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How stupid of me to have got caught up in the traffic yesterday, as all the roads in London were closed over the Palestinian problem. How stupid just because I fell in love with a coat at Alexander Mcqueen which I had to have. I swore only two weeks ago that I would no longer shop and there I was at it again.
With all the dramas in the world, I am still  thinking about clothes, which let's face it are a profitable but feckless occupation. I justify it to myself as it is "my world" as the Fashion Editor to Los Angeles's most glamorous magazine Genlux.  I justify the need for wonderful clothes, but then I am reminded by my great friend who I shall call "The street Rabbi" that 4,000 children die a day from bad drinking water, it makes an article in Vogue about another  best friend "copying style", slightly trivial, and my passion for a gold embroidered coat ridiculous. As middle aged woman, however pretty, we should be a little more intelligent? Have a little more empathy, and be more politically aware.


The balance in the Middle East will never be sorted out, if we are not careful. Lest we forget, the Muslims are misunderstood too, not just the Jewish people in this instance. Let's face it we all do misunderstand each other. The Muslims have honour killings, genital mutilation, killing of homosexuals, worldwide poverty in Third World countries. The women are oppressed, and governments are run by dictatorships, Hezbullah hate Hamas. So before we get completely caught up in the story of "The Wall" surrounding Palestine, we should look openly at the problems that exist. Gaza was a paradise, when the Israelis captured it from Eygpt.  Now in the hands of the Palestinians it is a war zone. Each have different priorities.  It is the same with the inner cities of the world, wherever there are Muslims they have a different set of values than the Christians, and whether we like it or not, they are not naturally considerate to other people sharing their living space, yet the Muslims have ritual bathing, so they are not unclean. They are just different.
Hamas is an illegal terrorist group who do nothing for their own people and turn down truces. Let’s open our eyes and see there is an anti semetic wave going on throughout the white middle classes?. Of course the "Wall" should come down, but remember...
Remember all our inherited wealth came from the developing world, in Victorian England.  It is why England is England, with beautiful buildings. It came from slavery, it came from trade with exotic countries, it came from the raiding of antiquities. 
For those of us that like figures there are approximately 63.3 million Christians in England, 3.3 million Muslims and 270,000 Jews. 
 I am still in love with the gold embroidered coat, but I am also aware in my ditzy or not so ditzy way, the dreadful failings, we have as human beings. Should we be proud about them?. Great Britain has allowed foreign arms dealers to  buy houses. and make the deals of the mega rich?   Should we allow these tax exiles, to live without a tax, so that they prop up our property market and economy? London has become the home of the rich escapees, the blood money which in turn sponsors  the art world, the galleries, the music and so on, making it acceptable.  On another note, lest we forget, Jews are leaving Paris in vast numbers, as the bombs explode. 
We should remember the crusades and the damage caused by our religious wars hundreds of years ago. Stalin, Mao and Hitler killed millions of people.
As a Christian, I am fully aware that the Jews were bullied and harassed for thousands of years, tortured and thrown into camps. Any human being would wish that this did not happen. That they did not feel the need for a  Jewish State. The behaviour of others towards them has made them feel the need of a homeland. Who can blame them?. The families before them would have loved to have stayed in their original homes in Russia and Germany, but they were displaced, and the need for a single supposedly safe state became a political necessity. The British at the time thought they had done the right thing I am sure. The English middles classes in their relatively safe country houses will never fully understand what it is like  to arrive in a country with no money, and no understanding of the language, not understanding another countries ways, habits and religion.
 Tel aviv in Israel is lest we forget  a gay centre, whereas in Gaza, Palestine, not very far away it is illegal.  Why are we not marching against the arranged marriages of teenage girls in Hamas controlled Gaza?. Why are we not marching against the killings of homosexuals.
To start again.
The Vogue article is written by a friend in the August issue. I wish she had not felt the necessity to write it, it is horrid about a mutual best friend that we share. I wrote to the girl yesterday and said "What on earth made you write this article?" she wrote back and said "She was inspired by my play" Such petty banter when a girl at this very moment is being chopped up or beaten in another part of the world.  Couldn't Vogue be a little more intelligent than to fall for the aggression of an Editor towards another human being, who like her is just trying to get through life? We should be sisters, we need our friends. It seems very low on my list of priorities, but this is where bullying first starts, and must be addressed. The press like to be unnecessarily unkind and often it starts with the journalist.


Why is it necessary to write cattily about anyone? Especially by a best friend of a best friend? My friend is the sort of "perfect" woman, a Bree. When she was young she looked ravishing in Chanel.  Pale Blue of course, or pink. She was the girl who got the flowers from men, she was the girl that was loved and I was very much a second choice.  I could have been jealous, but I never was. I admired her. My friend could make perfect Christmas Puddings, perfect roast Chicken and my ex husband and I loved her, we still do. Which is why in this article I intend to stick up for her.  She is the sort of wife every man would want, perfect hair, perfect children, pretty children, clever children, pretty decorator.  I am happy for her.
This is not the fashion desk of British Vogue, or the war zone correspondent at the Times, but opinion is opinion. The article should not have been written. Copying is a form of flattery. Names, places, clothes. I love sharing, so do not have an ego in this direction. We are all influenced by friends. 
Today my street Rabbi wrote and said the gaza problem was a small problem,  a minor problem for all parties involved.  However as the dead are being buried in cement graves in front and behind the walls, I am sure for the families, this war feels monumental. As does, the two thousand word article about my wonderful pal, as she realizes that she has been torn apart in Hanover Square for a series of very ordinary supposed misdemeanours.
Twenty thousand people marched yesterday with offensive signs against Israel.  However, as I write thousands are being killed in Iraq, Shia versus Sunni. Houses and antiquitites stolen. Families destroyed. Friends torn apart. We must realise that there is a percentage of the population who will be driven by conflict. It is a genetic thing.  

Think about Abramovich, who owns Chelsea Football Club, who is friends with Putin, Russia shot down a plane yesterday as we all know. The bodies of children have been decomposing in the bloody fields of the Ukraine, which for hundreds years have been the killing fields of religious wars, Christians, Muslims alike. Now this was of course was probably a ghastly accident. But it is a chain. There are slaves in this country, there are honour killings, etc etc, in this country. The arms dealers who sell to all sides. We have incredible poverty, why do we not march for that?
Every time you do something cruel, small or large to a friend, the karma will pay you back. As the editor laughs at the torment she has caused, something will happen to her when she least expects it. When I left drama school the head said to me "Amanda, show you shining self and you will get everywhere, but show your bolshy side and you will get nowhere"
In the meantime I fully admit to copying my perfect friend's idea on Chanel jackets, she introduced me to White collars and cuffs, and I still love them after all this time.
The bible says when you are hit you should "Turn the other cheek, but probably the other one  has a bruise on it too. This is the time to do just that, and think about important issues at stake not the petty and unnecessary.  Let’s consider the propaganda we are being fed. Let's try and make a change by starting in our own back yard.

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