Friday, 9 November 2012


I have had many a mid life crisis thank goodness, but now having read Tattoos were common, in High 50, I decided to have a butterfly printed on my arm.  I went quietly along to Frith Street Tattoos at 18 Frith Street, to a trendy basement with charming Italians and gratefully put at ease. Thank goodness the crisis is back. It was quick, fun, painless, easy and very addictive. I now want a gun on my other arm.  It also takes ten years off my motherly arms. So quite a few benefits. I was wondering if I could have a six pack on my stomach done to hide middle age.  I am also wondering if I can hide my bingo wings with a little artistic flare.  From a child I was accused of being a social butterfly, and by a lover who was precious to me, I was called "B" for yes, yet a again, being a butterfly. Because of this, most artistic projects have had the beautiful creature attached to each idea. A butterfly is who I am. Colourful, happy, lightly landing and quick to leave.  Boris is sadly fading on my back, and incase he grows tired of me, it won't be replaced.  I cannot put all my eggs in one basket.

Well not yet anyway....
I was invited to a ladies lunch at Missoni's yesterday in Sloane Street. A grand lunch with added bonuses,  hair by the lovely Snowden Hill. Eyebrows and a full styling service all available. A brilliant idea by Tamara Beckwith who looked slinky and sexy in Missoni gear.  Of course I liked the leather jacket in red, black and pink, sadly not in my size due to over eating in Thailand, it only just fitted.  Heaven knows what I weigh as the scales are firmly hidden these days.  I just have to slip into a corset or two to see if they fit. I was becoming obsessed and far too boring about it. My weight effected my daily mood.  I would rather run round the park with Justine Glenton and assume her slenderness.

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