Saturday, 11 October 2014


What a violent and insane world we are all living in today?.
Terrorists and impatient young men all attracted by fearsome groups driven by lunacy. Chopping off five peoples heads are more of a challenge to watch than the risk of Ebola currently eating up the world, where to date about 3,000 people have lost their lives, less than war but so tragic.
Around this genocide, Fashion week kicked off in Paris, where, the collection that stood out was accompanied by Marc Quinn's Orchids,  Alexander McQueen with Sarah Burton at the helm is standing tall. Also Yohji Yamamota showed distressed imaginative clothing, a wedding dress falling apart.
ANSELM KIEFER installation with me on my blackberry

Then Tracey Emin's show opened "The last big adventure" I hope it is not her last adventure. Drawings of her in the nude legs spread still erotic and shocking. Famous, winning an OBE, Tracey has become establishment with parties at Annabel's yet she retains her edge.  I was rather optimistic this week and assumed I could make her show and the British Film Institute's dinner all in one night.  Sponsored by IWC the watch company it was a very glamorous event. Mick Jagger, Christoph Waltz  and Emily Blunt were all there to support this charity to save film.  I spent a fun twenty minutes under a dining room table laughing with Tim Noble.
For further culture I entered the Anselm Kiefer's brilliant exhibition at The Royal Academy,  which tells us all about the circle of life, war, nature, dark, light, love and sex reminding us to be careful with all this violence.
Then I went to the Book of Mormon, the only thing interesting about the Mormon's is the sexiness of Donny Osmond.

What a diverse planet we live in?.

Young Chinese students  were fighting for their quality of life, and so on.
I walk in sunshine and except of Aljazeera live from Doha in my bedroom, I am in a pensive mood. I feel quiet. Yet The Vortex's lights are about to go up in Los Angeles starring Craig Bobby Young and I will have to come out of my happy dreamworld soon.
Child abuse is on the rise in Japan I listen. I watch police finding a girl dead and buried. What sort of world are we living in?
Is taking a selfie wrong at the Hajj?
Is UKIP terrifying or truly terrifyingly honest?
Or are they our future "truth?"

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