Friday 4 March 2022


The minute the press start fear-mongering, I think, high alert something is up. As Putin went over the border to  Ukraine, COVID 19 ended in a day?  Having exhausted myself with my own company it was time to go out but I am now at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Guess what I find? I have always been told to be careful of short men.  Check everything out.  Putin and the comedian Zelensky are both 'petite'

I was listening to Jack Maxey about Hunter Biden's sordid tale in Kyiv, from the laptop from hell. It looks like the deals Hunter did for 'big man' compromised America with his involvement with a Ukrainian/Cypriot Oligarch called Ihor Kolomoisky.  A billionaire who was involved politically and financially with overlapping companies and countries. Ihor is from Cyprus. too, not my favourite country. It's of course grubby and about oil, money and maybe trafficking. It appears Putin caught Kolomoisky out over some dodgy deals selling oil and so Kolomoisky wants Putin destroyed.  Putin thinks you should never trap people in corners. Kolomoisky appears to have run off with Ukrainian people's cash from a bank too?. He is living in Israel. The puppet, Zelensky strangely visited this man at least 15 times before he was elected?     From the Epstein scandal, I am now interested in flight logs. Further information on Factual counterpoints on Instagram and Mainstream media. It's all out there.

At the same time, NATO started to occupy more landmass and Kolomoisky wanted to destroy the Oligarchs closest to Putin.  Compromised Biden talked the big talk but is sleepy and senile.  I say, just move the NATO missiles boys and let us all get on with life. Except, of course, The World Economic Forum is in the background stirring everything up to cover their misdemeanours and make the world a better place. 

Get prepping.