Saturday, 19 February 2011


Inspired by the great art collector Peggy Guggenheim, Kinder's new collection was based on his 'cot mobile' that he had  when he was a baby. Peggy was a glamorous figure in the 1950's, a buyer of couture and art who lived for Venice. Everything was sculptured so  Kinder put his brilliant cutting into good use.  Coats with lazer cut out flowers, in cashmere using the modern technologies.  Tiny delicate drawings of Japanese abstract designs in pale colours for dresses, flattering the figure at unusual angles. The hats were jaunty and made of clear  colourful plastic and with lots of net placed at an angle.  Stephen Jones works wonders with the face.  On the feet were glittery shoes.
Purple PR treat me well so I was sitting happily in the front row, thanks to Gillian.  Kinders clothes are  the best cut, he was brought up in Italy and of course then went to school at St Martins. He has worked for Galliano, Westwood, Calvin Klein, Paul Smith, Costume National, Versace and Ghost. With this in mind he learnt a lot and has created something new under his name.

I wish I had the same  kudos at Vivienne Westwood, even though I know her and go to the London Symphony Orchestra where she hangs, I still am treated badly.  Yesterday I arrived for the jewellery show and there was a long forlorn cue there, now I am a sophisticated human being and I can no longer stand in a  line of shivering creatures..  I asked the bouncers if I had to stand in it, they said yes, now my nearly 4,000 pound pair of shoes, while being breathtakingly beautiful, have  hidden torture in the heal section, making sure there was no respite. I bought for pleasure not pain. No amount of botox could hide the agony of my shoes.  So I jumped back into the taxi, only to be saved by a member of the paparazzi who said "You can go straight in" I looked at the wet hair of one member of the cue, and thought I can't jump it, it is too unfair. .  I was also asked if I was going to Samantha Cameron's drinks for the opening of Fashion Week? Of course not, but at the last minute my friend Heather Kerzner said I could go with her. I just didn't have my passport or a copy of Tatler to point at my photograph, and I needed to pass security. My greatest girlfriend says I should emerge from my carriage, and a red carpet should grow from the ground and  I should be greedily  received into the throng. I shall write to Vivienne myself and explain my disdain.  Since Heather Kerzner  had the grace to extend an invitation to me it cast a dim light  on Downing Street to make sure my invitation  arrived on time. I know there are cut backs but 2nd class stamps for this?.

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