Friday, 15 January 2021


1. Minuet in G by Mozart my first piano piece. Played on a harpsichord.

I was only six and it got me to love playing. 


2. Ruhn in Frieden by Schubert sung by Elizabeth Schwartzkopf. I sang this

to get into Drama School ALRA  and my mother used to sing it to me. She was an Opera singer.


3. Maria Callas singing Casta Diva by Bellini. When I was a child I thought my Mother was better

than Callas and I used to ask her to sing every night. Casta Diva. I later made a play and put it in

and a film The Gun the cake and the butterfly. I asked jazz singer Liza Zane to sing it with my son 



4. I loved Opera Singer Lucia Popp here she is singing  - Laudate Dominum (Mozart).wmv which I 

used to sing in the choir at school at Bath Abbey when I was 15.  She, of course, sings it much

better than I do.


5. King Herod sang by Alice Cooper, Lyrics Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber sung

here by Alice Cooper. I love this because it is about the Bible, lyrics  written by my good friend

Tim Rice. It is witty funny and it makes me laugh.  Still does. It is often performed by schools and

one of the best stories Jesus Christ Superstar.


6. The first Album I bought was Patti Smith Horses. I thought I was such a rebel. It still spells Rebellion

for me. Horse. The lyrics are great too. I was wearing tight satin trousers at the time and gothic makeup.

Love the goths.

7. Heart of Glass sung by Debbie Harry. I just wanted to look like her and be her. Walk like her and talk

like her. When I was a drama school she lived in the same building and I saw every day. I was
shy and did not speak to her. Best clothes, best style, best blonde hair.

8. Chess was one of my favourite musicals. sung here by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickenson.
I am sure we have always been the other woman. I actually prefer it. Lyrics by my friend Tim Rice.
He is totally brilliant he describes the feeling so well. 

9. Lust Caution by Alexandre Desplat one  of the most romantic stories about betrayal and lust.
I was staying in the Sunset Marquee and I used to listen to one of the finest composers of our day.
Alexandre Desplat.
Here is one track. It is sad and gloomy with hints of passion. Just as I like it.

10. Paris and some fun road Elisa with Jane Birkin

11. Manu Chao my time in the South of France and Paris with a wonderful story.

12. My son Charles singing the only recording I really have of those days. It makes me cry.
I just love his voice. He was about 20 here.
Ma Rendi pur contento by Bellini


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