If I had had him I would be ruling the world. Their art class makes St Martin's look poor and badly taught. Mr Kaye has the art of bringing the best out in boys. He taught Charlie and Jack and they both say he was the finest teacher they ever had.

With art on the brain I luckily had a private view of Mat Collishaw's new work. Ravishingly painted cigarette covers with stiletto  heels in one, a rose in another. I wanted them all but will have to marry a rich man to afford the canvass and wall space to carry them.  I am still in love with the series Mat did about burning roses. I also love his series of Last Suppers for people on Death Row.  Haunting and interesting, their simplicity incomparable. He photographs it with beauty that is difficult to capture.

I get however more physical pleasure in playing with my hair and a lover or two, but art has depth and meaning, so I shall weigh it all up in a day or two.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

AMAZON WATCH » Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam!

AMAZON WATCH » Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam!

Queer Things - Ruth Wallis


There are more than two sexes, I know this. There is a man and a woman and then there is a woman hidden in a man's body and a man hidden in a woman's body. A woman can have manly muscles and a man feminine curves. So many combinations. There are no rules nowadays and never have been.  Elizabeth 1, our virgin Queen, who clearly was no virgin, was manly. She is even meant to have had children too?  Wallis Simpson was meant to have been floater too. It is good to be in no mans land you understand all sides of a story.  One of my favourite photographers Bettina Rheims is exhibiting at Hamiltons at the moment, the best photographic gallery,  here in London. Bettina joins photographers, Michel Comte, Helmut Newton and many more. A female  French semi erotic 
photographer, she placed an advert in facebook and photographed thirty beautiful people from around the world who float between masculine and feminine. 
 A fascinating portrayal of people who belong not entirely to one sex. A friend of mine who has been travelling with me calls me "Dude" teasing me saying I am like a man. Well, nobody could be more feminine than I am? Underneath I could be a bit of a boy? Or was it because he was a bit of girl?

Bettina was born in 1952 and by the late 1970's was known to be one of the most respected female photographers in the world. I love her work. She is sensual, flamboyant, all these things. When I was learning photography I used to study her endlessly. This is a rather harsh exhibition, yet erotic and fascinating too.  I went on Saturday and have thought about it ever since.  Alluring, the images go deep into the brain.  I remember listening to a doctor once, and he said there were thousands of versions of the human being just look inside a hospital. Here you see the glorious human being in all its androgynous glory.

Monday, 4 February 2013


It is funny how life changes in an instance, you try to grab hold of it and stop it, but it slips through your fingers.  From having the best time ever in Moscow, I  feel I am being  punished for having enjoyed myself.  I have to remind myself that happiness is only moments, seconds.  I love to live in a whirlwind of travel, going here, there, everywhere. To escape the pain that the pleasure brings.
There is an ambulance, a car and a fire engine in my street. One minute somebody is  happy and one minute, drama. It is how you deal with drama that gets your through. The quicker you heal the better.
My telephone gets taken, my credit card gets left in a restaurant, somebody decides to send me flowers unexpectedly. As a friend gets mugged; and another person says they have been in love with me for twenty years. Sadly I have no feelings in this direction. The saying goes  "No good turn goes unpunished" holds firm. 

This month I am finishing my film, so exhilarating.  The music is being composed and the sound cleaned.  It is as if the project  is going to hospital to be perfected.   The editor Leo Baron has been supportive. I have learnt it is important to really have people that care about you. It cannot be all about money. 

Charlie has just had some photographs of him taken by the charismatic  Rose Hartman for his 21st birthday. He will be performing at Carnegie Hall on the 31st March 2013.  Rose has made him look very dashing.  As the photographer of the book, Women of Style, I would expect nothing less.  It feels two minutes ago that I was wheeling him around in a pram. 

On another note..
In case we should forget it was twelve years ago, another snake year, that my life felt this wobbly.  The snake brings many good things but it also brought the twin towers tumbling down.  As it is the water snake this year, my advice would be to make sure you have a rubber duck when you swim, and definitely a rubber ring.
Take the rough with the smooth.