Sunday, 12 December 2010


I have decided it is really good to live in three places,  It opens your mind to the worlds possibilities.  Inevitably you meet totally different people and experience new and exciting adventures.  I have winged it through life, but oh what a life. I love waking up on the River Thames but equally I like to see the nunnery from my bedroom window in Paris, and then see the view to the sea from my bedroom in Beverly Hills. I want to experience everything I possibly can.  I am greedy for life.
Many good things happened yesterday.  I had a delicious dinner at The Wolsey with Loree Rodkin who lives in Los Angeles,  I love her rings which are like medieval armour and cover the fingers.  So modern and funky yet comfortable.  She truly is an incredible person yet discreet and very loyal.  With so many talents she became one of best managers to superstars and now I can honestly say Loree is in my top three favourite  jewellers, along with Stephen Webster and Lydia Courteille.  All of whom love designing skulls and unusual creations.  The Wolsey has an incredible atmosphere.  There was Lucien Freud sitting with friends, then there was Michael White with a pretty young girl, and the incredible Hollywood star Joan Collins, coming for a quick dinner  with Percy from performing in the  pantomime, Dick Whittington at the  Birmingham Hippodrome. She is an inspiration to any woman.
For lunch I went out with another skull lover this time the Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti,  tall and good looking with his lovely wife, Lorena, we went to Ziani's in chelsea.  Delicious food and good conversation.  He is one of the most talented artists I have ever met.  I fell in love with his things at the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair.  He is playful with our society in colourful resin and glitz.  However there is meaning underneath everything he does.  He has at the moment created his series of Jelly Babies, colourful human forms with no faces, he wants you to think about the outcome of "dolly the sheep" and cloning.  Mauro is both witty and charming and makes you want to know more about him.
What a wonderful day I had.

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