Thursday 30 May 2019


Fashion on the red carpet is always exciting in Cannes, this year even better, for me Ralph and Russo stole the show dressing the star of Indian cinema Sonam Kapoor. Glorious in white and she wore a trouser suit with a train. So glamorous. I met her Mother a year ago in Austria and then for tea two days ago and she proudly showed me her daughter.
The fashion world employs billions of people and has a turnover of trillions worldwide and that is why I am a Fashion Editor. I love it and have been enthusiastic about colours, textures, the fun, the necessity of wearing something striking since I was a little girl, so this is unlikely to change. However what about the growing mountain of old clothes?  I think about the unsold and the unworn, it is how to make clothes desirable and not waste them.  The bus stops are full of people wearing dreary unimaginative clothes and as I walked past Gucci yesterday it looked like an upmarket charity shop, large woollen pullovers over long skirts covered with colourful skirts and worn with groovy overlarge sunglasses and a colourful wig or turban. It is not a look I would like to wear, but you can create it from the back of your wardrobe and especially if you snitch it from your grandmother's precious cupboards instead of looking like you are a Communist.
I saw the collection by Kim Hersov, her delicate sandals and brand Alvaro were shown at Matches in Mount Street next door to the jewellery store of Jessica McCormack's in an elegant house in Mayfair. I went to a breakfast pop up shop in Marylebone High Street for the NSPCC,  decorated in Summer Flowers with clothes from Harrods and other shops unworn for sale. Fashion houses are popping up all over the place showing that in
 this uncertain political climate we women still love and spend money on fashion.
Heaven help us over the growing heaps of unworn clothes, and although the fashion world employs millions of people it must be bad for the planet? In the meantime, I will get inspiration from the innovative and will sell clothes I don't wear, it feels so hot.
The Swan Auction House, late September

Damien Hirst – For the Love of God | TateShots

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Friday 17 May 2019


YSL Tribute ankle boots were made for walking and have been worn once.
If you have an opinion, you are wrong, and if you don't, you are still illegal and white privileged.
There was a joke once which said that what is the difference between a social worker and the Rottweiler, with the rottweiler there is a chance you might retrieve the baby.
What a boring world we are living in where humour is not fashionable at the moment and where we cannot laugh at ourselves.
I have decided to have a revamp and clear my life of things, things are everywhere, Los Angeles, Palm Spring, London and so much storage that life feels heavy weather. So I  have decided to have a spring clean and get rid of all my old clothes and shoes that were choking up my cupboards, be lighter be clearer. I was starting to get blackmailed by people over my things, especially in Los Angeles, where your money is held in higher esteem than loyalty.
Once shared and sold my high heels and red lipstick are going straight back on.
Fifteen large boxes arrived and treasures appeared after ten years,  but I do not have space so if anybody would like anything to let me know. I have enough shoes sized 39/6, and stylish clothes, size 40, 42, Alexander Mcqueen, Valentino, Gucci, all over my drawing room.
I am clearing, cleaning and socialising with my good old friends whom I love and adore and not taken in by fake slithering snakes.  I have tried and tested witty places to walk to and gorgeous clean people to laugh with, the stilettoes will go on sooner than I think.
My email address is if you want fun in the wardrobe.
The rest will be delivered the The Swan Auction House for late September or thereabouts.

Wednesday 8 May 2019


The Met Ball looks more and more like an episode of "I am a celebrity, get me out of here"  Oh boy if only I  had to think up some original costume for the Summer Ball?. Between the extravagance and the tiny waist that Kim had to achieve and Lady Gaga changing three times,  I am super happy I was having dinner and a bath with my lover and not having to wear some uncomfortable shoes in the pouring rain.  I was impressed to see Joan Collins who at over 80 shows us all how to be glamorous, as she relived her Alexas Carrington persona wearing Valentino Haute Couture. Very bridal with luxurious feathers.
Lady Gaga swathed in a billowing pink coat took off all her clothes revealing her muscular body beautifully trained to perfection, but where was Bradley Cooper?
If I received the invitation to go, I would have to attend but hope that Cinderella's carriage would wait for me with several mice while I walked the intimidating red carpet. It would definitely be the icing on the cake if a Prince came running after me with a perfectly formed glass slipper.