Thursday, 16 May 2013


Why are we allowing 8 men in our prisons who raped and used a girl of twelve as a sex slave to stay alive. Why do we keep such monsters. They are clearly evil, they are mentally sick and on top of that they cost a fortune to keep? Why do we keep these people alive but no one takes the blame or helps the little girl? The little girls life is ruined, and she wrote help all over her body, and the men branded her flesh, and injected her with heroin. Haven't we gone mad as a society?
Then on top of this five more girls were sexually abused whilst in the care of Oxfordshire's county council?
Why are we keeping the man who put photographs of the girl he murdered,  in the nude, on his computer alive? Why? Have we, the do gooders become mentally deranged?  Come on, we have to wake up, we are a very sick society. No one in their right mind would let these sort of men into our society ever again. After the drama of Jimmy Saville and the recent accusations are we going to carry on letting these men have their sick way?

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