Saturday, 15 March 2014


Generally I do not think about beauty products, I just go into my cupboard and grab what is there. The other day I was asked by Stephen Kamifuji from Genlux Magazine, where I work as Fashion Editor, my favourite beauty products. I found it difficult to answer. It is a fait accompli that I am in love with Dr Jean Louis Sebagh's products. After all I remain pretty loyal to my old boyfriends.  So I went to the cupboard and did a little test. I closed my eyes and from memory gently took ten items from it. These are what I naturally went for. No lies, just tried and tested products that I know work.

1. Dr Sebagh Supreme Neck Lift.
I suppose it is cream for the neck, but I use it everywhere, elbows, neck and face. Pale pink it smells delicious. I delve my fingers into the pot and spread it lavishly. If you cannot afford it never fear Jean Louis about twelve years ago worked on a brilliant cheaper range, called Meaningful Beauty with Cindy Crawford, super model and friend. I had a liaison with him for about 11 years and became as expert as you possibly can be when you are a girlfriend. He worked hard to find easy ways for men and woman to remain youthful.  Of course beauty was not for me long term, I am more interested in music art and theatre, but my love for this mans products remains undimmed.

2. Anti perpirant by Nivea, to stop perspiration.  I use this everywhere. I hate any form of perspiration, natural aromas, anything at all animal is a no no for me. 

3. Nivea Express Hydration I love using this  all over my body. Anywhere which feels dry.

4. I use Elemis Apricot soothing Toner, easy to use and also smells reasonably delicious.

5. Rose de Vie, a serum which is delicious, heals and replenishes dry skin, Good for anything depending on your pocket.

6. I love the Cowshed oils for relaxation in the bath or for sex, or for a present. The one I use most is  called the Horny Cow, seems appropriate. For a good smell in the house use Floris products, Stephanotis smells the whole house out.

7. Hand cream is essential over the age of 7.  I personally love the one by Library of flowers. Which claims it has seeds to feed the imagination.
My hands feel soft and supple.

8. The scent I love is by Hermes called Caleche, it smells of my mother, of Paris, of my love affairs. A time past. It feels ancient like the bottom of scented chest of drawers in a spare room.

9. The other scent I love is guaranteed to be asked about is Lime Basil and Mandarin by Jo Malone.  Men go wild about this smell so clean it guarantees a comment or two.

10. Hydrating cream masque by Caudalie. I went to stay in this spa once. I actually do not like spas but I was happy to try their products. I find spas generally depressing places.

Remember my age I will have dryer skin so perhaps be careful of the creams I choose. I need masses. Also  beauty comes from inside, a bit corny, but happiness shows on the face. Keep smiling.
Jean Louis has an incredible acne clearer too.. careful serums for bad skin, so every age has different recipes.

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