Sunday, 15 May 2011


I feel as if I am in a water tank with too many people in it. Wherever I go there are screaming fans waiting for a glimpse, of the too few stars, with too many officious looking bodyguards.. I am going home early.  Despite having fun and excitement, I need peace. Peace is a deliciously rare commodity.  I want to hear a pin drop, the rain against a window, anything but the hooting of horns, the yelling fans and the clicking of cameras.   Green is becoming a life force for me. I need to eat green and I need to feel green.  I can't believe how I have changed in a year. I like precious solitude and clean food.

Anyway despite everything I have had lots of fun. Visiting some houses, trying to find one suitable for me.  They are all over priced and for 1.9  million euros you find a 2 bedroom fisherman's cottage with no views on the Cap D'Antibes.
I went to Charles Finch's party last night sponsored by Tod's and some classy watch company. Held at the Hotel du Cap, I felt at last at home. I love this hotel, and take back anything I have ever said about it.  Under the old regime it was like being in prison, but now it has gracious characteristics, and it takes on a new interest for me.  I will definitely go back and stay there next year.  Full of the most interesting people from Mick Jagger, Lauren Scott, Franca Sozzani, Harvey Weinstein to Jeremy Thomas and Michael Barclay, whose knowledge on cinema was commendable.  I say that because he knew all about my grandfather's films, so of course was flattered. Charles Finch knows how to give a party, mixing glamour and film together with ease.

Going home now to jump on my scales yet again this year. Any fatter and I can join the fairground as an extra.

Birthday orchids from an admirer
On my Birthday by Jack English

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