Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Liberatum and artist and Liberatum patron Amanda Eliasch to host James Franco REBEL Vernissage in Venice this Saturday. Venice Film Festival. With Gucci

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Life is full of coincidences.
Are they coincidences or are they fate/the secrets/ghosts pulling people together.
I arrive in Venice, I go to St Mark's Square, there was a priest, I went to Prada, I went to Church, I saw a couple, I go to St Mark's Square and saw a couple in a wedding dress, I was given some red roses, I saw the priest, I went home.  The sequence of events are they real, are they in my imagination?

Monday, 29 August 2011


It was my lovely friend Nancy's birthday this week end in Puglia.  I love her, she speaks English as if it were Italian and cleverly charms her way through life in London, making every man fall in love with her. She is a good pal and always leaves lovely messages to keep me happy.  I sadly could not make her party as I was ill with jetlag, well I think it's jetlag.  I was downstairs eating cheese and digestive biscuits all week at 3am, starving, then jumping on the scales at 11am in horror.  I feel guilty I did not make it, because I truthfully love everything about Nancy.  Her hair, her good nature, her makeup, her glamour out of  1980's  magazines. She looked perfect in blue it seems down to the glittering bikini shimmering under it.  Good for her and may all her dreams come true.  Happy birthday lovely friend.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


I have had a fantastic day driven around in a beautiful old convertible Aston Martin, sunny and rainy, believe it or not I was happy.  The man was attractive, not fat and had style.  The only problem was his ex wife was sitting in bed, possibly eating her favourite dish, Moussaka with his pug, marmite.  Of course he was devastatingly attractive but I am a little old to be taken in with sayings like, she is my best friend, I cannot leave her, she is ill, and the other excuses men use.  If the romance were over, I would prepare myself for a night of heady bliss, but really I need a man with ten women like a hole in the head.
I instead will remember the things I did enjoy.  I enjoyed Columbia Road, it was so smart, and had delicious cheeses and sausage butties which I was dying to eat, but did not.  Of course I was worried in case I had to perform, thank goodness for the pug.  I am intending to remain celibate and join a nunnery.


This was a ridiculous article written in the Guardian, Tracey is an incredible woman who wants the best for  England and therefore David Cameron has one of her pieces in his house.  This gives hope to every British girl that they can achieve anything and everything. That you don't need to live off welfare in a council house, but that if you have talent and drive you can achieve everything.  Tracey did not have backing initially she worked very hard to achieve recognition. If it takes a bed or tent, and it comes from the soul, then I take off my hat.  This is a woman that everybody should be aspiring to, she after all has a room at the Tate.
Tracey was reasonably well off as a child but her parents did break up and she was affected.  She likes friends and pretty things, as well as her tent.  She does her best for this country, she loves Margate and works tirelessly for Great Britain.  She is a wonder story, it's not about the use of bad language.
In any case I went to buy a birthday card and all they had was " Have a fucking good one" so she appears not to be the only one swearing.

You cannot compare her work with the laziness and craziness of others.  She is not Vicky Pollard.  If these youngsters put their energy into  learning,  creating rather than taking and destroying they may be a whole lot happier.

Friday, 26 August 2011

A Dangerous Method - Official Trailer [HD]


It's a nightmare doing anything in this country, have you noticed?  A myriad of paperwork, thickos answering the telephone, nobody  doing and saying what they are going to do? When you at last speak to a human being it sounds like the speaking clock. But I do love London even in the pouring rain.
My back room was apparently not done by the builders because it wasn't in the budget, although between everyone they were paid well over a million pounds.  It is quite unbelievable.  If people in this country don't become totally insane it is a miracle. Nobody takes responsibility, nobody  does a good job on time or does anything without considerable nagging or gallons of tea.
Did you know that Coca Cola and Tizer Soda cost The National Health Service billions, diabetes and obesity  cost fortunes and I think  should be charged much more VAT, and so should Macdonalds.  In fact anything that makes you fat. Eating large amounts of sugar is a disaster and gives you cancer by increasing the candida in your body.
On another note there is no shortage of anything around here except it seems cigarettes.
My friend doesn't buy any cigarettes because he has had a double heart bypass, and he just picks them round bus stops and then stuffs the contents into new wrappers, he does not think why they were on the floor in the first place.  What about health and safety?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


RATS' TALES BY AMANDA ELIASCH: ONE DOOR OPENS, AND ANOTHER SLAMS IN YOUR FACE: The other day I had the happy pleasure of revisiting old places that once belonged to me, there I was sitting in my chair, fe...

John Alan Simon Bio: Writer/Director/Producer

John Alan Simon Bio: Writer/Director/Producer


Radio Free Albemuth garners another "Best Feature Film" Award at Renovation Film Festival. #renosf #worldcon Q & A post-screening was lively and packed with people who know their PKD. We had a great time meeting and talking with you all


I am often told I can see the future, I cannot, but I do start to nag about things often before they happen.

A month ago I started to nag my builder about some guttering that had been dripping all the time. As usual the charming man who had an empty smile said everything was fine. I just knew it was not. Then low and behold water started pouring into the back half of my dining room.  The smug builder came back and said he would fix it. A lick of paint and he thought his work was done.  It then came back again, darker this time.  I am totally fed up.  The builders for this house were bandits, and when I checked further I discovered that although I asked for everything to be done, typically it was not.  They did not mend the roof although water was clearly dripping in the same place when I bought it.  They apparently decided, without consulting me, it did not need to be done.

The builder then blamed the architect, then the quantity surveyor told me I was rude.  I am  fed up of being portrayed as a shrew, the builders, architect and everybody else on this house were pretty second rate.  It is simple, when I ask for jobs to be done, I don't think it is much to ask that they should be done well?. The architect was paid 100,000 after only appearing at the house ten times in a year. The builder of course went  bankrupt and I had to sort him out, nothing to do with me but a previous job had not paid him enough. They soon forgot I helped them out.  They were talking just behind my back, sending me huge bills and laughing, changing what I wanted done and making the house a white box with plastic walls.  All was altered at my expense of course. What is this fashion for plastic walls looking like a kitchen and noone knowing how to make a door anymore? I won't write down their names, they know who they are, in any case that would be vulgar and they have children to feed.
Thank goodness for Nicky Haslam, he was a shining star and brought in stunning cornices, fireplaces, ideas and creations. What a pity his work has to be done again so soon.

Actually some of the Architects I know are an annoying breed.  They all look as if they are wearing something very chic chic, this one liked crumpled cream, the one for the house snazzy expensive thick rimmed glasses.  Well, the second one,  a snivelling wreck of a man tried to ponce off me, claiming he was about to be billionaire and building a city for 52 million in the shape off plastic bottles for the  people in China.  He then left me with his huge food bills saying he would pay me back later. He bored me to tears about his ex girlfriend dropping him, and unfortunately he was an alcoholic too.
I don't blame the girlfriend, I certainly wouldn't give him house room.

I think the only way forward is to hang out with my adorable sons, their friends and my friends  especially Nicky  are all so much more amusing.
Funny thing is that whatever anybody may say about America at the moment, I have had the experience of only good workmanship in Los Angeles.  The same job was done beautifully with no problems.  As for the  men there, well at least you can meet them in on the internet, and you don't have to drink tea with them.

By the way I am not a man hater, I love them, it's just at the moment there are no shining stars.

Aqua - Barbie Girl


Tuesday, 23 August 2011


If we feed our children with shitty culture they  in turn become shitty.  If we stop education and stop helping and teaching our children they will behave like lunatics .  We have fed our youngsters with a diet of violence, sex, second rate television and celebrity to the point of stupidity.  That is how we have taught them and that is how they are reacting to our so called care.
We should feel sorry for them and mostly ourselves.  We have caused this.  I spoke to a gorgeous boy of seven yesterday and there was  little that he understood except good and bad trainers.
Instead we should take children back to the ancients to study philosophy, music, books and make them trendy again.  Bring back the 1950's housewife, instead of 'ready made out of the tin look a likes' that sort of vaguely resemble food.  We are lazy and indolent, and in the well meaning welfare state we have managed to create monsters. As I  have repeatedly said, 'political correctness is the worst thing for democracy'.
The children of England did exactly what we taught them to, copying ridiculous war games, stealing, drinking and we should take responsibility.
Welfare should be for those that are unable to care for themselves in society, the old and crippled not a British loophole that can be misused. Shame on anyone who secretly rents out a flat and then has a council house/flat on top. Shame on anyone who receives the dole who is being paid under the table, and shame on anyone who has children to get family allowances.  This is another problem, if someone steals we all pay. We need to bring back religion in a good way and wake up our souls, me included.

Monday, 22 August 2011

herzlich rvvlich: Wonderful Lenticular Clouds

herzlich rvvlich: Wonderful Lenticular Clouds: Lenticular clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, normally aligned perpendicular to the wind direction. Lent...

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Only Two Can Play 1/11


When Emma Thompson, Rachel Weisz and Kate Winslet all took a stance against plastic surgery last week by forming a group anti  Cosmetic Surgery, it is a great shame.  These women are beautiful, they are famous actresses, they are clever, they have good love lives, exciting love affairs, work etc.  They are not the majority of women who have to struggle in life. These are fortunate attractive females and it is interesting that they only mention surgery and not other treatments which they may well have.
I will tell a story of a woman who was extremely clever, ugly and 41 without ever being kissed or loved.  She had no breasts no style, nothing except her brain.  No man every took her out. Nobody loved her body they just knew she was clever.  She was a virgin. Her father had repeatedly told her she was unattractive. She had no self worth.  I sadly do not remember her name. I only remember her transformation.
I watched my ex boy friend, Dr Jean Louis Sebagh transform her.  She was given breasts, her face was softened, her hair with extensions transformed, and if I remember correctly one of the girls from the office took her shopping to Prada  and within one year she had a boyfriend and a normal life.  She is now married and living a great life.
It is all very well for these beautiful clever  and high profile women saying that people should not go and have enhancements, but they live in a position of great  luck.  After all it is luck being pretty or not.  If we had a choice in the womb we would all choose to be pretty, but we do not.
I would love to have long legs and if I was not fortunate to meet Josephine at A La Mode sometime in the 1980's she would not have shown me how to create legs.  Is that fake? Yes in a way, but hell I want a good life, and I want everybody to have an opportunity on this beautiful planet of ours to have a good life and be found attractive,  for those interested, do whatever it takes.


Friday, 19 August 2011

Genlux Magazine :: Luxury Fashion & Beauty

Genlux Magazine :: Luxury Fashion & Beauty


Just in case you don't agree I will throw in a wild card..

Helen Mirren
Has a reputation of a thinking mans totty, a brilliant actress.

Cindy Crawford
The most  beautiful face and a body to die for.

Christine Brinkley
A passion life and an incredible smile that would melt anyones heart.

Trinny Woodall
The dictionary version of Carol Vorderman, her crossword will travel.

Amanda Eliasch
An all night pleasure

Tilda Swinton
Elegant tall a sexy Librarian you would have a naughty week end with in a country house

Caroline of Monaco
If you really want to spoil a girl, take plenty of Roulette chips.

Nancy Dell'Ollio
Only those with a title need apply, todays Za Za Gabor

Tracey Emin
The naughty classroom crush who you just know will share a cigarette behind the bike shop

Franca Sozzani
Cutting edge love affair in a fashion world minute.

Nicole Kidman
Fragile stone a real sharp cookie

Ever morphing into the indescribable.

Belinda Carlisle
All baubles bangles and beads. A spiritual love affair.

(Some girls even at sixty do not want to be on this list.  So you know who you are, and don't be insulted because you would be on the 30 plus list)

50 over 50: your top three

50 over 50: your top three


I was asked yesterday what I thought about plastic surgery, botox and any other real helpers for keeping old age at bay.  Maintenance is the new way of growing old gracefully as looking like a condemned building is not desirable, in this age of youth obsessed culture.  My view is this, if we dye our hair, if we eat healthily trying to maintain our weight, and if we can squeeze a few more years out of life, then do what you think you need, but no more. Doing too much you can suddenly look 70 when you are only 55.
Last week I was sitting in Los Angeles where all the women from 20 - 70 want to look juicy and fresh.  It has a feel good factor and few people are obese there. In fact I got the giggles because I went to a restaurant on the Sunset Strip and every girl was ravishing.  I got the giggles because It was a bit of a joke.  Yet it was not.  It is a fact that we can easily slip and not make an effort, but why not get a few more years out of your life and have fun and be viable.  We live in a world where good looks, good intentions and a smile get you everywhere.  Having botox won't necessarily make you look younger it will make you look fresher. In London of course I go to my old boyfriend Dr Jean Louis Sebagh, and in Los Angeles to a lovely woman called Liliana +1310 387 9844.  I do Yoga every other day with Eka +13234596794 in Los Angeles and Justine Glenton in London
+447793184736,  because without them I would have gone mad a long time ago.  It keeps me serene and vital, that is of course until somebody wants to bully me, or take me for a ride, then I am unable to stay quiet..  As for fake bosoms, it all depends on what your real ones look like.  I personally would not want them. Go have them if you need them, because if it makes your feel better you will be more cheerful. Surgery is not a cure for being boring, it won't necessarily get your boyfriend back. It might repackage you for your next man. Of course there are risks, and less is more. I would use Mr Berard +33682571274, who is incredible at the facelift.
Let your weight remain the same, do not yoyo diet this makes women look very old. Too skinny ages you. Diet only to your face and get to love that figure of yours. Dr Fine in London is a person I would recommend +447973638537.
As for a face lift, they have to be done very well and it is really a neck lift.  I do not like brow lifts or fake lips, or tummy tucks but if you truly need them do them.  The surgeon must be an artist, technically perfect does not mean artistry.
Try to do some spiritual work on yourself as you will feel a whole lot better and do a job that interests you. Hair and make up needs to be done to make the whole thing glossy.   For hair I use Snowden Hill in London  and Angela in Los Angeles at the Montage.  Makeup in London, Emma O'byrne and in Los Angeles Tonya Crooks.  Go with what you feel comfortable with. Be happy you will never be as young as you are today. Try not to look too shrink wrapped or expressionless because young peoples faces full of personality that spring back to perfection when they relax.
As for clothes I have gone through every site on the internet and there is no excuse to dress badly.  There are beautiful clothes available and you can buy good basic clothes very reasonably.
Wash regularly and scent is essential. It essential it suits you. If you don't have a fragrance they can't remember you, so make sure it suits you.
My Aunt and I always change for dinner and we think its imperative to make an effort, womens lib go to hell because a man opening a door is very desirable asset and a man taking care of the bill flexes muscles that are very attractive. A man must be a man. Let them do sweet things to and for you and always say thank you.
Hands are dodgy at this age and easily swell so avoid salt and anything you are allergic too because look around you and anybody 48 and over will have swollen hands. Take care of your nails.  In London I use Zaida  +447977716312 or Sophy Robson, in Los Angeles I use Cheryl +13106216615.
Everything must done in moderation, it is maintenance not re creation.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


The house I modernised of Janet Leigh's which is for sale through Coldwell and Banker, she built it towards the end of her life and it has a fantastic view and tennis court.
What a week it has been first the Gogo's having their star commemorated on the Hollywood walk of fame outside the Betty Paige clothes shop and a another selling guns for fifteen dollars.
Then I went looking at houses with Coldwell and Banker and the lovelies Nancy and Mimi, who were incredibly efficient realties in Beverly Hills, and I have to say have worked very hard to keep me entertained.

Finding a beautiful theatre was challenging and being hypnotised an incredible experience by the famous mentalist/hypnotist Rick Collingwood. There are several things I wish to change about myself and one is buying more black shorts and red lipstick.  He is the real thing so don't get shocked when he asks you straight who everybody is in your life. As he looked into my soul he said weird things like "Who is the Head that looks strange around you?" How is your love story with ..... the man with long hair... God you have a lot of boyfriends? They seem pretty flim flam to me, naming exact details of each?  In October 2012 I shall he says meet the man of my dreams.. My ex husband  owns Head so he was not far off the mark. I met him through Michael Lustig who has opened a recording studio so that he can film famous interviews and put them directly on line. Such a clever idea.

Monday, 15 August 2011


I love Los Angeles, I walked into a theatre last Monday and wow they accepted my play.  In England it would have taken double the time, but here  everything is possible with the right attitude and a big smile. That is why I like it.  The same thing with Leadapron Gallery, Jonathan Brown immediately said yes to my neons. It takes ages to make a reputation and of course there are people not as enthusiastic, but who cares, jealousy is ugly and unkindness unacceptable.

I am working on my set  for As I Like it and am excited to see new ideas being used.  I have a brilliant young director called Edward Bennett-Coles who is as dishy as he is clever.  It is wonderful to look at good looks and listen to enthusiasm.  I think sunshine makes everything seem easy it is worth taking the opportunity to show it here, voted the best and worst plays, it offers something for everybody. Justine Glenton will be playing the woman still, The Opera Singer by Susan Parkes and The Boy by Charles Eliasch. The play starts on the 29th December - 15th January.

With my neon signs being shown in London too in November I will have a busy Autumn.

Driving around today in my Mustang I had lunch with Michael Lustig who has opened the most incredible site showing videos around the the world.  It has been a brilliant dream for ages.

Then I stayed with Kay Saatchi whose new house in Beverly Hills is so comfortable that I could have left mine immediately.  I love staying with her.  Her cooking is famous and now I shall have to suffer dieting for more than a week or two.


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed (Extended 12" Version) (Music Video)

The Go Go's - We Got The Beat

The GO-GOs - We Got The Beat


People enter your life and make a difference, and without Belinda Carlisle, my world would have much less colour.  I met her roughly twenty years ago when I was married. We met at a fame studded dinner on the lawns in the 
South of France at Roger Moore's house. She was seated next door to me and very quiet until she talked about her pugs. We became immediate friends.  Our sons were born the same year and were both eccentric.  They loved The Phantom of the Opera, and  would have articulate conversations about film, royalty and music.  They have not changed.  We would go on adventures to Marrakech, Eygpt and Thailand, once visiting an opium den where a Grandmother lay smoking while she breastfead. We both love Yoga although she is much more diligent than I am.
Today she was standing with her band, The Gogo's laying their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was incredible to see them all looking so happy.  They were one of the first groups to succeed in Punk and were wild and I like to think dangerous. Of course it was a long time ago, but their fans  were there on mass.


I hear there is a spot of rain in London and the thugs stayed at home.  The police are now able to uncover peoples faces when they suspect someone and they are now allowed to use force.  Thank you yobos for bringing back a new brand of  fascism, at least old ladies  can tend their gardens in peace, I suppose. Can we also add  to the list,  please no more trackies, no more hoodies and no more "innit". Could we please make the Queens English fashionable again. I love regional accents but to think it is clever  abbreviating  any word into three letters, turns our beautiful language into a completely different  species of grunts and spits.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

If you do it again, I will smack you very hard.

If you do it again I will smack you very hard.
What is wrong with this?
I suggest we should start training our children again.
A good old fashioned smacked bottom at the right age
stops a child behaving like this ...
Miss Selfridges in on fire in Manchester.  Every parent
of these thugs is at fault.  All we have bred in the last 20 years
are feral, government funded street rats.  They are setting fire to buildings for
amusement purposes only to teach the rich a lesson...
There is a lot of unemployment right up until old age. Disabled people, war
wounded, what about their distress and boredom.
Can you imagine employing these retards?
If they want to fight go and help in Iraq with soldiers and pray to go
god they are not sent home in a body bag?
They have made England in four days a no go ghetto blasting hell.
There is no point in giving books with writing in, so lets hope they
can colour in.


Please Don't Riot ... It's Just What 'They' Want - David Icke Website

Please Don't Riot ... It's Just What 'They' Want - David Icke Website


Monday, 8 August 2011


While studying for my 'O'levels in 1975, I briefly had a brilliant history teacher who taught modern history including the causes of the 2nd World War.  One day she came in and successfully asked us all what we would do if there was rioting in the streets, anarchy, houses set alight, cars and buses turned over?.  We of course said we should call in the police and army and put the offending  people in prison.  She later said it was a trick to successfully turn as  into fascists.  Judging by todays problems in London and the comments I am hearing this soon will happen there too.
The police and the army will take control and the offenders will be put into jail. However the consequences of this is that we will be scrutinised even more.  Through twitter and facebook these hooligans were able to get together and turn London into a war zone while our Prime Minister took his holiday.
I have been worried four weeks ago as I felt something was dodgy, and I started to nag my builder to board up my house I still feel this way. If I were you I would fill your fridges, keep cash under the bed and hide away for the Winter in some far away place, in may be a tent.  Everything will fall apart and I am personally going to meditate and transport myself to a happier place, or I could go and have lessons on how to use a gun?

As i lIke It by Amanda Eliasch and directed by Lyall Watson

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

pink floyd - another brick in the wall


I am putting on a sensitive article about a very important subject.    Again about the Cenotaph.  This time it is about the normally charming Cambridge student, Charles Gilmour, who when fighting against University cuts in  tuition fees  was swept up with all the other protesting students and used as a political banner.  Of course I am sure that he realises now he was unwise to do it, but why 18 months?  Well, if we got the names of all who died in the wars and said them it would probably require 18 months to mention everyone who was lost defending our country.  
It is quite incredible however that the man with 16 knives who tried to kill me next to the Festival Hall, two years ago, is not even reprimanded. It is probably because of the trauma  of being charged, and the assumption that I will forget about it?
How has this man become the victim and me the antagonist?

The question we should ask ourselves is,  has this young man, Charlie Gilmour, been appraised on the deeds he did, and the insult to the nation which is understandable, or has he been charged and used as an example?.  Of course swinging on the flag at the Cenotaph is wrong, also being violent and disorderly, and sitting on HRH Prince Charles' car.  At time he apologised for his behaviour claiming he was caught up in the moment.   I thought the legal system though would be just and fair, but I didn't realise it  had become politically correct instead?

Really mistakes like this happen when education is not complete.  It is our fault as a nation, that this intelligent youth did not realise how many people he was going to misguidedly insult, he definitely did not realise the gravity and naivety of his actions.    Many thousands of young men were cut down in their prime.  The vital future bread winners of this country left families women and children to fend for themselves.  It is a monument for all our lads who fought for our country so that we can have peace in our time.

I suspect Charles knew what he was doing, but he didn't realise the magnitude of his mistake.   Perhaps they should have enrolled him into the armed services, but in any case this is the nations ignorance to assume that all children do not want to learn so there is no need to educate them.  This our neglect.and the education system as it is, does not do a complete job and we should not assume it does.  Is it our fault that he did not know, or is it our  responsibility to teach them?.  Since the authorities are about to stop teaching handwriting as well, don't expect anything from our youth but a neanderthal, burger obsessed world who can't work because they will miss daytime television and they can't go to the job club because it clashes with their evening x box sessions.  The stupid are taking over.  Computers cannot teach as well as a human being.

Clearly Charles knew but he did not understand.  This is the problem, the understanding.
Like the boy, yesterday from Eton, he should not be taking drugs, I am sure he knows that now.  Charlie is normally one of the most interesting boys I have ever met, a boy that makes you proud.  This is not kiss arse to the Gilmours, I know.  This is a sad realisation of what will be coming in the future if we do not act immediately.   Anyone who knows Charlie, knows better.  Drugs are the problem  and anything that is instant gratification, fast food, easy clothes, crap culture, the instant and the disposable, are making this into a  country that nobody wants to clear the rubbish from,  yes it was the once Great Britain.

I first met Charlie doing party tricks two years ago. With charisma he entertained us all.  Where will this all take him?.  The only thing he will learn in prison is how to corrupt, bugger and pillage.  I am at the moment receiving letters from a prisoner who is in a maximum security prison who describes the dreadful treatment inside.  Last week they were all given full rectal examinations to see if they were concealing drugs.  What can a student going through a system that is not complete, uncaring and slip shod really turn into, how are our children expected to survive? I am offering you my opinion and that is our educational system is not good enough.

Of course he must penalised for attacking a car whoever is in it, and if indeed he was not sentenced for his misconduct at the Cenotaph, perhaps he should be taken out of Her Majesty's pleasure and placed into Her Majesty's service?
I am personally signing the petition to get Charles Gilmour released to perform duties to help the old people who can teach him  first hand how the wars effected them, and knowing Charles as I do, I know he will do a good job in looking after them.