Wednesday, 23 July 2014


What is the matter with peoplee.? They really are too much. This is why there are wars.  Press the number in the right sequence and I am an angel, press them in the wrong one, and you ruffle my very ornamental feathers, and you will see something resembling Medusa, only less forgiving. You have to understand peoples foibles. If you have not seen that and you would like to, press enough buttons in the right sequence and I will be spectacular. I just hope you survive, then I can do it to you again.

This week one of my ex boyfriends  thought it clever to take one of my  ex supposed best girlfriends on a Summer beano without considering what I felt.  I don't know who is the most inappropriate in this story, but added together they are absolutely ghastly.  When my ex bgf interfered with my ex husband a few years ago she fed me gossip with selective amnesia.  It is fine when the subject is only about some lipsticks, or how much is that dress, but when people do not consider my feelings, and try my life on like a cheap dress that doesn't suit them, they will find that they have put stains all over it. They think I will not notice when they put it back not the hanger? If she wants to try something on, she should nip down to the Oxfam shop, and pop herself into some dead womans clothes, and hope they won't haunt her.
It is still my dress but I don't want it anymore, and I don't want them to have it either. I would rather give it to a complete stranger who would be grateful for it.
People have deluded fantasies about other peoples lives, which don't exist and the answer I got was "You are mad and crazy and need an institution immediately with a jacket with long sleeves on it, strapped in an horizontal position.

Okay I did throw a lobster at a creative genius once, and I did hit my husband over the head with the air conditioning unit. Since I have a reputation for this,  and much admiration too,  should you press my buttons I will show my teeth.
Any female that thinks that they can be touchy feely with my ex or current bed fellows can be assured  that they will be persona non grata, and I will beat you with other fruits of the forest.

How would they like me to get the rizzlers out and start 'serving up' joints to their many ex's? Having deep and personal conversations, chemically induced intellect with counterfeit charm with their acquisitions?. Of course I will be accused of craziness, over the top lunacy. In fact one of them informs me on a regular basis that I need help, and is in a position to write me a prescription for any potion I might need, so I can become pharmaceutically compliant.
The answer is I should not entrust thoughts and feelings with anyone, just incase they get thrown back in my face at a later date.
You know who you are, both of you.
The real problem is with the new girlfriend who of course is  hiccup not jealous of me...
She wants not responsibility for his life, but she is there to reap the cash rich benefits..he is on his own, well let them all sleep together in their slimy behaviour. One thing we know for sure is that Karma always works..