Saturday, 23 December 2017


This year is rattling towards the end and still, I have not got an agreement from @ShahzaadAusman @SchezaadAullybox, originally from Mauritious, changes his name regularly so whatever his real name is.  I have been offered $50,000 out of the $136,000 straight away if I don't utter a word to anyone and if I stop my social media write-ups. All Mr Ausman,  my once, so-called friend seems to care about is "social media",  not whether he should or should not have stolen my money. I had only known him for four years and he offered to open a bank account as I was away and I needed a bank account attached to my LLC which he had originally opened, Since then I have discovered he emptied my account containing the balance of the sale of my house in Palm Springs once I deposited the funds at Chase Bank JP Morgan of $136,000.  Using the money for flights to see his boyfriend I had introduced him to, called, Alan Russell from London,  he also bought himself a new house for his parents in the upcoming district of Korea Town, by pushing up his credit rating.  In Los Angeles, it seems that the Police and FBI need $500,000 stolen for them to get out of bed @ShahzaadAusman.  There is a saying "No good deed goes unpunished" What nonsense people speak when they try to deceive and gaslight?. He was asked to leave his position at Berkeley University until he sorts this out?.
I use Social Media as it is the only thing that Shahzaad finds disconcerting and makes him pick up the telephone to his lawyer and pay me back. Theft is one of the deadly sins and in the world, people have gone to prison in the past for stealing a chicken, same in Los Angeles.  The problem with Los Angeles is that everybody thinks they are famous for doing nothing, their ego is huge. I always wondered how they earnt their money there?  They are usually famous in a local way for having a six pack and being gluten-free, I understand why he was so helpful.

I want to go to court. What happens if he does this to another woman who is not as capable as I am and it is her last dollar? Shahzaad Ausman's behaviour is unreliable especially as I trusted him as a friend, paid his bills when asked and included him in my inner circle of friends.

Today he filed a complaint against me. Saying I had called him a DODO on my blog,  Shahzaad was never witty he seems to have forgotten that I had bought him a Dodo because he asked for it at The Chelsea Flower Show for opening the bank account, he could not see the irony.  He said he had worked for me solidly for 4 years, I am not a resident for USA and was hardly there in Los Angeles from 2013-2015, and after that I hardly used him to do anything as he was a gossip.   He, in any case, got some cash and a credit on my film, The gun,  the cake and the butterfly, which he had very little to do with as it was already made when he started work for me.  Andrew Freedman PR got me into Film Festivals, Shahzaad only offered to drive my friends around. He used to ask them for jobs, he begged Liberatum for one.   As for Pyxit, my storage site sadly it never came to anything.  It is alright to take money in @ShahzaadAusman's book. I seem to remember paying hin $40,000 dollars for jobs I bet that the IRS don't know about that.

Have a big mouth by brilliant photographer Inesa De La Roche

Last night I went to see the latest Musical on Transvestites based on the North of England  "Everybody's talking about Jamie"  It is an excellent portrayal of this latest trend, Jamie rocks or does it? With a standing ovation, you would this so? Based on a television documentary the writer  Dan Gillespie has put a catchy light score together with lyricist, Tom MacRae to convey the trials and tribulations of a boy called  Jamie who wishes to be a drag queen.  My problem was, as usual, our passion for political correctness. There were two Muslims, two blacks, two brunettes, the white teacher was a bitch, the blonde father had no understanding, the only good blonde was Jamie, played by John McCrea who wants to be a woman.  It is a "rags to riches" story, from council house to stardom, he knows he is going to be big. However,  all the bad people were Caucasian and the good were refugees and migrants?  As I left the auditorium I said to my friend I went with, "there were no blonde women?" and another person answered saying "There were no redheads either" This is going to do nothing for society and could give the wrong subliminal message which I feel is more divisive than inclusive.  With everybody in the audience not noticing that we were being brainwashed, it was for them a basic feel-good musical. Without giving too much away there were, however, some touching moments when the Mother and Son make up after a row and when Jamie talks in his friends' bedroom while she promotes the hijab which I totally disagree with because if you want to be part of society it starts with the dress code. Getting back to the dancing it was up to date and the set looked funky and architectural. The instrumentalists were interestingly arranged above the school room and it all looked a bit to glamorous for the North.  It all seems to be a success at least on the superficial outside let's hope it does not wake up those that do not agree? Personally, I prefer Hamlet or The Seagull.