Thursday, 13 June 2013


I have spent from 4.46 to 6.47 on the telephone to AOL to try and unblock my email account. The head of password control in India, Simon was busy telling me I do not own my email address.  He understands my problem but won't and refuses to check google or evan, to see I am alive? He calls me Madam but doesn't really mean anything, you can hear in his voice that he thinks I am some hysterical mad blonde.  It is more than irritating, they cannot check or evan try unblock it. Sometimes things have to vary. I was made to call up my ex husband, his secretary and nobody could remember doing it? Why would they? Simon at Password control in India won't take down my number. The only relief is that he can't look into my account, I suppose that is a relief.  I just would like to be on line and not have to change my accounts. They do not evan have a system that can try to help. So perhaps my answer now is to change everything and start using, Finally and get some normality. This is my reality before 7 in the morning. I now wait for a kind secretary to sort this out.
I long for the Kardashian's life of strap ons, babies and Dash for Cash.

Yesterday my trailer, The gun the cake and the butterfly,  for my film was shown along with about another twenty films at the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles. It is wonderful seeing passion out of a telephone come alive. It was most welcoming and exciting to be part of this festival which was innovative and creative. Incredible films are being made on the iPhone for no budgets.


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