Sunday, 23 October 2011


Be careful buying a flat unless you want a mental break down in Paris.  The paperwork is hell on earth. Don't think about investing there,  to try and create cash because it does not.  I am very lucky as I have a French friend with a great deal of humour and tenacity who translates everything and it even gives him a nervous breakdown.  Today I had a serious sense of humour failure when a Parisian auctioneer decided to give wrong estimates for furniture.  I have decided to remove it from the market and no longer sell.  I am a huge fan of Tamara de Lempicka, and so the loss would be too great, besides I  have so many happy memories of lifts, laughter and net, that to sell it just yet would ruin all that had passed..

My play is going on in Paris and Los Angeles, I like doing this. I have never felt happier. My neon exhibition starts next week with Kay Saatchi  on the 3rd November based on the 7 deadly sins at the Doyle Devere Gallery at 30 Ledbury Road.  Kay and  I decided to portray myself doing my little peccadilloes in the hope that other people would start thinking about their own mistakes and changing.  It is so tricky to break habits. With  all these things to look forward to, and the hope that I shall get stuck in lift , let's pray it is with some dishy man again.

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